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  • 1. Dr. A K TIWARIInterview Success and Tips for InterviewsInterview Success and Tips for Interviews: 1 Dr A K TIWARI

2. Prepare: Before going for an interview: Know the company name, job description and otherrelevant details Collect information about the company fromcompanys website or any other source Understand the role of your department Be sure about the date, time, venue of the personalinterview Print two copies of your resume and check for spelling/ grammatical errors, missing information Carry two passport-size snaps, Think of the interview questions you might face anddo mirror practice of all till you are satisfied.Interview Success and Tips for Interviews: 2 Dr A K TIWARI 3. Prep- Your dress-up reflects your choice, how much yourespect yourself and your professionalism.Formal, simple , sober Check your resume thoroughly for sentenceframing, grammar, spelling mistakes, correctness ofinformation, consistency etc. Dont givefalse/exaggerated information in CV. Remember your % marks of each semester, trainingand project title Carry at least 2 copies of your resume in a neat folder Have a cheerful mind Be confidentInterview Success and Tips for Interviews: 3 Dr A K TIWARI 4. DRESSING: BOYS Traditional business attire, i.e. formals navy blue or gray suitor sports coat and nice slacks, and a long sleeved presseddress shirt. Ties should be silk and coordinate well with the suit. Avoid anyflashy or theme ties such as ties with cartoon characters orseasonal events. Jewelry should be limited to one ring per hand / a dresswatch. No earrings, and of course, no TATTOOS and visiblebody piercings! Shoes should be polished and leather dress shoes in black,dark burgundy or brown are best. Socks should match suitcolor. Hair neatly combed and clean. Facial hair well groomed aswell. Avoid using too much cologne or after-shave. Well manicured nails.Interview Success and Tips for Interviews: 4 Dr A K TIWARI 5. DRESSING : GIRLS Salwar suit with dupatta- White, light blue, light pink or Conservative businesssuit, dress or pants suit. Most appropriate colors are blue, gray, black or tan. FullSleeved plain shirt with jeans- white/blue. Or white / light colored plain sari-withborder, not much printed. Jewelry should be modest with one ring , earrings no longer than inch, nonecklace, and no tattoos or visible body piercings! Avoid excessively long fingernails. Your nail polish should be a subtle color andapplied neatly. Shoes should be no more than a 2-inch heels and should complement your outfit. your hair should be well groomed and clean. Avoid wearing too much cologne, perfume, or make-up.Interview Success and Tips for Interviews:5 Dr A K TIWARI 6. TIPS during interview Dont speak negatively about your college or former orcurrent employer or divulge confidential information Always remain positive during the interview even if thingsarent going as well as youd hoped. Try to leave the interviewer with at least one thing aboutyou that might be unique from other candidates that wouldbe valuable to the company if they hired you. If during an interview you realize that the position is not ofinterest to you, complete the interview and answer thequestions as you would if you were interested in the job. Dont give any wrong information. Be Relaxed and comfortable Interview Success and Tips for Interviews:Dr A K TIWARI6 7. WRONG WAYS to enterInterview Success and Tips for Interviews: Dr A K TIWARI 7 8. Smile and Firm HandshakeInterview Success and Tips for Interviews:8 Dr A K TIWARI 9. Commonly Asked Interview Questions and Suggested AnswersDescribe yourself as a personWhat are your strengths and your weaknesses?Where do you see yourself five years from now?Why should we consider you for this post?What if you do not get this job?Why you have chosen HR/FIN/IT/MKT as your career ?Do mirror practice Interview Success and Tips for Interviews:Dr A K TIWARI9 10. Describe yourself as a personPeople tell me that I am a very confident and mature person. I think one reason people tell me that I am confidentbecause in any situation of my life I handle it with a positive attitude. [GIVEEXAMPLE] Interview Success and Tips for Interviews:10Dr A K TIWARI 11. What are your strengths and yourweaknesses? STRENGTHS : I am a determined person. I love perfection and I achieve it most of the times. I am sincere, honest and hardworking. WEAKNESSES: When I take up some commitment, I invest so much energy, hardwork and efforts in it that I sometimes neglect my personal life, social life, health and family life. My strength of being a determined person is also my weakness.Tip : tell your strength in your weakness Interview Success and Tips for Interviews:11Dr A K TIWARI 12. Where do you see yourself five years from now? I have observed that your company hasgrown very fast in the last five years. I wantto contribute my services and be a part ofthis growth. I think in five years I would liketo see myself