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  • W E R E A L L C O N N E C T E D

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  • Each of us has a different story.

    At Loeb & Loeb, our story began in 1909. Even then, we

    were known as an innovator, connecting people, ideas and

    opportunities. Ahead of the times in our approach to legal

    services. While others were just watching the profound

    changes in the way people connect, weve always been in the

    thick of things.

    This is something about us that hasnt changed in over

    a century. Today, were still all about people and our

    connections to each other.

    The following stories are wonderful examples of some of

    the ways weve been connecting recently within our firm

    and with our clients. They describe how weve been helping

    clients advance the world and bring people closer together.

    Perhaps your story is part of our story, too. Or maybe one day

    it will be. This is truly a collaborative world. Embrace it.

    Were all connected.

  • Drug Launch Dash

    C R Y S T A L S T R U C T U R E O F P C S K 9

  • For starters, Regeneron is one of the worlds most exciting

    biopharmaceutical companies. Praluent (also known as

    alirocumab) is a first-in-class drug. And Loeb & Loeb came

    along at just the right time to help build a sampling program

    to assist in bringing it to market.

    Arguably the biggest drug launch of 2015, Praluent is an

    alternative cholesterol-lowering medication for patients who

    have an inherited condition that causes LDL (the bad form of

    cholesterol) or who have had atherosclerotic heart problems

    and are not at goal with their statin.

    Why is Praluent a game changer? Its the first in a new class

    of drugs called PCSK9 inhibitors. It works by making the liver

    efficient at getting rid of LDL. And, according to Dr. Elliott

    Antman, president of the American Heart Association, its

    a powerful new way of lowering the bad form of cholesterol,

    and that has profound implications in dealing with the

    burden of vascular disease.

    Regeneron, known for innovative research and development

    and impressive growth, tapped Loeb & Loebs FDA Regulatory

    and Compliance Practice for the design and rollout of a

    commercialization and sample distribution plan for Praluent.

    With FDA approval expected in a matter of months and

    unprecedented product demand on the horizon, Loeb &

    Loebs team knew they had to act fast.

    We were tasked with making sure samples of Praluent were

    available immediately following approval.

    This story may be one for the medical textbooks.


  • Thanks in part to

    Loeb & Loeb, patients

    were able to access

    this new drug as fast

    as they could say

    lower my LDL. D R U G L A U N C H D A S H

    Loeb & Loebs attorneys were involved from beginning to end

    and with everything in between. We drafted product sample

    distribution policies, standard operating procedures and

    forms for use by pharmaceutical sales reps with thousands

    of requesting prescribers, and within weeks operationalized

    a program that would normally take months to launch.

    Our team also handled nationwide sales force training.

    Remarkably, final approval for Praluent occurred on a Friday,

    the product was available the following Monday, and product

    delivery began on Tuesday.

    Thanks in part to Loeb & Loeb, patients were able to access

    this new drug as fast as they could say lower my LDL.


  • 9

  • A New City Rises

  • When completed, the development will include over

    17 million gross square feet of new space, including office,

    retail, residential, hotel, school and cultural uses.

    The 28-acre megaproject is being built over the Long Island

    Rail Roads working rail yards. To accomplish this, two

    massive steel and concrete platforms are being erected to

    cover the active rail lines and form the foundation for much

    of the development.

    Acting on behalf of longtime client Deutsche Bank, a team of

    real estate and financing attorneys from Loeb & Loeb played

    an active role in bringing this spectacular project to life.

    We represented Deutsche Bank as agent and lender in the

    Eastern Rail Yards platform construction loan and in the

    $1.5 billion construction financing for the retail center

    anchored by Neiman Marcus.

    What were the challenges?

    Construction of the 1 million-square-foot retail space

    overlaps with the development of Hudson Yards largest

    office tower, requiring coordination to ensure the separately

    financed but interdependent buildings could each be

    completed as if no connectivity existed. The many relevant

    parties structured and negotiated a co-construction

    agreement to address these unusual issues.

