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Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

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Text of Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you...

Page 1: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

2014 / 2015


Page 2: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


Berkeley Law has never been a sink or swim environment. We value collegiality and compassion, principles and partnerships. It's why our school has always been so much greater than the sum of its parts.

Philanthropy is not a magic bullet. But what if everyone in our community stepped up to help? What would that mean for the school and its next generation of students? Working together, our promise is limitless.

Maria Garrett De Lievano ’14 and her son Sascha with Phillip Johnston ’14 and his daughters Serena and Isabella

COVER: Nosocom Solutions CEO Narseh Sunkara (third from left) meets with Evan Zepfel ’18, Charles Cartagena-Ortiz ’18, Yasmine Agelidis ’17,

Shantanu Mittal, and Josh Ephraim ’17 of Berkeley's InSITE Fellowship, which teams law and MBA students on consulting projects for area startups.

Page 3: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

This is a remarkable time at Berkeley Law. Without question, the list of everything

I’m proud of and excited about would run well off this page.

Thanks largely to our inspiring alumni and friends, we’ve launched financial aid campaigns that

help diversify our student body, startup programs that provide timely training and legal services,

international partnerships that broaden our global reach … the list truly goes on and on.

We do face challenges. State support of our operating budget, 76 percent in 1990, is just 14.5 percent

today. Our tuition is also capped for the next four years. But in talking with hundreds of alums, their

passion for this school reaffirms my faith that we can clear the hurdles ahead. Further buoying this

faith: seeing our community rally behind the four themes that drive our core initiatives.

Access: Our public mission demands that Berkeley Law remains accessible to all qualified applicants.

Students of color comprise 45 percent of the first-year class; 17 percent were the first in their families

to go to college. Alumni gifts drove two new financial aid initiatives, the Access for All Challenge

(page 5) and the Berkeley Law Opportunity Scholarship (page 6), as well as other programs that serve

our students’ social mobility.

Innovation: A proactive approach to professional skills courses and other pragmatic training has made

our students more practice-ready. Generous donations helped launch two new clinics this year (page

10) and more experiential learning opportunities are on the way. With lawyers working across more

sectors than ever, we’re eager to forge cross-disciplinary partnerships that maximize our impact.

Service: Our Loan Repayment Assistance Program (page 9), which lets students follow their passion

while helping the disadvantaged, is a big reason why 22 percent of our Class of 2014 graduates—

more than any other Top 10 law school—are working in public interest or public service law. Giving

has also fueled pioneering research, education, and policy engagement on privacy, water access,

racial injustice, and other vital issues.

Globalization: Our students come from 46 countries and many of them speak multiple languages.

In June, I spent two weeks in Asia cultivating partnerships for our phenomenal tech-law program and

promoting Berkeley Law to top foreign students. California is the world’s eighth largest economy and

the nation’s most diverse state. As the law school of its flagship university, we should be a global hub

for people and ideas from around the world.

To remain both exceptional and accessible—which for us are interdependent missions—alums must

be true partners in our journey forward. Giving has never been more important to our future, and I am

profoundly grateful for your support.


Dean and I. Michael Heyman Professor of LawUniversity of California, BerkeleySchool of Law



“ To remain both exceptional and accessible ... alums must be true partners in our journey forward.”

Page 4: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together



School-generated Sources vs. State Support

Revenue Diversification Over Time

The State of California once provided more than 95 percent of the law school's operating budget. As recently as 1990, state support was a robust 76 percent. This past fiscal year, it was 14.5 percent. To offset that dramatic decline, tuition and fees for JD and LL.M. students now comprise more than 61 percent of our revenues. Over the past quarter century, through governors and state legislatures of both major parties, it has become clear that our school faces a far more challenging financial path than in years past. With our tuition also capped for the next four years, resources from other revenue streams are essential for Berkeley Law to sustain its excellence and keep pace with the demands of a fast-changing legal marketplace.

State Support JD Tuition & Fees Gifts, Endowments, Contracts/Grants & Other

LL.M. & Miscellaneous Student Fees


FY00FY90 FY05 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15


































Alumni Participation Rates

Increasing alumni outreach and engagement is a major priority for the school's leadership. Attendance at alumni events is up, as are the number of events themselves, and a growing number of graduates are helping students through mentoring and networking. This past fiscal year, 18 percent of alumni made a financial contribution to Berkeley Law, our highest mark in four years. Gifts of all sizes, no matter how small, make a real difference in helping the school fulfill its promise.

FY05 FY12 FY13FY10 FY11 FY14 FY15













17%15% 15%


Page 5: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together



Where the Money Came From: Fiscal Year 2015

Student Tuition & Fees

Contracts & Grants

Endowment Support


Sales & Services Revenue








State Support

Where the Money Went: Fiscal Year 2015

Student Activities

External Engagement *

Student Support







Library & Collections

Instructional Support

Facilities & Maintenance

School-wide Administration


14.4%Financial Aid13.6%

Research & Centers

Direct Instruction, Clinics, & Skills Programs

* External Engagement is Alumni Relations, Marketing & Communications, and Exective Education.

Page 6: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together


Total Given Percentage of Total Philanthropy Number of Donors Average Given

Per Donor

Centers & Programs $5,562,730.68 39% 424 $13,119.65

Boalt Hall Fund $3,307,572.52 23.2% 2,262 $1,462.23

Student Scholarships $2,805,170.35 19.7% 315 $8,905.30

Clinical Education $1,099,449.55 7.7% 110 $9,995.00

Unrestricted Endowment $666,730.33 4.6% 3 $222,243.44

Endowed Chairs $364,483.98 2.6% 10 $36,448.40

Summer Fellowships $155,440.73 1.1% 83 $1,872.78

Student Organizations $145,492.96 1% 120 $1,212.44

Faculty Support $65,957.55 0.5% 8 $8,244.69

Law Library $50,019.39 0.4% 7 $7,145.63

Miscellaneous $17,560.50 0.1% 6 $2,926.75

Student Awards $17,043.95 0.1% 6 $2,840.66

Building Funds $2,859.59 — 9 $317.73

Student Loans $987.72 — 6 $164.62

Research Assistants $498.85 — 1 $498.85


Philanthropic Funding: Fiscal Year 2015

While the data below reveals how much support Berkeley Law received in various areas last fiscal year, it does not reflect an order of our priorities. The school's research centers often draw more funding than any other category because of their affiliations with foundations and corporations. When it comes to individual donors, top areas of giving include unrestricted giving to the Boalt Hall Fund, financial aid for students, and clinical programs.

Philanthropy Trajectory

FY05 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY14 FY15FY13













Page 7: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

Access for All

Raised by a single mother in Houston’s inner city, Jameson Miller ’16 knew that “statistically, I was not slated to win.” Driven to beat the odds, he channeled his energy toward becoming a lawyer and finding a great school—with a great financial aid program—that could turn his career aspiration into reality. “I chose Berkeley over some Ivy League schools because it’s top-tier, but also has a public mission and a global calling to give back and benefit society.”

Jameson won the oral component of Berkeley Law’s Written and Oral Advocacy Competition for first-year students, and now competes in national mock trial tournaments. He is also is a student advisor for the Appellate Advocacy course taught by William Fernholz '93. “The hidden treasure and value of Berkeley is how inclusive the school is,” Jameson says.

To ensure that students like Jameson can continue to attend Berkeley Law, Dean Choudhry launched the Access for All Challenge, a fundraising campaign for need-based aid to help the school remain accessible to all qualified applicants. The campaign raised $1.7 million—matched by another $2 million from two anonymous donors—in just two short months. Inspired by that result, one of the campaign’s original donors contributed an additional $1 million.

“Financial aid definitely made this experience possible,” Jameson says. “The opportunity to be a role model for anyone who wants to come behind me is always in the back of my mind because if I wasn’t afforded these possibilities, then I wouldn’t be here today. I think it’s really important to always have that consciousness to give back.”


When Dean Choudhry launched the Access for All Challenge,

the response shattered his expectations thanks to alums like

former U.S. Ambassador to Australia JEFF BLEICH ’89 .

Jeff’s generous donation will help qualified students access

the same top-rate legal education he enjoyed. “I never could

have attended Berkeley Law without taxpayers and alums

making my education affordable,” he says. “Giving back lets

me pay that forward.”

Now a partner in Munger, Tolles & Olson's San Francisco

office, Jeff paid for law school with money from summer jobs.

“You can’t do that today,” he says. As an ambassador, he saw

that “there’s never been a greater need for well-trained lawyers

who care about international relations. Access for All and

similar programs expand the pool of lawyers who will tackle

the next wave of global issues.”


In addition to his law school responsibilities, Jameson Miller '16 is a legal

intern for the NBA champion Golden State Warriors. After graduating, he will

work at Sidley Austin in the firm's Houston office.

Did You Know:The average student loan debt for Berkeley Law’s Class of 2015 graduates was $144,981.

Page 8: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together


First Generation

Meaningful access to a top legal education is central to our core mission and values. Because we have a responsibility to welcome students who are the first in their families to graduate from college and to pursue a professional degree, we recently launched the Berkeley Law Opportunity Scholarship (BLOS). Such individuals bring an important perspective, shaped by their personal experiences, to our school.

The scholarship provides students with full tuition, fees, and student health insurance for three years of study at Berkeley Law—equivalent to more than $150,000 in guaranteed non-loan aid. The first five BLOS recipients enrolled this fall, their scholarships funded by the law school and private donors.

BLOS recipients also have access to programmatic support from the First Generation Professionals student organization, which provides alumni mentoring and programs designed to help build professional networks and other career-enhancing skills. They are also guaranteed a spot in Berkeley Law’s Pre-orientation Program, hosted by faculty before the start of classes, to ease the transition into law school.

“This scholarship program reflects our commitment to both excellence and access,” Dean Choudhry says. “Berkeley Law benefits tremendously from the presence of these students in our classrooms and, after they graduate, from the remarkable talents they bring to law, business, and public service.”

The first in his family to attend college and law school, BILL VOGE ’83 “proudly” supports the new Berkeley

Law Opportunity Scholarship—and serves on its selection

committee. “While many young law students experience

self-doubt, it’s particularly acute for first-generation

students,” says Bill, the global chair and managing partner

at Latham & Watkins. “Berkeley Law believes in them—

this scholarship gives students the means, methods, and

opportunities to succeed, from financial assistance to

networking activities to access to role models..”

Having seen diversity fuel his own firm’s success, Bill thinks

Berkeley Law will similarly benefit. “This program will

enrich the school’s overall educational experience. First-

generation students need to know how much the legal

industry values their voices and unique perspectives.”


Raised in Crimea, Ukraine, BLOS recipient Iryna Fedoseienko '18 was a Dean's

Honor List student at UCLA. Prior to law school, she worked as a litigation

assistant at the Disability Rights Legal Center in Los Angeles.

Did You Know:Among our current 1L students, 17 percent were the first in their families to go to college.

Page 9: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together


Teaching Priorities

A law school is only as good as the people who teach there, which is why Berkeley Law ranks among the nation’s best. Competition to recruit and retain star educators is fierce, however—especially against other top schools with larger endowments. By supporting endowed chairs and other efforts to maintain our remarkable faculty, alumni help ensure that today’s students receive the best possible education. This year, that support helped us bring aboard three award-winning scholars:

Joshua Cohen, one of the world’s foremost political theorists, leads a weekly course that brings in outside speakers to present works-in-progress in legal, moral, and political philosophy. A faculty member at Apple University, the technology company’s internal training program for employees, Joshua has authored 10 books and been a professor at Stanford and MIT.

Sonia Katyal taught for 13 years at Fordham University School of Law, where she was also the associate dean for research. She came to Berkeley Law through a national search conducted by the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society LGBTQ Cluster, and will teach courses on gender and sexuality, trademark law, property law, and intellectual property.

Dylan C. Penningroth specializes in African-American and U.S. socio-legal history. A history professor at Northwestern for 12 years, he has also been a research professor at the American Bar Foundation. Dylan holds a UC Berkeley joint appointment in law and history and teaches African-American legal history in the law school’s Jurisprudence and Social Policy Program.


As a public policy specialist and law firm partner,

CLOEY HEWLETT ’79 sees the impact of sharp state

funding cuts to the UC system. “One result is that other top

schools with larger endowments can offer faculty higher

salaries,” she laments. To help Berkeley Law maintain its

academic excellence, Cloey allocates her gifts to faculty

recruitment and retention.

Among her many talented professors, she most admired

Henry Ramsey ’63—who later became a judge and then the

dean of Howard University’s law school. “He inspired all of

us who came from underserved communities to excel,” Cloey

says. “He even cooked us dinners when we had very little

money to spend on meals. Thanks to faculty like him, I was

able to break the cycle of poverty that had been in my family

for many generations.”

Clinical Professor Elisabeth Semel won the school's 2015 Rutter Award for

Teaching Distinction. She is the founding director of Berkeley Law's Death

Penalty Clinic, which National Jurist magazine recently named one of the

nation's 15 most innovative law school clinics.

Did You Know:Several faculty members had their work cited in U.S. Supreme Court opinions last term.

Page 10: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together


A few years ago, SPENCER PAHLKE ’07 got

a surprise phone call from a Seattle lawyer and fellow mock

trial coach whose firm wanted California counsel on a big

case. “He said, ‘I saw how well those students of yours could

try a case last year, so I knew their coach could too,’” Spencer

recalls. The lawyer convinced his partners to use Spencer’s

law firm “based largely on the skills our team showed in

the courtroom.”

Spencer runs Berkeley Law’s external trial competition

program, which has grown from two coaches and eight

students to 20 coaches and 30 students. It is now one of the

nation’s best. “Alumni engagement and student achievement

are a virtuous circle,” Spencer says. “Each fall, I can’t wait to

meet incredible students who will one day become leading

attorneys, judges, and professors—and hopefully my friends.”


Champion(ing) Students

Berkeley Law has made a determined effort over the past year to better connect our intergenerational community of incoming students, current students, recent grads, and older grads. The results have been inspiring to watch. More and more, we’re seeing a shared sense of identity as to what our law school should be.

Thankfully, our alums are contributing in many ways. Yes, philanthropic gifts are essential for our school to thrive. But the gift of time—especially for busy lawyers—resonates powerfully with students and makes Berkeley Law truly special. With our students hungry for insight and input, alums are finding great satisfaction in helping them navigate course selections, job interview techniques, career strategies, and more.

Over the past two years, we welcomed more guests to Alumni Weekend than in any other two-year period in memory. We’re offering more alumni events—here at the law school, across the country, and around the world—than ever before. Next fall, we plan to launch a formal school-wide mentoring program that creates matches based on practice area, demography, and geography.

“Mentoring is a great way to keep up on what’s happening at the school and to connect with extraordinary lawyers-in-training,” says Cara Sandberg ’12, who helps students with their judicial clerkship applications. “It’s an important and gratifying cycle and there are so many uplifting reasons to get involved.”

Philip Hernandez '16 and Jerri Kay-Phillips '16 won this year's Roger J. Traynor

California Appellate Moot Court Competition. Berkeley Law teams have also

won three other national skills competitions since October 2014.

Did You Know:More than 60 Berkeley Law students participate in external skills competitions each year.

Page 11: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together


Helping Us Help Others

It’s easy for law schools to talk about their commitment to public interest legal work. What’s not easy, especially in today’s marketplace, is providing the support needed to make that commitment count.

Our Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) is the gold standard for allowing graduates to pursue their public interest passions. We erase their student-loan obligation if they commit to qualifying employment with nonprofit public interest organizations or government agencies at a salary under $65,000 for 10 years. Those earning up to $100,000, or who work in public interest for less than 10 years, receive partial support.

Our $65,000 loan repayment threshold is higher than the other top law schools, most of which reduce their coverage if you earn $50,000 or more. We typically have about 300 active LRAP participants, and 22 percent of our Class of 2014 graduates—more than any other Top 10 school—are pursuing public interest or public service law.

While some students are driven to help the disenfranchised long before they come to Berkeley, others get inspired during summer fellowships after their 1L year. Students who secure unpaid internships in public interest or government sector law—or judicial clerkships, which we added this year—receive $4,000 grants from the school. Students who complete a second summer of qualifying work may receive another $2,000. Every year, a host of students return from their summer fellowships eager to serve the public good throughout their careers.


From teaching middle school in East Oakland to working

with foster children, LYNN WU ’09 had long been

dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth. She possessed

the drive and the smarts to become a public interest

attorney—but that wasn’t enough. “Berkeley Law’s loan

repayment program made my career possible,” Lynn says.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunities it created.”

These days, Lynn helps youth and adults sent to prison when

they were young. Rather than dwelling on how to repay her

loans, she runs prison workshops on preparing for parole,

steers habeas petitions for wrongful denials of parole, and

works to reduce racial disparities in the juvenile justice

system. “The only way Berkeley can remain a go-to school

for public interest law,” she says, “is if its LRAP continues

to thrive.”

LRAP recipient Caleb Webster '12 is a deputy district attorney in Contra

Costa County. Because most DA offices now require their prosecutors to

spend time as a volunteer lawyer or law clerk before being hired, Caleb says

he "wouldn't have been able to make this difficult commitment straight out

of law school without financial assistance from LRAP."

Did You Know:The number of Berkeley Law summer fellowships has soared from 41 in 2004 to 219 this year.

Page 12: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

Learning By Doing

With legal employers increasingly demanding new attorneys who can hit the ground running, maintaining a robust clinical program is nothing short of essential. Generous contributions helped us launch two new clinics this year, giving our students more opportunities to acquire vital hands-on experience with real clients.

Led by alum Claudia Polsky ’96, the Environmental Law Clinic will bolster Berkeley Law’s outstanding environmental law program by engaging students with administrative agency practice, litigation, legislation, and policymaking. Early priority areas include climate change mitigation, toxics reduction, equitable access to nature, the human right to water, and green jobs for marginalized communities.

The Policy Advocacy Clinic, directed by longtime faculty member Jeff Selbin, teams Berkeley Law students with public policy students on behalf of underserved clients. The clinic is currently working to reduce the burden of juvenile court fees on low-income youth and families, end the criminalization of homeless people, and increase police accountability in communities of color.

Meanwhile, our Student-Initiated Legal Services Projects let students jump right in during their first year. Pro bono programs founded and operated by students, these projects identify a legal need, recruit supervising lawyers, and enlist classmates to bring legal services to disadvantaged communities. Our 22 active projects—buoyed by donor support—address areas such as immigration, housing rights, foster care, and veterans’ assistance. Students help clients in need while developing key lawyering skills.


1 0

For the Policy Advocacy Clinic to make a more meaningful

impact, Director Jeff Selbin knew he needed a teaching

fellow. James Kwak, his former student during a recent

year-long stint at Yale Law, made it possible. James,

who earned his Ph.D. in history from UC Berkeley, gave

a generous gift that sparked other donations. The clinic


who “quickly made herself indispensable,” Jeff says.

Stephanie co-teaches the clinic’s seminar, supervises

students, and leads an effort to reform the imposition of

juvenile court fees that send low-income families further

into poverty. She is “thrilled to push forward projects that

will shed light on unaddressed issues that marginalized

populations face every day, and hopefully trigger some

long-lasting reforms.”

Did You Know:Nearly 200 Berkeley Law students enrolled in one of the school’s clinics last year.

Abigail Ludwig ’15 won this year's Brian M. Sax Prize for Excellence in Clinical

Advocacy. Her inspiring work included extricating clients from the juvenile

justice system and helping to develop a litigation strategy to protect male

victims of conflict-related sexual violence in east Africa.

Page 13: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together



Unrestricted Giving

While gifts to specific programs or projects are undeniably important, unrestricted gifts allow Berkeley Law to address its most pressing needs. Because such gifts are immediately available to be allocated at the dean's discretion, they help the school maximize the impact of its education, scholarship, and outreach. Examples of how unrestricted gifts are used include:

• Need-based scholarships for students receiving financial aid

• Events to help attract admitted students

• Projects with other departments, schools, and public agencies

• Fellowships for new graduates pursuing public-service law careers

• Initiatives that provide legal assistance to military veterans

Planned Giving

Planned gifts to Berkeley Law provide vital long-term support. They also generate significant tax benefits, and create a philanthropic legacy that is part of an estate-planning process in which the donor decides how certain assets are distributed. A few planned giving options include:

• Bequests in your will or living trust to Berkeley Law, which qualifies your estate for a charitable deduction that can reduce tax liability.

• Charitable Gift Annuities allow you or a person of your choice to receive an annuity, which pays a fixed sum for life, in exchange for a gift of cash or property to the law school.

• Charitable Remainder Trusts let you transfer money or property to the UC Berkeley Foundation, which makes payments to you or your beneficiaries for life or any period of time. When these payments end, the assets pass to Berkeley Law to be used as you specified.

