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 PPP Projects ◦ Re structuring of Brownfield Airports (Delhi & Mumbai Airports) ◦ Greenfield Airports (Hyderabad & Bangalore Airports)  AAI Projects

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Text of  PPP Projects ◦ Re structuring of Brownfield Airports (Delhi & Mumbai Airports) ◦...

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  • PPP Projects Re structuring of Brownfield Airports (Delhi & Mumbai Airports) Greenfield Airports (Hyderabad & Bangalore Airports) AAI Projects Kolkata & Chennai Airports Non Metro Airport Projects Greenfield Airports (NER Region Pekyong, Itanagar, Chietu Apts)
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  • Projection of requirement History of the project Preliminary Estimate for in principle approval Preparation of detailed project report Availability of Budget provision Formulating a proposal of AA/ES
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  • Freezing of capital expenditure Forecast of Annual cash flows for computation of IRR/ERR Financial evaluation of the proposal based on IRR/ERR Adequacy of IRR
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  • Projects not meeting the desired IRR Requirements for taking up such projects due to socio-economic rationale Plan outlay funding of such projects through govt grants Levy of UDF/reimbursement of operating cost to cover the viability gap
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  • Internal Resources Govt. Budgetary Support Govt. Grant Borrowings (incl. External Commercial Borrowings)
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  • Financial concurrence on the proposal Approval of administrative authority as per DOP. Project costing upto Rs.30 cr. are approved by various authorities upto Chairman. The projects costing more than Rs.30 cr but upto Rs.500 cr require approval of AAI Board. Projects costing more than Rs.500 cr require govt. approval. Projects involving GBS/Grant require approval of the Govt/Planning Commission.
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  • Preparation/approval of NIT Publication of NIT E-tendering
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  • Pre-qualification criterion is fixed considering specific AAI requirements. The PQ criterion should ensure not only good quality of work but competition in bids. It needs to be ensured that PQ criterion is not tailor made to suit specific party. PQ criterion normally entails the turnover of the party in the past, the size of works executed, credentials and experience of the executing engineers etc. Specification for the work proposed to be executed should be such that the competition is ensured. NIT being a public document should be carefully drafted to ensure interest of AAI.
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  • Publication of NIT E-tendering in accordance with CVC guidelines Freezing of Justified Cost Evaluation of Technical Bids strictly in accordance with NIT In case of delay in finalization of technical bids the justified cost to be updated before opening of the financial bids Evaluation of Financial Bids Acceptance of tender and award
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  • Measurement of work done quantity / quality Preparation of bill amounts payable with respect to SOQ and recoveries Scrutiny of the running bills by Finance officer with reference to contract Payment of bills in time to avoid interest payments
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  • Only those deviations/extra items which are essential for the completion of the works but not provided in the SOQ In case the deviation/extra items involves execution of works which results in increase in the AA/ES amount beyond the permissible limits, the prior approval of the competent authority needs to be obtained. The deviation/extra items should not be on account of works which are not part of the approved AA/ES. Time and cost over-run needs to be monitored on regular basis to avoid the same.
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  • The items/specification in the original NIT should not be allowed to be substituted which tantamount undue benefits to contractor. The substitution should not result in dilution of quality of work.
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  • The availability of site and the required drawings needs to be ensured to avoid delay. The progress of the work needs to be monitored with reference to time line drawn for completion of the project Any delay foreseen in completion of the project, the matter needs to be taken up at higher levels for resolution of the issues. Payment on account of escalation needs to be avoided.
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  • Certification of completion with respect to SOQ Quality of work completed Requisite warranties/guarantees to be obtained from contractor Finalization of bill