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  1. 1. Agile to Act in Adversity L e a d i n g I n n o v a t i o n i n a V . U . C . A . P a r t 2 CSP
  2. 2. Transforming during crisis Make a world of difference in uncertainty DONT DEFER DEVELOPMENT
  3. 3. ouR objectives V.U.C.A. Prime our Self & our Team Tribal insights on timeless hard-wired human behaviour Drive business priorities via Just-One-Thing approach Be agile with Just-in-Time solutions Amplify your Assets - transform our team in dire situations Partner to your Vulnerabilities - for sustainable improvements PRIME OUR TEAM
  4. 4. Authenticity Being pResentCommon sense nspiRing Leadership ESSENCE Yvonne Sum 2008
  5. 5. mindful presence see & hear others feel & show yourself Being pResent
  7. 7. Volatility Vision Uncertainty Understanding Complexity Clarity Ambiguity Agility V.U.C.A. primes (Ref Kinsinger, P. & Walch, K. 2012)
  8. 8. Collaborative Learning Laboratory : The Ideation Model ambiguity >>>>> agility
  9. 9. Design thinking is not an experiment. It empowers and encourages us to experiment. Idris Mootee CEO, Idea Couture
  10. 10. Chaos ROI Time Chaos ChaosOrder Life is Good Order Kiss of Death Maximumgrowth occurs at the border of chaosand order Order surfing the VUCA wave
  11. 11. Review/Reect Rules Re-Organise Role Modelling Respect Routine Running It The 7Rs of Leadership Action
  15. 15. Creativity happens in the strictest boundaries. inspired from Peter Diamandis CEO & Chairman
  16. 16. Disneys Creative Cycle
  17. 17. Disneys Three Rooms The Dreamer thinks big picture and orientates into the longer term picture The Realist acts as if the dream is possible and orientates into a short-term time frame The Critic considers both long & short-term issues, searching for potential sources of problems in both past and future
  18. 18. ... acts as if the dream is possible and orientates into a short-term time frame The Realist
  19. 19. Your trusted partners in remodelling reality.CALM IN CRISIS. AGILE IN ACTION.
  20. 20. Our key style of intervention is through our model:The Collaborative Laboratory of Learning leveraging coaching, facilitation and prototyping with training to bridge skill gaps. We begin with copious TRUST building in a short period of time.WHAT WE DO IS .... like being an OD Triage Team
  21. 21. Download http://www.zyyne.com/zh5/164020
  22. 22. EMERGING TRENDS IN PROFESSIONAL SELLING The latest innovation, research and best practice in selling and sales management Compiled and edited by Paul Sparks VOLUME 1 If you sell for a living, you manage a sales team, or are responsible for the growth of your business and you want the best outcomes for your sales efforts this book is for you. Some of the worlds leading sales trainers, consultants and coaches bring you detailed ideas on how you can improve your personal performance, and the performance of your sales team. Inside this volume youll nd 12 chapters to ensure you are informed about the latest trends, research and best practice in professional selling and sales management. Each chapter is a book in itself with more up-to-date information on personal selling and sales management than any single book published in the last decade. EMERGINGTRENDSINPROFESSIONALSELLING Heres whats inside: Paul Sparks. The evolution of professional selling: understanding the past to inform our future sales performance. Michael Schiffner. Building high performance sales teams: going beyond a training mindset to achieve sustained sales success. Julia Palmer. Strategic networks: the key to sustainable sales success. Mo Fox. See before you sell: how changing your perception is the key to better sales results. Michael Foulds. The sale is the negotiation: reframing the sales process for better sales and stronger customer relationships. Malcolm Dawes. Sales leadership or sales management? It does make a difference for high performing sales teams. Suzanne Mercier. Are your sales people sales imposters? How to overcome fear to create great sales results. John Barraclough & Warwick Burgess. Gaining the last yard in sales: the value of persuasive communication. Mark Purbrick. Simply the best: how to attract, select and retain high performing salespeople. Jason White & Giles Rhodes. Rewarding the sales force: a taxonomy of sales roles to inform reward and incentive programs. Sally-Anne Cotton. The alchemy of 21st century selling: transmuting balance, alignment and intent into golden sales results. Dr Yvonne Sum. Tribal insights for sales leaders: the power of learning partnerships. The best book on modern selling and sales management Ive seen in years with a great range of relevant content. I cant wait for Volume 2. Bob Bentley, 25 year sales veteran, ICT industry. See inside for details on the 6 DVD companion set which contains over 12 hours of presentations, discussions and interviews featuring the authors as they take a deeper and wider look at the chapter topics. This professionally produced DVD set is an invaluable tool for sales training and development and is also great for using in sales meetings to begin discussion on critical topics in professional selling. Australia $66.00 RRP Inc GST COMPILEDANDEDITEDBY PAULSPARKS 1 14217 EM_Trends Cvr 21mm.indd 1 9/5/11 12:51:43 PM the ResouRces
  23. 23. Are there any ... Questions? Comments? Insights?