How To Use Google Docs. 1. Go to the Google Docs website a) Go to b) Sign in using your username and password.

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  • How To Use Google Docs

  • 1. Go to the Google Docs website a) Go to b) Sign in using your username and password

  • 2. Create a new document a) Click on "Create New" to open the drop-down menu b) Click on "Document"

  • 3. Insert textb) Click on "Save now"a) Type a message in the blank space in your new document

  • 4. Editing textFONTSIZEBOLD/ITALICS/UNDERLINECOLORBULLETS /NUMBERINGALIGNMENTSAVE, PRINT, UNDOa) Save, print, undo, change the font, color, and size, & bold, italics, underline, bullets/numbering, and alignment

  • 5. Share filesb) Click on "Invite People" on the drop-down menua) Click on "Share"

  • 6. Share files cont.a) Type in the email address(es) of the person/people you want to share the file with

  • 7. Edit or viewa) Choose either "edit" or "view" below the email address box, then click "Send"

  • 8. Open a file that was shared with youa) Go to, and log in using your Gmail address and passwordb) Find the file on the list, and click on it

  • Google SitesMaking Your own Webpage

  • Google sites websiteGo to Sign in using your username and password

  • Choose a Template for Your WebpageLets Start with Blank TemplateType a Name into the "Name your Site box"

  • Your URLIf the name you chose is availableGooglewill create a URL for you, this is how you access your websiteIf your name is not available you will need to try again

  • ThemeChoosing a theme automatically gives you a background and text for your webpage that google has preset. You can browse the selection and choose one.

  • CodeThe last step to making your site is to verify that you are human by correctly copying the code into the box below

  • Create Your SiteIf you have correctly entered the code click "Create your site" and you can begin to create your own webWe are now ready to start designing our page!!

  • Home PageYou will be brought to your homepage which will have your site name and the theme that you chose.

  • Editing Your PageIn the top right corner click "edit page" this is where you can edit your page to add text, images, and video.

  • Adding TextA text box will appear under your home page, type in a message

  • Editing TextUse the tool bar at the top to change the size, text, style, or color of your text.

  • Adding PagesClick on "Create Page"

  • Adding Pages cont.Enter a name for your new pageClick "create page"

  • Adding ImagesClick Insert, from the pull down menu select Image

  • Adding Images (cont'd)You have 2 optionsUpload ImagesWeb Address

  • Web Address ImagesIf you find a picture on the web copy and paste the URL into the box, when image appears click "OK"

  • Moving ImagesThe picture now covers the text so we need to move it using the tool bar

  • Image Toolbar

    Align- L/C/R moves the image to the right, center or left of the pageSize- Increase or Decreases the size of the imageWrap- Allows text to go around the imageRemove- Take the Image out off of the page