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An enormous resurgence of wineries has been witnessed in Wisconsin. Activities from wine tasting wineries to the tours of the vineyard where the grapes that are used in the making of wine are grown have increased over the few paste years.

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Many people have described Wisconsin as a legend in wine making boasting of numerous wineries and vineyards found in Wisconsin state. Alongside the cheese business the wine making is one of the lucrative ventures that bring billions of money in profits and revenues from tourists who visit the wineries and vineyards.

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The history of wine making in Wisconsin wineries dates back to the 19th century when grapes were planted near river Wisconsin.

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The presence of fertile soil that favored farming of grapes can be the reason behind the robust winemaking business.

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Initially the climate which sometimes was not conducive for the grape farming prevented proper harvesting of the grapes but after sometimes there was the discovery of the best blend that will yield more grapes from the blending of the Native American grape and the European one.

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Over the years many wineries have been established increasing the number of Wisconsin wineries.

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Wine tasting at Wisconsin wineries is an integral part of winemaking and the wine tasting event where winemakers give their customers a chance to sip bland of wines and offer their review and comments in form of taster note that help the wine maker improve in the quality of the wine produced.

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Due to the very large number of customers participating in the event the wineries in Wisconsin open at specific times of the day for the wine tasting. Wine tasting techniques at Wisconsin wineries. The blind technique is the best technique of avoiding biases as the customers experience with a certain brand of wine is removed.

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Using this technique, the taster is not allowed to have the knowledge of the brand i.e. during the taste it is good that the wine maker make sure that the taster hasn’t seen the label or when the shape of the bottle.

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Also the technique may be applied by having the taster taste the wine from a black bottle that has no similar design to any known wine bottle. This technique has been developed through research where it has been found that customers carry along with hem certain biases and misconception into the taste room.

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For example if the customer happen to know the price of the wine, they are likely to associate it with good taste and quality which may not be the case.

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Another method of wine tasting in Wisconsin wineries is the vertical and horizontal wine tasting technique which involves tasting the vintages of wines. It is usually done to differentiate similar wines.

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in the vertical technique the taster evaluate the difference in vintage of similar wines from same winery. The horizontal vintage involves comparing the similar vintages from different wine makers. The testing flights technique involves the sampling and comparisons of wines from a group of them.

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