Internet GIS: Explore Our World from a Hyperspace Gateway!

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Freese Middle School 2-18-2004. Internet GIS: Explore Our World from a Hyperspace Gateway!. Dr. GIS (Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou) Department of Geography San Diego State University. GIS are Magic Sandwiches !. G eographic I nformation S ystems. San Diego GIS. < Soil Map Elevation >. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Internet GIS: Explore Our World from a Hyperspace Gateway!

  • Internet GIS:

    Explore Our World from a Hyperspace Gateway!

    Freese Middle School 2-18-2004Dr. GIS (Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou)Department of GeographySan Diego State University

  • GIS are Magic Sandwiches !Geographic Information Systems

  • San Diego GIS< Soil Map

    Elevation >< Streets

    Aerial Photos >

  • What are the best routes for your school bus in order to get everyone home the fastest?

    The driving directions from your home to Disneyland !

    How to improve the water quality and protect our natural environment in San Diego. GIS can help you to Answer:

  • GIS are inside Computers The GIS lab at Geography Department, SDSU.

  • Fun Facts:Michael Jordan studied Geography at the University of North Carolina where he also became a famous basketball player!

    The Richest Geographer is Jake Dangermond, the president of ESRI (the biggest GIS company), his privately owned company. ESRI has revenues of more than $469 million with 2,700 employees, and 99 international offices!

  • Fly through San Diego !3D GIS Demo

  • What is the Internet ?Inter-networking (connecting different kinds of networks together) cable modems, DSL, dial-up.

    Sharing Information (showing pictures to your grandfather/grandmom) !

    The device for the Hyperspace Jump!

  • Internet GIS: The Hyperspace Gateway

  • San Diego(SANGIS)

  • France

  • New York City

  • Mars !!!


  • Freese Elementary !

  • Monitor the 2003 Wildfires in San Diego!

    Combine Multimedia Maps and Virtual Reality !

    Provide mobile GIS applications (wireless communications) ! Internet GIS can

  • NASAs Satellite Image (MODIS: 10-27-2003 )

  • Satellite Images

  • Fire Spread Animation (Hot Spots detected from Satellite Images)


  • Virtual Reality !(Mission Trail Regional Park)

  • Mobile GIS !

  • Mobile GIS Framework (Internet Map Servers, GPS, Wi-Fi, Pocket PC, Vehicle)

  • Autonomous Unit: Independent, Portable, Reliable Mobile unit with Portable BatteryMobile unit mounted on a vehicle.

  • User Scenario: Environmental Monitoring and ManagementMission Trail Regional Park

  • G P S (Global Positioning Systems)

  • GPS Data for MTRP BMX (motor-crossing bicycling)

  • A Vision for the Future Internet GIS Mobile GIS Wireless Networks

    NASAs Vision (Video Play)NASA Earth Science Enterprise

  • Thank You !!!I am Dr. GIS Questions and Answers ?