    In addition, lawyers from Loeb & Loebs energy and real

    estate groups worked closely with the developer and its

    counsel to solve some interesting power issues presented by

    the plans.

    We remained undaunted by the complexities as we worked

    with an exceptional team at Deutsche Bank as well as the

    developer and nine other major law firms over a three-year

    period to reach the most recent closing.

    Walk along the High Line or drive by on the West Side

    Highway and you can watch this new city rising above the

    rail yards. Its exciting to see, and were proud to be involved

    with this amazing development.

    Lets start with an impressive fact: Manhattans Hudson Yards

    is the largest private real estate development in U.S. history.


  • Our Connected World

  • Companies are creating platforms that bridge what we

    do at home, in the workplace, in stores, in cars and online,

    anywhere and everywhere.

    At Loeb & Loeb, were dedicated to helping businesses and

    individuals leverage our connected world.

    Lets start with Toyota a leader in connected and

    environmentally advanced vehicle technologies.

    Loeb & Loeb is advising the automaker as it participates in

    the U.S. Department of Transportations Connected Vehicle

    Program, evaluating vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-

    infrastructure communications and integration.

    In a more remote part of the world, weve helped a mobile

    communications company called Tone launch a pilot

    program that enables rural Indonesian fishermen to take

    advantage of satellite and weather data to spot the best

    places to fish.

    Tone developed a mobile app called mFish. It connects

    fishermen to one another. And it connects them to vital real-

    time information about weather, ocean conditions, market

    prices and GPS navigation. This program will be expanded

    to include community action programs which also serve

    womens empowerment, sustainable farming and education

    in multiple countries.

    Loeb & Loeb was involved from idea through launch. We

    helped Tone secure funding, negotiate with local Internet

    service providers and obtain patents.

    Now lets look at the rapid rise in connected commerce.

    Our attorneys have counseled leading financial institutions

    Through the Internet of Things, weve seen technology

    leaping off our screens and into our everyday lives.

    Cars, appliances, sports gear, clothing, fitness trackers and

    objects of all types are connected, sending and receiving

    information, transforming how we live, work and consume.


  • at the forefront of innovative new mobile and digital

    payment solutions everything from the integration of Apple

    Pay and other wireless payment options to the launch of

    customized digital wallets.

    Weve helped structure first-of-their-kind technology

    partnerships and associated branding and data sharing

    agreements that are transforming the retail experience as

    we know it.

    In unique and exciting ways, our clients are working to

    increase connectivity across the globe. This exchange of

    information is helping empower individuals, grow businesses,

    sustain natural resources and transform lives. The results are

    exciting to experience. Were proud to be their partner.

    So is it love or connectivity that makes the world go round?

    You decide. But one thing we can say for sure: At Loeb & Loeb,

    we truly love the role we get to play in helping our clients

    advance the world through connectivity.

    14 O U R C O N N E C T E D W O R L D

  • This exchange of information is

    helping empower individuals,

    grow businesses, sustain natural

    resources and transform lives.

    The results are exciting to



  • Solar Squeeze

  • Transaction costs in solar financing turn smaller distributed

    generation projects into unattractive investments at least

    for traditional bank lenders.

    Thats the reason for New York-based startup Open Energy

    Group. A pioneering solar debt financing service, Open

    Energy focuses on providing liquidity for small-scale solar

    projects. The savvy founders saw the need and developed

    a revolutionary tech-enabled financing solution for an

    underserved market.

    Open Energys online peer-to-peer lending platform bypasses

    traditional banks to get investor dollars directly into qualified

    solar projects. The company launched a new web portal that

    permits developers to apply for financing, compare forecasts

    and terms, and close on a loan within 30 days.

    The business model looks to support commercial and

    industrial projects sized between 250 kilowatts and five

    megawatts, providing previously unheard-of small loans

    from $500,000 to $5 million. The key to success is volume.

