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Malibu Wineries

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There are a lot of reasons to visit Malibu in Los Angeles. Though the area is a small beach community compared to others, Malibu has a lot to offer to foreign and local tourists alike. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are a lot of reasons to visit Malibu in Los Angeles. Though the area is a small beach community compared to others, Malibu has a lot to offer to foreign and local tourists alike.

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The affluent beach city has a long streak of beaches in the Pacific coastline, but most importantly the downtown area has endless opportunities for shopping, strolling, adventure, dining and relaxation.

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Malibu wineries tour, surfing, horseback riding and shopping are some of the best tourist activities to do in an awesome place in California!

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Malibu Wineries

Malibu is a home of vineyards and wineries that served the best local wines in Los Angeles. Numerous

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Malibu wineries have sprouted in the mountains of Malibu over the past 20 years. The wineries took advantage of the perfect climate and the great weather in this beach community to grow the finest grapes and produce the finest wine.

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And through time more and more vineyards are proliferating making the place a hub for great wine varieties in the whole of United States.

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Surely, wine lovers would love to take a tour and try every wine while they enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean. Wine tasting tour has become a popular activity in the community.

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Some of the tours usually take you to a one of a kind wine tasting adventure. You will get aboard a vehicle for a ride to the vineyards. The ride will allow you to interact with different animals in the wild including alpacas, zebras and llamas along the way. These tours are not just for the wine lovers to enjoy but for their families as well.

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At the end of the Malibu wineries tour, you will be awed by the richness of vineyards, and you may taste all kinds of wines in Los Angeles.

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Aside from Malibu wineries, what is more fun in a beach community than its fine strip of beaches?  Malibu beaches have given birth to surfing in California. The huge but peaceful waves give surfers the arena to showcase their surfing skills.

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Aside from surfing, tourists are drawn by other activities including swimming and beach volley. There are a lot of beaches in the area for the whole family to enjoy.

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Horseback Riding

Since Malibu is a fusion of mountains and beach, horseback riding is also famous in the place. Get horses and traverse the canyon rails. You will be delighted to see the great mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This is a great opportunity to witness the marvels of nature.

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When you are new to riding horses, there are tour guides who are very approachable and friendly that may assist you. Horseback riding can be done by group or in private tours.

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There are small country markets available in the place where you can buy souvenirs for your travel. You will have the chance to mingle with the local people in Malibu and experience their warmth. There are shopping plazas in the place too. And when you are hungry, you have a wide range of pleasing cafes and restaurants to dine.

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Malibu is a wonderful travel destination in Los Angeles.  Experience Malibu wineries and great beach and mountain activities! Put Malibu in your travel list.


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