• Pooled Income Funds manage and invest group gifts with earned income paid quarterly in proportionate shares to the participants.

• Real Estate gifts entitle the donor to an income tax deduction for the property’s full appraised fair market value.

• Retirement Assets given to Berkeley Law reduces a tax burden that otherwise can exceed 70 percent.

Please call at 510.643.8170 or email [email protected] with any questions. Those who include the school in their estate plans join the Benjamin Ide Wheeler Society. Benefits include invitations to a tea hosted by the Chancellor and to select campus athletic and cultural events.

Gifts of Cash

Cash gifts may be made by personal check, credit card, and/or a pre-authorized periodic transfer of funds. Donors can also make a pledge, for up to five years, and fulfill their gift over time. Credit card gifts can be made at give.berkeley.edu/supportlaw. Pledges can also be made online or by calling 510.643.6542. Checks should be made payable to Berkeley Law and mailed to:

Alumni CenterUC Berkeley School of Law2850 Telegraph Ave., Suite 500Berkeley, CA 94705-7220

Gifts of Securities

Gifts of securities can be transferred directly from your brokerage account. To donate such gifts, please call 855.729.1099 or email [email protected].

Matching Gifts

Matching gifts—which are offered by companies, law firms, and other organizations—multiply the size of a donor’s contribution to Berkeley Law. Your employer's human resources office can provide matching gift forms to send to the address listed above. If you have questions, please contact Catie Cariaga at [email protected] or 510.643.6542.

During his remarkable career in international relations, IRVING TRAGEN ’45 routinely encountered progress-

slowing conflicts between common and civil law. Interested

in “how legal education could better include the study of

legal systems different from our own,” Irving and his wife Ele

established Berkeley Law’s Chair in Comparative Law in 2002.

“We weren’t fortunate to have children, and this is one of the

markers of our lives,” he says.

Irving remains grateful—70 years after graduating—for

how the school helped him excel in spite of his hearing

impairment. “Dean Edwin Dickinson and Professor Max

Radin gave me special training in Roman and Civil Law, as

well as Conflict of Laws,” he recalls. “That led to a fellowship

in Chile, which launched my career.”

Page 14: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

1 2

Berkeley Law is an astoundingly busy place. Every day, we strive to be a school that is as accessible as possible to qualified students from all backgrounds, thinks innovatively about legal education, embraces its public service mission, and serves as a crossroads for people and ideas from around the globe. As you can see, we’ve had quite a productive year.

Startup Sizzle

To broaden our work on startup and venture capital issues, we recently launched a new program called [email protected]. It will give students—as well as entrepreneurs, investors, and attorneys—access to top experts, timely courses, and dynamic programming on emerging legal issues for startups.

The program’s first endeavor is a partnership with the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, a new nonprofit in San Francisco designed to educate, innovate, and connect current and aspiring entrepreneurs. [email protected] offers courses there—many taught by our renowned faculty in intellectual property law and privacy—on several legal areas that affect startups. These courses will tackle topics such as data breach, privacy, IP strategy, and founders’ equity.

[email protected] will also help local startups navigate tricky legal and organizational issues that confront new ventures. It will leverage the school’s existing startup programs and resources through the New Business Practicum (which has helped launch emerging area startups); the InSITE Fellowship (which teams law students with business students on consulting projects for local startups); and the new Berkeley IP Lab (a seminar-practicum course through which law students advise Berkeley-affiliated startups on core IP issues).

Racial Justice Projects

In the wake of unarmed African Americans being killed by white police officers in Ferguson, Staten Island, and elsewhere, Dean Choudhry formed a working group to identify initiatives the school could pursue to explore criminal, social, and racial justice issues surfaced by the killings.

Faculty, staff, and students participated in discussions over several months, and Berkeley Law is starting to implement some recommendations from the working group's subcommittees. We began by launching a website that showcases faculty research and student opportunities to work on questions of race and criminal justice.

The Curriculum Subcommittee also probed Berkeley Law’s first-year course offerings to see if adjustments should be made to expand coverage of pressing social justice questions. The full committee will decide whether to propose changes after extensive faculty consultation.


“Many of the hottest startup companies in the world are now headquartered within a dozen miles of the law

school. As with the campus startup scene, a lot of these companies need both legal and non-legal advice. For students interested in the startup practice, this is the place to be.”



Judicial Externships

Earlier this year, alumni donations helped Berkeley Law expand its summer public interest work stipends to include judicial externships. Students with such externships became eligible for grants of up to $4,000 to help defray their living expenses.

Previously, students who obtained unpaid summer legal jobs in public interest, nonprofit, and government sectors could qualify for the stipends—but the same funding was not available for judicial positions. Consequently, it has been difficult for students of limited means to even consider such opportunities.

Given the valuable training our students receive by working for judges—and the public service they help provide—this represents an inequity we wanted to resolve. Judicial externships are every bit as valued by future employers, including law firms and judges, as other public service jobs.

This past summer, 40 Berkeley Law students received stipends totaling $155,000 to work for judges after their 1L year. Your support can help us continue to provide these opportunities into the future.

“During my externship, my judge showed me how to perform careful legal analysis and how to present that analysis in clear and

concise writing. That experience led to two federal clerkships, and helped me mature as a lawyer.”



Page 15: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

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Incubating Equity

Even with no shortage of attorneys, the United States ranks last among industrial nations in access to civil justice—behind such countries as Estonia, Iran, Ghana, and Nigeria. In 2012, nearly one million Americans who qualified for legal aid were turned away because of the lack of lawyers serving low-income clients. In addition, a growing number of citizens are too poor to afford a lawyer—yet not poor enough to qualify for legal aid.

This conundrum sparked Berkeley Law to create the Bay Area Legal Incubator (BALI), a two-year training program for recent admits to the California Bar to learn how to operate a solo or small-firm law practice that serves clients of modest means. Melanie Rowen of the school’s Career Development Office pitched the idea after learning about a similar incubator in Chicago.

BALI, which involves four other area law schools, will launch in January with three new graduates from each school. They will receive extensive training that covers substantive areas of law and teaches practical business skills such as office management and marketing. Participants are required to set up their own practice when they start the program, commit to serving modest-means clients in at least half of their cases, and mentor future program enrollees.

One such graduate is Kai Haswell ’15, who had pondered opening his own practice—and the challenges that would entail for a new law graduate with student debt and limited experience. He sees the program as “an innovative way to expand access to the legal system” and relishes “crafting a unique, service-oriented message around the causes I care about.”

Hands-on Experience

Shifting financial models, triggered by the 2008 economic downturn, and the explosion of cross-border transactions have created a legal marketplace that is increasingly competitive and complex. To thrive in today’s legal domain, new lawyers need to enter practice with a broader and nimbler skill set across a wider range of disciplines.

Toward this end, Berkeley Law continues to deepen its experiential education curriculum. Clinical Professor Ty Alper, recently named the school’s first Associate Dean for Experiential Education, also co-chairs its Experiential Education Task Force. The task force is evaluating current offerings, identifying areas for adjustment and expansion, and crafting a strategic plan that will yield new recommendations by the end of the school year.

Having greatly expanded its clinical and skills programs in recent years, Berkeley Law is driven to provide well-conceived, rigorous, and creative experiential offerings. We are also pursuing new interdisciplinary options and ways to provide more pragmatic opportunities for students in transactional law. In addition, we welcomed six new clinical fellows this year to mentor students and broaden our service capacity.


“How are we serving demonstrated community needs around racial justice and, specifically, criminalization of African

Americans? We’re focused on multi-pronged projects with a direct services component and an achievable policy agenda for systemic change.”


“This project builds another bridge between Berkeley Law and the forefront of legal practice. We want to make it a

better profession—not just for the very wealthy, but for everyone.”



“Law students, like most people, often learn best by doing. We have a responsibility as educators to provide them

opportunities to do just that, no matter what area of law they plan to pursue.”


After considerable research and discussion with community members, police, and groups at other law schools, the Experiential Education/Community Service Subcommittee proposed four projects. The first, which tackles racial and economic disparities in juvenile justice, is underway. It seeks to reform harsh school discipline policies and juvenile court debt that keep poor youth of color in a perpetual cycle of marginalization and criminalization.

Page 16: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together



Recognizing gifts and pledges of $10,000 or more during the past fiscal year (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015).

$100,000 and above

Anonymous (2)Alliance for Excellent Education - PEECArnold & Porter FoundationElizabeth J. Cabraser ’78 vO

Carnegie Corporation of New YorkJennifer C. Cobb & Maurice ObstfeldMelissa CobbSamuel D. Cole ’63

Luke Ellis ’75 vO

Mary C. EricksonJoanne M. Garvey ’61 bv

The Rosalinde & Arthur Gilbert Foundation v

Lisa & Douglas Goldman FundStuart M. ’65 & Florianne H. Gordon vO

Harold C. Hohbach ’52 v

Humanity UnitedThe Jim Joseph Foundation v

Sanford H. Kadish bv

Theodore B. Lee ’59 & Doris Shoong Lee v/ Lee Family Foundation

Ellyn M. ’84 & William R. ’85 Lindsay v/ Lindsay Family Trust

Microsoft Corporation v

The Moriah FundOpen Society Foundations v

Richard E. Posell ’65

Proteus FundJoel S. Sanders ’82 vO

Sigrid Rausing TrustBill ’41 b & Marion Slusser v

Thomas W. Smith FoundationCarl J. Stoney, Jr. ’70 v

Irving G. Tragen ’45 v

Werner ’53 & Mimi Wolfen vO/ Wolfen Family Foundation

S. K. Yee Foundation v

$50,000 - $99,999

Anonymous (2)David M. & Camille A. AndrewsLynda Andrews-Barry & Mark BarryMark ’69 & Susan Bertelsen vO

California Wellness FoundationScott T. Carey ’61 bv

Cooley v

Josef D. CooperAlva G. GreenbergRandall GuynnEvelyn & Walter Haas Jr. Fund v

Israel InstituteKenton J. King ’87 v

Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology (KIOST) v

Greg & Liz Lutz v

Maja v

James McManis ’67 & Sara Wigh vO

Ministry for Foreign Affairs for Finland

Next 10Theodore B. Olson ’65 vO

PepsiCoPamela Samuelson & Robert Glushko v

Gary ’66 & Dana ShapiroSkadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom v

John Paul Stevens Fellowship Foundation vO

Tides Foundation v

William H. Voge ’83

Thomas J. White v

$25,000 - $49,999

AnonymousMark B. Abbott ’89 & Mareta C. Hamre ’90 v

American Association of Law Libraries v

Baker Botts v

Jeff Bleich ’89 O

California District Attorneys AssociationCalifornia Endowment v

Sujit Choudhry & Ira ParghiCleary Gottlieb Steen & HamiltonCovington & Burling v

Hugh & Hazel Darling FoundationDiane Doolittle ’89 &

Michael Grady ’83 vO

The Energy FoundationFenwick & West v

Fish & Richardson v

William FlumenbaumSamuel Freeman Charitable Trust v

Fred F. ’65 & Carol D. Gregory vO

H. William Harlan v

Uri D. & Myna M. HerscherKirkland & Ellis Foundation v

James Y. Kwak & Sylvia J. BrandtLatham & WatkinsMorrison & Foerster v

Noel W. Nellis ’66 vO

Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe v

Quixote FoundationMario M. Rosati ’71 vO

Scherman FoundationRobert ShapiroDeborah & Tom ThrelkelWeil Gotshal & Manges v

Wellspring Advisors LLCWhite & Case v

WilmerHale v

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati v

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Foundation v

Winston & Strawn v

Mary Wohlford Foundation v

Wollenberg Foundation v

$10,000 - $24,999

Anonymous (6)Stephen W. Arent ’67 vO/

Arent Foundation

William T. Barker ’74 vO

Mario L. Barnes ’95 vO

Peter J. Benvenutti ’74 & Lise A. Pearlman ’74 vO

Paula E. Boggs ’84 vO

Brill USA v

Steven D. Broidy ’62 vO

Richard M. Buxbaum ’53 & Catherine Hartshorn v

Gregory D. Call ’85 v

CamberView PartnersJesse H. & Mari S. Choper v

Paul T. Clark ’80 v

Cornish & Carey CommercialEvan R. ’87 & Valerie Cox vO

Crowell & MoringDrew Davis ’99 & Vivian Chang ’01 v

Robert P. Doty ’90 & Catherine Garza vO

Daralyn J. Durie ’92 & Ragesh K. Tangri ’91

Tracy K. Edmonson ’88 v

E. Roy ’65 & Elizabeth ’76 Eisenhardt vO

Erasmus University-RotterdamBill Falik & Diana CohenLois H. Feinblatt v

Cathy & Joe Feldman v

Nancy ’86 & Ed Fineman v

Abe M. ’98 & Jennifer Mathews ’97 Friedman O

Richard L. ’65 & Patricia E. Fruin v

Future of Privacy ForumWilliam E. Jr. ’68 & Marianne M. Gagen vO

Jane Liebman Goichman ’69 v

Lindsee P. Granfield ’85 vO

Donald S. Greenberg ’67 v

Suzanne Greenberg ’85 vO

Richard L. Greene ’63 vO

GTC Law Group v

Gunderson Dettmer Stough Villeneuve Franklin & Hachigian v

Jon L. Heberling ’70 vO

Victor A. Hebert ’61

Nancy R. Heinen ’82 v

Leo B. Helzel ’92 v/ Helzel Family Foundation

J. Michael Hemmer ’76 & Lori RaphaelMaryellen Cattani Herringer ’68 vO/

Herringer Family FoundationHickman Palermo Truong & Becker v

Hogan Lovells v

Irell & Manella v

Ellen E. Jamason ’89 O

VerLyn N. Jensen ’64 O

James J. Joseph ’72

Michael S. Kagnoff ’93 & Lisa SchmidlapKasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman v

Keker & Van Nest v

David & Anita Keller v

Erika A. Kelton ’87 vO

Kevin P. ’91 & Jeanette W. KennedyKilpatrick Townsend v

Thomas J. Klitgaard ’61 v

John W. ’88 & Janie T. Kuo vO

Joanne Lahner ’84 vO

Mark A. Lemley ’91 & Rose A. Hagan vO

Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism

Mark D. Lubin ’77 vO

Gene A. Lucero ’67 & Marcia E. Williams vO

Lumina FoundationMcDermott Will & EmeryThomas R. Murphy ’65 O

Alisa D. Nave ’04 & Robb WorthO’Melveny & MyersSpencer J. Pahlke ’07

Palantir TechnologiesLynn ’72 & Leslie Pasahow v

Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker v

Mark ’84 & Wynne Pécheck v

Tom Peckham ’94 vO

Donna M. Petkanics ’85 & Jay R. Gerstenschlager vO

Michael C. Phillips ’76 vO

Leo ’57 & Nina Pircher v

Joan R. PlattLinda M. Purkiss ’79

Andrés Rivero III ’86 vO

The Henry W. & Nettie Robinson Foundation v

Amnon & Kathryn RodanJennifer G. ’95 & Sean D. ’95 RodgersRichard K. Roeder ’73 v

Ropes & Gray v

Rosenberg FoundationAlbert J. Salera ’56 v

Avram Salkin ’59 v

Shirley A. ’75 & Robert D. Sanderson vO

Arthur J. Shartsis ’71 & Mary Jo Christensen Shartsis ’72 vO

Rick ’74 & Heidi Sherman v

Sidley Austin Foundation v

Patrick J. Simpson ’71 vO

Simpson Thacher & Bartlett v

Tom ’90 & Kris Stoever v

John I. Taylor ’66 vO

Leonard ’70 & Catherine Unger v

Geoff. Van Loucks ’61 vO

Van Pelt Yi & James v

Weaver Austin Villeneuve & Sampson v

John Yoo v

Laura W. Young ’87 v

Mark & Judith Yudof v

Steven G. Zieff ’78 vO

Zitrin FoundationMitch ’96 & Holly Zuklie v

v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased

1 4

Page 17: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together


1930s$5,000 - $9,999

Varnum Paul ’33 bv

1940s$100,000 and above

Bill Slusser ’41 b

Irving G. Tragen ’45 v

$2,500 - $4,999

Robert M. Corson ’40 bvO

$1,000 - $2,499

John M. Roberts ’49 vO

$500 - $999

Edward L. Barrett, Jr. ’41

Up to $499

Justice Robert Feinerman ’49 vO

Charles F. Gray, Jr. ’49 O

John A. Sproul ’49 v

1950s$100,000 and above

AnonymousHarold C. Hohbach ’52 v

Theodore B. Lee ’59 v

$10,000 - $24,999

Richard M. Buxbaum ’53 v

Leo Pircher ’57 v

Albert J. Salera ’56 v

Avram Salkin ’59 v

$5,000 - $9,999

Babette B. Barton ’54 O

William R. Loveless ’59 vO

$2,500 - $4,999

Jacques Rolf de Wied ’55 vO

William I. Edlund ’53 vO

William L. Gordon ’57 vO

Gerald R. Knecht ’57 O

Paul L. Larsen ’50 O

Charles A. Miller ’58 vO

Sherwin L. Samuels ’59 v

Graydon S. Staring ’51 vO

$1,000 - $2,499

Clarence W. Brizee, Jr. ’57 vO

Philip H. Ching ’55 vO

Philip A. Crane, Jr. ’53 bvO

James R. Dunn ’58 vO

Charles W. Froehlich, Jr. ’56 vO

Robert E. Gordon ’59 vO

Paul W. Hartloff, Jr. ’58 O

Judge Richard A. Haugner ’54 vO

James K. Haynes ’55 O

Edward E. Kallgren ’54 v

G. Ernest Lopez ’52 bv

Thomas F. Olson ’58 vO

Warren G. Reid ’57 vO

Chris E. Rockas ’55 O

$500 - $999

AnonymousConrad A. Donner ’57

Harry L. Fledderman ’52 O

Judge John D. Harris ’59 vO

Bernard M. King ’52

Marvin H. Kleinberg ’53 O

Alan J. Levin ’545

Francis P. Lloyd ’59 vO

Edmund L. Regalia ’58 vO

Harris W. Seed ’52 vO

S. Richard Shostak ’56

Arlo E. Smith ’52 vO

Henry G. Ullerich ’59 vO

Charles J. Williams ’55

Up to $499

AnonymousGordon S. Baca ’59 v

John C. Baldwin ’53

George Basye ’54 O

Nathalie V. Black ’59 v

Coleman A. Blease ’55 O

Ernest A. Carlson ’54

William L. Cole ’52 vO

William A. Coverdale ’57 O

Gerald F. Crump ’59 O

Frances M. Davis ’53 v

Dwight C. Ely ’58

Allen P. Fields ’59 O

Robert J. Gray ’58 O

Harry A. Hanson, Jr. ’55 v

D. Lowell Jensen ’52

Henry P. Johnson ’56 O

D. C. Kinsell, Jr. ’52

Wilbur D. Layman ’59

Ray Meline ’59 vO

David H. Olson ’58 O

Wallace R. Peck ’57 vO

Claude D. Rohwer ’58 O

Alan D. Ross ’54

Peter Simmons ’56 vO

Jan Stevens ’58 vO

John D. Taylor ’59 vO

John C. Weidman ’54 vO

Gordon B. White ’56 vO

Henry Wien ’52 O

Earl P. Willens ’59 v

1960-63$100,000 and above

Samuel D. Cole ’63

Joanne M. Garvey ’61 bv

$50,000 - $99,999

Scott T. Carey '61bv

$10,000 - $24,999

Steven D. Broidy ’62 vO

Richard L. Greene ’63 vO

Victor A. Hebert ’61

Thomas J. Klitgaard ’61 v

Geoff Van Loucks ’61 v

v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased


ALUMNIBerkeley Law recognized several giving levels for gifts made during the past fiscal year (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015):

Dean's Society Donors of $10,000 or more. This category includes our Dean's Society Leadership Circle ($100,000 and above) as well as Counselors ($50,000 to $99,999), Partners ($25,000 to $49,999), and Members ($10,000 to $24,999).

Elizabeth Josselyn Boalt Associates

Donors of $5,000 to $9,999. This category honors Elizabeth Josselyn Boalt's gift for a law building in honor of her husband, Judge John H. Boalt, and gift to establish the law school's first two endowed chairs.

William Carey Jones Associates

Donors of $2,500 to $4,999. This category honors William Carey Jones, who taught the first law course at UC Berkeley and became the law school's first dean.

Law School Sproul Associates

Donors of $1,000 to $2,499. This category honors Robert Gordon Sproul, who served as University of California president from 1930 to 1958.

Society of 1912 Donors of $500 to $999. This category honors the law school's elevation in 1912 from the Department of Jurisprudence to the School of Jurisprudence.