    Loeb & Loeb has played a major role helping Open Energy

    streamline its process and systems in order to make the

    model cost-effective. We believe in Open Energys innovative

    service. And were assisting in creating the contractual and

    procedural uniformity that will help the company reach its

    vast growth potential and meet market demand.

    In the energy finance arena, Loeb & Loeb pairs an in-depth

    understanding of the industry with our established

    reputation as a global leader in crafting successful capital

    structures for borrowers and lenders.

    So far, our work with Open Energy has resulted in the

    financing of multiple portfolios of operated distributed

    generation solar projects across the country. And were just

    getting started.

    With help from the Open Energy/Loeb & Loeb partnership,

    the outlook for solar project financing gets sunnier every day.

    While the global market for solar energy continues to boom,

    developers of small-scale solar projects have been feeling the

    credit squeeze.


  • Next Wave Investing

  • Three decades and an amazing track record. Investment

    and involvement in more than 70 digital media companies.

    Co-founder of pivotal digital media brands like Machinima,

    StyleHaul, DanceOn, INDMusic, MiTu and Tubular Labs and

    a board member for many others.

    Allen chose Loeb & Loeb to help him launch his latest project

    venture capital fund Third Wave Digital because we know

    digital media, too.

    Third Wave Digital provides seed and early-stage capital

    investments to innovative digital media startups. While the

    fund is still in its infancy, its investing at warp speed two

    deals per month on average.

    What is Third Wave investing in? Multichannel networks, new

    video platforms, virtual reality, mobile-video convergence

    and influencer-driven advertising sectors that are driving

    the next wave of business and innovation in media,

    marketing and entertainment.

    Loeb & Loeb has operated in this same sweet spot for

    more than a century with roots in entertainment and a

    reputation for negotiating a number of defining transactions

    throughout the convergence of technology and content.

    Allen knew we were a natural partner to help in the Third

    Wave fund formation. We also work with him to structure

    deals with limited partners and advise on regulatory matters.

    Were partnering with Third Wave to help deploy its

    capital, too.

    So far, weve worked on roughly a dozen investments for

    the fund. The firm handled Third Waves coinvestment with

    the Walt Disney Co. in Narativ, the influencer marketing

    network that helps turn popular Snapchat users into content

    marketers for top consumer brands. We also represented

    Third Wave in its investment in FameBit, the self-service

    digital marketplace that helps brands collaborate with

    influencers across YouTube and other social platforms.

    In addition to our work with Third Wave Digital, Loeb & Loebs

    attorneys have met Allen across the negotiation table. We

    provided buy-side M&A counsel for European entertainment

    network RTL Group in its acquisition of a controlling stake

    in multichannel network StyleHaul, a company Allen co-

    founded and invested in.

    Deal after deal, weve seen firsthand Allen DeBevoises

    profound influence on our changing media landscape.

    Hes not only riding the digital wave of the future, but also

    helping direct its course. At Loeb & Loeb, were thrilled to

    be a part of his team.

    Allen DeBevoise really knows digital media.


  • The Gift of Art

  • This is how Audrey Irmas felt.

    A noted philanthropist and one of the most prominent art collectors in the United

    States, Audrey (and her late husband, Sydney) has been a generous donor to a

    variety of Jewish causes, major art museums, educational institutions, and health

    and human services efforts.

    A longtime congregant of the Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles, Audrey

    learned of the temples dynamic vision for a new events center next door to its

    historic synagogue. The proposed building was designed by noted Dutch architect

    Rem Koolhaas.

    Audrey loved the plans and was inspired by the vibrant community gathering place

    they promised. So she came to Loeb & Loeb for help in making this vision a reality

    with a gift of art.

    Audrey decided to part with one of her treasured pieces, Cy Twomblys Untitled,

    1968 (New York City) a magnificent and nearly eight-foot-wide painting from the

    artists blackboard series.

