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  • ACI Global Training Newsletter - September 2015


    World Human Resources Forum 3

    AMPAP Graduates 2015 6

    Conference Session 2: Waves of the future 11

    Passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) - Meeting the needs of a

    changing market


    Disability sensitivity is the future, train for it today! 14

    ACI Airport User Charges workshop in Panama City 16

    GSN 3: Emergency Planning and Crisis Management in Kuala

    Lumpur, Malaysia


    Testimonials: Hear what our newest graduates have to say about

    the GSN Diploma Programme


    Planning your training budget for 2016? 26

    Course calendar, October November 2015 28

  • ACI Global Training Newsletter - September 2015


  • ACI Global Training Newsletter - September 2015


    World Human Resources Forum By Kevin Caron, Head, Global Training and Developing Nations Airport (DNA)

    Assistance Programme

    The theme of this years ACI World Human Resources Forum was appropriately enti-

    tled How good is your brand? The focus was on how to retain and attract airport tal-

    ent. The objective we had in mind was to share best practices in engaging members

    workforces while attracting future talent to ensure our ongoing success as an indus-

    try. This challenge is one that the ACI Regional HR Committees take seriously be-

    cause the need for talent is growing. To this end, this years forum was developed

    and presented by the leadership of the ACI Regional HR Committees:

    Theresa Fleidl, Vice President, Professional Training Policy and Human Re-

    sources Marketing, Munich Airport

    Jorge Luis Valdespino Rivera, Chief Human Resources Officer, Grupo Aeroportu-

    ario del Pacifico

    Gilford Malenji, Director Human Resources, Zambia Airports Corporation Limited

    Gale LaRoche, Vice President of Human Resources, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne

    County Airport

    Jeff Lindeman SPHR, Senior Director, Talent & Engagement, San Diego Interna-

    tional Airport

    Craig Shaw, Chief Operating Officer, Queensland Airport Services

    Photo: Presenters at the 2015 ACI World Human Resources Forum

  • ACI Global Training Newsletter - September 2015


    World Human Resources Forum (continued)

    The forum was moderated by Thella Bow-

    ens, President and CEO, San Diego

    County Regional Airport Authority, who

    was an excellent choice considering the

    importance she places in talent as a CEO.

    Ms. Bowens set the scene by underlining

    challenges airports face in engaging and

    attracting talent. This was followed by the

    regional ACI Human Resources Commit-

    tees discussing leading HR practices in

    their regions. They provided various data-

    driven information based on an airport-

    specific study by ACI EUROPE and a Gallup workforce study from 2013 illustrating

    that there is still room for improvement in getting employees engaged.

    Some of the findings related to airports found airport staff:

    find their work challenging and interesting;

    hold positive views about their employers; and

    are generally engaged and committed;

    but have some dissatisfaction where leadership, bureaucracy and efficiency are


    The main session was complimented by two workshops, the first on Attracting Talent

    How to engage with the next generation of airport professionals, and the second on

    Work life balance How do employers take responsibility without taking on liability?

    The interactive workshops, led by facilitators who are experts in these areas, allowed

    the 65 participants the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and discuss challenges and

    best practices amongst their airport colleagues.

    The key message coming out of the 2015 World Human Resources Forum was that if

    we brand ourselves well as employers and take care of our talent, the payoff can

    prove to be substantial in terms of long-term loyalty, engagement and productivity. All

    agreed that if we do this poorly, the results can be devastating to our airports and

    costly over many years to come.

    Given an overwhelming response on the part of delegates, work

    is already underway preparing the 2016 ACI World Human Re-

    sources Forum, set for September in Montreal, Canada

  • ACI Global Training Newsletter - September 2015


    World Human Resources Forum (continued)

    Lastly, many thanks to all who attended and to our leadership experts, Thella, There-

    sa, Gale, Jorge, Gilford and Jeff, for sharing their experiences with the members. We

    look forward to seeing you all at next years World Human Resources Forum, taking

    place in Montreal, Canada in September 2016 before the ACI-NA Annual Conference/

    ACI World Annual General Assembly.

  • ACI Global Training Newsletter - September 2015


    AMPAP Graduates 2015 By John Webster, Senior Manager, Global Training

    The 2015 ACI Latin America-Caribbean/World Annual General Assembly, Conference

    and Exhibition was held in Panama City from August 31September 2, 2015.

