INTERVIEWS The Telephone Interview Face to Face. Interviews  Preparation for the Telephone Interview  The Telephone Interview (TI)  Follow-up TI 

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  • INTERVIEWSThe Telephone InterviewFace to Face

  • InterviewsPreparation for the Telephone InterviewThe Telephone Interview (TI)Follow-up TIThe ApplicationPreparation for the Face to FaceThe Face to Face Interview (FF)Body LanguageFollow-up FFNegotiating your Deal

  • Preparing For The TIGet as much information when scheduling the interview:Name of Interviewer (s)Title (s)Research the company and InterviewerLook for the job descriptionTen Question Check Prepare short storiesUnexpected Calls

  • The Telephone Interview Be by the Phone 15 minutes early Make a test call to friend or family memberRelaxThings to have:ResumeMirror (A Must)Quite placeTry to sit at desk or table

  • During The TIUse professional mannersMake sure to listen to the questionsDo not interrupt Take notesLook into the Mirror when you talkAsk how many candidates are in contention and left to interview.Ask for next steps and a time frameClose for the face to face interviewGet e-mail addresses to follow-up

  • TI Follow-up StrategiesThank You -Keeping you on top of the list.When to send? Timing is keyThank you e-mailedHand written Thank you mailedFollow-up call You told meIf it is a no, keep the door open for future opportunity.Follow-up e-mail

  • The Application

    Most applications are completed pre-interview.What you need to accurately fill out the application;ResumeReferencesSalary HistoryFill out all the informationNever answer: See Resume Background and credit checks

  • Prepare For Your Face to FaceGet as much information when setting-up interviewWho will you be meeting with Names, TitlesHow the interview works, process, steps.How do they make their final decision?

    Research Company, People you are meeting (The more you know the easier the interview)

  • Reference lettersCompany informationDirections to the interviewContact information of the interviewerTen Questions Short storiesCopies of resume

    Interview Kit

  • Researching CompaniesGoogle DirectoriesCompany Websites

    Google finance

    Hoovers JigsawZoominfo

  • The Tough Questions

  • What to Wear MenCall into the company and ask about dress code.Blue or light gray suit or Blue blazer, white dress shirt and conservatively patterned tie. Black or brown shoes, with matching belt. Accessories plain and simple no religious or political symbols.

  • Skirt or Business suit no flashy colors. Jacket simple, long shelve blouse solid color, shoes should be the same or darker than the skirt or suit. Flats or ok, or a 21/2 inch heel is acceptable.Neutral skin tone pantyhose, no stockingsNo purses, carry briefcase or work bag.Jewelry basic only small earrings.Make-up less is better no bright colors.What to Wear Women

  • Your Best Foot ForwardDo not wear anything scented. Use unscented antiperspirant.Must fit, be clean, pressed and you should feel comfortable wearing it.Be prepared for the second interview. You need more than one outfit!Make sure your shoes are polished Haircut a few days in advanceNo alcohol the day of or before your interview

  • Interview TimeInterview start when you leave the house and end when you return to the house.Show up 15 minutes early. Tell the front desk you have arrived and ask where the restroom is. (one last look in the Mirror)Return to the waiting area, standing room only (review resume while waiting)Be nice to everyone

  • The GreetingGreeting, smile, eye contact, match the hand shakeWalk slowly and stand tall upon entering any roomMirroring techniques to reproduce positive signal from the interviewerHead up and eyes looking forward at all times Remain calm no quick movements Remember to breatheCarry yourself as you want people to see you

  • In The Chair Sit back in the chair and un-button jacket Direct eye contact and smile naturallyThe importance of your hands Personal Space Facial Expressions The Feet

  • Donts Use first NameSmokeSit down (until invited)Show anxiety or boredomLook at your watchDiscuss sex, race, religion or ageBash or disrespect previous employer or co-workersShow examples of your work, until asked.Ask about salary vacation or benefits

  • The Spot Light Is On YouGather contact information from everyone that you speak with.The tough questions (Negative to Positive)Be prepared to ask questions that show interestGuide the conversation to your strong skillsAsk for the Job, the time frame, and the competition

