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Lacey Arches Infinity Scarf

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Lacey Arches Infinity Scarf

Text of Lacey Arches Infinity Scarf

Page 1: Lacey Arches Infinity Scarf

©2012 Tina Keenan Made For Ewe

Lacey Arches Infinity Scarf

By: Tina Keenan of Made For Ewe

This lacey infinity scarf is a really fun and easy knit. It’s

knit in the round on fairly large needles. The lace

pattern is a 10-stitch repeat so it’s easy to enlarge the

diameter of the scarf. For every lace repeat added (10

stitches), the diameter of the scarf will increase by

approximately 2”. The scarf pictured has a diameter of

48” and will wrap comfortably around your neck twice.

Size: 48" in diameter - 12" wide Gauge: (in pattern) 3 sts/inch 5 rows/inch *It’s always a good idea to knit a swatch. This is what the gauge for this pattern is based on.* Materials Needed: 24" size 10.5 circular needles Approx. 300 yds. of a worsted weight yarn (Scarf pictured was knit using Plymouth Yarn Encore Knitting Worsted Weight…2 skeins with plenty left over from second skein) Stitch markers Instructions: Cast on loosely 150 stitches using Old Norwegian Cast On (or any elastic cast one that you prefer). Join in the round taking care to not twist the stitches. Place marker designating beginning of round (BOR). Knit one round. Instructions/diagrams for the Old Norwegian Cast On can be found here. http://www.knittingdaily.com/blogs/howto/archive/2008/05/15/old-norwegian-cast-on.aspx


**I chose the Old Norwegian Cast On because it is a very elastic cast on. It looks the same on both sides and complimented the Icelandic Bind Off very nicely.**

Page 2: Lacey Arches Infinity Scarf

©2012 Tina Keenan Made For Ewe

Following chart, knit until piece measures 12" (or desired width).

Be sure to end after a full lace repeat.

Bind off using Icelandic Bind Off.


Icelandic Bind Off: Knit the first stitch. Slip it purl-wise

back to the left hand needle. Place the tip of the right

hand needle into the first stitch on the left hand needle

purl-wise, then slip it through the second stitch on the

left hand needle knit-wise. Knit and pull the new stitch

through both stitches allowing them to drop from the

left hand needle. Repeat until one stitch remains. Cut

the yarn and pull it through the last loop.

Block using your favorite blocking method. The scarf pictured was knit in an acrylic blend (Plymouth Yarn

Encore - 75% acrylic, 25% wool) and responded well to steam blocking. With the lace pattern used, one

side of the scarf will block straight. The other side of the scarf will have a nice wave to it. Do not try to

block this side straight. The peaks of the lace can be pinned out during blocking to make them more

prominent if desired.

**I chose this bind off because it

gave the edge a nice finished


**When I knit this I placed a stitch marker after each lace repeat. This made it easy to find any mistakes that I may have made.**

Page 3: Lacey Arches Infinity Scarf

©2012 Tina Keenan Made For Ewe

Lacey Arches

Written Instructions for Lace Pattern:


The yarn box in the chart legend is for your use. It can be

colored in to annotate the color of yarn you are using if so


The written instructions are for a 10-stitch repeat.

Page 4: Lacey Arches Infinity Scarf

©2012 Tina Keenan Made For Ewe

Round 1: [Yo, k3, s1-k2tog-psso, k3, yo, k1] repeat to end of round.

Round 2: K all sts.

Round 3: [ K1, yo, k2, s1-k2tog-psso, k2, yo, k2] repeat to end of round.

Round 4: K all sts.

Round 5: [K2, yo, k1, s1-k2tog-psso, k1, yo, k3] repeat to end of round.

Round 6: K all sts.

Round 7:[K3, yo, s1-k2tog-psso, yo, k4] repeat to end of round.

Round 8: K all sts.

** Repeat rows 1-8 until desired width is reached. For the scarf pictured, six full repeats of the lace

pattern was knitted to yield a 12” width.


Stitch Glossary




Slip one stitch knitwise, then knit 2 stitches together and pass the slipped stitch over.


Wrap the working yarn over the right needle, from front to back (counter-clockwise).


**Only the written words, diagrams, and photos are copyrighted. The finished item is yours to do with

as you please….give as gifts, sell, enjoy. While you may share the pattern with friends, please don’t copy

and sell the pattern as your own. Thank you.**