Golden Rules of Golf

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  • 8/8/2019 Golden Rules of Golf


    Golden Rules of Golf

    1. Lose a ball, find a ball

    a. The philosophy behind a penalty stroke was to encourage players to

    conserve matter. But clearly if you find more than you lose, the result is a net


    b. Thus, if you find at least as many golf balls on the course as you losein one round there are no penalty strokes for lost golf balls.

    c. Also, because the person who lost the ball already took the penalty

    stroke, you get a lost ball mulligan to use in that round.2. Mulligans not just for tee shots anymore

    a. A mulligan is allowed on every shot, sometimes more than one.

    b. You may gain more mulligans by finding more lost golf balls on thecourse see Rule Number 1.

    3. Material Advancement Rule

    a. If any stroke does not materially advance the ball towards the hole,

    then the stroke does not count.

    b. This rule applies everywhere on the course, but is especially usefulon or near the green. Examples:

    i. If you run your three foot putt five feet past the cup, thethree foot putt does not count as a stroke, because you did not materially

    advance the ball to the hole.

    ii. Also, if you fly your chip shot over the green, the stroke didnot materially advance the ball to the hole and does not count.

    iii. This rule is frequently used for bunker shots that fail toleave the sand.c. Generally stated, if you do not receive a benefit from the stroke itshould not count against you.

    4. Improve your lie

    a. If your lie is in someone elses un-repaired divot then you have the

    right to improve your lie.

    b. If there is an obstruction in front of you, like a tree, improve your lie

    so you have a clear shot at the hole.

    c. If the sand in the trap is wet and packed down, move your ball to thenearest first or second cut of rough, as needed, for a clear shot.

    d. You should not be hindered by a poorly maintained course for whichyou paid good money to play.

    5. Three to make two

    Not approved for use in tournaments or by low handicap players.

  • 8/8/2019 Golden Rules of Golf


    a. If you are putting and you miss, try it again from the same spot. Ifyou can make two out of three attempts, it only counts as one stroke, an

    excellent way to save par or card a birdie.

    b. This rule is especially helpful for those short putts you should make

    anyway, but can also come in handy for long putts where the first miss showsyou the line.

    Copyright Derric Saville 2005

    Golfing Buddies, Inc.

  • 8/8/2019 Golden Rules of Golf


    6. Scoring

    a. Because of the lose a ball, find a ball rule, if you findmore than you lost, congratulate yourself on a fine round.

    b. However, if you lose more than you find, you must buy a

    drink for every ball you lost. Hint - Consider spending more timelooking for your wayward balls next round.

    7. Betting

    a. If anyone bets that you cannot make a shot, and you succeed, the shotcounts, but the stroke does not count. Thus, if you were on in three and one

    putted, the putt is not counted and you score a three.

    b. This rule applies even if no money is involved in the bet.

    c. Also, the word bet need not be used, a simple derogatory statementis sufficient to invoke this rule.d. This rule is designed to encourage your group to support you, insteadof belittling your game.

    8. Hole in one

    a. If you get a hole in one, after a derogatory comment about yourgame, the score card will reflect that you made the hole in one, but the stroke is

    subtracted at the end of the round similar to a handicap to achieve a final score.

    b. You still have to buy drinks at the next stop, or end of the round.c. However, if you are at a par three, on in one, are bet that you cannotmake the putt, and you do, the hole is scored as one stroke, but not officially a

    hole in one, so no trophy, or name on the wall of the clubhouse, and no


    9. Free drop

    a. If you cannot find your ball, you are entitled to take a free drop from

    any location where you think your ball went.

    b. There is no penalty stroke. The other members of your group areequally responsible for watching your drive, so if they did not keep sight of it,it is not a penalty for you.

    c. Free drops can be taken for balls that sailed out of bounds, entered ahazard, or were simply lost in the rough, and there will be no penalty stroke.

    10. Average Stroke Rulea. If you play a particular course regularly and have a bad hole, it is

    permissible to give yourself the average you usually shoot on that particular

    hole.b. There is no reason to ruin your round just because you had a few too

    many shots on any given hole.

    c. Theoretically you could invoke this rule on every hole, but at somepoint you must admit you could have stayed home and shot the same score.

    Copyright Derric Saville 2005

    Golfing Buddies, Inc.

  • 8/8/2019 Golden Rules of Golf


    d. If you invoke this rule even once during the round, do not claim lowscore of the day, even if you finish well under your companions, so be wise

    when invokingthis rule.

    Copyright Derric Saville 2005

    Golfing Buddies, Inc.