    A team of Loeb & Loebs nationally recognized estate planning, charitable giving

    and fine arts practitioners came together to orchestrate the transaction. We

    structured a gift and sale of the work to help create the grand public space and

    architectural masterpiece the temple envisioned.

    Its hard to part with valuable art you love.

    But the philanthropic benefits of a sale can be worth it,

    especially if the cause is close to your heart.


  • The painting was first donated to Audreys private

    foundation, the Audrey Irmas Foundation for Social

    Justice. The foundation pledged a $30 million gift to

    the temple.

    Loeb & Loebs team then handled all arrangements

    with Sothebys for the auction, including negotiating

    extraordinary financial terms, premier advertising,

    catalog placement and marketing for the Twombly

    canvas. It ultimately fetched an artist auction record

    of $70.5 million.

    After fulfilling Audreys $30 million pledge to the

    Wilshire Boulevard Temple, the entire balance of the

    proceeds of the sale will be used toward projects

    sponsored by the Audrey Irmas Foundation for Social

    Justice. The foundation has funded a school and an

    orphanage in Africa, among many other educational,

    health care and charitable endeavors.

    At Loeb & Loeb, we worked with Audrey Irmas to

    creatively structure this complex transaction in the

    most tax-efficient manner possible, ensuring she

    could do the most good with this wonderful work

    of art. Were proud to have played a part in this

    generous gift.

    T H E G I F T O F A R T

    F U T U R E P L A N O F T H E A U D R E Y I R M A S PA V I L I O N


  • A team of Loeb & Loebs nationally

    recognized estate planning, charitable

    giving and fine arts practitioners

    came together to orchestrate the

    transaction. We structured a gift and

    sale of the work to help create the

    grand public space and architectural

    masterpiece the temple envisioned.

  • Its All Relative

  • The companys highly publicized crisis sent shock waves throughout the

    entertainment community.

    Loeb & Loeb has the largest and most diversified entertainment practice

    in the nation. So it was no surprise that many of our clients business

    interests were likely to be impacted significantly by Relativitys bankruptcy.

    In the weeks leading up to the filing, our Los Angeles-based attorneys were

    flooded with calls from clients, as well as from companies that knew of our

    reputation in the industry, seeking advice regarding the issues that could

    arise from a filing.

    Our entertainment and bankruptcy attorneys quickly began to analyze

    the potential consequences of such a filing and to determine how best to

    protect the interests of as many of our clients and other parties as possible.

    Beverly Hills-based Relativity filed for bankruptcy protection in New York,

    not Los Angeles, on a Thursday in late July. The first day hearing, a crucial

    event in every case, was scheduled for the following day in Manhattan. Our

    New York bankruptcy department became involved immediately, ensuring

    our presence at that hearing and every subsequent hearing.

    Our ability to react and be in court on such short notice gave our Los

    Angeles clients significant comfort at the tumultuous outset of the case.

    But no matter how you look at it, Relativity

    Medias bankruptcy was the biggest

    Chapter 11 filing in the entertainment industry

    in many years.


  • In the months of contentious proceedings that followed,

    we acted on behalf of different creditors and financial

    institutions. Our deep bench in both the entertainment

    and bankruptcy areas enabled us to provide individualized

    guidance through the serpentine bankruptcy process to

    multiple clients simultaneously.

    Loeb & Loebs bicoastal, cross-practice team brought

    together a thorough understanding of Relativitys complex

    capital structure, familiarity with the unique issues which

    derive from the special treatment of intellectual property

    in bankruptcy, and extensive workout experience. With this

    unique set of strengths, we have been perfectly positioned

    to advise our clients on what strategies to pursue and to

    provide rigorous enforcement of their rights.

    While the case is not yet over, and the success of the

    bankruptcy and reorganization is not yet known, we are

    confident we have secured a result for each of our clients

    successfully mitigating the negative impacts that inevitably

    result from being unintentionally entangled in a large and

    complicated bankruptcy.

