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In this issue we head to Hasbro Toys headquarters to interview CEO Brian Goldner! We also inform you about a great new club at Woodward Elementary!

Text of Hasbro Edition 34

  • The Rose ReporterDecember 21st, 2015

    Edition 34

    Lead Story my visit to Hasbro and toys, toys, toys, toys!!!Last week I went to the toy capital of the world! Hasbro Headquarters in Pawtucket Rhode Island. Not only did I get a tour of the whole building and see how the toys are made and see how they make all their awesome commercials, I got to sit down and talk with the head of the whole company, Mr. Brian Goldner! The coolest part is they dont just make toys, they make some AWESOME movies and tv shows about the toys, like Tranformers, GI Joe, My Little Pony and Jem and the Holograms!! In addition to all of those products Hasbro also makes Nerf, Play Doh and all the coolest board games and even all the toys for the Star Wars movies!!

    When I spoke with Mr. Goldner the first thing I asked him was what was his proudest moment. His answer really summed up what Hasbro is all about. He said he is proud everyday he gets to come to work and see all the talented people that work there. It was funny because that is how it felt with everyone I met and even when my parents and I were talking to them on the phone before we went down in person. Everyone seems so proud and takes such pride in working for Hasbro! The lesson I learned from this is that to make such great toys it takes a lot of talented people who take a lot of pride in their work! I also learned the key to making really fun games is to have a lot of fun making them! As far as Mr. Goldners role in all this, he explained being a CEO in football terms. He said sometimes it is like being a head coach like Bill Belicheck because he calls the plays. Other times he said it is like being a Quarterback like Tom Brady because he has to actually run the play! I noticed his job involved a lot of what we learn in school. His favorite thing is to be very creative and take an idea and turn it into a movie or a tv show or a game. But he cant just be creative, he explained to me a lot of what he has to do with investors and how they give Hasbro money and then he has to give them back MORE money there seems to be a lot of math involved! There is also a lot of strategy involved of thinking about things both long term and short term.

  • As far as the future of Hasbro lets just say if you like Play-Doh now youll LOVE it in 2016. Also 2016 is obviously going to be a BIG year for Star Wars toys which should make all the boys very happy! As for the movies, Mr. Goldner told me they actually have a My Little Pony movie coming out and another Transformers movie for 2017! They also will continue their wonderful charity work including a tradition called Hasbro Global Day of Joy which is a day that every Hasbro employee and hopefully everyone else that knows about it gives back to the community and donates toys and whatever else they can to people in need. Its a wonderful tradition. I also learned something really neat about sports from Brian. He plays tennis and likes yoga. He said he likes sports because in order to play a sport well you have to completely concentrate on the sport your playing. So it becomes a great way to not think about other things like school or work and it helps you unwind and relieve stress from your regular life. I thought that was a great tip and it is something to tell our parents when they want us to stop playing a game or sport! As for food, I think I really impressed Mr. Goldner when I told him about my white chocolate chip pancakes! I bet he has actually made them since our interview! He liked blueberry pancakes the best at the time of our interview! He also loves pizza but says he doesnt eat it too much because he tries to be healthy! The bottom line from my day at Hasbro is this, not only is Hasbro probably the coolest place to work but I think they have a pretty great boss to work for too. The good news is Hasbro has been around for a long time and should still be making toys and movies and tv shows bigger and better than ever by the time us third graders are ready to enter the work force!

    I would like to extend a big thank you to Sarah Cunningham and Julie Duffy as well as Brian Goldner for being such wonderful hosts on my day at Hasbro. They could not have been nicer to me and my parents. I highly recommend you go to the Rose Reporter on facebook to watch my full interview with Mr. Goldner.

    Fun Facts about Hasbro 1) The name Hasbro is short for Hassenfeld Brothers, two brothers that started the company2) Hasbro started in the 1920s as a pencil company but started making toys in the 1940s3) The first hugely succesful toy Hasbro created was Mr. Potato Head!4) Every Febuary in New York City there is a huge Toy Fair, over 1500 toy companies attend and show all the new toys they are making, Hasbro is one of the biggest companies at the fair!5) All the action figures and dolls we play with start out as a liquid! The liquid is shaped into the action figure and when it drys it hardens into the toys we play with!

  • Rose Reporter Quote of the Week

    Also in the NewsWe asked the Woodward 3rd graders the following questions, and hear are some of the answers we got:What is your favorite board game?If you could design a toy what would it be?What time do you wake up Christmas morning to open all your presnets?Lila Shields favorite game is Candy Land but if she could make her own game it would be a time machine! She is also letting her paretns sleep in a little on Christmas and not opening her presents until 7:45!Maya Regan favorite board game is Monopoly! Her idea for a toy is really cool, she would invent a machine that brings toys to life like in Toy Story! Shell be up opening presents at 7:00 on Christmas!Anya Jandus favorite board game is one of my favorites too Who Took My Stuff ?!? Anya doesnt have much sleep in her plans as she is going to wake up at midnight Christmas morning!Ciara Berger favorite game is Apples to Apples but if she could make any toy it would be a full functioning robot dog!!! Shell be up before the sun on Christmas at 6:00AM!Leyton Jacksons favorite game is Ticket to Ride! She would make a robot as her own toy. She wakes up at a different time each year on Christmas.Sasha Nandyala likes to play Snakes and Ladders! Her ideal toy would be a doll of herself ! Shell wake up between 6-6:30 on Christmas morning!Emmi Hamel has two favorite games and they are Monopoly and Chutes and Ladders! She wants a toy that will do anything she wants and if she had that toy it would wake her up at 7:00 on Christmas morning!Grace Chiota really enjoys Sorry! Her own toy would be a Cookie Machine! Shell sleep until about 7:30ish on Christmas morning!

    Rose Reporter Joke of the Week

    Question: What does a snowman eat for breakfast?

  • Answer: Frosted Flakes

    Woodward Gymnastics ClubThere is a great club at Woodward I have been covering that I think everyone should know about! The

    Woodward Gymnastics Club headed by Katie McCoy! The featured dance in this group is the Cheer Dance! In the routine you lift people, do high kicks and lots of jumps and claps! They look like some top notch

    Cheerleaders! When I asked Katie what she likes best about the club she said you can really express yourself. Amelia Sinclair agreed saying she could really show feelings. Brooke Melo and Addy Tomaimo are also

    members and both agree its lots of fun. Gabriella Lomutl likes doing cartwheels and handstands the most! I particularly liked Sasha Nandyalas comment when I asked her about joining the club she said she likes that it

    is a way to connect with friends!

    Rose Reporter Book ReviewWho Was Marie Antoinette?

    by Dana Meachen RauIm still very interested in biographies and in particular the Who Was series. This week was actually one of my favorites in Who Was Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinetta was a princess from Austria who later

    became the queen of France. She was not a very well liked queen and had several issues with her people including being convicted of treason and

    even being falsely accused of stealing diamonds in what was known as the Diamond Necklace Affair. She lived over 200 years ago and I found this book did a great job explaining what life was like back then in Europe. The castles and the customs and even the hair styles are all described in a way

    that I feel like I understood what it was like. It also does a good job explaining about the roles of Kings and Queens and what they call the

    MonarchyThis book is illustrated nicely but it is in black and white.

    Editor in Chief: Shayna Anne Rose

    Key Contributors: Anya Jandu and Brooke Melo

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