Boalt Advocates Donors of up to $499.

Page 18: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

When JERRY FALK ’65 earned his undergraduate and law

degrees from UC Berkeley, he recalls “there was no tuition and

the various fees were nominal.” Jerry says Berkeley Law provided

a rock-solid foundation for his career, instilling “a powerful urge

to give back—especially with the State’s regrettable reduction in

financial support resulting in very high tuition costs.”

His affinity for the school grew when he taught constitutional

law courses there from 1968 to 1978. Now Senior Counsel at

Arnold & Porter, Jerry wants all qualified applicants to have the

same opportunities he enjoyed: “Learning a new way to analyze

problems, whether public policy or commercial … Identifying,

evaluating, and weighing competing considerations and advocating

for the solution that emerged.”

$5,000 - $9,999

Neal H. Brockmeyer ’63 vO

Philip M. Madden ’62 v

Jay A. Shafran ’63 vO

$2,500 - $4,999

Dix Boring ’61

Paul F. de Bruyn Kops, Jr. ’62 v

Eli B. Dubrow ’60 vO

John A. Flaherty ’63 vO

Kenneth Kofman ’62 v

Lenard G. Weiss ’62

Mason Willrich ’60 v

$1,000 - $2,499

Cameron Baker ’61 vO

Michael D. Bartell ’63 O

Herbert J. Friedman ’62 vO

Thomas J. Hammer, Jr. ’60 bvO

Phil Hammer ’61 v

Ronald Larson ’61 O

Marc E. Leland ’63 vO

Claude L. Lowen ’62 vO

Richard D. Martland ’61 O

Duncan R. McPherson ’63 bvO

Gerald S. Mulder ’63 vO

Mark S. Novak ’60 O

Julius J. Pearl ’61 v

Donald D. Roberts ’61

Robert E. Triebsch ’63 vO

Hon. Kathryn Mickle Werdegar ’62

Sheldon Wolfe ’61 v

Marshall S. Zolla ’63 vO

$500 - $999

Michael Antin ’63 O

David Booth Beers ’60 O

John Ernest Hartz ’61 vO

Thelton E. Henderson ’62 O

David L. Hirsch III ’62

James E. Holst ’63 vO

David E. Lindgren ’63 O

Alex C. McDonald ’61 vO

Adolph U. Molina ’60 vO

Krishna K. Nigam ’60 O

Thomas P. O'Donnell ’63 vO

Arnold E. Ogren ’63 vO

John M. Powers ’63 O

David E. Russell ’60 vO

Keith F. Sparks ’61 O

William A. Wilson ’60

Morton Zeppelin ’62 v

Up to $499

Anonymous (3)Carl W. Anderson ’62 vO

Robert J. Anspach ’61 O

Ronald J. Apperson ’62 O

Reed H. Bement ’62 vO

Eugene H. Bramhall, Jr. ’60 vO

Michael J. Camras ’62 vO

Samuel J. Cohen ’62

Kenneth H. Cole ’63 vO

David J. Dealey ’60 vO

Thomas B. Donovan ’62 O

David B. Flinn ’63 vO

William N. Foley ’60 v

Thomas R. Frey ’63 vO

Anthony Griffin ’61 O

Rondell B. Hanson ’62

Richard M. Harris ’63 O

Ronald L. Johnson ’63 O

Anthony C. Joseph ’61 v

Jerrold L. Kaplan ’61 O

Dennis B. Kavanagh ’62

Hon. Alan C. Kay ’60 O

Roscoe D. Keagy ’61 O

Keith C. King ’60

Rick Kirgis ’60

David C. Landis ’62 O

Brian K. Landsberg ’62

William C. Lockett ’63 vO

James J. Mahoney ’63 O

Robert M. Mallano ’63 vO

Paul L. McKaskle ’63 O

James K. McManigal, Jr. ’63 O

James S. Milch ’62

Philip M. Miyamoto ’63 vO

Paul S. Mosesian ’63

Janet McMillan Otterman ’63 vO

Stanley Pedder ’60 vO

Mark B. Pepys ’63 O

John C. Porter ’60

Romulus B. Portwood ’61 v

Richard A. Regnier ’62 O

David L. Schreck ’63 vO

Allen E. Sprague ’61 *O

Howard Wiggins ’60 O

P. Brien Wilson ’63 O

Nicholas C. Yost ’63 O

1964# of Donors 44

Participation 21%

Total Giving $63,140

$10,000 - $24,999

VerLyn N. Jensen O

$5,000 - $9,999

Penelope M. Cooper vO

Janice E. KerrThomas F. KranzPaul Melodia vO

Kent MitchellJay D. Smith

$2,500 - $4,999

Thomas F. Kostic vO

$1,000 - $2,499

Kendall R. Bishop vO

Charlton G. Holland IIIDavid H. Melnick O

Roger Samuelsen v

Jerome F. Snyder O

John O. Stewart vO

Arne WerchickVictor C. Wykoff, Jr.

$500 - $999

Demetrios P. Agretelis O

Clyde M. BlackmonJohn O. Fox O

Donald O. Germino vO

Arnold D. KahnLarry S. Knupp O

Paul M. Little O

Pat Newell vO

Mitchell N. Reinis O

Lawrence R. Shepp bO

Sanford M. Skaggs O

O. James Woodward III

Up to $499

Byron J. Beam vO

Robert Edward Bosso vO

James O. DemseyRichard J. Geib v

John Hardy vO

James B. Hinton O

John Kagel v

Douglas D. KellerJohn Matzger vO

Thomas E. Parrington vO

James C. Rosa O

E. Clement Shute, Jr. O

Elliot G. Steinberg vO

Jon H. Tolson O

Cameron W. Wolfe, Jr. vO

David Bow Woo O

1965# of Donors 49

Participation 31%

Total Giving $2,216,733

$100,000 and above

Stuart M. Gordon vO

Richard E. Posell

$50,000 - $99,999

Theodore B. Olson vO

$25,000 - $49,999

Fred F. Gregory vO

$10,000 - $24,999

E. Roy Eisenhardt vO

Richard L. Fruin, Jr. v

Thomas R. Murphy O

v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased

1 6

Page 19: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

$5,000 - $9,999

AnonymousRoger A. Browning O

Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr. O

Jerome B. Falk, Jr. v

Anthony M. Glassman O

Michael James Halloran O

Stephen A. LindEva L. Meigher v

$2,500 - $4,999

Charles Henry James vO

Howard C. Lincoln O

Norman Oberstein O

Harvey I. Wittenberg vO

$1,000 - $2,499

John G. Bradshaw O

David Gould vO

John T. Harris vO

Darryl A. Hart vO

Richard F. Kahle, Jr. vO

George D. Marshall vO

Philip R. Michael O

Joseph M. Miller O

Marshall B. SegalRoss E. Stromberg O

Harold W. Teasdale O

R. Lewis Van Blois O

Judge Brian R. Van Camp vO

John J. Welsh O

William F. Whiting O

$500 - $999

Barry P. Caplan O

Dennis A. Fischer v

Fred KarlsenJames I. Michaelis O

John P. Oakes ’65 bO

Burton J. Stanley O

Up to $499

Frank S. Bayley III v

W. Paul Foster O

Victor J. Haydel III O

Ronald A. Hecker v

Douglas G. Hilton v

Tom C. Leuteneker O

Robert L. Monk vO

William J. Pesce II bv

Victor Sherman O

1966# of Donors 42

Participation 18%

Total Giving $141,870

$50,000 - $99,999

Gary Shapiro

$25,000 - $49,999

Noel W. Nellis vO

$10,000 - $24,999

John I. Taylor vO

$5,000 - $9,999

Michael J. Canan O

Mark W. Jordan O

$1,000 - $2,499

Ronald A. Cohan vO

Robert C. Copeland vO

Theodore J. England O

Donald L. Fillman O

Don Goldstein vO

Jeremiah F. Hallisey O

Beth Davis Karren vO

Jeffrey Newman O

Edward V. Pollack vO

Frederick M. Pownall vO

Clifford L. Schaffer O

James M. Seff v

$500 - $999

AnonymousAllen R. Jackson vO

Frank A. Ury O

J. Richard Morrissey vO

James P. Schreiber vO

Martin H. Blank, Jr.Robert E. Merritt, Jr. ’66 bv

Robert Altenhof O

Stephen D. Swindle O

Up to $499

Anonymous (2)John L. Afton vO

Lawrence Alioto, Sr. O

Nyle G. Barnes O

Sidney J. Cohen vO

Dennis M. Eagan v

Chester J. Hinshaw vO

Robert O. Kaplan O

Edwin N. Lowe, Jr. O

John G. Mengshol vO

Kenneth M. Miller O

Daniel H. O'Connell O

Robert A. Raber vO

Ronald L. Stefani O

Patricia C. Wilder O

1967# of Donors 52

Participation 25%

Total Giving $125,202

$50,000 - $99,999

James McManis vO

$10,000 - $24,999

Stephen W. Arent vO

Donald S. Greenberg v

$5,000 - $9,999

Robert S. Ball vO

Ruth Greenspan Bell vO

David & Geri Sandor vO

$2,500 - $4,999

Kenneth A. Goldman O

David Lubetzky vO

Myron Sugarman v

$1,000 - $2,499

Tom Dowse vO

Rosalyn M. Chapman v

Maxine M. Chesney vO

Paul E. Crost O

Robert S. Draper O

Stanley F. Farrar vO

Arthur B. Fine v

Robert C. Herr v

Raoul D. Kennedy O

Beverly B. Savitt vO

$500 - $999

AnonymousKathleen Archer Bowden &

Gerald D. Bowden v

Michael D. Farr vO

David B. Frohnmayer bv

Timothy A. Manring O

Paul R. Minasian vO

Edward A. Rucker vO

Stanley T. Tomita vO

Up to $499

AnonymousPhillip E. Adler O

Francis J. Collin, Jr. O

Michael O. CollinsDavid P. Curnow O

Ronald N. Finn vO

Peter Hemenway v

Dixon R. Howell vO

Stephen R. Kay vO

Steven M. Kipperman O

Albert H. KramerWilliam H. Kronberger, Jr. vO

David A. Leipziger O

Barry Wm. Levine vO

Donald R. MeyerRichard C. Morse O

Nicholas G. Muller O

Arthur L. Rolston vO

Peter H. Smith vO

Alden B. Tueller O

Doug Van Sant O

Richard D. Weisbart vO

Tracy W. Westen

1968# of Donors 40

Participation 21%

Total Giving $52,044

$10,000 - $24,999

AnonymousWilliam E. Gagen, Jr. vO

Maryellen Cattani Herringer vO

$5,000 - $9,999

Christopher M. McLain vO

$2,500 - $4,999

Frank A. Schreck vO

$1,000 - $2,499

Clayton E. Clement O

Emlen H. Ehrlich vO

Steven L. Hallgrimson vO

Roger Olsen Robert M. Rhodes O

$500 - $999

Philip Anisman vO

Jarold A. Evans O

Tom Henteleff vO

S. Kingsley Macomber vO

Russell B. SunshinePeter K. Westen Leroy Wilson, Jr. O

Up to $499

AnonymousRobert G. BeckerTerrence H. CoyneDan H. Deuprey O

Jay Folberg O

Paul Z. GoldmanAlan E. HarrisEric Jorgensen vO

John P. King, Jr. v

Norman I. Lustig vO

Dennis Montali O

David C. Moon O

Glenn L. Moss vO

Norman E. Reitz O

Steven H. RoddaDouglas M. Schwab O

John G. Schwartz vO

David J. Steinhart vO

Roger StrelowLarry D. Struve O

Kenneth K. Summers vO

Carroll S. Taylor O

Brentnall P. Turley

v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased

1 7

Page 20: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

1969# of Donors 51

Participation 23%

Total Giving $114,576

$50,000 - $99,999

Mark A. Bertelsen vO

$10,000 - $24,999

Jane Liebman Goichman v

$5,000 - $9,999

Jon F. Hartung v

Kenneth E. Jernstedt

$2,500 - $4,999

Kenneth J. Adelson vO

William T. Hoffman III vO

Ellen Sickles James vO

Harry H. Kahn bO

Richard S. Kopf v

Steven R. Manchester vO

$1,000 - $2,499

Peter A. Berger vO

R. Gardner Jolley vO

Rick McMichael v

Arnold H. Meltz O

John A. Reding, Jr. O

Stuart P. TobismanPaul H. Verriere, Jr. v

John D. Watterson vO

Henry E. Weinstein

$500 - $999

AnonymousRobert A. Baines vO

Ellen J. BeilockC. Michael Cooney v

Peter K. KompaniezDennis C. Krieger O

Richard H. KulkaRichard A. Larson v

Hon. Lawrence R. Leavitt (Ret.) v

James J. Marchiano v

Alan F. Spanier vO

James H. Stoppello v

Glenn R. Woods v

Up to $499

AnonymousPatricia A. Butler vO

Hon. Martin R. Gladstein O

Thomas G. Haas vO

Don R. Inskeep O

Philip J. Jimenez O

John W. Katz v

Edward R. Lebb O

Beverly M. Lyon O

Paul F. Moore II vO

Russell S. Nash, Jr. vO

Dean L. Overman O

Marcus R. Peppard III O

Richard A. Poplack

Ronald D. RosenRobert J. RothmanRonald A. Rubenstein v$

Michael B. Weisz v

Joan M. Woodward $

1970# of Donors 53

Participation 29%

Total Giving $202,190

$100,000 and above

Carl J. Stoney, Jr. v

$10,000 - $24,999

Jon L. Heberling v$

Leonard Unger v

$2,500 - $4,999

Franklin R. Garfield $

Vincent L. Ricci v$

$1,000 - $2,499

Walter L. Carpeneti O

Howard D. Coleman vO

Lee T. Dicker v

Brendan M. Dixon vO

Kenneth E. Falstrom vO

Ned A. Fine vO

Dean L. Flint vO

Ralph A. Lombardi vO

John T. Perkinson vO

Ernest N. Reddick vO

Bill RochesterThomas S. Salinger vO

Lee Van Boven vO

Robert P. vom Eigen vO

Douglas H. Wolf vO

$500 - $999

Wayne B. Cooper vO

Ward Fuller vO

Paul R. Hoeber vO

Leslie S. Klinger vO

Malcolm A. Mackenzie O

Knute M. Miller vO

William E. Prachar vO

Richard A. Schindler O

Steve C. Swanson O

Gail Migdal Title vO

Timothy W. Tower vO

Up to $499

D. Stuart CandlandMaria L. Carlile O

Bob Corris O

Horace Darmaw O

Susan K. Fisher O

Kathryn Gabler vO

Don M. Gartner O

Charles A. GreenbergMark A. Kanai O

Paul E. Kremser, Jr. vO

Jonathan Lehrer-Graiwer O

Michael S. Manchester vO

Alan F. Neckritz O

Thomas J. NolanGarrett F. Riegg O

Neal A. Roberts vO

Robert A. Schnider vO

Michael S. Sherman O

Steven J. StanwyckLloyd G. Stephens v

Ronald C. Winkler O

Sharon G. Wrubel vO

1971# of Donors 56

Participation 25%

Total Giving $113,659

$25,000 - $49,999

Mario M. Rosati vO

$10,000 - $24,999

Arthur J. Shartsis vO

Patrick J. Simpson vO

$5,000 - $9,999

Jane M. Leroe v

Bruce S. Ross v

James A. Rothstein vO

$2,500 - $4,999

Judith G. Kleinberg vO

Lawrence B. Ordower O

Glenn A. Smith vO

Barry J. Trilling

$1,000 - $2,499

Charles Richard Ajalat O

Marc H. Bozeman O

William M. Chamberlain vO

Christopher S. Crook v

The Honorable Larry J. Frumes v

Peter W. Hanschen v

Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr. vO

Thomas C. Holman vO

Anne T. KneelandBernhard M. Maassen v

John F. Meck III vO

Michael L. MeyersSusan J. Passovoy O

Warren A. Sinsheimer III O

v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased

PETER MUÑOZ ’75 and JANE LEROE ’71 met at Cal

and went to Berkeley Law. All three of their children also graduated

from Cal. Translation: they care deeply about the university’s fate.

“More and more students are graduating with crushing debt,” says

Jane, whose tuition during her last year at Berkeley Law cost $511.

“I think law school grads who are financially able have an obligation

to help future students achieve their goals.”

A partner at Reed Smith, Peter acknowledges his family’s strong

bond with the school—and motivation to preserve its greatness.

“I came from poor circumstances and worked my way through

Berkeley, but that’s just not feasible now,” he says. “The future of

California hinges on the health of its universities, with Berkeley

as the leader. That’s why we give.”


