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KNR 253 Processing/Debriefing Cain, Cummings, & Stanchfield, 2005 Dattilo, 2008

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Text of KNR 253 Processing/Debriefing Cain, Cummings, & Stanchfield, 2005 Dattilo, 2008

  • KNR 253 Processing/DebriefingCain, Cummings, & Stanchfield, 2005Dattilo, 2008

  • John DeweyFather of experiential education

    In order to truly learn from an experience there must be some reflection

    Philosophy for experiential education & adventure education

  • Experiential LearningAfter activity comes reflectionFollowed by application of new informationKolbPeople do not solely learn, grow, or change from an experienceRubber chickens can be just a fun game unless help participants see meaning beyond activityProcessing Helps make connections between experience and real lifeCreates the meaning of an activity

  • Experiential LearningOften not doneNot know how to do effectivelyNot leave enough timeGet so involved in activityProcessing activities can be dynamic & engagingThere is no one time or way to processSometimes will hear debriefing used for end and process occurring at anytime

  • Processing Is.Umbrella term for many facilitation techniquesDesigned to help people describe, reflect, analyze, & communicate about experienceDirected to help people generalize what learned in an activity to everyday lifeVital technique to use in leisure education

  • ProcessingAn activity during a facilitated experience that helps participants to:Better understand the purpose of the experienceBring closure to an activityReflect upon the experienceExpress feelings about the experienceEvaluate individual & group performanceTransfer the lessons of the experience to future experiences

  • Continuum of Processing TechniquesParticipant- Facilitator- Centered Centered Processing ProcessingMountains SpeakQ&AMetaphoricNo Facilitator ManipulationChiji Cards

  • ProcessingNeed a variety of techniques/activitiesBase on multiple intelligencesLogical, kinesthetic, visual, etc.Base on stage of group formation

  • ExamplesJournalConversationWritingArt projectsDramatic presentationsDyadsActivity sheetsDrawingMusicDance

  • 4 Forms Noted by DattiloFrontloading


    Giving feedback

    Use of metaphors

  • ProcessingFrontloadingHighlight learning prior to activityReview learning from previous activityWhat behaviors will result in success or hinder success

  • ProcessingDebriefingReflection after an activity to bring about changeCan occur in relation to each individual activity of a sessionCan occur at end of entire sessionToo many questions after each activity effect the flow of the sessionCan use one thought-provoking questionWhat is the most important thing you are taking away from this activity?

  • ProcessingDebriefingMake sure objectives are met

    Medicaid identified a billable session as those therapeutic interventions for processing clients goals & objectivesDeb Tiger, 2010

  • ProcessingGiving feedbackLearning by tellingShould be descriptive vs. evaluativeFocus on strengthsWell-timed

    Use of metaphorsConnection between experience & life

  • HintsCreate safe & positive learning environmentGroup norms about judgments during processingTell why processingSequence processingBegin simple, get more in-depth laterAllow members to passPeople can learn even if not share with groupWhen learn to trust will share at own paceAllow for some superficial answers/commentsSilences are OKCan allow people to formulate ideas

  • HintsMix up methodsCan have small groups for processingDo not always have to have a gimmick Processing can happen at any time not just when activity is overProcessing requires planningTools to be held in handsTRS not only needs a big bag of activities but also a big bag of processing techniques

  • 5 QuestionsDid you notice?Leader must be observant for meaningful eventsDid you notice that a few people really took a leadership role?Why did that happen?Does that happen in life?Why does that happen?How can you use that?Jacobson & Ruddy, 2004

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  • Prioritizing Work ValuesGood payBeing challengedBeing able to give inputHaving independenceOpportunity for advancementCoworker relationships

    Good hoursBeing stimulatedHaving peoples respectJob securityEqual opportunity

    Pride in work

  • Prioritizing Leisure ValuesLearningStaying at homePhysical challengePlanning in advancePlaying catch upBeing alone

    SocializingGoing somewhereExcitementSpontaneousFulfill commitmentsKeeping my mind off work

  • Prioritizing Relationship ValuesLaughterIndependent interestsOpen communicationHonestyNot clingingRomanceCommon interestsPhysically attractiveTrustOpen about feelingsPuts me firstIntelligent