New Vincentia Vibe - The voice of our school Term 4 Week 1A 2019. 10. 26.¢  142 The Wool Road, Vincentia

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  • 142 The Wool Road, Vincentia 2540 Ph: 4441 6766 Fax: 4441 6000 email:

    Vincentia Vibe - The voice of our school Term 4 Week 1A 08/10/2015

    Farewell Year 12! Soap suds, colourful costumes, delicious food and good times were some of the memories created by Year 12 students

    during their last week at school at Vincentia High School. It was a huge week for the students and one that will not be


    Kicking off the fun was the Year 12 Car Wash and BBQ with all funds going towards the upcoming formal. Buckets, hoses,

    crazy costumes and enthusiastic workers filled the basketball courts at the front of the school. Whilst cars were being

    washed, staff and community members feasted on bacon and egg rolls and scrumptious cakes. By the end of the morning

    there were lots of shiny cars and plenty of money in the piggy bank!

    The following day many of the Year 12’s made their way to the tranquil bushland setting of the Greenfield Beach picnic

    area. This quiet time allowed students to relax and reminisce about their journey from Year 7 at Vincentia High School.

    After a delicious breakfast of bacon and egg sandwiches, croissants and strawberries the students walked down to

    Greenfield Beach for a group photo. Another memorable experience was created as Ms Edwards, Mr Raftery and Mr

    Brindley (Year 12 Year Advisors) handed out sparklers to each student. As Mr Brindley explained, “ We always try to leave

    our mark wherever we go, so I’d like you to write your names in the air and make your mark.”

    A few hours later all Year 12 students assembled in the school hall for the final roll call. It was an emotional assembly as

    staff and students reflected on the experiences of the past six years. Lara Norton and Jason Laing (School Captains)

    addressed the school community for the last time and Principal Mr Steve Glenday congratulated the Year 12 students on

    their achievements and wished them all the best for the upcoming exams. After receiving their Graduation Certificates the

    students exited the hall and excitedly joined their families for photographs outside.

  • Skills for life!

    As part of the Youth Mentoring Program, Ethan Fletcher and Thomas Power led rugby league skills clinics for Year 4-6

    students at Vincentia Public School and Sanctuary Point Public School. With the support of their mentors, Adam Tagg

    and David Walsh, Ethan and Thomas developed a number of activities aimed at improving passing, kicking and eva-

    sion skills.

    Apart from promoting specific techniques, the clinics were also aimed at improving the overall fitness of participants

    and encouraging teamwork. Feedback from staff and students at the local primary schools was extremely positive.

    Congratulations to Ethan, Thomas and their mentors for an outstanding effort!

  • Arrangements for the

    2015/2016 Bush Fire Season Our school has been identified as a school at increased risk if a bush fire were to break out

    on a day when a Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating is issued for our area.

    To ensure the health, safety and welfare of students and staff, the NSW Department of

    Education has determined that on days when a Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating is issued

    for our area, the school will temporarily cease operations for the day(s) the rating is

    current and alternative learning arrangements will be put in place. This is based on

    information obtained through a bush fire assessment of our school arranged by the


    A Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating is likely to occur on a very small number of days during

    the bush fire season, if at all. The school will only receive notification of a Catastrophic

    Fire Danger Rating after school hours the day before the forecast is issued. To assist me in

    contacting all parents please ensure that you have provided the school with up-to-date

    home or after hours contact details.

    Up to date bush fire information will be available to you on the Department’s bush fire

    safety website:

    Steve Glenday


  • What’s happening

    at VHS

    Tuesday 06/10/2015

     1st Day of Term 4

     Activity Free Week

    Wednesday 07/10/2015

     Activity Free Week

    Thursday 08/10/2015

     Activity Free Week

    Friday 09/10/2015

     Activity Free Week

    Monday 12/10/2015

     HSC Exams

     Greenlight Drivers Ed Yrs 10/11/12 students all day

     Activity Free Week,

    Tuesday 13/10/2015

     HSC Exams

     Greenlight Drivers Ed Yrs 10/11/12 students all day

     Activity Free Week,

    Wednesday 14/10/2015

     HSC Exams

     Activity Free Week

     Yr 8 Expo In Hall,

     Yr 6 handover at Lady Denman Mr Brady. Mr Mason. Ms Norman.

    Thursday 15/10/2015

     HSC Exams

     Activity Free Week,

    Friday 16/10/2015

     HSC Exams

     Activity Free Week,

     Youth Wellbing/Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre Yr 10 pds 1 - 6 Mr Powter

    P & C Meeting

    Tuesday, 27th October, 2015.

    Your School Contacts

    S Glenday Principal

    P Hogan Deputy Principal

    Ganya Garindja, Gumbari & Support Units

    G Brady Deputy Principal Stage 4 (Yrs 7 & 8)

    M Meehan Head Teacher Teaching & Learning Stage 4

    R Gilbert Deputy Principal Stage 5 (Yrs 9 & 10) (Rel)

    P Greyling Head Teacher Teaching & Learning Stage 5

    P Taylor Deputy Principal Stage 6 (Yrs 11 & 12)

    H Pastor Head Teacher Teaching & Learning Stage 6


    J Oxley School Administration Manager

    W Bruffey Head Teacher Admin (Rel)

    G Keogh Head Teacher English (Rel)

    W Nelmes Head Teacher Sport

    G Smith Head Teacher Mathematics

    L Swierenga Head Teacher Science (Rel)

    L Ryder Head Teacher CAPA

    J von Stieglitz Head Teacher HSIE (Rel)

    A Newton Head Teacher TAS

    P Raftery Head Teacher PDHPE (Rel)

    S Clark Head Teacher Support

    J Scott Head Teacher Gumbari Unit

    A Glenday Head Teacher Wellbeing Learning Support

    K Lane Head Teacher Ganya Garindja Unit

    K Walker & P Charlton - School Counsellors

    Leadership and Social

    Engagement Contacts

    C Ryan & L Brooks Year 7 Advisers

    M Morris Year 8 Adviser

    G Keogh & L Swieringa Year 9 Advisers

    J Powter Year 10 Adviser

    J von Stieglitz & H Pastor Year 11 Advisers

    K Edwards & G Brindley Year 12 Adviser

    Term Dates:

    Term 4 2015

    Tuesday 6th October to Friday 18th December 2015

  • Defence Community Organisation Coffee

    Morning (DCO)

    Our next Coffee morning is on Friday 16 October at 10.30 am at the Husky Bakery in Huskisson. Come and meet other Defence families and catch up with our regulars, Children are always welcome to attend.

    Vincentia High School

    Presentation Day

    Tuesday 1st December


    Multipurpose Hall,

    10.30am - 12.30pm