CAREERS WORKSHOP - INTERVIEWS. Introduction to interviews Wikipedia defines the term ‘interview’ as: ‘An interview

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Careers workshop - InterviewsIntroduction to interviewsWikipedia defines the term interview as: An interview is a conversation between two or more people where questions are asked by the interviewer to elicit facts or statements from the interviewee.

The purpose of an interview is to gather information to satisfy criteria

Types of interviewsPeerPanelGroupPhone / Skype

Typical interview structure

Tell me about yourself (introduction)

Tell me what you know about our company

(A discussion of the role)

What is your main strength and what is your main weakness?

Behavioural based questions

Do you have any questions?

navitas.comnavitas-internships.comAnswering questions using STARSituationTaskActionResult

Question: Can you tell me about a time you had to work in a team in order to complete a task?

Situation: What had happened?Task: what was your goal? Action: what did you do? Results: what was the outcome?

navitas.comnavitas-internships.comDo your homework and be prepared!

Research the company

Know as much about the role as possible

Know your resume

Tie the following into what the company is seeking:

1 key strength1 weakness1 challenge 2 accomplishments

Plan your trip

Dress the part

navitas.comnavitas-internships.comDuring the interviewShow enthusiasm Exhibit positive body languageGive one to two minute responses and use examples using the STAR method if possibleAnswer confidentlyPrepare good questionsRestate your interest at the end of the interview and clarify the next steps

navitas.comnavitas-internships.comFind out more Website

navitas.comnavitas-internships.comWhy enrol in The Professional Year?Further points towards your permanent residency application

CV preparation and interview skills

IELTS preparation and one free IELTS test

Professional training specific to the industry

Business communications

Australian work practices

Professional internship (work experience) for 12 weeks

navitas.comnavitas-internships.comIn summary


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