Page 21: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together


$500 - $999

AnonymousBranden E. Bickel O

Carol Luft Jones O

Joseph T. KieferDan L. Kirby vO

James W. Klein vO

Wallace C. Stark vO

Up to $499

James S. Ader vO

Hon. William W. Bedsworth v

Daniel T. Berkley vO

Dan Bertozzi, Jr. vO

Merrick J. Bobb v

Kerry B. Conway vO

Diane D. Eames O

Robert D. Evans vO

Gene G. Harter O

Irene R. Haynie vO

Douglas W. Holt vO

Daniel L. JaffeBrian O. Leary vO

Robert E. Lutz II O

Ernest J. Maupin vO

James T. Mooschekian O

Marc D. PaisinBruce Robb O

William E. Rundstrom O

Kent A. Russell O

Howard T. Slayen O

Allan D. Smirni vO

D. Rebecca SnowJames R. Walsh O

Robert N. Weatherbee vO

1972Donors 44

Participation 18%

Total Giving $83,655

$10,000 - $24,999

James J. JosephGene A. Lucero vO

Lynn H. Pasahow v

Mary Jo Christensen Shartsis vO

$5,000 - $9,999

James C. Fowler vO

$2,500 - $4,999

Robert E. Izmirian vO

Dennis C. Sullivan vO

$1,000 - $2,499

AnonymousRobin M. Edwards vO

Robert L. Harris vO

Dennis S. Karjala vO

Barbara A. Lawless O

Frank C. Rothrock v

Ivor E. Samson vO

John A. Schulman O

Patricia Ann Sherman

Alan S. WatenmakerEdward J. Watson O

$500 - $999

Jeffrey A. Kaplan vO

John M. Ottoboni vO

Howard D. Pilch O

Don Tortorice

Up to $499

AnonymousRobert C. Barrett vO

Stuart E. Benson O

Bill Curran vO

Pedro B. Echeverria vO

Harold G. Friedman O

Auban A. Jackson vO

Jan D. KarowskyMichael F. Kruley vO

John L. Langslet vO

William S. Loughman O

Carlos G. Martinez O

Stephen R. McSpadden O

Norman D. Menegat v

William C. Moritz vO

Roy G. Olson, Jr. O

Michael T. Rahn O

Richard G. Schickele vO

Robert N. Schiff O

Mark D. Schiffmacher O

Brian C. Walsh vO

Carlos Zaragoza

1973# of Donors 60

Participation 25%

Total Giving $61,198

$10,000 - $24,999

Richard K. Roeder v

$5,000 - $9,999

David A. Rosenfeld vO

Max Edward Spring v

Clare H. Springs v

Bruce D. Sunstein vO

$1,000 - $2,499

Steven S. Bell vO

Hans Bertram-Nothnagel vO

Marsha Siegel Berzon vO

Kappy K. Bristol v

Richard D. Burstein vO

James P. Drummy vO

Joseph M. Goldhammer vO

Hartmut G. Grossman v

Stephen D. Kaus vO

Marci R. Rubin O

Natalie West vO

Robert B. Yoshitomi vO

$500 - $999

Stevan C. Adelman O

Christopher C. Calkins O

Susan Frelich Appleton vO

Alan S. Levins vO

John G. Mackie vO

Steven J. McCoy O

Thomas G. Reddy v

William K. Rentz O

Stephen E. Taylor O

Susan Thomas Kattan vO

Louis P. Warchot II vO

Peter F. Welch vO

Steven M. Woodside O

Howard L. Wu v

Up to $499

AnonymousAndrew R. Adler vO

Craig H. Casebeer vO

Raul R. Contreras O

Patrick H. Fabian O

Kenneth J. Fishbach O

Stephen G. Gould vO

Peter C. Grossman O

Ann Fingarette Hasse v

Les A. HausrathPeter S. Hecker O

Kevin F. Kelly O

Edward S. Labowitz vO

Steven LubetSusan C. Miller O

Stephen A. Moe vO

Thomas M. Norminton vO

Jay L. Paxton O

Peter Eric Pollaczek v

john a. powellRonald E. Quidachay O

Donald M. Roberts O

Michael E. Shapiro O

Tower C. Snow, Jr. vO

Terry L. Spitz O

Teresa Tan O

John E. Thorson O

J. Mark WaxmanPhilip S. Weismehl vO

1974# of Donors 64

Participation 24%

Total Giving $113,677

$10,000 - $24,999

William T. Barker vO

Peter J. Benvenutti & Lise A. Pearlman vO

Rick Sherman v

$5,000 - $9,999

Randall Barkan vO

Jamie Jacobs-May v

Eliot S. Jubelirer vO

Martin A. Mattes v

Shirley A. Woo vO

$2,500 - $4,999

Lynne Drohlich Kaufman & Ron Kaufman O

$1,000 - $2,499

Robert C. Berring, Jr. O

Julie Conger vO

Luke J. DanielsonThomas C. Given O

Robert M. Jenkins IIIHal Kruth vO

Robert L. Lawrence vO

Penny N. Nakatsu vO

Maude H. PervereGuyla W. Ponomareff vO

Ira G. RivinChristopher H. Schroeder vO

David A. Schuricht vO

Leonard C. SchwabMartha J. Talley O

Terry A. ThompsonTimothy A. Tosta O

Anne Trebilcock O

Thomas S. Williamson, Jr. vO

$500 - $999

Roxana C. Bacon O

Tom Harriman v

Jane S. Kumin vO

Peter G. LomhoffDavid Mannheimer vO

L. J. Chris Martiniak O

Richard G. McCracken O

Eric S. Multhaup O

Lawrence Peitzman vO

John H. Seesel vO

Beth Summers O

Tom Surh

Up to $499

AnonymousRichard R. Fimmel O

Clifford E. Frieden vO

Joseph C. Friedman vO

Jennifer GeeGeorge H. Henry O

Louis A. Highman O

Hon. Antonio Jimenez O

Ted T. Kitada v

Howard A. Latin O

Arthur N. Marquis vO

Terry M. Mead O

Marc B. Mihaly O

Alan L. Mittman O

Bill Morrow O

Luiz F. P. Palhares O

William Stacy Rhodes O

George A. Rutherglen v

Robert S. SteinCatalina ValenciaDiana M. Wheatley O

Allen C. Wilson

v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased

Page 22: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

2 0

1975# of Donors 65

Participation 24%

Total Giving $185,953

$100,000 and above

Luke Ellis vO

$10,000 - $24,999

Shirley A. Sanderson vO

$5,000 - $9,999

Peter S. Muñoz v

Marc R. Palotay bvO

$2,500 - $4,999

Paul J. Hall vO

Stephen Stublarec vO

$1,000 - $2,499

AnonymousAdrian Arima O

Katharine T. Bartlett vO

Alan M. Fenning O

Gerhard Frohlich O

Lance A. Ito vO

Louis T. Lozano O

Samuel R. MillerPerry D. Mocciaro v

Jane B. Moore vO

Dorothy K. Robinson O

Federico C. Sayre O

John M. True III & Claudia Wilken vO

$500 - $999

David A. Colson O

Joanne B. Grossman vO

Corinne A. HouptPamela S. JueBruce E. Maximov vO

Sylvia Simmons Prozan vO

Jeffrey S. Roehl bvO

Bonnie Sun vO

Geoffrey V. White O

Up to $499

AnonymousDouglas R. Aden O

Elizabeth R. Arnold vO

Jo Brooks O

Gail M. CardenasTaylor R. Culver O

Donald D. Erickson O

Lani L. Ewart vO

Irvin W. FegleyKenneth P. Freiberg vO

Stephen H. Gimber v

Gary Greenfield O

Ellen S. Greenstone vO

Lawrence L. Hoenig vO

Douglas P. Johnson O

Alan M. Katz v

Judith Droz Keyes v

Bruce W. Leppla vO

Carol Mayer Marshall (Khosrovi) O

Howard M. Moffett O

Alfredo M. Morales v

Michelle A. Murphy & Robert E. Perkins vO

David B. Palley O

Norman Pine vO

Stephen L. PorterMichael H. Posner vO

Bill Rich O

David A. Ringnell vO

Lois Salisbury O

Ronald K. Sipherd O

George L. Strasser O

Jan L. Vinokour O

Judith B. WalshWilliam H. WebsterMargaret Geib Wilkinson

1976Donors 64

Participation 24%

Total Giving $196,794

$100,000 and above

Charles Y. Tanabe vO

$10,000 - $24,999

Elizabeth Eisenhardt v

J. Michael Hemmer v

Michael C. Phillips vO

$5,000 - $9,999

David Carlyon v

Lawrence A. Hobel vO

$2,500 - $4,999

Anne Beroza vO

Daniel A. Case vO

$1,000 - $2,499

John R. Bancroft O

John R. Bonn vO

Steve Burke O

Sarah G. Flanagan v

Charles N. Freiberg O

Warren R. Jensen vO

Linda B. Lichter vO

Steven A. NissenJonathan R. Paret vO

Alan D. Pedlar vO

Donald K. Tamaki vO

Leslie Joyce Tchaikovsky v

Alexander F. Wiles vO

Thomas B. Worth vO

Douglas R. Young v

Vicki H. Young

$500 - $999

AnonymousClaudia Cate O

John M. Grether vO

Joel G. Hirsch O

Ralph E. Hughes vO

R. Bradford Huss vO

Winifred I. Li O

Laurel A. Mayer O

John S. Peterson vO

Thomas G. Quinn vO

Noel Ragsdale vO

Andrew H. Sawyer v

Cathy R. Silak O

Up to $499

Anonymous (2)Michael H. Bancroft vO

Stefanie Beninato v

David M. BirnbaumHon. Thomas H. Cahraman vO

Judy A. & Timothy V. Flynn-O'Brien O

Terry B. Friedman O

Judith A. Fries O

Laura M. Goldsmith O

John JimenezKenneth E. Keller v

Ira J. Kurzban vO

Kit Choy Loke O

Nena ManleyEdward T. MarshallGlenn P. Oleon O

Craig N. Oren O

Wilma R. RaderRobert D. Reichman O

Sue Ann Levin Schiff O

Vicki L. Schulkin O

Marjorie M. Shultz v

Louise Simpson Hendry O

Roberta K. Spurgeon vO

Ken H. Takayama vO

1977# of Donors 54

Participation 19%

Total Giving $52,459

$10,000 - $24,999

Mark D. Lubin vO

$5,000 - $9,999

Lee W. Cotugno vO

Catherine DeBono Holmes vO

Jeffrey C. Wolfstone vO

$2,500 - $4,999

Roger J. Peters v

$1,000 - $2,499

Eric K. Behrens & Joyce M. Hicks vO

Elizabeth M. Engh v

Peter M. Heinemann vO

Betsy Miller Jennings vO

Joel Linzner O

Bernard Lu vO

Lawrence A. MoskowitzGregg Oppenheimer vO

Guy A. RandlesRick Robins vO

John O. Swendseid vO

John P. Warner vO

Robert E. White vO

$500 - $999

Soung-Soo KimHenry Lerner O

David M. Louie vO

Susan D. Marmaduke O

Charles E. Merrill vO

Nina Rivkind v

Peter L. Shaw vO

Dana H. Shultz O

Sandra Woliver O

Up to $499

AnonymousKaren K. Ackerman vO

Marcheta Allen v

Donna BrorbyBruce E. Coolidge vO

Richard Cowart v

Jacqueline C. Crowle & Charles T. Scott v

Robert R. Garcia vO

Samuel E. Goldstein O

Paul M. Gordon O

Ruth N. Holzman vO

Daniel E. Huntington O

Jonathan D. Jerison vO

Susan C. Martin O

Marv Pearlstein vO

Jessica S. PersDouglas K. PorterRichard M. Rosston vO

Barbara L. Salomon vO

Michele D. Stratton vO

Daniel J. TurnerEmily E. Vasquez O

Robert J. Zepfel O

Kirsten L. Zerger O

1978# of Donors 61

Participation 23%

Total Giving $362,498

$100,000 and above

Elizabeth J. Cabraser vO

$25,000 - $49,999

Steven G. Zieff vO

$5,000 - $9,999

Holly J. Fujie vO

James M. Heslin vO

Michael L. Martinez v

Jon Michaelson vO

Angela Nomellini vO

$2,500 - $4,999

Colbert Matsumoto v

$1,000 - $2,499

Janet Cooper Alexander vO

Stevens A. CareyLynne Carmichael v

v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased

Page 23: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together


v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased

Louise K.Y. IngStephen M. Kristovich vO

Scott Lichtig vO

James J. Mittermiller vO

$500 - $999

Allison S. Butler O

Glenn M. Gottlieb O

Mark A. Itkin vO

James E. KaplanWendy L. Krasner vO

Richard E. Meade vO

Nancy G. Miller vO

Lillian Nakagawa Miyasaki vO

Hiroshi Motomura vO

Paul S. NgVivian D. O'Neal O

Ralph A. Ongkeko vO

Andrea L. Peterson v

Up to $499

James B. Altman vO

Maria L. Arevalo O

Jeffrey P. Brandt vO

Stephen McG. Bundy v

Wendy Carson vO

Elizabeth A. Erickson O

Harold J. Evans v

Cynthia J. Giles O

Mark N. GoodmanMary L. HeenDale A. Hudson vO

Everett W. Jenkins, Jr. O

Penny Nathan KahanAlan B. Kalin O

Harris E. Kershnar vO

Andrew R. KrakoffJames E. Lobsenz O

Michael Harrison Love O

Robert J. Lowe O

Thomas F. MaserDeborah E. McFarland v

George J. McNabb v

Robert E. Moorehead v

Charles R. Myers O

Julian E. Ponce vO

Mark A. PosnerMark Rindner & Christine Schleuss vO

Richard Roisman vO

Terry E. Roth vO

William J. Schlinkert O

Patricia K. Torbert O

Duff Zwald O

1979# of Donors 61

Participation 23%

Total Giving $61,290

$10,000 - $24,999

Linda Martin Purkiss

$5,000 - $9,999

Clifford W. Gilbert-Lurie O

James G. Gilliland, Jr. vO

Susan K. Hori O

Sonja A. Inglin O

Eddie Orton O

$1,000 - $2,499

Alexandra Laboutin Bannon v

Michael M. Carlson O

Edward M. Chen v

Roy S. Geiger vO

Clothilde V. Hewlett v

Fran M. Layton v

Mary Ann McCamant O

David L. Osias vO

Stephen F. Ross O

$500 - $999

Donald C. Arbitblit v

William A. Browner vO

Douglas Cole GrijalvaH. Lee Halterman vO

Michael S. Himmel vO

Jo Ann Lach v

David J. MillsteinRandy P. OrlikJoe C. Sorenson vO

J. Martin SproulEdward G. Weil vO

D. Kelly Weisberg O

Up to $499

Anonymous (2)Ronald B. BassJohn G. Bauer O

Franchesca Callejo BrightonMadeline Chun v

Richard J. CollierTimothy Davis vO

Andrew J. Demetriou vO

Faith D. Dornbrand vO

Rebecca S. EisenbergPatricia M. Ender O

Eric O. Freeberg O

Gary E. GansRandolph B. Godshall v

Ben I. HamburgSandra D. JonesHugh Lawrence O

Michael A. Lee vO

Hon. Patricia M. Lucas vO

Sanford H. MargolinJames L. McGinnis vO

Susan J. Meadows O

Leigh-Ann Miyasato vO

James W. Morando O

Kenneth W. Niven O

William T. Payne O

Mary E. ReilleyBari S. Robinson O

John H. RobinsonRoderick A. Rodewald vO

Joseph Schlesinger v

Peter A. SklarewErika Wodinsky vO

1980# of Donors 77

Participation 25%

Total Giving $57,598

$10,000 - $24,999

Paul T. Clark vO

$5,000 - $9,999

Amy Silver Orton O

$2,500 - $4,999

Melvin F. Fortes vO

Charles R. Rice v

Deborah Lederer Sagues O

Thurman V. White, Jr. vO

$1,000 - $2,499

Russell J. Austin vO

Glenn D. Dassoff vO

Carla M. DewBerry O

Albert Erkel, Jr. vO

Joel S. Goldman v

Bob Infelise vO

Scott Jacobson vO

Anjani Mandavia O

Michael S. Mensik & Marguerite M. Tompkins vO

Richard Jay MollerJudge Raymond Z. OrtizStephen M. Rummage vO

Gregory D. & Miriam V. Sheehan O

Andrew H. Trott O

Judge Lydia Villarreal v

Timothy John Williams vO

$500 - $999

Victoria Brademan & Robert A. Enholm vO

Carl E. Douglas O

Bruce D. Fong & Virginia Lim vO

Stephen D. Fraser & Deborah K. Miller vO

Richard Freedman vO

Norman P. Givant O

Barry L. Groce O

Albert T. Harutunian III vO

Thomas E. JonesRobert F. Leibenluft O

David M. Vander Haar vO

Mark D. Whatley vO

Timothy S. Williams vO

Sook Young Yeu vO

Up to $499

Richard K. Bauman O

Jennifer BergovoyThor E. Buell vO

Mark G. Chalpin vO

Hector M. ChaparroMichael C. Cohen O

Kit Crocker O

Paula S. Crow O

Lee A. DuRard v

Hon. Kelvin D. FilerWilliam J. Flynn O

Janet B. Fogel vO

Steven Formaker vO

Doug M. Fraleigh v

John N. Funk O

David F. Gantz v

Stephen L. Garber vO

LaVeeda R. Garlington-MathewsDebra L. GonzalesJames D. Gordon III vO

Rachel B. Hooper O

Craig W. Hunter vO

Lita M. JacosteDavid A. Katz vO

Julia Epley KleeLawrence M. Kopeikin vO

Ernest J. Krtil O

Vonya B. McCann vO

Stephen V. O'Neal O

Darryl ParkerJoel T. Perlstein v

Lauren A. Smith O

Mark A. Stankevich O

Geoffrey L. Thorpe vO

Arline S. TylerClifford Weingus

1981# of Donors 48

Participation 16%

Total Giving $40,808

$5,000 - $9,999

John R. Box O

Dana P. Newman vO

Diana H. Staring vO

$2,500 - $4,999

Joel A. Feuer & Regina A. Stagg vO

Daniel G. Jordan vO

$1,000 - $2,499

Robert Bramson vO

Rebecca De Kalb O

Joan E. Donoghue O

Erik D. Dryburgh v

Sandra A. Golze vO

Paul J. Klausner vO

Chris Locke O

John A. O'Malley vO

Lulu Zimmerman Witcoff vO

$500 - $999

Diane Aaron vO

Richard G. AndrewsGuy D. Calladine v

Peter W. Colby O

Yura Wi Freedman vO

Natalie L. Gubb vO

Gillis L. Heller vO

Warren E. Koons

Page 24: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

David O. Leiwant O

Patricia M. Scanlon vO$

David Daniel Wild vO

Kenneth T. Zwick vO

Up to $499

Anonymous (2)Jeffrey L. Bornstein v

Catherine H. Brown O

Ted W. CassmanRoss Cheit O

J. Frederick Clarke, Jr. vO

Eugene G. Cowan O

Ronald D. Kent O

Albert J. KutchinsMargaret G. Leavitt & Alan B. Lilly v

Michael K. MartinDeborah J. Marx v

Kenneth S. Meyers vO

Stephen P. Pezzola O

Craig A. Pinto O

Anthony R. Segall O

Kathryn Seligman O

Lawrence L. Tong O

Glenn Westreich O

1982# of Donors 44

Participation 15%

Total Giving $183,019

$100,000 and above

Joel S. Sanders vO

$10,000 - $24,999

Nancy R. Heinen v

$2,500 - $4,999

Elisë Chaffin Clowes & Howard Clowes O

Virginia Ettinger Phillips vO

$1,000 - $2,499

Joel A. BiatchCathy A. Costantino v

Steven M. Jawetz vO

Joseph D. Lee vO

Jennifer Bellah Maguire vO

Gary J. Malone v

Laurene W. McClainMark G. Parnes v

Charles J. Stevens vO

David Witcoff vO

Michael H. Zischke vO

$500 - $999

Bonnie I. Bogin O

Erithe A. SmithAnthony G. Stayner O

Jeffrey M. Sulenski vO

Up to $499

AnonymousYolanda T. Arellano & Jay Leslie Selwitz O

Wayne L. Bender vO

Lydia Raleigh Berggren vO

Bruce W. Blakely O

Edward G. BurgMargaret W. Carter O

Christopher Chase vO

Barbara Clark O

Diane L. Doubleday O

Tracy M. Getz vO

Elizabeth A. Ginsburg O

Jeffrey A. Glick vO

Heidi L. HamiltonMary K. Hedley vO

Mark L. Kenchelian vO

Donald M. Lewis III vO

Sarah E. Mack O

Lisa Spann Maslow O

Charles D. Pacheco O

Margaret R. Roisman vO

Hughes S. Turner O

Nanette J. Zavala

1983# of Donors 51

Participation 16%

Total Giving $135,309

$50,000 - $99,999

William H. Voge

$25,000 - $49,999

Michael F. Grady vO

$5,000 - $9,999

Monica B. Rodal vO

$2,500 - $4,999

AnonymousEric Chen vO

Martina W. Knee v

Thomas B. McGuire, Jr. & Josephine E. Powe vO

$1,000 - $2,499

Jeanne E. Berwick O

David S. Blum vO

Nick A. BoodrookasO

Jane E. Kahn v

Beth L. Karpf O

Gerald A. Kurland & Marta Thoerner Kurland vO

Rena L. O'Malley vO

Ethan P. Schulman v

Steven L. Smith vO

Michael D. Stern O

Mark D. Weinberg O

$500 - $999

Ramsey M. Al-Salam O

Mark A. FlagelAllen B. Grodsky vO

Peter H. KleeLauren M. LaPietra vO

Leslie A. Oster O

Ben Riley O

Neil E. Taxy vO

Carol Davis Zucker v

Up to $499

Anonymous (2)James F. Anderson O

Randall W. Black O

Lucia L. Blakeslee vO

Richard Burger vO

Felicia L. Chambers O

Kim E. ClarkRobert J. Faris vO

Phillip D. Fletcher O

Gregory L. HilbrichJonathan H. Hulbert vO

Ann Jorgensen v

Esther Y. Kim vO

Thomas D. Nevins III O

Catherine F. Ratcliffe O

James P. Rooney vO

Carol Samek v

Charles W. Sherman, Jr. O

Timothy A. Stafford O

Daniel T. SteinerJacque Nims Westling vO

1984# of Donors 63

Participation 21%

Total Giving $353,970

$100,000 and above

Ellyn M. Lindsay v

$10,000 - $24,999

Paula E. Boggs vO

Joanne Lahner vO

Mark S. Pécheck v

$5,000 - $9,999

David S. Carter vO

Mary Ellen (Burns) Kanoff O

$2,500 - $4,999

Sally A. Drach vO

Mary B. Foster vO

Thomas N. Harding v

Matthew W. Powell vO

John M. Rosenthal vO

Steven L. Vettel vO

Steven L. Wittels v

$1,000 - $2,499

Elizabeth P. Allor O

Lynn M. AlvarezKatharine A. BostickStacey M. Byrnes vO

Charles N. Charnas v

Scott A. Edelman v

Jay Fujitani vO

Mary R. Montella O

Michael D. Moradzadeh O

Eileen A. Shibata v

Joel R. Singer vO

Thomas W. Sondag O

Edward J. Willig III vO

$500 - $999

AnonymousAlan D. Greenberg O

Yuji Iwanaga O

Dennis O. Seymour, Jr. vO

Bruce M. Slavin vO

David L. Taub

Up to $499

Esthel B. AllenSamuel R. Behar O

Carol L. Bussey v

Kenneth C. Byrne vO

Leslie M. Campbell O

Margaret W. CapronNancy G. Case O$

Eric C. CasrielPaul H. Chan O

Michael J. Dalton vO

Deborah A. de Lambert O

Teresa L. FriendBeth M. Goldman O

David Gurnick O

Robin D. Irvine vO

Paul R. JohnsonAnn I. Jones O

Mary T. KeatingRobert R. Klotz O

Drew R. LiebertMilton L. Lorig vO

Crystal S. Needham O

Edward L. Quevedo O

George M. Riddle, Jr. O

Robert F. Roos vO

Veronica Sanchez v

Jose P. Umali vO

Susan Miles von HerrmannRichard G. Wallace vO

Neil J. Wertlieb O

Robert B. Wilcox, Jr.