    Our entertainment and

    bankruptcy attorneys

    quickly began to analyze

    the potential consequences

    of such a filing and to

    determine how best to

    protect the interests of as

    many of our clients and

    other parties as possible.

    I T S A L L R E L A T I V E26

  • 27

  • Protecting theInnovators

  • For Loeb & Loeb, protecting life sciences innovators through

    U.S. and international patent litigation and strategic IP

    counsel is just as key.

    Take Switzerland-based Roche, for example, the worlds

    largest biotech company. For years, Loeb & Loeb has helped

    this global health care leader safeguard its most valuable

    assets its patents.

    Weve advised Roche in complex litigations against several

    generic drugmakers seeking to sell at risk copycat

    alternatives to Roches breakthrough treatments. We also

    provide IP strategy and due diligence in the licensing and

    acquisition of pioneering drug products most recently

    in Roches $8.3 billion strategic acquisition of InterMune,

    creator of an orphan drug to treat a deadly lung disease.

    Our attorneys are also representing life science companies

    such as Actelion Pharmaceuticals in a number of active inter

    partes review proceedings. Weve successfully initiated review

    of third-party patents and defended the validity of our

    clients patents covering a range of health care technologies

    and treatments.

    Its no secret that Loeb & Loeb serves as trusted patent

    counsel to some of the worlds largest and most successful

    life sciences leaders. Whats lesser known is how active we

    are in representing early-stage innovators within the industry.

    Through close collaboration with our regulatory, corporate

    and capital markets teams which are helping many young

    pharma, biotech and medical device companies obtain

    critical financing and FDA product approvals Loeb & Loebs

    patent attorneys help clients build and strengthen their IP

    portfolios before trouble occurs.

    Prudent, early IP counsel is our prescription for life sciences

    companies at all stages of development.

    In the $600 billion global pharmaceutical industry,

    innovation is paramount.


  • Live Music Evolution30

  • As technology transformed the traditional recorded music

    business model, live music emerged as one of the strongest

    engines of growth in the industry. Music festivals exploded in

    popularity becoming vital revenue streams for artists, labels

    and promoters; platforms for integrated sponsorships among

    the most sophisticated advertisers; and sought-after cultural

    experiences for fans across genres.

    The American concert business once dominated by

    superstar acts playing giant arenas and stadiums has

    been revolutionized by the now-ubiquitous festival format,

    featuring dozens of established and emerging artists, and

    a host of business opportunities and legal challenges for

    participants at all levels.

    So how does Loeb & Loeb fit in? Weve been a part of the live

    music evolution for decades, helping bring these events and

    experiences to life.

    From supporting entrepreneurial investors building niche

    regional festivals from the ground up to working on

    sophisticated financing deals, artists agreements and

    commercial arrangements for the giants of the destination

    festival world, we are entrenched.

    The multifaceted, multibillion-dollar live music industry has

    seen significant changes in the past decade.

    The big festivals get bigger every year amplified by a

    wave of consolidation within the industry. Acting on behalf

    of strategic acquirers and sellers, our attorneys have

    structured and negotiated some of the most significant M&A

    transactions in the festival space.

    With festival crowds ranging from the tens of thousands

    to the hundreds of thousands, advertisers and marketers

    are also eager to leverage these tremendous consumer

    engagement opportunities. We help navigate complex

    sponsorship, licensing and digital rights issues to make

    connections between the worlds biggest brands and live

    music properties across a range of platforms.

    Theres no denying that the past decade has been a true

    golden age for music festivals. As the industry reaches

    maturity, organizers and promoters will work to differentiate

    themselves in a competitive market.

    At Loeb & Loeb, were proud to partner with many of the best

    in the business as they forge ahead with the next wave

    of change.


  • The Devil is in the Details

  • Thats what the unassuming Lieutenant Columbo would say

    at the end of those TV detective shows right before hed

    unravel the mystery and expose the guilty party.

