Hyperspace Engage - Hawaii Library Association Annual Conference 2013

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How the HYPE Makerspace at the Detroit Public Library was created, and how to plan and start other library makerspaces.

Text of Hyperspace Engage - Hawaii Library Association Annual Conference 2013

  • 1.Hyperspace Engage: Learning to Make the Future at Your Library Steve Teeri - @telephase Valerie Sobczak - @valerieclairesHawaii Library Association Annual Conference 2013

2. Agenda! What is a Makerspace? Workshops Tips for Success 3. What is a Makerspace? Any Place Where Things are Made A Kitchen A Laboratory We Are All Makers 4. Theory of Making Evidence Based Learning (Look What I Made!) Requires Research and ReadingInspires Inventive Thinking Promotes Teamwork Builds Confidence 5. Public Libraries Hackerspaces are kind of dangerous and usually in a warehouse on the edge of town, Eeeep! Public libraries are already trusted community institutions A fun and relaxed way to learn Be excited to go to work, and see what is made! 6. Academic Libraries Engineering and Design schools might already have these tools Undergrad library can give access for various majors to interface (Discipline Agnostic) Partner with local makerspaces as well Draw on expertise of faculty and staff 7. HYPE Makerspace Inside of HYPE Teen Center DPL Main Library Serves ages 13-18 4,000 Sq. Ft. 8. Potential Administration Reaction to Makerspace Proposal (Artists Rendering) 9. Community Partnerships 10. Makerspaces in Hawaii Maui Makers - mauimakers.com Oahu Makerspace - oahumakerspace.comKauai Makers Club -kauaimakers.wikispaces.com/ HI Capacity - hicapacity.org/ Hawaii Maker - hawaiimaker.com/ 11. Maker Faire Detroit Maker Faire started in 2010 Met all sorts of maker people in our area Attend a Maker FaireOr host a maker meet-up at your library! 12. Maker Faire Detroit 2012 13. HYPE Makerspace Workshops 8 to 12 week session of workshops 7 workshops per week Each workshop is 2 hoursTeens can continue work on projects outside of the workshops 14. Crafternoon Papercraft Cross-Stitch Knitting 15. Bike Tech Learn bicycle repair & maintenance Teens can bring own bikes in! 16. Graphic Design Theory of Design Wood Block Printing Silk Screen Printing Digital Vinyl Cutter 17. Sewing/Wearables Get a Couple Sewing Machines Find Cheap / Free Remnant Fabric Find an experienced sewing instructor Fabulousness! 18. 3D Printing 3D Printers Are Awesome! *They Are not Essential to Starting a Makerspace Printers Cost Anywhere from $300$2200 Plastic Costs around $50/kg ($.05/g) 19. Video Game Programming Raspberry Pi! Credit Card Size Linux Computer Big Online Community Create Your Own Minecraft Server! 20. Electronics / Robotics Adafruit.com SparkFun.com Arduino Microcontrollers Parallax Robotics Kits Robot Petting Zoo! 21. Tips, Tricks & Resources Find staff who are passionate Learn from existing makerspaces Community partnerships Experienced instructors lead to success Starting small is not a bad thing 22. Tips, Tricks & Resources learn.adafruit.com instructables.com makezine.com sparkfun.com makeitatyourlibrary.org 23. Criticisms! Is this safe? Is this a Core Library Service? Wont this take money away from the collection/programs? Does this belong in the Library?!?!?! 24. Lets Be Friends! Steve Teeri @telephase steve.teeri@gmail.com Valerie Sobczak @valerieclaires valerie.sobczak@gmail.com http://www.detroitpubliclibrary.org/hype 25. Questions?