1985# of Donors 55

Participation 19%

Total Giving $338,568

$100,000 and above

William R. Lindsay v

$10,000 - $24,999

Gregory D. Call v

Lindsee P. Granfield vO

Suzanne Greenberg vO

Donna M. Petkanics vO

$2,500 - $4,999

Michael L. Charlson vO

Carl B. Cheng O

Robert L. Lin v

v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased

2 2

Page 25: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

2 3

$1,000 - $2,499

Lee R. Bogdanof O

Robert A. Chapman vO

Jeffrey M. Chu & Tara K. Mochizuki v

Jennifer M. Coughlin O

Jeffrey C. Eglash vO

Craig B. Etlin vO

Michael W. Fitzgerald O

Bradley J. Rock vO

Marc J. Stone O

Lisa McCabe van Krieken O

$500 - $999

Peter H. Carson O

Timothy M. Gill O

Nancy S. Pemberton v

Deborah PulidoMiriam Ducoff Smolen vO

Up to $499

AnonymousLeslie Allen O

Kevin S. Allred O

Thomas P. Amodio v

Susan W. Ansberry O

Michael D. Austin O

John R. Burroughs O

Mary Coppinger Cutler vO

Michele M. Desoer O

Jeffrey H. Field O

Eugene T. Franklin O

Lisa J. Gold vO

Richard D. Gorelick vO

John D. Green O

Christopher M. Kennedy O

Che Hong Lee v

David R. McFadden O

Andrew H. Mohring O

Willard S. MoorePeter M. Patton vO

John H. PearsonRandall S. RodriguezDavid A. Rosenthal O

Daniel J. Schneider vO

Matthew D. Schreiber vO

Sergio A. Tejadilla O

Katherine J. Thomson vO

Stephen F. Tobias v

Kimberly Davenport Ware O

C. Brandon Wisoff O

Marc A. Zeppetello vO

1986# of Donors 48

Participation 17%

Total Giving $53,021

$10,000 - $24,999

Nancy L. Fineman v

Andrés Rivero vO

$5,000 - $9,999

Robert E. Cox

$2,500 - $4,999

Thomas F. KoegelDuane Lyons & Tracie Tabor Lyons vO

Miriam D. Starc vO

$1,000 - $2,499

Ross A. Albert vO

Karen L. BowenJames E. Castello O

John A. Clark v

Barbara H. Clement vO

Jay W. DeverichMillard A. Murphy v

Michael K. Plimack O

Adam Sachs O

Jack T. Sheridan vO

$500 - $999

Tony Bakos vO

Albert J. Boro, Jr. v

Kent E. CattaniShirley M. LukitschPhilip W. Peters O

Andrew M. ScobleBrodie C. Westen, Jr.

Up to $499

AnonymousStephen Antion O

Paul Churchill vO

Jason M. Cox v

Lauren B. Edelman v

Jerome H. Friedberg vO

Bruce Goto O

Rina Hirai vO

Nancy C. Jackson O

Julie A. Jones O

Claudia Valdez KnoxDavid J. Larwood vO

Lynn M. McLean O

Ross D. Meador O

Christy H. Taylor Mihaly O

Daniel R. Miller vO

Maria F. Ramiu O

Karen S. Schryver v

Tim Taich O

Robert J. TrachtenbergLaura I. Trejo v

Kathleen M. Vanden HeuvelJosé H. Varela v

Thomas C. Wolford O

1987# of Donors 46

Participation 15%

Total Giving $110,870

$50,000 - $99,999

Kenton J. King v

$10,000 - $24,999

Evan R. Cox vO

Erika A. Kelton vO

Laura W. Young v

$5,000 - $9,999

Bradford C. Lewis vO

$2,500 - $4,999

Neil A. F. Popovic v

$1,000 - $2,499

Marque C. Chambliss v

Mitchell M. Chupack vO

Linda M. Dardarian vO

Warren S. de Wied vO

Stephen P. Freccero vO

Ellen J. Garber vO

Kate Jastram v

Thomas A. Letscher v

Dana S. Rieger O

Denise M. Shea-MalcolmJonathan S. Simon v

$500 - $999

AnonymousMichael A. Chasalow vO

Barbara A. Fain vO

G. Markell Fluckiger v

Pamela L. JohnstonSteven W. PaulWilliam R. Sawyers vO

Dana A. Welch

Up to $499

AnonymousShelley R. Barber-Devine O

Anne Bruner Nash vO

Joyce C. L. Chow O

Vladimir P. Devens O

Genevieve T. Dougherty O

Drew E. Edwards & Johanna M. Fontenot O

Michael Eisner O

Joni T. Hiramoto vO

Karin J. Immergut O

Crystal D. Johnson vO

Jason R. Marks vO

Charles L. Miller O

R. Clark Morrison

v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased

Over the past 27 years, TRACY EDMONSON ’88 has

seen her corporate finance practice evolve from a California

focus to a worldwide endeavor—working on transactions that

involve companies from England, Sweden, Russia, France, Italy,

and elsewhere. “Being able to adapt to the various cultural and

business dynamics of these markets requires a global perspective

and a nimble personality,” she says. “Today’s law students must

be prepared for that.”

Having established a named scholarship at Berkeley Law, Tracy

relishes the chance to give back. “My husband and I benefitted

greatly from scholarships and other forms of assistance in

college and graduate school,” she says. “We want to support

programs at Berkeley that enable future generations to enjoy

those same benefits.”

Page 26: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

Christer L. Mossberg O

Anne E. MudgeSean A. O'BrienJohn L. Petr vO

Robert J. Plotkowski O

Richard S. Taylor O

1988# of Donors 47

Participation 15%

Total Giving $69,695

$10,000 - $24,999

Tracy K. Edmonson v

John W. Kuo vO

$5,000 - $9,999

Gregory T. Davidson vO

Lisa A. Landsman O

Charlene M. Morrow O

Diane Stewart-Zezza vO

David A. Zapolsky

$2,500 - $4,999

Evangelina M. Almirantearena v

Anthony J. Richmond vO

Edward J. Weiss O

$1,000 - $2,499

Kristi M. Ferraro O

William N. HebertWilliam M. Scherer vO

Christina A. Spaulding v

Claire A. Walls v

David E. Woodruff vO

$500 - $999

AnonymousSteven D. Anderson vO

Priscilla S. Carson O

Marc S. Harris O

John O. Horsley O

Daryl S. Landy O

Diane M. L. Lee O

Rosemarie Y. NahmWon-Kyou RyouMaureen A. Young v

Up to $499

Ichiro Araki vO

Keven F. BaxterErick J. Becker vO

Damon M. Connolly O

Adam C. Dawson O

Loree A. DeveryCarroll S. Dorgan O

Kelly L.M. Hauser O

Anne S. HillearyKatharine B. Hsiao O

Marina C. Hsieh O

Jeffrey B. Kirschenbaum O

Nobu Kitamura O

Janet Luck v

Frances E. Marshall O

John F. Pinheiro vO

Kevin P. Quinn, SJ vO

Michael J. Rochman O

Mark M. Sharf O

Joan Stieber O

Jeffrey A. Teich O

1989# of Donors 71

Participation 24%

Total Giving $169,306

$25,000 - $49,999

Mark B. Abbott v

Jeff Bleich O

Diane M. Doolittle vO

$10,000 - $24,999

Ellen E. Jamason O

$5,000 - $9,999

Caroline D. Avery & Jon S. Tigar vO

Debra L. Fischer vO

Geoffrey M. Gold v

James P. Ryan vO

$2,500 - $4,999

Robert L. Falk v

Robert R. Holmen v

Karen L. KennardK. John ShafferAnita F. StorkMichael F. Tubach O

Julie Kusske Xanders vO

$1,000 - $2,499

David R. E. Aladjem O

Carol L. Brownstein vO

Charles Q. Clay IIILeon Dayan v

Jami Floyd O

Bonnie E. Fought vO

Geoffrey W. Haynes vO

Steven Hellman vO

Michael G. King O

Fritz K. Koehler O

Randall R. Lee vO

Daniel E. O'Connor O

Thomas A. RyanBarbara J. Schussman O

Ted S. Storey vO

$500 - $999

Carlos A. AlvarezBrian E. Argrett vO

Merri A. Baldwin O

Edward G. BlackMark V. Boennighausen v

Leland ChanThomas M. Cleary O

Robert C. Holtzapple vO

Kenneth M. Kliebard O

Cynthia Lee v

Jeffrey J. LewisA. Sprightley Ryan

Up to $499

AnonymousDaniel E. Altman O

Scott H. Bauman O

Adam C. BelskyMarcelyn R. Cox O

Timothy P. CrudoJayne M. (DeCubellis) Donegan O

Laura N. Fashing vO

Emily H. Herzstein O

Daniel T. JudgeDavid C. Kalemkarian vO

Alison D. Keel vO

Rebecca J. Kurland v

Bradley S. Lui O

Robin E. Miller & Daniel Rossi O

Letitia D. Moore O

Ilene N. MooreMarco QuazzoJill L. Robinson O

Robert A. SaltzbergAaron R. Schwabach O

Lois W. Schwartz vO

Anita D. Stearns Mayo vO

Traci M. Tait v

Howard L. Yellen O

Donna R. Ziegler O

1990# of Donors 47

Participation 16%

Total Giving $97,650

$25,000 - $49,999

Mareta C. Hamre v

$10,000 - $24,999

Robert P. Doty vO

Tom Stoever v

$5,000 - $9,999

Clare M. Maier vO

Allan T. Marks vO

Kathi J. Pugh v

Michael L. Tuchin vO

$2,500 - $4,999

Araceli Cole vO

Thomas A. Counts vO

Juliet A. Davison vO

Michael L. Schenkman vO

Kim A. Thompson v

v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased

Student journals constitute a formative experience for many

Berkeley Law students. Now a top real estate development attorney, ROBERT DOTY ’90 recalls how Ecology Law Quarterly

(ELQ) “made my time in law school vastly better, led to some work

I did during my 2L summer, and sharpened my career focus.”

Now a major supporter of ELQ and the school’s Center for Law,

Energy & the Environment, Robert gives back because it “seems

like the least I could do, and without question what I should do.”

He fondly recalls “the intellectual challenge and the camaraderie

of a bunch of cool, sharp, low-drama people” from his law student

days, and urges fellow alums to stay engaged with the school.

“Whether through time, money, or preferably both, we make the

institution stronger.”

2 4

Page 27: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together


$1,000 - $2,499

Kurt Flehinger O

Gretta Goldenman O

Renata B. Hesse O

$500 - $999

Martin D. Bern O

Juliet T. Browne & Jon W. Hinck v

Vickie K. Mavromihalis O

Juliana A. Moersdorf-Schulte O

Gregory N. Pimstone v

Walter E. Rusinek O

Martin Schulte O

Jaeha J. Shin O

Kevin E. Solliday O

Up to $499

Christopher B. Conner vO

Lt. Col. Frank Delzompo, USMC & Lisa Delzompo O

Carlos Deustua-Landazuri O

Thomas Dorer vO

David A. Ericksen vO

Ellison Folk O

Arthur D. Gunther O

Kimberly T. Harris O

Akiko ItoMike Kass O

Paula R. Lee O

Janelle LondonPhilip C. Monrad O

Benjamin D. Nieberg O

J. Robert Renner vO

Robert G. Retana O

Lawrence W. RuthJennifer U. SaundersJohn W. Sither v

Paul J. Titcher O

Victoria Saker Woeste

1991# of Donors 39

Participation 14%

Total Giving $75,692

$10,000 - $24,999

Kevin P. KennedyMark A. Lemley vO

Ragesh K. Tangri

$5,000 - $9,999

Sean M. SeLegue vO

$2,500 - $4,999

James H. Abrams vO

Holly Doremus v

Rick W. Jarvis vO

$1,000 - $2,499

John J. BrouhardL. Rachel Lerman v

Timothy A. Miller vO

Michael H. Page O

$500 - $999

Andrew M. Kaplan vO

Kevin T. Lantry vO

Claude B. Stansbury vO

Up to $499

Edgar B. Cale III vO

Claire Truxaw Cormier O

Kate Hartley O

Lorena E. Haynes O

Steven S. Kimball O

Trisha M. Kimura vO

Scott A. Kronland vO

Daniel B. Lantry O

Polene Ng Liu O

Marc S. Maister O

Thomas N. McAlileyJames P. McHugh O

Howard G. McPherson vO

Hillary B. Rossman O

Shelley J. Sandusky v

Varya SimpsonJohn E. Somorjai vO

Sidney J. SpaethGeraldine N. SparrowMarta I. Tanenhaus O

Mary Ellmann Tang O

Jessica C. Vapnek O

Katherine Knopoff Wadley vO

Karen Hanson Wellman O

Barbara Leibhardt Wester

1992Donors 43

Participation 17%

Total Giving $56,630

$10,000 - $24,999

Daralyn J. DurieLeo B. Helzel v

$5,000 - $9,999

David M. Barkan v

Jeffrey A. Kaiser vO

Alex M. Moisa & Irma Rodriguez-Moisa vO

$2,500 - $4,999

Erika Rottenberg vO

Sandee Simshauser vO

$1,000 - $2,499

Angel A. Garganta vO

Karen E. & Thomas J. Ivey O

Julian K. Ong O

$500 - $999

Daniel B. Asimow & LeAnn G. Bischoff v

Joshua A. Lipp vO

Robert B. Mison vO

Susan Roeder v

Up to $499

Deborah E. Beck vO

Raymond E. Cannon & John J. Sullivan vO

Thel W. Casper vO

Bettina M. Fernandez O

Lisa B. Fitzgerald O

Sue C. Hansen vO

Daniel Juarez O

Michael F. Kelleher v

Caroline S. Lee & Stephen L. Raucher vO

Patricia R. Lenzi vO

Abraham C. & Elizabeth A. MeltzerLynne M. Rasmussen O

Daniel A. SaundersAlexa C. SaxonHoward Shelanski vO

Dionne G. SinclairJonathan M. StreiferJaime A. Villalobos vO

Timothy J. WellmanRaymond P. Weschler vO

Ronald R. WestonChun Wright vO

Laura J. Zuckerman

1993# of Donors 51

Participation 17%

Total Giving $40,672

$10,000 - $24,999

Michael S. Kagnoff

$5,000 - $9,999

Stephanie H. Gold v

$2,500 - $4,999

Lawrence E. Mittin vO

$1,000 - $2,499

Erik H. AdamsDaniel J. Cloherty vO

Simon J. Dickens O

Christine L. Hoang O

Suzanne T. Michel vO

Jonathan M. Palmer & Kara Diane Palmer vO

Yvonne M. Pierrou & Michael D. Prough vO

Michael B. Schwarz vO

Jane G. Zerbi O

$500 - $999

William H.D. Fernholz vO

William T. Gallagher v

Petrina S. Hsi vO

Anthony C. Infanti vO

Scott R. Maples O

James R. Potter vO

Rhonda R. Trotter vO

Up to $499

Catherine R. Albiston & Marc N. Melnick

Ellen R. Auriti O

Cheryl L. & Jesse Berg v

Margo N. BradishRaul Cadena O

Claudio R. Chavez O

Christine H. Dauchez O

Thomas A. Ericsson O

Thomas L. Freedman v

Kimberly A. Gaab vO

James W. Govert O

Joyce L. Hom JonesMark S. HowensteinJoel S. JacobsAlex & Stacy Kray O

Melonie J. McCall O

Daphne Moore vO

Dirk R. Mueller O

Theresa A. Nagle O

Jeffrey W. NoeRobert M. Shore O

Eric M. SteinertJenifer Schatten SwirnoffSerra M. Tsethlikai O

James D. Vaughn O

Yiping Yang vO

Jinshu Zhang O

1994# of Donors 46

Participation 20%

Total Giving $55,425

$10,000 - $24,999

Tom Peckham vO

$5,000 - $9,999

Glenn L. Briggs O

Jasmin Patel Levander O

Darren M. Trattner vO

Charles W. Welch vO

$2,500 - $4,999

Seraphim Mar O

David Y. Otsuka v

$1,000 - $2,499

Frank A. CialoneMonica K. Cloherty vO

Lee A. Edlund vO

Ingrid Hosten MittermaierDaniel L. Pines vO

Ellen J. Rubin vO

Nicole M. RyanMichelle W. Waites vO

$500 - $999

AnonymousMiles J. Feldman O

John H. Marlow O

David F. Rees & Linly Ferris Rees vO

v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased

Page 28: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

Up to $499

AnonymousFelix Avila & Elizabeth A. Camacho O

Michael S. Carl O

Mark D. Lucia vO

Andrew K. Lueder O

Richard J. McNulty O

Stephen M. Miller vO

Debora A. Morrison O

Craig D. NorrisRachel Nosowsky O

Cathy J. Ostiller vO

Robert "Perl" Perlmutter O

John P. PhillipsEdward F. Quigley O

Hon. Joseph M. QuinnJames B. Rodriguez O

Eric J. Rosenzweig vO

Yael R. Schauder O

Byron Shoji v

Frank E. Solomon vO

Molly S. StumpPhilip C. TencerTimothy J. Walsh O

Sarah C. Wilson O

Arthur C. Young O

1995# of Donors 47

Participation 17%

Total Giving $47,779

$10,000 - $24,999

Mario L. Barnes vO

Jennifer G. & Sean D. Rodgers

$1,000 - $2,499

AnonymousBrett Cooper vO

Alexandre B. Makler vO

Christopher G. Nicholson

$500 - $999

Matthew S. Forsyth v

Nicole D. Harris v

Paniti Junhasavasdikul vO

Alyssa T. Koo vO

Thomas Mayhew O

Shaun D. Moore O

Cynthia A. Nastanski O

Matthew F. Roberts vO

Stephanie Sue Powers SkaffThomas N. Stephens vO

Stephanie Switzer-BruleAbril B. & George A. Turner O

Glenda M. Zarbock

Up to $499

AnonymousAmber E. AlonsoChristopher J. ArriolaGretchen Bosschart Barber vO

Nicole Bartow vO

Kathleen Bryski O

Jeffry S. Butler O

Steven A. Childress v

Stephanie E. Deaner O

Darin H. Donovan O

John H. DouglasDenise Pino ErwinPatrick J. Farrell vO

David P. Jedrzejek O

David R. King O

Charisma Lam O

Tienne E. Lee O

Lisa A. Mammel O

David & Jill McConaughy O

John J. McIlvery O

Gilman T. Miller O

Anna E. Muzzy vO

Laura H. Parsky v

Peter W. Poulos O

Scott A. Shorr vO

1996# of Donors 39

Participation 15%

Total Giving $36,568

$10,000 - $24,999

Mitch Zuklie v

$5,000 - $9,999

Karen I. Boyd vO

$2,500 - $4,999

Matthew W. Close v

$1,000 - $2,499

James J. Fontanilla vO

Peter Goss vO

Gilbert M. Labrucherie, Jr. O

$500 - $999

JoAn Cho & Satoshi Yanai vO

Zahavah S. Levine O

Brooks A. Olbrys vO

Robert S. Schlossman vO

Daniel ShanfieldStacey L. Wexler

Up to $499

Anya M. Binsacca O

J. Taylor Browning O

Monica J. Burick O

Catharine Wildenthal Cummer O

Jonathan M. Eisenberg v

Christi M. Gotvald O

Gustavo Grunbaum O

Andrew M. Gschwind O

Jonathan T. Laba O

Jeanine M. Larrea O

Brian M. Maney O

Miguel A. MarquezTed Mermin & Claudia Polsky vO

Christopher H. Pederson vO

JL Piscitello vO

Marya A. Postner, PhDBrad R. Roth O

Sandra M. Schwarzmann O

Mark D. Servino vO

Katherine A. Sieck O

Robert E. Solomon vO

Jessica Takano vO

Yen B. Trac v

Christopher D. Watkins O

Margaret L. Wu

1997# of Donors 46

Participation 16%

Total Giving $16,960

$2,500 - $4,999

Jennifer Salzman Romano

$1,000 - $2,499

Lisa Arakaki vO

Jennifer M. Friedman O

Sabing H. Lee vO

Daniel E. PurcellBrad Simon vO

$500 - $999

Cristin R. Carr & David M. JolleyChris Chavez O

Thomas B. Ginsburg vO

Laura A. Heymann O

Nan Joesten O

Carrie E. JohnsonLaurel B. Miranda O

Martin Toulouse O

Karen M. Yan

Up to $499

AnonymousAJ Aquilina vO

Shona L. Armstrong vO

Barton E. Bowers O

David W. Bowker vO

Jess Bravin vO

Catherine J. Carter vO

Shirley D. Chin O

Jahmal T. Davis O

Keith A. Dropkin O

Chad D. Finke O

Margaret Nell Fitzgerald vO

Steven R. Harmon vO

Thomas P. HenneAndy Huang O

Ivy H. JonesDave Kling O

Star LightnerLeanne M. MaderCromwell R. Montgomery vO

Kurt B. Opsahl v

Diana D. Perry-Elby v

Gary A. Pulsinelli vO

Jennifer T. Sanchez O

Linda P. Shih vO

Kevin J. Simon O

Jojiro Takano vO

Julie S. Turner O

Osa L. Wolff vO

Brent Yamashita vO

1998# of Donors 35

Participation 13%

Total Giving $38,500

$10,000 - $24,999

Abe M. Friedman O

$5,000 - $9,999

Matthew AntonelliKan T. Donohoe O

$1,000 - $2,499

Elizabeth L. Riles Clements vO

Lance Etcheverry O

Randall Keen vO

Michael S. Kwun vO

Adam SchwenkerJohn A. Scott O

$500 - $999

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Samuel Craig Dibble vO

Matti Fromson O

Caitlin M. Liu v

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Daniel K. Yost

Up to $499

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Michelle I. FowlerKelly S. Howick & Robby W. Mockler vO