    The audience knew what was coming.

    The perpetrators never did. They thought theyd committed

    the perfect crime.

    But there was always one little detail that didnt quite make

    sense to the brilliant homicide investigator. And he would dig

    and dig until he uncovered the whole nefarious plot.

    That really only happens on TV or does it?

    Loeb & Loebs IP litigators have defended a number of

    high-profile entertainment clients recording artists,

    music publishers and major motion picture companies in

    copyright infringement cases where the other sides claims

    seemed pretty airtight.

    Except that they werent. Just like Columbo, Loeb & Loeb

    was able to prove that the infringement claims were

    elaborate frauds.

    There was the artist who claimed that the characters from

    an animated blockbuster film (now with box-office smash

    sequels) were copied from drawings that he made in the late

    80s and early 90s. We uncovered evidence that the plaintiff

    had traced his original artwork from a 1996 Disney coloring

    book and backdated the drawings to fabricate the copyright

    claim. The plaintiff dropped his suit once we brought

    evidence of his fraud to light, but his attempts to defraud a

    public company caught the eye of the Department of Justice

    and last year the government indicted him.

    There have even been cases in which unknown songwriters

    have sued our clients, claiming that hit songs were copied

    from their earlier works. In one case, we were able to

    show that the plaintiff had created his supposed original

    Theres just one more thing ...


  • work by sampling parts of our clients song and tried to

    destroy evidence of his fraud by getting rid of the computer

    equipment he used to make the copy. In another recent case,

    we tracked down witnesses from halfway around the globe

    to unravel the story of how the plaintiff had created a fake

    cassette tape of his song and paid witnesses to lie for him.

    How do we uncover these schemes?

    Like Columbo, we know the devil is in the details. We track

    down witnesses. We use technology and experts to check out

    the plaintiffs claims. Uncovering this evidence is difficult

    and time-consuming, but its critical in defending our clients

    against fraudulent claims.

    But unlike the fictitious Columbo character, Loebs IP

    litigators are real lawyers defending clients in real cases.

    We also dress a lot better than Columbo did.

    We track down witnesses.

    We use technology and

    experts to check out the

    plaintiffs claims.

    Uncovering this evidence

    is difficult and time-

    consuming, but its critical

    in defending our clients

    against fraudulent claims.

    T H E D E V I L I S I N T H E D E T A I L S34

  • 35

  • Partnership in the Park

  • Despite a rich, 150-year history, Pershing Square has seen its

    heritage tarnished by multiple yet ineffectual renovations.

    Many people consider the park out of touch with the new

    Downtown LA.

    Until now, that is.

    Theres excitement in the air and an international design

    competition underway to re-envision this neglected

    community space as a true urban oasis. Its all happening

    under the collective nonprofit umbrella called Pershing

    Square Renew.

    So what will the new Pershing Square look like? All we can say

    for now is that the park is destined to become an inspiring

    symbol for both DTLA and the entire city.

    Whats Loeb & Loebs role in the action? Our attorneys

    were instrumental in the formation of the public-private

    partnership dedicated to facilitating this important civic

    renewal. Weve been happy to provide pro bono corporate

    counsel to Pershing Square Renew and take a leadership role

    in a myriad of land use, development, and marketing and

    promotions issues related to the design contest.

    Loeb & Loeb is thrilled to be involved in the reimagining of

    this historic and iconic public space, and we look forward to

    the results. After all, LA is our city, too.

    Established in 1909, Loeb & Loeb has been invested in the

    development of Los Angeles since our founding. And our

    commitment to the city is as strong today as it was over a

    century ago.

    A financial and emotional reinvestment in Pershing Square is

    key to bringing creative businesses and people into the citys

    core. Were proud to be a partner in the plan.

    Whether its for a yoga class, boot camp, free outdoor

    entertainment or another engaging outdoor experience, look

    for us in the park.

    For years, the press has not been kind to Pershing Square,

    a well-known five-acre public park in the heart of downtown

    Los Angeles.


