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IRONMONGERY ... IRONMONGERY Joist hanger • timber to timber • quick effective way of joist trimming for light, medium and heavy applications. • USE 30 x 3.75 mm SQUARE TWIST

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Text of IRONMONGERY ... IRONMONGERY Joist hanger • timber to timber • quick effective way of joist...

  • West Street Somerton Somerset TA11 7PS

    Tel: 01458 272626 Fax: 01458 274010

    Contact: Kevin Squire

    2019 Retail prices include VAT @ the appropriate rate

    Subject to availability. Prices may vary Pictures and specifications are a guide only



  • Joist hanger

    • timber to timber • quick effective way of joist trimming for light,

    medium and heavy applications. • USE 30 x 3.75 mm SQUARE TWIST NAILS

    Mini (no leg) RJTG050M £0.65 Standard 50 mm RJTG050 £0.80 Standard 75 mm RJTG075 £0.80 Standard 100 mm RJTG100 £0.80

    Anchor straps

    • Heavy (lateral) and light (vertical) restraining straps for connecting timber to masonry

    • Light - 30mm wide, 2.5mm thick, 6mm holes offset • Heavy - 30mm wide, 5mm thick, 6mm holes offset

    Light - 900mm bent 100mm RSG25090B1 £1.70 Heavy - 1200mm bent 100mm RSG5012B1 £4.40

    Multi-purpose angle brackets

    • Multi-purpose heavy fixing for most 90 degree connections

    • Ideal for many substrates • Fix using nails, bolts or screws

    60mm x 40mm x 60mm RBRG060040 £0.95 90mm x 90mm x 60mm RBRG090090 £1.50

    Nail plate

    • Versatile timber to timber connector for non-structural applications

    • USE 30 x 3.75 mm SQUARE TWIST NAILS

    80mm x 150mm RZNP080150 £1.30


  • Timber connector

    • Double sided timber connectors • For all applications to enhance bolt performance by

    reducing timber rotation and joint movement • Place between timbers on a bolt prior to tightening • USE M12 BOLTS WITH SQUARE PLATE WASHERS

    50mm x 12mm B4TCB050 £5.90 pk 10 M12 square plate washer B4SWZ1210 £3.25 pk 10

    Multi-purpose fixing band

    • Versatile multi-purpose fixing band roll • Many non-structural applications • Use nails (up to 6mm diameter), screws or bolts

    20mm x 1mm x 10mtrs RFBZ10201 £6.70

    Wall starter kit

    • Universal wall connector ties in new masonry walls from 60mm to 250mm wide and up to 3 storeys high

    • Each pack will start a wall up to 2.4m high including all fixings

    • Each pack contains 2 x 1.2m sections, can be fixed independently and cut to required length

    • Wall ties clip to any position to match course • Stainless steel

    2.4mtr kit stainless steel RWSKS £8.30

    Wall ties

    • Type 4 stainless steel wall tie for domestic and small commercial

    • For cavities 50mm to 125mm, buildings up to 15mtr high

    Type 4 wall tie 225mm RWTSH225 £0.17 each


  • Insulation clips

    • Also known as insulation retaining discs • Used to hold insulation material back to structure • Suitable for all current cavity wall ties

    75mm insulation clips RWTPICU £2.95 pk 20

    Door frame cramps

    • Used to tie timber door or window frames to adjacent masonry

    • Fix with galvanised nails or screws to timber frame and embed the other end in mortar course

    100mm door frame cramps RFCG1005 £0.55 150mm door frame cramps RFCG1505 £0.75

    Water bar

    • Galvanised mild steel bar for use in exterior door thresholds

    • Prevents water from going between door and threshold

    300mm x 5mm x 1000mm RWBG100 £9.50

    Hip iron

    • Screwed to rafter and embedded in mortar at the base of roof hip to stop ridge tiles from slipping off

    270mm x 150mm 25mm x 4mm RHIG4 £4.20


  • Damp proof course

    • High load polyethylene damp proof course suitable for domestic construction

    • Suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications • Safe and clean, and flexible to handle, even at low


    30mtr x 100mm RDPO100 £3.75 30mtr x 150mm RDPO150 £5.55 30mtr x 300mm RDPO300 £10.55 30mtr x 450mm RDPO450 £15.90

    Wire balloons

    • Keeps rainwater downpipes clear of leaves and soil • Grey PVC coated

    2.5” RBWP065 £4.20 4” RBWP100 £4.75

    Hessian sandbags

    • Integral drawstring • Treated, rot proof

    330mm x 762mm RYSBRP £1.00


    Polypropylene sandbags

    • Very heavy duty • White

    330mm x 762mm RYSBPP £0.65

    Heavy duty polythene sacks

    • Heavy duty • Reinforced seams

    530mm x 840mm RDSPR530840 £0.40

  • Expanded metal brick reinforcement

    • Used primarily as anti-cracking reinforcement in masonry construction

    • Fix into mortar between courses leaving 25mm face clearance

    • Overlap joints by minimum 75mm

    112mm x 20 mtr RAEG020112 £18.35

    Angle beads

    • Plasterers’ angle bead, strong and resilient, designed for 2 coat application

    • Galvanised, for internal use

    45mm wing x 2.4m RABG2445 £1.30 • Perforated thin coat bead designed for single coat

    plasterwork • For plaster depth of 3mm to 6mm • Galvanised, for internal use

    22mm wing x 2.4m RATG2422 £1.35

    • Bellcast external render stop bead • Used to obtain a neat bellcast edge to external

    renders • Gives good protection to masonry to run off water

    2.4m RARG24 £2.95


    Sash cord

    • RED SPOT, quality classic cord with round cross section and smooth polished surface

    • Solid braided, excellent abrasion surface • Cotton core, increases flexibility

    No 8 12.5mtr x 6mm, 85kg breaking strain £12.45 RCRS08

  • Tuff spot cement mixing tray

    • 1m diameter mixing spot tray • Very durable and easy clean • Easy mixing and prevents ground/surface stain


    Contractor barrow

    • 85 litre heavy duty pressed pan • Tubular frame • Extra strong double rolled edge pan • Pneumatic tyre


    Shire wheelbarrow

    • 90 litre polypropylene barrow • Heavy duty galvanised tubular frame • Heavy duty front stays • Pneumatic tyre



    Threaded Bar (Studding)

    • BZP thread rod • Metric coarse thread • Mild steel, 1 metre length • Nuts and washers to accompany the studding are

    available M6 £1.10 M12 £3.25 M8 £1.45 M16 £6.50 M10 £2.25 M20 £10.70





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