Peggy Huang O

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Mae T. O'MalleyNicole M. Pearl & Cynthia Tobisman O

Debbie Yee v

1999# of Donors 35

Participation 12%

Total Giving $30,100

$10,000 - $24,999

Drew Davis v

$2,500 - $4,999

Gillian N. Brown v

Heather Mewes

v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased

2 6

Page 29: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together


$1,000 - $2,499

Te-Fang ChuDeborah McInnes Festa vO

Alison P. Howard v

James LiCarol Sherman Zaist

$500 - $999

Ellen A. Berman O

Paula L. BlizzardMatthew T. Kline O

Dawn C. Van TasselChristina M. Wheeler vO

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Lisa A. FrankJohnny J. Graves vO

Jeffrey Edward Hall O

Diana L. Lock O

Ingrid Loran-Haranqui vO

Lynn Alejandro LugoDavid E. Mastagni O

Frank J. Mycroft O

Anthony A. Patel O

Deana Pollard O

Suellen Ratliff Perry O

Christopher G. Seldin O

Wansun Song

2000# of Donors 43

Participation 14%

Total Giving $15,256

$2,500 - $4,999

Michael Woodrow DeVries O

$1,000 - $2,499

Salima A. Merani, PhD v

Michael J. Sawyer v

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Ethan B. Andelman v

Scott B. Birkey v

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Michael D. Murphy vO

Dawn Sestito O

Up to $499

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Warren Bleeker vO

Lee M. Caplan O

Rebecca S. Engrav vO

Lisa D. Fialco O

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Mie Fujimoto O

Rachel L. Gibson O

Tamir I. Goldstein O

Tiffany L. Gomez O

Daisy Y. Ha vO

Erika K. Mikkelsen Halford O

Jason P. Hannigan O

E. Anne Hawkins & Jacob R. SorensenMatthew R. Hulse O

Catherine F. Johnson O

Michelle J. KaneAudrey K. KwanGerald T. Lau O

Carrie Melissa LeRoy O

Eric A. Moon vO

Suzanne E. Pyatt O

Joshua S. Rider v

Joshua A. Room O

Julie A. Salamon O

Neha M. Sampat O

Monica C. Hayde Schreiber vO

Mary Elizabeth Smith vO

Lester Szeto O

Karl W. TorkeJohn Tydlaska &

Melissa Clayton TydlaskaJennifer M. Urban

2001# of Donors 44

Participation 15%

Total Giving $39,409

$10,000 - $24,999

Vivian W. Chang v

$5,000 - $9,999

Yury Kapgan vO

$2,500 - $4,999

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Anne E. Mahle vO

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Jeff Schrepfer vO

Catherine Shuck v

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Tracy Eila Reichmuth vO

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2002# of Donors 39

Participation 19%

Total Giving $22,792

$10,000 - $24,999


$1,000 - $2,499

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Racheal Turner

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Tyler C. Gerking & Amelia Miazad O

Annie & Jason Lam vO

Carla A. McCauley O

Brian D. McDonald O

Christopher Jonathan Schafer v

Sabra-Anne Rachel Truesdale

v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased

ANNE MAHLE ’01 is used to bringing things full circle.

Years after teaching with Teach For America (TFA), she returned

and currently serves as senior vice president of public partnerships.

Long active in Berkeley Law’s International Human Rights Law

Clinic, she is now one of its staunch supporters. “The clinic has

a huge impact on the conversation around human rights,” says

Anne, noting its work on the effects of mass violence and war

crimes. “In addition, it helps students gain real expertise.”

Anne, the lead on TFA’s public policy efforts and government

interactions, also makes unrestricted gifts to the law school.

“I learned so much at Berkeley and received many opportunities

to apply that knowledge,” she says. “It made a deep impact on

my personal and professional trajectory.”

Page 30: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

Up to $499

Maki Arakawa v

Edward J. Balsamo O

Katherine Race Brin vO

Ana Cheney vO

Michael Franzinger O

Nina C. Geneson Otis vO

Franklin B. Goldberg v

Brian HartyCharles J. Higley O

Dana N. Hirschenbaum vO

Alison Nameth Kamber O

Miriam KimLucinda L. LeaDeborah A. Leonard O

Marcia H. Loeffelholz O

Daniel H. Mao vO

Sarah Ratcliffe Choi O

Denise Lillian Riley vO

Shannon Rozner v

Mara & Ben Shreck vO

Jason Todd Snyder vO

Margaret S. Thomas O

Katherine Anne Wenger O

2003# of Donors 47

Participation 16%

Total Giving $19,665

$2,500 - $4,999

Kevin K. Babikian vO

Demetrius Chapin-Rienzo O

Lisa Delehunt Olle vO

$1,000 - $2,499

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Scott Yu O

$500 - $999

Kelly N. Bartling O

Matthew P. Chapman vO

Brandon J. Mark O

Ramona Mateiu v

Raffi V. Zerounian O

Up to $499

Maral A. Aristakessian vO

Emily L. Berning O

Jamaar M. Boyd-Weatherby O

Ryan J. Casamiquela vO

Ellen CookmanAndrew V. Devkar O

Benjamin T. & Sarah C. Duranske O

Allison L. Ehlert O

Ian H. EliasophJamie L. Frieden O

Hayley C. Goodson v

Tobias D. & Laura Marie HalvarsonMark D. Harmon O

Christopher D. Hazuka O

Andrea Goldsmith Heyn & Matthew Heyn O

John E. Janhunen O

Lori Kepner O

Valerie L. MeyerKamon D. Naddaf O

Amir A. Naini vO

Nicole A. OzerSheila A. Quinlan v

Andrea Saunders Rifenbark O

Heather Rosmarin O

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Erik R. Stallman vO

Matthew J. Syrkin vO

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David E. West O

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Catha A. WorthmanKatherine L. Zucca O

Erica K. Zunkel v

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Benson R. Cohen v

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Dennis J. Smith O

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Sonja M. Strahm O

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Michelle R. Watts-Gallick

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Benjamin C. Geiger O

Sumin Joo O

Melanie R. Kay vO

Colin E. Kelley O

Lisette G. Kimes O

Charlene Y. Kon O

v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased

2 8

Page 31: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together


Cheryl Galindo Kushida O

Michael R. LepieTara C. LundstromJeannette M. MacMillan O

Joseph T. McNallyNayantara Mehta O

Christopher D. Moon O

Jonathan A. Mukai O

Katherine M. Nolan-StevauxSarah Rackley OlsonKatherine A. RyanRanganath T. Sudarshan O

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2007# of Donors 54

Participation 16%

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$10,000 - $24,999

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Scott A. Zimmermann v

$500 - $999

Yusef J. AlexandrineIlham A. Hosseini

Up to $499

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Heather M. Barnett MinnerDeborah K. BarronElizabeth Richards BingCorinne I. Calfee v

Janette D. Catron v

James M. ChavezLin A. ChinAnand H. Das O

Lara K. EilhardtMark R. Feeser v

Sonia M. Gonzales & Jameel R. Harb O

Leah C. Granger O

Ruth L. HawleyGrace S. Ho O

Neelam Ihsanullah O

John D. Le & Madelene Sun v

Jason H. Lee & Doan T. Nguyen O

Jennie LevinJessica L. LoarieMarkus Lotz O

Joseph B. McInnis & Virginia M. Zaunbrecher vO

Jenna Musselman Yott O

Akira Nagasaki O

Eric R. Ostrem & Mary Schomberg Ostrem O

Teresa Panepinto v

Jessica S. ParsonsSusan E. Porth O

Amanda M. Rinkoff O

Daniel C. RoismanPuneet K. Sandhu vO

Mairead J. Schwab O

Moira K. Smith O

Sarah E. Simmons Spires vO

Sara L. Terheggen, Ph.D O

Alison R. Watkins v

Martin D. White O

Bryant Y. F. Yang vO

2008# of Donors 59

Participation 16%

Total Giving $18,613

$2,500 - $4,999

Samson O. Asiyanbi vO

Robert B. Cunningham vO

$1,000 - $2,499

Sandra L. Haberny O

Hirotaka Okada vO

Stephen P. Sibold vO

Katherine A. TrefzJason C. Wright O

$500 - $999

Jaejoon Chung $

Frances D. FengHector O. Huezo v

Hyun-Sook Kang O

Monique E. Liburd v

Sajjad S. MatinDaniel Joseph Pollak O

Up to $499

AnonymousMojgone Azemun v

Zulaikha AzizJeffrey A. BarlekampBrien C. Bell O

Joshua R. Benson & Katherine C. Lubin vO

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Ian E. Browning O

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Ming H. ChenChhunny ChheanSteve C. Chiu O

Phillip R. ClarkIan D. Clunies-Ross vO

Erin R. DarlingJohn B. de Leon O

Malik D. Dhanani O

Jordan DiamondTanit Follett O

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Sarah T. Grossman-Swenson & Robert W. Studley O

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Van Swearingen v

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Penelope Van TuylErin L. Ziegler

2009# of Donors 59

Participation 15%

Total Giving $22,550

$5,000 - $9,999

Sally Lee

$2,500 - $4,999

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Justin M. Winegar

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Jennifer R. SaionzSamorn SelimMargaret A. SextonJulie H. Shah O

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2010# of Donors 55

Participation 14%

Total Giving $14,451

$5,000 - $9,999

Joseph Khaled Halloum

$1,000 - $2,499

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$500 - $999

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Alexander K. DiGiorgio v

Heather Matsumoto Hoekstra

Up to $499

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Erica FranklinChristopher A. Franklin O

Jenna M. Grambort O

Vartanoush M. Hindoyan O

Atteeyah E. Hollie v

Camilla A. HrdyJessica E. Intrator O

v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased

Page 32: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased

Rachel R. JonesBenjamin T. Jones O

Sarah M. Keane vO

Christina C. Kogan O

Kerry S. Kumabe O

Anson Lau O

Jonas B. LermanDouglas C. Lionberger O

Rebecca S. Liu O

Sumit Mallick & Allison O. Watkins vO

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2011# of Donors 50

Participation 11%

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2012# of Donors 66

Participation 15%

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$10,000 - $24,999


$500 - $999

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2013# of Donors 49

Participation 9%

Total Giving $4,005,845

$100,000 and above


$1,000 - $2,499

Katherine L. Katcher

$500 - $999

Chee H. Goh O

Up to $499

Colleen K. Bazdarich O

Lily Bu O

Joseph V. Bui v

Nathan C. Damweber O

Berkeley Law’s Student-Initiated Legal Services Projects (SLPS) gave KATHERINE KATCHER ’13 experience—and inspiration.

After co-founding the Post-Conviction Advocacy Project, she

represented California prisoners at parole hearings. “It was so

empowering,” she says. “Our success rate for release was much

higher than the state average. It showed how a group’s commitment

can make a real impact.”

Katherine supports SLPS for instilling in her “the courage” to

launch Root & Rebound, a reentry legal advocacy center based in

Oakland that works statewide to increase justice and opportunity

for people with criminal records. “Being in SLPS takes extra time

and effort,” she says. “When law students work to help actual

clients, it shows a passion to change the world—and the grit

to do so.”

3 0

Page 33: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together


Priscilla G. Dodson O

Anna M. Dorn O

Lauren G. Escher vO

Daniel H. Eun O

Erin B. Everett O

Sonia L. FleuryJeffrey C. Gonzalez O

Paul B. GoodwinVivek R. Gopalan O

Allina M. Hightower O

Saira A. HussainHamilton JordanMaya B. Karwande v

Kennji D. Kizuka O

Bali K. KumarRobert R. Landicho O

Corey D. LaplanteCaroline E. LeeJane A. Levich O

Shannon M. Maguire O

Elnaz Manoucheri O

Christopher L. Martin O

Neha N. Matani O

Darren J. Modzelewski O

Kaitlyn M. Murphy vO

Joseph A. Ng ChanKei Nishimura O

Lisa M. Damm Northrup O

Ann Mary E. Olson O

Renee Pesiri O

Swati R. Prakash O

Charles E. Rogerson O

Molly A. Smolen O

Renata Stepanov O

Timothy Sun O

James N. TanseySamona L. Taylor v

Mary Tharin vO

Paula Vargas O

Adrian R. Villagomez Aleman O

Yichuan Wang O

Charlynn L. Weissenbach v

2014# of Donors 98

Participation 18%

Total Giving $12,529

$1,000 - $2,499

Anne T. Hilby vO

Leo Rifkind

$500 - $999

Jennifer N. Cadet O

Katherine J. Duncan O

Marienna H. Murch O

Joseph C. SantiestebanGustavo A. Taiar O

Up to $499

AnonymousDevon A. Ahearn O

Amy L. Belsher O

Laura E. BishopKeagan D. BuchananFernando S. CastroLing-An Chen O

Theresa H. ChengPaul D. CiccarelliJoseph L. Cooter O

Benjamin M. Craven O

Sean A. Darling-Hammond O

Meike J. De Boer O

Alessia De Coppi O

Sylvia L. De TarAlan C. EnriquezKathryn A. Eshbaugh O

Elisabeth L. EspositoChristina R. FarmerLinda C. GeballeMegan M. GentryEmily D. GladdenAndrew J. Gordon v

Elizabeth A. Hadzima O

Sara Haji O

Shahmeer A. Halepota O

Susan S. Har O

Sreelekha Haridas MaruthurRyan J. Hart O

Jefferson J. Harwell O

Shana R. HellerYesica Hernandez O

George HorvathGrace Hsu O

Naomi C. HungShaina Z. Hyder O

Carine Jabbour O

Robert D. Jurrens O

Aiko Kanayama O

Amanda M. Karl O

Julie A. Kent O

Stacie O. KinserJesse J. KoehlerCatherine Y. KwonNicholas M. Lampros O

Allison M. Lauterbach-Dale O

Alex S. Li O

Leilani Lipa O

Steven A. LopezLalitha D. Madduri O

Patrick S. McNallyGabriel A. MilitelloChase R. Morello O

Jesus MosquedaJohn W. Muse-Fisher v

Veronica NautsAdam E. NguyenJoseph A. OhensOluwabukunola O. Olabenjo O

Justin Orr O

Sarah W. OrrickJanine F. Panchok-BerryMaxwell H. Pines O

John R. Pollino O

Ryne C. PoseyAlexandra R. PressmanChitra RentalaJeanne U. Reyes O

Ashley N. Rodriguez O

Whitney L. Rubenstein O

Juan C. Sanchez O

Donald E. ShackelfordCharles J. ShengJonathan S. SidhuLauren E. SmithEmily R. Soeder O

Sara C. Stephens O

Penni K. Takade O

Andrew B. TalaiLogan T. Talbot

Zefanya Tampubolon O

James A. UngerKimberley C. WeberEthan M. WeinerHeather A. WellesMay WhitakerSamuel A. WilsonAlexandra A. Wood O

Efan WuBenjamin J. Yood O

Winny Young O

Current StudentsUp to $499

Golda G. Calonge ’16

Alexander S. Coley ’15 O

Sophia B. Cooper ’16

Bevan A. Dowd ’15

Jitesh K. Dudani ’15

Courtney M. Fraser ’15

Lora J. Krsulich ’16 O

John D. Maher ’16

Elise M. O'Dea ’15

Kyra A. Taylor ’16

Tara Waterman ’15

Takatoshi Yanagisawa ’15 O

v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased

Among last year's JD student body, 65 percent received

institutional financial aid.

JD Program tuition and fees for this academic year are $48,655 for California residents and $52,576 for out-of-state residents.

Berkeley Law spent $13,129,274 on financial aid this

past fiscal year. That expenditure includes scholarships, grants,

summer fellowships, and post-graduate Bridge Fellowships.

Last year's largest need-based grant was $25,030, which

40 upper-class students received. Another 10 students received

maximum first-year grants of $23,030.


Page 34: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

$100,000 and above

Sanford H. Kadish vb

$50,000 - $99,999

Pamela Samuelson v

$25,000 - $49,999

Sujit Choudhry & Ira Parghi

$10,000 - $24,999

AnonymousRichard M. Buxbaum ’53 vO

Jesse H. Choper v

John Yoo v

$5,000 - $9,999

Babette B. Barton ’54 O

Emily Bruce & Justin McCraryRobert A. Kagan v

Richard P. MendelsonPeter Menell & Claire Sylvia

$2,500 - $4,999

Robert H. Cole & Eleanor SwiftHolly D. Doremus ’91 vO

Daniel A. Farber v

Mark GergenEdward C. Halbach, Jr. v

Herma Hill Kay v

David Oppenheimer v

$1,000 - $2,499

Robert P. Bartlett & Victoria Plaut v

Robert C. Berring, Jr. ’74 O

Robert D. CooterMel EisenbergLaurel Fletcher & Jeff Selbin v

Jennifer M. Granholm & Daniel Mulhern v

John R. HetlandBob Infelise ’80 vO

Kate Jastram ’87 v

David Lieberman v

Charles J. McClain, Jr.Melissa E. Murray v

Jeffrey Newman ’66 O

Ann M. O'Leary ’05 vO

Elisabeth Semel v

Jonathan S. Simon ’87 vO

Eric Stover v

Stephen D. Sugarman v

Gillian Lester & Eric Talley v

Franklin E. Zimring

$500 - $999

John E. CoonsMalcolm FeeleyWilliam H. Fernholz ’93 vO

Kinch HoekstraAlexa Koenig v

Saira Mohamed v

Anne Joseph O'Connell & Jamie O'Connell v

Andrea L. Peterson ’78 vO

Russell RobinsonAntonio Rossmann v

Harry N. Scheiber v

Paul M. Schwartz v

Martin Shapiro v

Up to $499

Kathryn Abrams & William A. KellCatherine R. Albiston ’93 O

Ty Alper v

Roxanna M. Altholz ’99

Kenneth M. AyotteKenneth A. Bamberger v

Cheryl L. Berg ’93 vO

Eric Biber v

Carolyn P. BlumAndrew BradtGeorge H. BrownStephen McG. Bundy ’78 vO

Michelle ColeCatherine CrumpAllison S. Davenport ’04 O

Steven Davidoff SolomonLauren B. Edelman ’86 vO

Aaron EdlinWilliam A. FletcherMary Louise D. FramptonStavros Gadinis & Katerina LinosDavid GamageKyle F. GrahamAndrew T. Guzman v

Ian Haney-LópezGeoffrey C. HazardMarci HoffmanKristen HolmquistChris Jay HoofnaglePatricia Plunkett Hurley


v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased

Dean of Students Annik

Hirshen, Adjunct Professor

Mary Louise Frampton,

Field Placement Director

Sue Schechter, and First-

Year Skills Program Director

Lindsay Sturges Saffouri are

all smiles after this year's


Thomas M. JordePrasad KrishnamurthyChristopher L. Kutz v

Sarah M. Laubach ’05 O

Taeku LeeKristin LukerJohn K. McNultyRobert P. MergesSeth E. Mermin ’96 vO

Calvin Morrill v

Michael Mushenojohn a. powell ’73

Kevin QuinnEric Rakowski v

Bertrall RossAndrea Roth v

Daniel L. RubinfeldLindsay Sturges SaffouriSusan B. Schechter v

Marjorie M. Shultz ’76 vO

Lucinda SikesFred Smith, Jr.Sarah SongAvani M. SoodRachel E. Stern v

Justin SweetTalha SyedKaren TaniChristopher TomlinsAmanda TylerJennifer M. Urban ’00 O

Molly Van HouwelingKathleen M. Vanden Heuvel ’86 O

Jan VetterLeti VolppCharles D. Weisselberg

Rachel Barley v

Michael BazeleyAlexey F. BerlindCatalina C. Cariaga-Nakamura v

Andrew Cohen Fran Davis v

Stephanie E. Deaner ’95 O

Jordan Diamond ’08

Patricia DonnellyLouise FrancisTerrence J. GalliganMeg Garstang

David GradyAnnik HirshenBrooke KrystosekAndrea Lampros-Fike v

Amelia Miazad ’02 O

Kim T. Seelinger

Sheri ShowalterRobert Sproul Adam B. Sterling ’12 O

Edward TomDennis TominagaSusan R. Whitman


v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor O = All Access Giving b = Deceased