as a Head of a Department.Interview Success and Tips for Interviews: 12 Dr A K TIWARI 13. Why should we consider you for this post? I know about myself, hence I can comment about myself. I notonly have relevant training and experience in the required field, I have also knowledge in the required field also, I am passionate about my work. I think these qualitiesqualify me for this job.Interview Success and Tips for Interviews:13 Dr A K TIWARI 14. What if you do not get this job? Based on my qualifications, experience andskills, I am very sure that I deserve and will getthis job. But for some reason, if you decide toselect somebody else, I will respect yourdecision and would like to know from you thereason. I will then work on the skills that needimprovement and maybe come back to youagain. Interview Success and Tips for Interviews:14Dr A K TIWARI 15. Interview is arranged to understandaspects of your personality. A lot ofexplanation is required and real life /other examples play a very importantrole in putting your point across. Whenyou just say "I have a positive attitude."Thats not enough, GIVE EXAMPLEDo not lie:There are very high chances that you will benervous in an interview for various reasons. Ifyou put forward a wrong information ("I have 7years work experience in Sales" when you haveonly 2) You will have a tough time justifying ifthe interviewer asks many questions. On theother hand, if you dont knowsomething, admit it gracefully.Interview Success and Tips for Interviews: 15 Dr A K TIWARI 16. SPEAKING SKILL your voice : soft, intense but not loud your speaking style : confident but polite Accent: no regionalityInterview Success and Tips for Interviews: Dr A K TIWARI 16 17. BODYLANGUAGE Body language is a term for communication using bodymovements or gestures It is paralanguage, which describes all forms of humancommunication that are not verbal language. official expressions. Interview Success and Tips for Interviews:17Dr A K TIWARI 18. DONT DO DOwinking and slight movement of the Consistent eye contact can eyebrowsindicate that a person isA harsh or blank facial expressionthinking positively often indicates outright unfriendliness. Interest can be indicatedcrosses his or her arms across thethrough posture or extended chest. This can indicate that a personeye contact. is putting up an unconscious barrier Maintain random eye contactDisbelief is often indicated by movement with all interviewer averted gaze, or by touching the ear Stand straight and look or scratching the chin. So is eyestrain, or itchiness. nose itching professional. Dont look like aunfocused eyes may indicate ocularcat walk model problems in the listener. stay rigid to the spotBoredom is indicated by the head Use gestures to help the tilting to one side,interviewer understand whatAimless feet movement , pacing up youre saying. and down, shifting from side to side. Move forward towards your audience when you want to make a really big point. Move backwards when you want them to reflect on something. Move to your left or right to change the subject or pace of your delivery.Interview Success and Tips for Interviews:18 Dr A K TIWARI 19. Para-language Interview Success and Tips for Interviews:19Dr A K TIWARI 20. Interview Success and Tips for Interviews: 20 Dr A K TIWARI 21. Show gestureInterview Success and Tips for Interviews: Dr A K TIWARI 21 22. Ask in case of congenial atmosphere An interview is not about just talking and answeringquestions. After major part of interview iscompleted, if appropriate, asking couple of questionswill demonstrate your interest in the job and will alsomake you aware of your role, if selected.Suggested questions: What will be my exact role in the company? What will be my key performance parameters? What are companys future plans? What will be my career-path in your company? What will be compensation/package ? What will be place of working ?Demonstrate that you have thought seriously about this career path and thiscompany by asking intelligent questions about the position.Interview Success and Tips for Interviews:22 Dr A K TIWARI 23. 5 Biggest mistakes freshers make during a Job InterviewKaushik Basu, Ex- HR Head, Infosys 1. Arriving Late 2. Not knowing enough about the Company 3. Inappropriate dressing 4. Not a happy face 5. Not rehearsing for the interview Interview Success and Tips for Interviews:23Dr A K TIWARI 24. Double-check the time and location of theinterview. Prepare what you want to say in theinterview. Rehearse with mock interviews Review your resume. Interview Success and Tips for Interviews:24Dr A K TIWARI 25. Job Interview Good Signs: Signs That YourInterview Went Well1. The interviewer acts interested (sits up straight), polite, listens carefully, asks good questions and thediscussion goes smoothly.2. The job interview lasts more than the scheduled time. Say more than 30 minutes.3. You are introduced to the other team members.4. The interviewer spends time answering your questions. He or she