    Every year, ACI and ICAO jointly recognize the recent graduates of the Global ACI-

    ICAO Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme (AMPAP). AMPAP

    seeks to develop a new generation of airport leaders in all functional areas of the air-

    port business and promotes adherence to the highest professional standards and the

    effective sharing of best managerial practices, all in a cross-cultural, highly interactive

    learning environment. Graduates of this joint partnership of ACI and ICAO have

    earned the prestigious accreditation of International Airport Professionals, or IAPs.

    In 2015, AMPAP had one of its biggest graduating classes of 120 graduates consisting

    of 115 IAPs and 5 AMPAP Associate Diploma recipients. From this large worldwide

    graduating class, 37 students were able to attend the graduation ceremony in Pana-

    ma for formal recognition and acceptance of their diplomas.

    We would like to extend our hearty congratulations to all graduates on this noteworthy

    achievement. As stated by Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World during the

    commencement speech, We welcome these graduates to a lifelong membership in

    an international network of airport professionals, a community without borders.

    Group photo taken during the AMPAP graduation ceremony at WAGA in Panama City

  • ACI Global Training Newsletter - September 2015


    AMPAP Graduates 2015 (continued)


    Abbas Mohammadi, Iran Airports Company (IAC), Iran

    Abdollah Cheshmeh Khavar, Iran Airports Company

    (IAC), Iran

    Achmad Syahir,PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero), Indonesia

    Adam D. Kressler, Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Interna-

    tional Airport, USA

    Ahmad Ramli Mahmood, Malaysia Airports Holdings Ber-

    had, Malaysia

    Ahmad Reza Mahgoli, Iran Airports Company (IAC), Iran

    Ajay Kumar, Airports Authority of India, India

    AliJorfi, Iran Airports Company (IAC), Iran

    Alireza Esmaeilnia, Iran Airports Company (IAC), Iran

    Amarit Thongsiriprapa, Airports of Thailand (AOT), Thai-


    Anindita Galuh Wardhani, PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero),


    Antonio Ferreira de Barros, ADA Administration of Air-

    ports Ltd., China

    Asghar Hosseini, Iran Airports Company (IAC), Iran

    Benedikt Staudt, Munich Airport, Germany

    Benjamin Kofi Ahlijah, Ghana Airports Company, Ghana

    Bernard Fianu Nyavor, Ghana Airports Company, Ghana

    Bianca Moore-Downey, Cayman Islands Airports Authori-

    ty, Cayman Islands

    Charles Hanson-Adu, Ghana Airports Company, Ghana

    Chatoth Vachali Deepak, Airports Authority of India, India

    Che Sulaiman Che Pa, Malaysia Airports Holdings Ber-

    had, Malaysia

    D. G. Salve, Airports Authority of India, India

    Debasish Ghosh, Airports Authority of India, India

    Debra Shore, AvAirPros, USA

    Dude Rachamawan,PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero), Indo-


    Eimer Chiari Powery, Cayman Islands Airports Authority,

    Cayman Islands

    Elham Al Mahri, Abu Dhabi Airports Company, UAE

    Emmanuel Boye Komeng, Ghana Airports Company,


    Esfandiar Kiani, Iran Airports Company (IAC), Iran

    Fatema Al Khadouri, Abu Dhabi Airports Company,


    Fery Utameyasa,PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero), Indo-


    Francis Sey, Ghana Airports Company Ltd., Ghana

    Gautsil Madani, PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero), Indone-


    George Isai Sambali, Tanzania Airports Authority, Tan-


    George Misailidis, Athens International Airport S.A,


    Grace Latebea Anane Asare, Ghana Airports Compa-

    ny Ltd., Ghana

    Hufron Kurniadi, PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero), Indo-


    Idris Nabih Fofana, Sierra Leone Airports Authority,

    Sierra Leone

    J B Singh, Airports Authority of India, India

    Javad Danaei, Iran Airports Company (IAC), Iran

    John Hughes, Dublin Airport Authority, UK

    John Okwesie Arthur, Ghana Airports Company, Gha-


    Jon Mukhtar Rita, PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero), Indo-


    Joseph M. Huber, Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Inter-

    national Airport, USA

    Joseph M. Piurkowski, Clark County Department of

    Aviation, USA

    Joyce Bannerman-Wood, G