3 2

Page 35: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together


$100,000 and above

Jennifer C. Cobb & Maurice ObstfeldMelissa CobbMary C. EricksonDouglas E. & Lisa M. GoldmanFlorianne H. Gordon v

Marion B. Slusser bv

Thomas W. & Diane G. Smith

$50,000 - $99,999

AnonymousDavid M. & Camille A. AndrewsLynda Andrews-Barry & Mark BarryJosef D. CooperRobert Glushko v

Alva G. GreenbergRandall GuynnMaja v

Greg & Liz Lutz v

Thomas J. White v

$25,000 - $49,999

William FlumenbaumH. William Harlan v

Uri D. & Myna M. HerscherJames Y. Kwak & Sylvia J. BrandtIra ParghiRobert ShapiroDeborah & Tom Threlkel

$10,000 - $24,999

AnonymousLois H. Feinblatt v

Cathy & Joe Feldman v

David & Anita Keller v

Joan R. PlattAmnon & Kathryn RodanHeidi Cortese Sherman v

Mark & Judith Yudof v

$5,000 - $9,999

Bil Banks v

Andrew R. & Sharon GillinMoses & Susan LibitzkyVern NorvielGerald L. & Robin ParskyCatherine H. & Michael H. PodellHartley & Adrianne RogersDarian & Richard L. Swig

$2,500 - $4,999

Martha F. Africa bv

Michael W. Bien v

Charles H. Brenner & Nga T. LeC. Lee CoxElizabeth F. & Charles E. Farnsworth v

Christine GarveyVincent J. Iacopino & Jeannette NeeCandace KahnDawn A. LeoGerard J. Lewis, Jr. v

Raphael SperryBarry L. WilliamsAileen Wendy Willrich v

$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous (3)Mathilde AlbersDaniel O. BernstinePamela Blotner v

Jared B. BobrowJohn M. Breen v

Tench & Simone CoxeMichael E. & Linda S. Delehunt v

William H. & Phyllis C. DraperDiane Ford v

Shubha GhoshMimi & Albert GolbertFrederic W. & Katherine H. HickmanBruce T. Hilby v

Adam HochschildEdwin E. Huddleson IIIRon H. & Barbara KaufmanSoonil KwonMarcus LamprosLoren S. LewallenGoodwin Liu v

May M. Luke v

Ronald J. & Janet S. McElhaneyTina & Mike MeyerKatherine Stokes Morehouse v

Hyun & Catherine ParkEleanor M. RamseyJefferson C. RiceSanford Jay RosenRon & Eileen Ruby v

Weldon & Jeanie RuckerJ. Daniel Sharp & Raquel L. SeftonSusan J. ShawJohn L. SullivanAlan TrustmanRebecca Westerfield

$500 - $999

AnonymousDaniel N. Abrahamson v

Dennis M. AlbersWilliam F. Alderman v

Ken P. AlexSpike & Lynne AlperCristina C. ArguedasFrank & Xiaoqing BalistrieriMary Ann Bernard v

Brian Bock & Sharmin C. Eshraghi BockGuido & Anne CalabresiCandace M. Carroll & Leonard B. Simon v

Joan Costello v

Cristina De MaglieRuth E. EisenbergMary D. Fan & Dean N. KawamotoFrank FarellaDoris Fine v

Joseph FloodAnne C. FredericksBarbara GrobPatricia Haynes v

Andrew L. & Linda S. KaufmanElissa C. KittnerBarry M. & Faye W. KurrenKathryn W. Leonard v

C. Maria Lu v

Gayle E. Murphy v

Bryan Quevedo v

Paul Resnick & Joan Karlin v

Winifred W. RhodesDaniel RodriguezPhilip Selznick bv

Rita R. Semel v

Barbara Shapiro v

Steven F. Shatz v

Andrew R. TiltonJudith Tuller v

James A. WagnerHartley WestJeanne S. & Eric Woodford v

Up to $499

Anonymous (6)Mark N. AaronsonEric M. AckerPaul F. Albert v

Douglas C. AmmonNanette N. & Rex D. AndrewsMichael A. AnkerKevin ArgysAnthony E. AugustynRobert D. Bacon v

Michael A. BambergerEric BarbaSharona BarzilayEliott BeharRoss E. BensonRussell T. BigelowRobert J. BolarEsther R. BrassJanet J. & Richard T. BreunerLester J. BrownMikael & Denise BrownRobert A. Brundage & Gin Y. PangMarilyn ByrneBarbara W. & Roger CarlsonDonna Y. CastroNanci L. ClarenceShaun ClarkeDorothy CoatsJehonathan CohenLaurie CohenDiana Cohn & Craig MerrileesLeonard A. & Roberta CohnRobert & Susan ComartinRichard & Janet Cotter, Jr.Maggie C. CrosbyLinda H. Dalton v

Ellen Daniell & David H. GelfandAlbert H. Davis v

Raymond J. & Birgitta S. Davis v

Joanne De PhillipsAlicia D. De ToffoliRobyn Dietz & Richard LevyPalmer DornJoshua DresslerGerald L. Dunbar v

Louella & Roger DunnFlor & Roger EbronAlan & Dana EdelsteinRichard M. EignerHolly P. & Graydon M. EliotEdwin & Sandra EpsteinHenry A. Erlich

R.D. & Nancy EsbenshadeJeffrey FeuerJohn R. Fike v

Cheryl Finley & Barry E. NealSarah W. FreedmanLeslie FuchsLynn GastellumAbigail GinzbergJames & Yvonne GlendenningJoan R. GoldbergDeborah & Stephen GoldblattVivian L. GoldenBrian P. Goldman & Zoe PalitzJudith B. GordonSamantha Graff & Miguel HelftFrederick D. Grambort v

Dorothy D. GregorRohini & Jacob HaarRobert G. HallBrook HartRachel HeitlerLaurent H. HellerCarolyn & William HermanIrma D. Herrera & Mark D. Levine v

Jessica Hilberman & Katrina ReidHarold H. & Diane D. HillAnn O. HoglandEric & Linda HorodasMine IkedaErin Leigh Inama v

Carol J. JacintoRichard J. JacintoJo-Ann & Arnold JacobsonAaron M. JamesHerbert G. JohnsonCassie JosephJoshua A. Karlin-ResnickAnne W. KasaninDaphne KellyJames R. & Mary Ann KidderIris KimRichard S. & Elizabeth L. KinyonIssy KipnisSteven S. & Renee S. KirkCharles E. KoenigMara KolesasChau P. & Joshua K. KoltunAlec G. KonstantinQuentin & Mara KoppBonnie KramerJennifer C. KuiperRalph & Carol KuiperMarietta L. KuykendallLynne Lasry v

Herbert LazerowMichael M. LevinePhyllis K. Levy v

Nancy Y. & Larry R. LewellenRobyn M. LipskyEugene Seth LitvinoffJohn B. & Sarah B. LowryGerald C. LubenowDiana & Cyril Malin v

Chad M. MartinAllen J. MayerJoyce & David McCaulouCharles & Joye McCoyJeffrey D. McDonald


v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor b = Deceased

Page 36: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

Sarah & Kevin McGeePaul C. McKnightAnna S. McLean & Donald B. HollandLawrence P. & Jane M. McNeilJane C. & Donald R. MeekDavid Mendel v

David J. Miller v

Joseph H. MinnerVictoria E. MizziDeborah MooreGreg A. MullinsErin MurphyJay NelsonPeter C. NewellNancy J. NewmanRaquel H. Newman v

Rhonda NgomVilaska NguyenCelina & Rodolfo OrjalesCristian Orrego v

Richard & Carolyn PalmerTianna S. PaschelMargaret & Richard PauletichTsipora R. & Harvey Peskin v

Guido I. PiottiNelson W. & Linda O. PolsbyRoberto Portolese v

Norman PostoneEllen M. Prager v

Cynthia PresleySenta M. Pugh-ChamberlainAlexandra & Donald B. PutnamKristin ReedElisabeth RemickLeslie N. RichardsMichael P. Richards v

Steve M. RosenzweigJeffrey S. Ross & Janice PlattEdward L. RubinGail RubinfeldLuis E. SanchezShira Saperstein

Phanindra N. SarmaBartlett & Linda Saunders v

David Scalise & Wendy A. Kirk-Scalise v

Jerrold Schaefer v

Noah SchubertRonald & Laurel SchulerMarion & Joel SelbinGeorge F. & Linda S. Sensabaugh v

Charles M. SevillaPatricia J. & Paul ShanleyJan & Rick SjobergJoe Slaughter & Deeksha GaurAreca H. SmitBarbara SmithMartha B. SmithJerry W. SnowS. Claire Soper & Vincent M. FaughnanJoan A. SopherMichael S. SorgenAthena T. Stephanopoulos v

Jeannie R. SternbergMichael A. Stoto & Rosemary ChalkRita L. StromCarolyn K. SymesMarna & Peter TaylorHerbert D. ThierC. Henry Veit v

Geraldine M. & Clark E. WallaceLing Y. WangBeverly K. & George H. WebbSuzy & Duke WilkinsonErica F. WilliamsJoan N. WilliamsCharles B. WilsonDorothy D. Wilson &

Robert B. Thompson v

Renee & Herman WinickDavid & Beverly WoznicaAnders Yang v

Steve & Victoria Zatkin v


v = 3+ Consecutive-year Donor b = Deceased

3 4


11,000: Number of pro bono hours that our students log in a year

97: Percent of the Class of 2014 employed nine months after graduating

19: African-American students in the first-year class (up from 12 last year)

48: Chicano and Latino students in the first-year class (up from 31 last year)

16: Years out of the last 18 that the school's intellectual property law program has been ranked best in the nation

45: Percent of the current first-year class that is students of color

In the mid 1960s, JOSEF COOPER spent 2½ years working

with Judge Martin Pence ’31 on hundreds of antitrust damage

cases that followed federal indictments of steel and concrete pipe

manufacturers. “Judge Pence was the country’s first judge to preside

over multi-district litigation singlehandedly, before the creation of

the MDL Panel,” Josef recalls. “I’d worked on similar cases involving

the electrical equipment industry, and was asked to assist him.”

Josef recently honored Pence’s “astute legal mind and admirable

character” with a generous gift to Berkeley Law’s Judge Martin

Pence Fellowship Fund. “He was a fabulous judge, always

meticulously prepared and receptive to others’ ideas,” Josef says.

“He viewed it as his responsibility to educate and help the young

lawyers around him.”

Page 37: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together


$100,000 and above

AnonymousAlliance for Excellent Education - PEECArnold & Porter FoundationCarnegie Corporation of New YorkThe Rosalinde & Arthur Gilbert

FoundationLisa & Douglas Goldman FundHumanity UnitedThe Jim Joseph FoundationTheodore & Doris Lee Family

FoundationMicrosoft CorporationThe Moriah FundOpen Society FoundationsProteus FundSigrid Rausing TrustThomas W. Smith FoundationS. K. Yee Foundation

$50,000 - $99,999

Anonymous (2)California Wellness FoundationEvelyn & Walter Haas Jr. FundIsrael Institute

John Paul Stevens Fellowship Foundation

Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST)

Ministry for Foreign Affairs for FinlandNext 10PepsiCoTides Foundation

$25,000 - $49,999

AnonymousAmerican Association of Law LibrariesCalifornia District Attorneys AssociationCalifornia EndowmentHugh & Hazel Darling FoundationThe Energy FoundationSamuel Freeman Charitable TrustGoldman Sachs Philanthropy FundKirkland & Ellis FoundationMary Wohlford FoundationQuixote FoundationScherman FoundationWellspring Advisors LLCWilson Sonsini Goodrich &

Rosati FoundationWollenberg Foundation

$10,000 - $24,999

AnonymousBrill USAErasmus University-RotterdamFrederick P. Lenz Foundation

for American BuddhismFuture of Privacy ForumLumina FoundationPalantir TechnologiesThe Henry W. & Nettie Robinson

FoundationRosenberg FoundationSidley Austin FoundationZitrin Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

American Endowment FoundationAR Landsman FoundationBingham Osborn & Scarborough

FoundationCalifornians for Safety and JusticeDana EstatesThe Nature ConservancyOak Foundation USAPrison Dharma NetworkResources Legacy Fund FoundationThe Tides Center

$2,500 - $4,999

City of Los AngelesUnion Bank of California

$1,000 - $2,499

Association of California Water Agencies

Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth

Kahle/Austin FoundationRare Books School

$500 - $999

East Bay La Raza Lawyers AssociationSaint Ignatius College Preparatory

Up to $499

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association

Black Women Lawyers AssociationWolters Kluwer Law & Business


$50,000 - $99,999

CooleySkadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom

$25,000 - $49,999

Baker BottsCleary Gottlieb Steen & HamiltonCovington & BurlingFenwick & WestFish & RichardsonKirkland & Ellis Latham & WatkinsMorrison & FoersterOrrick Herrington & SutcliffeWeil Gotshal & MangesWhite & CaseWilmerHaleWilson Sonsini Goodrich & RosatiWinston & Strawn

$10,000 - $24,999

CamberView PartnersCrowell & MoringDurie Tangri Page Lemley

Roberts & KentGTC Law GroupGunderson Dettmer Stough Villeneuve

Franklin & HachigianHickman Palermo Truong & BeckerHogan LovellsIrell & ManellaKasowitz Benson Torres & FriedmanKeker & Van NestKilpatrick TownsendMcDermott Will & EmeryMcManis FaulknerO'Melveny & MyersPaul Hastings Janofsky & WalkerRopes & GraySimpson Thacher & BartlettVan Pelt Yi & JamesWeaver Austin Villeneuve & Sampson


PARTNERS IN LEADERSHIPThe Partners in Leadership campaign aims to encourage alumni at firms and companies with more than one Berkeley Law graduate to work as a team to make meaningful gifts to the school. Since the beginning of this campaign, over $10 million has been raised to support the Boalt Hall Fund and several other important programs. We give special thanks to the following organizations which reached a 100 percent participation rate among their Berkeley Law alumni employees in the last fiscal year.

$5,000 - $9,999

Baker & Hostetler Founders TrustBaker & McKenzieFinnegan Henderson Farabow

Garrett & DunnerGillin Jacobson Ellis Larsen & LuceyHanson BridgettKlee Tuchin Bogdanoff & SternTurner Boyd

$2,500 - $4,999

Gibson Dunn & CrutcherMunger Tolles & OlsonReed SmithSidley Austin

$1,000 - $2,499

Arnold & PorterBoies Schiller & FlexnerCox Castle & Nicholson

Davis Polk & WardwellDebevoise & PlimptonFarella Braun + MartelJenner & BlockKazan McClain Satterley & GreenwoodRosen Bien Galvan & GrunfeldShute Mihaly & Weinberger

$500 - $999

Arguedas Cassman & HeadleyBartko Zankel Bunzel & MillerGoodwin ProcterGreenberg TraurigJones DayKramer Levin Naftalis & FrankelManatt Phelps & PhillipsPaul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & GarrisonRemy Moose & ManleySchiff HardinSullivan & CromwellWachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz

Amundi Japan Ltd.Buchalter NemerFarella Braun + Martel LLPFolger LevinGap, Inc.

Garcia Hernandez Sawhney & Bermudez, LLP

GrayRobinson, P.A.Jones Day (SF office)Lane Powell PC

Lichter, Grossman, Nichols, Adler & Feldman, Inc.

Long & Levit LLPMilbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLPRaines Feldman LLP

Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger LLPTaylor & Company Law Offices, LLPTurner BoydZhong Lun Law Firm

Page 38: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

The Benjamin Ide Wheeler Society was founded to recognize the generosity of people who have included UC Berkeley in their estate plans through bequests, pooled income funds, gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, gifts of life insurance, or gifts of property.

Anonymous (4)Marcia A. ’80 & Richard M. AbramsSchuyler BaileyBernard Bradley Barber III ’71

William T. Barker ’74

Gibor B. Basri & Jessica BroitmanElizabeth A. Baus ’91

Claudia M. Belcher ’82

Stefanie Beninato ’76

William W. Bloch ’87

Jordan L. Bloom ’68

Laura E. Bresler ’86

Charles R. Breyer ’66 & Sydney Goldstein

Kappy K. Bristol ’73

Clarence W. Brizee, Jr. ’57

Wayne A. Brooks ’74 b

Stephanie E. BullerPatricia A. Butler ’69

S. Davis Carniglia ’05

June A. & Earl F. b CheitCheng-Ling Chen ’02

Jesse H. & Mari S. ChoperS. Davis Carniglia ’05

Cheng-Ling Chen ’02

Robert & Susan ComartinRobert S. Condie ’74

Lee ConwayRobert M. Corson ’40 b

Evan R. ’87 & Valerie CoxJanet M. & William F. CronkDavid P. Curnow ’67

Altero D’Agostini ’47

Diane B. de Forest ’85

Syna N. Dennis ’87

Dorothy F. Dickey ’81

Duke B. Diehl ’71

Gail (Overcashier) Dolton ’86 & Douglas H. Dolton

Thomas B. Donovan ’62

Anne B. Dorsey b

Diane D. Eames ’71

Lauren B. Edelman ’86

W. Russell EllisRobert Allen Enholm ’80 &

Victoria Brademan ’80

Ronald S. Epstein ’89

Robert D. Evans ’71

Gilda H. FellerMichael C. Ferguson ’68

Ann Finlinson & John CantRalph T. Fisher, Jr. b

David B. Flinn ’63

Virginia R. FurthJim ’59 & Judy GanulinJoanne M. Garvey ’61 b

Jane Liebman Goichman ’69

Lisa A. Goldfien ’82

Elizabeth Marsteller GordonA. Marina Gracias ’83 & Bernard MartisDonald Gralnek ’70

Forrest M. Greenberg ’47

Richard L. Greene ’63

Colleen & Robert D. HaasLaura J. HallMichael James Halloran ’65 &

Virginia S. HalloranEllis & Anne HamiltonPhil Hammer ’61

Sue C. Hansen ’92

Gene G. Harter ’71

Jon F. ’69 & Connie HartungAnn Fingarette Hasse ’73

Tom Henteleff ’68

James K. Herbert ’62

Fernando V. Hernandez ’66

Judge Patricia Herron, Ret. ’64

Harold C. Hohbach ’52

David HowekampMargaret E. Hoyt ’52

James R. Jenner ’60

J. Richard Johnston ’39 b

Thomas M. JordeAnn Jorgensen ’83

Sanford H. Kadish b

Archibald C. K. Kaolulo ’73

Walter M. Kaufmann ’61

James R. & Mary Ann KidderJoseph T. ’71 & Gail L. KieferCassius L. Kirk, Jr. ’54 b

Gerald ’57 & Suzanne KnechtKenneth Kofman ’62

Kenneth KragenWilliam H. Kronberger, Jr. ’67

Watson M. & Sita LaetschAlvin T. Levitt ’60

Phyllis K. LevyWalter S. Lewis, Jr. ’51

David E. Lindgren ’63

William R. Loveless ’59

Nancy K. LuskGreg & Liz LutzMartha MacBrideClare H. Macdonald ’83

Jay R. MacMahon ’55

Peter ’52 & Melanie MaierJohn S. Martel ’59

Donald C. Matheson ’67

Martin A. Mattes ’74 & Catherine E. GarzioRosalie F. MaxeinerChristopher M. ’68 & Barbara J. McLainRick McMichael ’69

Melinda R. MendelsonIvan D. & Maris T. MeyersonAriadna MillerPaul M. Minault ’75

Richard H. & Laurie C. MorrisonNoel W. Nellis ’66

Wilson R. Ogg ’52

Kristin L. O’Hanlon ’05

Fred B. Oliver ’70

Eleanor Jackson Piel ’43

Leo ’57 & Nina PircherMarietta Poerio ’70

Edward V. Pollack ’66

Bruce C. Pollock ’68

Richard E. Posell ’65

Borden B. Price ’50

Sylvia Simmons Prozan ’75

Michael Reed ’65

Howard F. Rhea ’53 b

Michael P. RichardsCarol D. Romeo ’86

Mario M. Rosati ’71

Ronald D. Rosen ’69

John W. Rosston b

Mrs. Edward W. RosstonTheodore J. & Gayle I. Saenger

Sharon K. Sandeen ’02

Masako F. SatoBarry M. Sax ’67 b

Robert A. Schlesinger ’93

Eric P. Schnurmacher ’55

John Jay SchumannLeonard C. Schwab ’74

Sean M. SeLegue ’91 & Richard A. Zuniga, MD

Gary ’66 & Dana ShapiroMary R. SharmanMildred Y. SheehanThomas J. Shephard, Sr. ’58

Barbra Shotel ’86

Sanford M. Skaggs ’64

Jay D. Smith ’64

Michael H. SmithBruce A. SmyserDorothy M. SnodgrassLarry W. ’66 & Barbara SonsiniAlan F. Spanier ’69

John A. Sproul ’49

Karen Stevenson ’80

Carl J. Stoney, Jr. ’70

Myron G. Sugarman ’67

John D. Taylor ’59

Edward D. Thirkell ’66

Irving G. Tragen ’45

Stephanie C. Tramz ’77

Leonard ’70 & Catherine UngerMary VailShirley Van BourgGeoff. Van Loucks ’61

A. Marie Villafaña ’93

Ulrich Wagner ’74

Katharine S. WallaceRalph E. Warner ’66

Lenard G. Weiss ’62

Stefanie G. West ’03

Thomas J. WhiteTheodore S. Wickersham ’64 b

Richard A. Wilson ’59

Harvey I. Wittenberg ’65

Pamela M. Woods ’81

Anders Yang


b = Deceased

3 6

Members of the university's

Benjamin Ide Wheeler Society

receive invitations to an

annual summer tea hosted

by the Chancellor, and to

other campus athletic and

cultural events.