  • Follow Up E-mail Thank youHand written Thank youTiming is everythingArticles or Industry Information (e-mailed)Follow up call You told meIf no, do not burn the bridge ask to be considered for other positions

  • Deal or No DealGut check is this the right Job?Always be up front about your current compensation 5-10% Raise standard (not 50%)Know your range What will you takeWhat do you wantHe who gives the number first loses Total Package

  • Thank You Classes AvailableResume WritingMarketingInterviewingNew Classes ComingIntense Internet MarketingChanging Careers and Industries Effectively

    Achieving a Higher Level Hire Services AvailableMock InterviewingOne on One CoachingResume Writing

    Opening slide**Recruiter Employer Get information on call to set-up interviewWho you are speaking to Name Title

    Research company find out everything possible make a cheat sheet (look for articles about problem have solutions)Find the job description on Indeed or company site

    Ten question that you want to ask about company and positionTen Question that you think they are going to ask with your answersTake your resume GO to each Position write a three to five minute short storyWhat your title was \\Your responsibilities (identify a problem)What step you had to do to correct the problemWhat was the final out come after the problem was solved(money saved)Unexpected Calls Telephone Line( land Line if possible) Ignore Call waiting (explain the pause period) If the call comes unexpected, Stay calm ask caller to hold until so you can close the door or get to a quite private place to talk. Have your Interview spot always set up with Paper pen Resume and if possible get the company website in front of you. Take a few deep breaths back to the phone with thank you for be patience with me. IF you are truly getting ready to step out the door shoot them straight by saying you are heading out the door for and interview can we get a time scheduled to speak again.

    Recruiter Employer

    *Be ready to go 15 Minutes early: always try to have call take place on land LineHave your are set up with job description, resume(with short stories list of questions)Place a call or have a friend phone you 15 minutes early Check breathing Voice clearnessTHE MIRROR TRICK make a sign: On an Interview. Do NOT disturb., (away from Kids-Pets, interruptions)

    An Interview preparation checklist will be emailed to youupon the completion of Today's Presentation.

    *Professional Manners always address MR or MRS unless told to do other wise. (thank them for their time)

    Listen use 3 second Rule to your self not out loud No yes or NO answersDO not get over excite and interrupt the questionsTake notes to refer to incase of loss of thoughtLook into the mirror (watch your facial expressions).Use problem solving method on answering questionsQuestion to ask (shows interest Immediate challenges project for first six months Ending THE INTERVIEW Other candidatesNext step and time frame(giving you the Follow date)Ask for the job(look forward with working with you)(thank them for their time)*Thank you e-mail (mention some unique point that may come up in interview. Show interest)

    *Every position or company will ask you to fill out an Application on-line or in Person. This is actually an important step and test. Make sure to have the resume handy they will compare dates and companies to Application. Makes sure to have reference info with you so that you can give phone # and other information. Make sure to fill out all information Blanks= you are hiding something Also be up front about salary tell the truth. If asked about what you want you have a choice NEG= you are willing to NEG- is that that may mean from your current salary down. Option 2 Most candidates get between 5-10% increase on a lateral move and 7-15% on a move that is a step up. Take you current salary X % put that down. NEVER PUT SEE RESUME shows lack of detail and is a big negative *Who when where> exact location Get everything you can about the company and the interviewersName title of each personMake sure to do research on the company via google ect.Research people zoominfo ect.

    An Interview preparation checklist will be emailed to youupon the completion of Today's Presentation.

    *Interview kitTen questions for you to askTen questions you think you will be asked with answersCopy of resumes Good PaperHair cut rule

    *Move this slide also to the first presentation as well Show how to search for companies and information

    **Make phone call too general number ask about dress code and dress one level above thatAppearance tells everyone how you fell about your self> make sure to have three interview outfits

    Always Long sleeved shirt white cream or blue no short sleeves*Make phone call too general number ask about dress code and dress one level above that**Interview start when you get in the car leaving home and ends when you return to your drive way

    15 minutes early report in and go to the restroom; last prep (paper towel in the pocket Trick)

    Return with strong confidence and a smile. Every one is know watch your every move; Stand showing preparation.

    People in the front office are also interviewing you.