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Meraki Sound

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  • www.merakisound.com

  • Who are we? We are a bespoke music production company that will give you exclusive access to some of the best music professionals in the industry. We are the glue between your project and our professionals, as well as your project manager, to deliver a piece of music that will go beyond your expectations. We work with all media that requires music, from jingles and advertisements to music albums and videos. Delivered from the hands of the same talents that work in big companies like Warner Brothers and the BBC. Our music professionals are specialized in a wide variety of areas and are chosen on an individual basis to match your project. Our work Our fantastic team have worked with some of the biggest companies in the industry, just to mention a few;

  • Our Services We have divided our music professionals in to three teams based on their experience and portfolios. All of our music professionals are hand picked by us at Meraki Sound. The Sapphire team has well-rounded portfolios and solid experience in the industry The Emerald team consists of very experienced talents that may have won awards and have carried out some high profile projects. The Diamond Team are high profile music professionals that are highly experienced in the industry with International recognition. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Want to find out more? Contact us: [email protected] Or go to our website to see our portfolio, team or hire us directly: merakisound.com You can call us on: UK: +44(0)7472716057 USA: +1 (626) 3920002 !