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Meraki Program Overview

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    Each Meraki Xperience features a case study and capstone project relating to community learning models and social innovation in their country. At the inaugural event in Greece, we are aiming to have at least of participants be active Greek changemakers who are working to evolve learning and working systems within the local context. We are in dialogue with Ashoka, Academy of Entrepreneurship, and Impact Hub Athens to create a nominating network to help us identify the best local talent who could benefit from an international perspective, gather feedback on their work, and build capacity and skills to further their im-pact. This element will give the collective a better understanding of the local context were in as part of the global social change movement. Aside from Greek participants, we will be bringing together individuals from the EU, Americas, and beyond, which will offer multiple perspectives and rich collective wisdom on the future of learning and social innovation.


    We are also excited to announce that weve partnered with GoodWorld Journeys. Their retreat, The Soul of Innovation, is happening in parallel to the Meraki Xperience. Partici-pants of the Meraki Xperience will engage with Good World Journeys in intergenerational salons over the course of the Xperience. They will also engage in interactive workshops, meet local and international guests, co-host peer to peer learning sessions and work on capstone projects.



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    Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Greek Innovation Ecosystems


    Authentic Leadership

    Health & Wellness

    Facilitating Community & Collaboration

    Intergenerational Wisdom & The Soul of Innovation

    +Making Ideas Happen+Personal/Organizational learning plan+Storytelling+Building a support network

    +Greek history of social innovation+Scaling locally/nationally/globally+Scaling across (footnoteA)+Human-centered design

    +Digital Tools & Skillshares+Branding+Graphic Recording+Arts & Improvisation

    +Mindfulness +Non-Violent Communication (footnote1)+Embodied learning

    +Yoga, qi gong, aikido, meditation +Reective journaling+Nutrition

    +Art of Hosting & World Cafe+eory U (footnote2) + Role of Play

    +Salons +Talking Circles +Backcasting (footnote3) +Forcasting+Long-term inking+Seeker Technologies (footnote4)

    OUTCOME #2Learning for Change Toolkit

    OUTCOME #1:48-Hour Learning Design Jam

    & Community Sprint

    Footnotes:A. Releasing knowledge practices and resources and allowing them to circulate freely so that others may

    adapt them to their local environment (credit: Walk Out, Walk On)1. A conflict resolution process based on self-empathy, empathy, and honest self-expression.

    2. A change management method targeting leadership as process of inner knowing and social innovation.3. A strategic approach to planning for sustainable development and innovation.

    4. In collaboration with the Wisdom Hackers global learning community.


    We are offering seven tracks in our program that will be integrated into the 11 days. Below are specific topics, activities and workshops we will offer in each track:


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    The first 5 days will be focused on personal development and community building, while the second 5-days will be focused on action-based prototyping, collective capacity building and co-producing a design jam with our Greek hosts. Each day will include a healthy blend of one-on-one mentoring sessions, small and large group workshops and facilitated conver-

    Travel, Arrival & Welcome Dinner

    What is my personal narrative & how can I better express it?

    In what world do we (want to) live in? What do we want to contribute/change?

    What is it that I notice coming to an end and/orcoming alive in my life & lifes work?

    How can I better harness my strengths and manage my weaknesseswhen working with others?

    How do I sustain/ground myself & my work in times of complexity?







    How do I identify & nd allies tocreate the change I wish to see?


    How do I more intentionally design my own learning journey to increase the impact I want to make? How do I/we

    create and bring our work into the world?

    How do I/we prototype our ideasand bring them into reality ?

    How do I create the organization to make it happen? How do we build ecoystems that see/act as a whole?

    Where are we now, andwhere are we going?

    What is the future of theMeraki Collective?






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    The group will share key insights, takeaways & strategic follow-up recommendations. The knowledge, ex-perience, and wisdom will be documented through articles, videos, and a collaboratively-produced toolkit highlighting what we learn in the process and about the local context. This will be shared for the wider global community.

    When participants leave the Xperience, they will have:

    Been able to put their experience and perspective into practice by sharing skills and knowledge in a collective, action-based learning environment.

    Developed a strong support network of like-minded peers connected by shared experience and the possibility to collaborate on self-initiated and external initiatives and ventures.

    Received valuable feedback on their own entrepreneurial endeavors from a diverse and talented group of people.

    Worked on developing their individual passion projects for social change as well as have collaborated on new projects to create value for the local Greek community and wider ecosystem of learning and working systems.

    As a group, we will develop two core products over the course of the Xperience:

    Learning for Change: A collaborative guide exploring how we can better learn about ourselves and systems.

    The 48-Hour Learning Design Jam & Community Sprint: A pilot project using the knowledge & skills shared during the Meraki Xperience, participants will work together with the local community on an action-research based project benefiting Patmos. The process will be designed with Athens-based 180, a social impact design studio working to transform Greek employment opportunities. Within the project, we will feature a 48 hour learning design jam, a creative process to explore solutions to systemic problems surrounding the ways in which we help individuals and communities learn together. The final day of the Xperience will be used to present and launch the proposed solution. This will be designed for possible adaptation and scale to other parts of Greece and the world.


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