  • Reimaginingand Reassuring

  • The global real estate company envisioned a $200 million

    renovation that would include a new glass facade,

    unobstructed floor-to-ceiling windows and enhanced

    superwide floor plates, a rarity in the city.

    The adaptive reuse project was named 5 Manhattan West.

    It was a bold plan for an emerging neighborhood formerly

    known for its rail yards and factories.

    Current tenants in the predevelopment structure included

    a diverse mix ranging from the Associated Press to

    the New York City Board of Elections and the Gay Mens

    Health Crisis Center.

    Whether it was a 24-hour news cycle, an impending election

    or heightened security measures, nearly all the tenants

    had very specific needs to remain open and running during

    construction with zero business disruption.

    Brookfield, a defining force along the New York skyline and

    in major cities around the globe, is a long-standing

    Loeb & Loeb client. The company knew wed be a perfect

    partner to navigate the myriad legal hurdles along the way

    with 5 Manhattan West and help in realizing the vision for

    this transformative project.

    Our team negotiated nearly 750,000 square feet of new

    office leases at the building, bringing a number of sizable

    technology, advertising and media tenants attracted to the

    dynamic redesign.

    As notable as these new leases were, the even greater feat

    was negotiating amendments to each of the existing leases

    to facilitate the buildings renovations while tenants were in


    We had to understand and address the unique concerns

    and requirements of each business to ensure that individual

    needs would be satisfied and deadlines would be met

    regarding the buildings reconstruction and systems upgrade.

    Our attorneys worked down to the wire on Christmas Eve to

    negotiate and close access agreements with all tenants in

    order for Brookfield to keep construction on schedule.

    Moral of the story: How do you renovate and relaunch

    a building while keeping current tenants happy and in

    business? You make Loeb & Loeb a key partner in the project.

    Brookfield Property Partners had an ambitious vision for

    450 West 33rd Street, and clearly this 1969 Manhattan office

    building was ready for something new.


  • A Safe Place to Call Home

  • But unfortunately, for many children, home can be a

    dangerous place. A place filled with abuse and neglect.

    Every child deserves a safe place to call home. Loeb & Loeb is

    deeply committed to pro bono service that helps give them

    just that.

    For years, our firm has actively partnered with the

    nonprofit organization Lawyers For Children to provide legal

    representation to young people who are victims of abuse

    and neglect.

    Baby Charlotte is one of those children. Charlotte (now

    nearly four years old) was removed at birth from her 16-year-

    old mother who had a long history of untreated drug and

    alcohol abuse, including drug use during her pregnancy.

    Charlotte thrived in foster care, with a loving foster family

    who wanted to adopt her. But Charlottes birth mother

    appealed the courts finding of neglect.

    Working with Lawyers For Children, Loeb & Loeb represented

    Charlotte in the appeal. Together, we persuaded the court

    to affirm the neglect finding, removing another obstacle in

    Charlottes path to adoption and helping secure her safe and

    loving home.

    Charlottes foster experience was a positive one. But many

    foster children are not as fortunate.

    Loeb & Loeb is trying to change that.

    In an unrelated matter and in a different jurisdiction, weve

    served as part of a separate legal team that has been

    working for more than a decade to compel the state of

    Mississippi to fix its failing and severely underfunded child

    welfare system.

    The lawsuit, originally filed in 2004, accused the state of

    extensive violations of the constitutional rights of children

    in its care. Working alongside one of the nations foremost

    Home is supposed to be where the heart is.


  • Loeb & Loeb hasnt

    stopped fighting

    to enforce the states

    obligations to its


    child welfare advocates, Marcia Robinson Lowry, we reached

    a historic settlement with the state in 2008, which mandated

    sweeping reforms.

    Seven years and two contempt hearings later, children

    continue to suffer in a system in which caseloads are

    dangerously high, staff levels too low and qualified foster

    homes far too few.

