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  • 1. Laia Morell, Xnia Castao &Marina Haro.

2. Shutter speed is the amount of time that the shutter isopen.Shutter speed is measured in seconds. The bigger thedenominator the faster speed in 1/1000 is much fastthan 1/30. To freeze movement in an image youll wantto choose a faster shutter speed. To let the movementblur youll want to choose a slower shutter speed. 3. In this photo our goal was to freeze the movement of the water, so, we have used a fast shutter speed.F= 5,6ISO= 1001/1000 seg 4. In this photo we can see the cars moving and themountain with no movement , the only thing thatwe have done to get this goal is use a slow shutterspeed. F= 20 ISO= 100 1/3 seg 5. ISO measures the sensitivity of the imagesensor.Higher ISO settings are generally used indarker situations to get faster shutter speeds. 6. As we can see in this photo we have used highISO to achieve light to this picture.F= 4,8ISO= 16001/5 seg 7. This photo was taken with the same conditionsof the other photo, but here we have used a lowISO, so the photo is dark.F= 4,8ISO= 1001/5 seg 8. Aperture is the size of theopening in the lens when apicture is taken. 9. This photo we want that the first grass leaf have a good image but the other grass appear blurry, to achieve this we have used a large aperture.F= 25ISO= 1001/500 seg 10. In this photo we want that the persons and thetrees that appeared, can see with the sameconditions, to achieve this we have used a verysmall aperture. F= 5,6 ISO= 100 1/640 seg