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Wineries Industry Brochure

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Preserve the image of your vintage

Appearances are important

Just as good wine improves with age, so too should your winery. Maintain your site and assets with Programmed Property Services’ range of specialist maintenance services.

It really may not seem like your business’ most exciting feature, yet the upkeep and improvement of your premises are important. So make maintenance easy. Leverage on our all-inclusive painting, grounds, landscape, corporate imaging and signage services. Each has the flexibility to be tailored as individual value-add services, or combined with other maintenance requirements for a comprehensive package that looks after your winery’s every need.

You’ll have passionate professionals and master tradespeople looking after your winery, the assurance that your winery’s proper presentation is in good hands, and most importantly, the freedom to better focus on the quality of your vintage.

Wither Hills, Marlborough, NZPainting

The Programmed team care about the brand as much as I do, and coordinate the work without me having to get involved.

Adam KeathOperations WinemakerDomaine Chandon Australia

Front cover imagesTop: Villa Maria, Marlborough, NZBottom: Domaine Chandon, Yarra Valley, VIC

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Painting services • Customised maintenance painting programmes

• Tank and silo washing/painting

• Working at heights, abseiling and elevated platforms

• All types of interior and exterior painting projects

• Protective and industrial coatings e.g. fire, graffiti and weather retardant coatings, food-safe coatings and water based epoxies

• Industrial floor coating, skid and water proofing

• Chemical cleaning, rust and lead containment

Grounds services • Landscaping – softscape (lawns, gardens, turfs) and hardscape (retaining walls, water features, streetscapes, timber structures)

• Garden and grounds management

Here’s a look at what your complete service requirements can include:

• General maintenance, mowing, planting, pruning, waste removal, etc.

• Weed and pest control

• Water conservation and irrigation

• Arboricultural services, audits and maintenance

Corporate Imaging services • Complete project management for all types of corporate imaging (includes regulatory approvals)

• Branding, strategy and development of corporate identification manuals

• Building identification, directional and statutory signage

• Modular signage

• Signage design, artwork, manufacture and installation

• State-of-the-art LED and solar-powered solutions

Building services

Electrical and Communication

A complete package to suit your needs

Take advantage of Programmed’s expertise accumulated through deep-rooted relationships with leading wineries.

From washing, repainting and maintenance of warehouse, silo, and Cellar Door areas, to the redesign or maintenance of breathtaking gardens, we’ll do it all for you. You can even engage us for signage that aptly reflects your label and prestige.

Lindemans, Mildura, VIC

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Project Description

Established in 1885, the Brown Brothers Milawa Vineyard is a key wine-lover’s destination and the company’s main grape retrieval and winemaking facility. Thus, the presentation, maintenance and upkeep of its lifestyle and manufacturing areas are crucial.

In repainting its winery, Brown Brothers required specialist industrial painting expertise. Brown Brothers also required a company that had the added ability to facilitate painting around tight timeframes and peak production periods, so not to affect timing for the crushing of grapes which directly impacts a vintage’s quality.

Project SolutionProgrammed was an excellent fit for Brown Brothers. We provided a convenient, yet efficient approach to help the winery maximise its asset lifespan. We also leveraged our specialist industrial painting experience within the manufacturing industry to fulfil exacting requirements for safety, hygiene and tight deadlines. This included environmental management initiatives, such as low VOC paints, pollution containment, off-site cleaning of paint and recycling strategies. Comprehensive pressure washing, surface preparation, industrial and commercial coatings ensured a high-quality, professional finish befitting of the Brown Brothers name.

OutcomeProgrammed kept in close communication with Brown Brothers throughout the repaint informing them of its progress. Delivered within schedule and budget, without incident, the internal and external repaint of all administration, lifestyle, manufacturing, and production areas demonstrated technical skill and specialist commercial painting methods, which met environmental and industry best practice. A consistent stylish elegance now permeates publicly accessible areas, which brightly refreshed manufacturing areas perfectly complement.


When choosing a service provider it comes down to the right fit for the business and Programmed is the right fit for Brown Brothers.



Brown Brothers is one \of Australia’s leading family-owned wine companies. Its history dates back 125 years to the Milawa Vineyard, the birth place of the company, which hosts a restaurant, cellar door and winemaking facilities.


Aaron HawEngineering ManagerBrown Brothers Vineyard

Telephone: 1800 620 911 [email protected]