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Massachusetts wineries

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Massachusetts Wineries

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Massachusetts is well known for its history and its gorgeous scenery, but many people may not realize that the state is also one of the rising stars in the world of wine. In fact, there are over dozens of Massachusetts wineriescurrently in operation.

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Obviously, Martha’s Vineyard is the most popular vineyard in the state, but when it comes to production value there are plenty of others available to experience.

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Most Massachusetts vineyards are located throughout the southern half of the state, primarily due to the favorable soil and climate that exists there.

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Massachusetts Wine ProductionThe majority of wineries in Massachusetts offer a blend of fruit that produces delightful Chardonnay’s, sweet Rieslings, and full bodied Pinot Noir’s. However, there are a few additional varieties such as the Gewurztraminer and American Cayuga found throughout many vineyards in the state.

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These unique blends and selections keep wine connoisseurs all over the country coming back for more Massachusetts wine, and with good reason.

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Wine and Cheese

Massachusetts produces hundreds of pounds of cheese every year in addition to the thousands of gallons of wine shipped out from its Massachusetts vineyards.

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This has sparked a new tourist attraction in the state, which Massachusetts wineries are referring to as the “Wine and Cheese Trail”. This “trail” includes both Massachusetts wineries and cheese shops and extends up and down the coast.

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For those that love both cheese and wine alike this trail is particularly enticing however, most wineries in Massachusetts offer cheese tasting with their wine selections already.

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Planning a visit to the area? Then why not consult our list of the finest Massachusetts vineyards? Our tours provide you with insider information and special tastings you cannot find anywhere else.

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We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to guide you through the best wineries in the state.  

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