    Loeb & Loeb hasnt stopped fighting to enforce the states

    obligations to its children. Weve gone back to court time

    and again most recently, to request that Mississippis child

    welfare system be put under the control of a federal receiver.

    The court has yet to make its decision.

    And Loeb & Loeb? Well keep the pressure on the state to do

    the right thing and finally make good on its promises.

    For the sake of the children.

    A S A F E P L A C E T O C A L L H O M E42

  • After the Billion-Dollar Headlines

  • Five major global banks settled charges brought by the

    U.S. Department of Justice. The allegations? Collusion

    to manipulate the foreign currency and precious metals

    markets using private chat rooms, secret codes and side

    deals between high-level traders and managers.

    The banks have paid their fines. But the forex probe, as its

    known, is far from over.

    In todays post-financial crisis world, government

    prosecutors are aggressively seeking to bring cases against

    individuals. And theyre using information thousands of

    pages of documents, emails and transcripts of conversations

    provided by the banks. Part of the cooperation the banks had

    to agree to as part of their settlements.

    The government is casting a very wide net. By some

    estimates, hundreds of bank employees may be

    facing investigation.

    Loeb & Loeb has represented 22 separate individuals in the

    forex probe. Weve helped these clients participate fully

    in the investigation, navigating the process of presenting

    themselves to the FBI and DOJ, and talking to and

    cooperating with government investigators at every turn.

    As a result, no charges have been filed against any of our

    clients. Theyve remained out of the governments crosshairs

    and out of the headlines just where Loeb & Loebs white

    collar defense and investigations team wants them to be.

    The headlines reported a mind-boggling number: $6 billion

    thats billion with a B in fines.


  • Think of this as a beginning.

    Youve just read about some wonderful people, companies,

    lawyers, investors and entrepreneurs. Our aspirations may be

    different, but together we continue to have the opportunity

    to create something great. Were connected by the impact

    we can make and the future we envision.

    At Loeb & Loeb, were making those connections every day.

    We have more stories than we have pages to tell them ...

    We represented Tony Gonzalez, former six-time first-team

    all-pro NFL tight end and current CBS studio analyst for The

    NFL Today, in a partnership with FitStar, creator of the No. 1

    personalized training app. Shortly thereafter, our team

    represented Tony in connection with the acquisition of FitStar

    by Fitbit Inc. and the subsequent IPO of Fitbit.

    We helped Northwell Health (formerly North Shore-LIJ), one

    of the nations largest health systems, in two significant

    strategic alliances that help improve efficiency, client service

    and the bottom line.

    T O U C H D O W N

    H E A L T H Y E N D I N G

    C A P I T A L C O N N E C T I O N S

    We continue to represent longtime private equity client

    Clearview Capital in connection with a number of significant

    portfolio investments, add-on acquisitions and divestments.


  • T H E B I G S C R E E N

    N E W F R O N T I E R

    Weve served as leading advisers for major entertainment

    and media companies, financial institutions, high-net-worth

    investors, hedge and other private equity funds in connection

    with nearly $1 billion in financing over the past year for the

    production and distribution of dozens of motion pictures,

    television and new media projects, including the Academy

    Award-winning film Spotlight.

    We continue advising advertising and marketing agencies

    on pioneering data optimization transactions with leading

    social media platforms, technology companies and other

    organizations, including Twitter, SAP, Accenture, Adobe,

    Facebook, Apple and others. This includes analyzing

    predictive behavior and browsing patterns across various


    These examples barely scratch the surface. And each day

    brings new possibilities through our work across a range of

    practice areas, some less obvious in this collection of stories,

    but still critical ... such as tax, labor and employment,

    advertising disputes, charitable and tax-exempt work,

    intellectual property, and more.

    Visit our website to experience the depth of our offerings.

    Your story may be part of our story, now or in the near future.

    Lets explore our world together.

    Were all connected.


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    New York



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    Hong Kong

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