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Lacey Trevino NEISD Dr. Bernard A. Harris Jr., Middle School November 2010 E-Rate Assists NEISD The Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund

Lacey Trevino

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E-Rate and NEISD

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Lacey Trevino


Dr. Bernard A. Harris Jr., Middle School

November 2010

E-Rate Assists NEISDThe Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal

Service Fund

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E- Rate information NEISD Technology Plan NEISD Technology Budget Summary Overview information

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E-Rate Information

How do we afford our multi- million dollar telecommunications and internet access?

The E-rate discount is based on the amount of students eligible for the National School Lunch Program.

Up to $2.25 billion is annually provided for schools that are eligible for the discount.

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E-Rate Information

Four service categories are funded so schools can have access to modern telecommunications and information services:

Telecommunications services Internet Access Internal connections other than basic maintenance Basic maintenance of internal connections

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E- Rate Information

In order to apply, school districts must complete these steps.

• Prepare a technology plan• Open the competitive process, form 470• Seek discounts on service, form 471• Confirm receipt of services, form 486• Invoice for service, forms 472 and 474

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NEISD Technology Plan

Developed to provide teachers and students with the skills needed to work in the 21st century.


1. Improve academic achievement

2. Increase knowledgeable educators

3. Increase level of instruction

4. Increase student and teacher support

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NEISD Budget for Goals 2008 - 2011

3,109,3001,846,621.00 1,790,018.00








Goal 1 Goal 2 Goal 3 Goal 4

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NEISD Technology Plan

Technology Finances

39.6% of NEISD students are economically disadvantaged. NEISD spends $1,092.79 on technology per student. The total cost for expenditures is $67,689,440.00

The NEISD Technology Plan can be found at http://www.neisd.net/techplan/NEISD%20ePlan%202008-2011.pdf

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E-Rate provides NEISD with a 60% discount on telecommunications and internet access.

We are eligible for this rate because 39.6% of our students are

economically disadvanted (free lunch).

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Want more information?

Use these links as resources:

U.S. Department of Educationhttp://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/oii/nonpublic/erate.html

Universal Service Administrative Company


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