Page 39: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

3 7

Aecom Technology CorporationAmerican Endowment FoundationAmerican International GroupAmgen FoundationArnold & PorterBank of America FoundationBaxter International FoundationBechtel FoundationBlackRock Matching Gift ProgramCapital Group CompaniesChevron Matching Gift ProgramCornish & Carey CommercialCovington & BurlingCrail-Johnson FoundationDavis Polk & Wardwell

The Ford Family FoundationThe Fremont Group FoundationGAP Foundation Matching GiftGeneral Electric CompanyGlaxoSmithKline FoundationGoldman Sachs & Company

Matching Gift ProgramHogan LovellsIBM FoundationIntel Foundation Matching GiftsThe James Irvine FoundationKirkland & Ellis FoundationLaw School Admission CouncilLevi Strauss FoundationLumina Foundation

Mastercard InternationalMerck Company FoundationMicrosoft Matching Gifts ProgramMoody's FoundationMorgan Stanley Matching Gift ProgramMorrison & Foerster FoundationOppenheimer FundsPacific Gas & Electric Matching Gifts

ProgramPepsiCoPricewaterhouseCoopersQualcommS. H. Cowell FoundationSchindler Elevator CorporationSelect Equity Group, Inc.

Shook Hardy & BaconSidley AustinSkadden Arps Slate Meagher & FlomSouthern California EdisonSynopsysTextronTime Warner FoundationToyota Motor Sales U.S.A.Varian AssociatesVMware FoundationWalt Disney Company FoundationWells Fargo FoundationWellspring Advisors LLCWilmerHaleXerox Foundation


Dimple AbichandaniLaurel FletcherJeff Selbin

Jill E. Adams ’06Shira Saperstein

Roxanna M. Altholz ’99Laurel FletcherJeff Selbin

Ankoor AminKurt M. Denk ’10

Kenneth A. BambergerJehonathan CohenElissa C. KittnerJoan A. Sopher

Robert BarrMarque C. Chambliss ’87

Robert P. BartlettDavid Oppenheimer & Marcy Kates

Robert C. Berring, Jr. ’74Richard D. Gorelick ’85

Robert J. BirgeneauMark D. Lubin ’77

Pamela BlotnerSusan J. Shaw

Julia Mehlman Breyer ’12AnonymousRobyn Dietz & Richard LevyBonnie KramerSarah & Kevin McGeeVilaska NguyenJoe Slaughter & Deeksha Gaur

Jerry G. BrownCatalina C. Cariaga-Nakamura

Richard M. Buxbaum ’53Hartmut G. Grossman ’73

Gillis L. Heller ’81 & Sook Young Yeu ’80

Julia Epley Klee ’80

Nena Manley ’76

Eleanor M. Ramsey

Christoffer E. Waselius ’12

Anders Yang

Golda G. Calonge ’16Aaron M. James

Jesse H. ChoperMerrick J. Bobb ’71

Carol L. Brownstein ’89 & David LiebermanMalcolm FeeleyJames D. Gordon III ’80

David Oppenheimer & Marcy KatesRichard A. Schindler ’70

Steven J. Stanwyck ’70

Sujit ChoudhryThomas B. Ginsburg ’97

David Oppenheimer & Marcy Kates

Robert H. ColeRuth Greenspan Bell ’67

Merrick J. Bobb ’71

Allison S. Davenport ’04Henry L. Hecht

Christopher F. Edley, Jr.Clothilde V. Hewlett ’79

Joel S. Sanders ’82

Gerald L. & Robin Parsky

Robert S. EpsteinJefferson C. Rice

Elizabeth F. FarnsworthAnonymous

William H. Fernholz ’93Sascha Arnold ’10

Aiko Kanayama ’14

Tobias A. Meyer ’10

Oluwabukunola O. Olabenjo ’14

Patrik R. Salzmann ’12

Paula Vargas ’13

Laurel FletcherMarion & Joel Selbin

William S. Friedman ’11Anonymous

Joseph I. Goldstein-Breyer ’11AnonymousRobyn Dietz & Richard LevyBonnie KramerSarah & Kevin McGeeVilaska NguyenJoe Slaughter & Deeksha Gaur

Thelton E. Henderson ’62William F. AldermanBil BanksEric K. Behrens ’77 & Joyce M. Hicks ’77

Benjamin Richard Botts ’10 & Elizabeth Hope Eng ’05

Edward M. Chen ’79

Lin A. Chin ’07

Diana Cohn & Craig MerrileesMarcus A. Cordova ’04

Frances M. Davis ’53

Hon. Kelvin D. Filer ’80

Laurel FletcherAbigail GinzbergIan F. Haney-López &

Deborah Drickersen-CortezSue C. Hansen ’92

Irma D. Herrera & Mark D. LevineJessica Hilberman & Katrina ReidErin Leigh InamaStephen D. Kaus ’73

Judith Droz Keyes ’75

James R. & Mary Ann KidderJennie Kim ’05

Judith G. Kleinberg ’71

Kenneth Kofman ’62

Deanna L. Kwong ’04

Brian K. Landsberg ’62

Mellori E. Lumpkin ’12

Araceli Martinez-Olguin ’04 & Bryan Quevedo

Ted Mermin ’96 & Claudia Polsky ’96

Rhonda NgomDavid Oppenheimer & Marcy KatesNicole A. Ozer ’03

Nora A. Preciado ’05

Bertrall RossPeter R. Santina ’05

Jeff Selbin


Michael S. SorgenJohn M. True III ’77 & Claudia Wilken ’77

Anna Wang ’01

Clifford Weingus ’80

Thurman V. White, Jr. ’80

Laura J. Zuckerman ’92

Kristen HolmquistLaurel FletcherJeff Selbin

D. Lowell Jensen ’52AnonymousEric M. AckerEdward G. Black ’89

Paula L. Blizzard ’99

Brian Bock & Sharmin C. Eshraghi BockJohn J. Brouhard ’91

Shaun ClarkeLouise K. Francis & Dennis CusackThomas L. Freedman ’93

Abe M. ’98 & Jennifer M. ’97 FriedmanKristi A. Hughes ’04

Joel S. Jacobs ’93

Cheryl B. Kahn ’05

Rebecca J. Kurland ’89

Robyn M. LipskyEugene Seth LitvinoffThomas N. McAliley ’91

Joseph T. McNally ’06

Victoria E. MizziJay NelsonRoger M. Olsen ’68

Laura H. Parsky ’95

Guido I. PiottiMarco Quazzo ’89

Daniel C. Roisman ’07

Nicole M. Ryan ’94

Daniel A. ’92 & Jennifer U. ’90 SaundersLois W. Schwartz ’89

Andrew M. Scoble ’86

Stephanie Sue Powers Skaff ’95

Dana A. Welch ’87

Timothy J. Wellman ’92

Stacey L. Wexler ’96

Herma Hill KayCheryl L. Berg ’93 & Jesse Berg ’93

Golda G. Calonge ’16

Page 40: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

Barry L. WilliamsMarc A. Zeppetello ’85

George W. Ashford, Jr. ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Bruce B. Bales ’49Robert E. Izmirian ’72

Melanie Bellah ’72Jennifer Bellah Maguire ’82 &

R. Stephen Maguire

Rose E. Bird ’65Marcus R. Peppard III ’69

David M. Blicker ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Irving BraginAndrew S. Bragin ’08

Russell J. Brubaker ’86Andrés Rivero ’86



b = Deceased

Angela M. Clements ’09

Cox Castle & NicholsonDavis Polk & WardwellLaurel FletcherGibson Dunn & CrutcherHanson BridgettIrell & ManellaAaron M. JamesJenner & BlockKazan McClain Satterley & GreenwoodKirkland & EllisMunger Tolles & OlsonAlisa D. Nave ’04 & Robb WorthDavid Oppenheimer & Marcy KatesAndrea L. Peterson ’78

Jeff SelbinSidley AustinLucinda Sikes & Bob ShiremanSimpson Thacher & BartlettKyra A. Taylor ’16

Anne M. Trebilcock ’74

Katie KellyDaphne Kelly

Alexa KoenigAlicia D. De ToffoliRobert J. Rothman ’69

Brooke KrystosekFrancine S. Davis

Jennifer C. KuiperRalph & Carol Kuiper

Theodore B. Lee ’59Anders Yang

Gillian LesterCarol L. Brownstein ’89 &

David Lieberman

Caitlin M. Liu ’98Andrew R. Tilton

Erin J. Morgan ’13Timothy Sun ’13

Melissa E. MurrayLaurel FletcherJeff Selbin

Julianne K. NamethAlison M. Kamber ’02

John T. NoonanRobert A. Brundage & Gin Y. PangGuido & Anne CalabresiRichard M. EignerR.D. & Nancy EsbenshadeMary D. Fan & Dean N. KawamotoAnne C. FredericksShubha GhoshFrederic W. & Katherine H. HickmanCassie JosephAndrew L. & Linda S. KaufmanAnn M. O’Leary ’05 & Goodwin LiuPiedmont Trust 1991Hartley & Adrianne RogersJ. Daniel Sharp & Raquel L. SeftonAlan TrustmanHartley West

Theodore B. Olson ’65Anders Yang

Victoria PlautDavid Oppenheimer & Marcy Kates

Evelyn M. Rangel-Medina ’16

Eric Barba

Cruz Reynoso ’58Christopher J. Arriola ’95

Baker BottsEric BarbaSophia B. Cooper ’16

Cox Castle & NicholsonLaurel FletcherGibson Dunn & CrutcherHanson BridgettLita M. Jacoste ’80

Kirkland & EllisMorrison & FoersterJeff Selbin

Jacob A. Richards ’10Leslie N. Richards

Richard M. Rosston ’77Mrs. Edward W. Rosston

Andrea RothLaurel FletcherJeff Selbin

Bidish SarmaEfan Wu ’14

Harry N. ScheiberScott A. Edelman ’84

William T. Gallagher ’93

Elisabeth SemelAnonymousPaul Resnick & Joan Karlin

Rita R. SemelPaul Resnick & Joan Karlin

Cristina H. Sepe ’14Sara Haji ’14

Richard M. Sherman, Jr. ’74Carol Sherman Zaist ’99

Stephen P. Smith Cody ’11Barbara Smith

Leigh W. Steinberg ’73Joseph M. Goldhammer ’73

Eric StoverMichael A. Stoto & Rosemary Chalk

James S. ThomsonPaul Resnick & Joan Karlin

The Honorable J. Clifford Wallace ’55

Randall GuynnJohn C. Yoo

Heather B. Warnken ’09Brian P. Goldman & Zoe Palitz

Robert E. White ’77Caryn F. Lai ’08

Martin D. White ’07

Thomas J. WhiteJoanne De Phillips

Joseph A. Adams ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Matthew K. Africa ’00Jason P. Hannigan ’00

Martha F. Africa b

Howard C. Anawalt ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

David R. Andrews ’71David M. & Camille A. AndrewsLynda Andrews-Barry & Mark BarryC. Lee CoxRobert E. Cox ’86

Judith G. Kleinberg ’71

Michael L. Meyers ’71

Hyun & Catherine ParkCynthia PresleyDeborah & Tom ThrelkelBarry J. Trilling ’71

Union Bank of California

William F. Byrnes ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Owen ChamberlainSenta M. Pugh-Chamberlain

Allen C. Clarke ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Antonia ContrerasLaura I. Trejo ’86

John Demergasso ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Francine DiazThe James Irvine FoundationMillard A. Murphy ’86

Lydia M. Villarreal ’80

Vivian B. Distler ’94Thomas J. Peckham ’94

John M. Doar ’49Stephanie E. Deaner ’95

John M. Roberts ’49

Richard A. Donnelly ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

George F. Dunker, Jr. ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Bernard Elias ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

John P. ErbezGerald L. Dunbar

Kenneth D. Ewart ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Welcome S. Fawcett ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

David L. Fitz ’67William H. Kronberger, Jr. ’67

3 8

Page 41: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together



b = Deceased

John G. FlemingCathy & Joe Feldman

Lula FlintDean L. Flint ’70

Walter J. Fogarty, Jr. ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

William H. Frake ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Philip FrickeyMary Ann BernardBrian R. Guth ’04

Tobias D. ’03 & Laura Marie ’03

HalvarsonHeather M. Barnett Minner ’07 &

Joseph H. MinnerSheridan Pauker ’04

Erin M. Pulaski ’09

Franklin E. Zimring & Michael Crawford Zimring

Henry C. Fryer ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Alfred Gawthrop, Jr. ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Jennifer K. Gendel ’01Deborah Elaine Girolamo ’01

Richard I. Gilbert ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Ralph GoldbergJennifer C. Bretan ’04

Walter A. Gordon ’22William H. Webster ’75

Leroy Wilson, Jr. ’68

Allison S. Gowing ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Thomas GraffSamantha Graff & Miguel HelftAntonio Rossmann

Warren M. Green ’70Franklin R. Garfield ’70

I. M. HeymanE. Roy ’65 & Elizabeth ’76 EisenhardtEvelyn & Walter Haas Jr. FundMrs. Edward W. RosstonLawrence W. Ruth ’90

Lawrence F. Hilton ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

William T. Hoffman, Jr. ’52William T. Hoffman III ’69

Franklin P. Jones ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Susan B. JordanDouglas J. Chermak ’04

Sanford H. KadishCarol L. Brownstein ’89 &

David LiebermanRichard D. Burstein ’73

Michael A. Chasalow ’87

Cristina De MaglieJoshua DresslerMark N. Goodman ’78

Tobias D. ’03 & Laura Marie ’03 HalvarsonJohn R. HetlandHeather Matsumoto Hoekstra ’10 &

Kinch HoekstraEdward E. Kallgren ’54

Anne T. Kneeland ’71

Alec G. KonstantinDavid J. Millstein ’79

Christopher G. Nicholson ’95

Thomas J. Peckham ’94

Andrea L. Peterson ’78

Nelson W. & Linda O. PolsbyLawrence W. Ruth ’90

George A. Rutherglen ’74

Harry N. & Jane L. ScheiberHoward A. Shelanski ’92

Sarah Song & Gabriel SchnitzlerKarl W. Torke ’00

Victoria Saker Woeste ’90

Wolters Kluwer Law & Business

John P. Kelley ’66Elizabeth R. Arnold ’75

Alexander M. KiddMrs. Edward W. Rosston

Dennis E. Kinnaird ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Lindsay K. Kinneberg ’07John D. Le ’07 & Madelene Sun ’07

Samuel A. Ladar ’28John Kagel ’64

William J. Langner ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Dawson B. Leonard ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Douglas M. Letts ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Nathan LevineMichael M. Levine

Ann M. Lucas ’91Catherine R. Albiston ’93

Marc N. Melnick ’93

James A. Lucas ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

James R. Luppino ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

George A. Lydon, Jr. ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Henry H. Marcum ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Robert T. Marold ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Simon MarootianPaul S. Mosesian ’63

Paul J. Matzger ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Loyd W. McCormick ’56Nanette N. & Rex D. AndrewsRussell T. BigelowDix Boring ’61

Janet J. & Richard T. BreunerBarbara W. & Roger CarlsonDonna Y. CastroDorothy CoatsRichard & Janet Cotter, Jr.Louella & Roger DunnHolly P. & Graydon M. EliotCheryl Finley & Barry E. NealCharles A. Greenberg ’70

Carolyn & William HermanJohn R. HetlandHarold H. & Diane D. HillAnn O. HoglandCarol J. JacintoRichard J. JacintoAnne W. KasaninAnne T. Kneeland ’71

Quentin & Mara KoppJohn B. & Sarah B. LowryJoyce & David McCaulouCharles & Joye McCoyPaul C. McKnightRobert E. Merritt, Jr. ’66 b

Peter C. NewellRichard & Carolyn PalmerMargaret & Richard PauletichAlexandra & Donald B. PutnamBenjamin K. Riley ’83

Steve M. RosenzweigRonald & Laurel SchulerPatricia J. & Paul ShanleyJan & Rick SjobergS. Claire Soper & Vincent M. FaughnanCarolyn K. SymesMarna & Peter TaylorGeraldine M. & Clark E. WallaceBeverly K. & George H. WebbJoan N. Williams

Robert C. McDaniel ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Patricia A. McKinley ’74Thomas S. Williamson, Jr. ’74

Sheldon L. MessingerMalcolm Feeley

Sandra J. MichaelAndrew R. Krakoff ’78

Jeannie Sternberg

Michael MillmanZitrin Foundation

Adolph C. MolinaAdolph U. Molina ’60

Consuelo C. MolinaAdolph U. Molina ’60

Gertrude & James MonroeNicholas M. Lampros ’14

Michael P. Murphy ’78Gayle E. Murphy

Pauli Murray ’45Anonymous

Melvin K. Najarian ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Richard C. Neal ’73Richard D. Burstein ’73

John D. Taylor ’59

Rebecca C. Nichols ’10Erica Franklin ’10

Elizabeth C. O’NeilDaniel O. BernstineKatharine A. Bostick ’84

Jennifer C. Cobb & Maurice ObstfeldMelissa CobbTench & Simone CoxeMary C. EricksonLeslie FuchsJames & Yvonne GlendenningMine IkedaLaw School Admission CouncilLawrence P. & Jane M. McNeilJane C. & Donald R. MeekStephen D. Sugarman

William J. Pesce II ’65Lester J. BrownJoan R. GoldbergSuzy & Duke Wilkinson

Forrest A. Plant ’49John M. Roberts ’49

Ernest A. Poeter ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Hinda G. Pollard ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

James F. Pultz ’84Mary T. Keating ’84

William P. Quigley ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Henry Ramsey, Jr. ’63Luke J. Danielson ’74

Heidi L. Hamilton ’82

Herbert G. JohnsonEleanor M. RamseyWeldon & Jeanie RuckerSteven L. Wittels ’84

Alan M. Reedy ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

N. Kenneth Reeves ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Donald L. Reidhaar ’60Joan Costello

Page 42: Giving IMPACT REPORT - Berkeley Law · 2018-01-12 · 2014 / 2015 IMPACT REPORT Giving “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together



b = Deceased

Daniel I. Reith ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

James O. Richard ’74Tom Harriman ’74

Stefan A. Riesenfeld ’37James E. Castello ’86

Lee C. Rosenthal ’73Marsha S. Berzon ’73

Noah S. Rosenthal ’05

Edward W. Rosston ’42Mrs. Edward W. Rosston

Ralph Sanson ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

T. Richard Savidge ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Joseph L. SaxHeather M. Barnett Minner ’07 &

Mr. Joseph H. MinnerFran M. Layton ’79

Lawrence W. Ruth ’90

Michael J. Sawyer ’00

Robert E. SchimkeVarya Simpson ’91

Philip SelznickSteven A. Childress ’95

Lawrence W. Ruth ’90

Andrew M. SesslerRenee & Herman Winick

Henry Shields, Jr. ’74Thomas S. Williamson, Jr. ’74

Jane SlaterDeborah and Stephen Goldblatt

Karen R. Smith ’72Patricia Ann Sherman ’72

Phillip J. Smith ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Judith L. Soley ’70Mikael & Denise Brown

John V. Stanley ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Charles Stepkin ’78Harris E. Kershnar ’78

J. Christopher StevensJames R. Dunn ’58

John R. Stokes ’48Katherine Stokes Morehouse

Sanford Svetcov ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Gary F. Swift ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Paul R. Teetor ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Raymond T. Terlizzi ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Minot W. Tripp, Jr. ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

John V. Trump ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Elizabeth A. Truninger ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Richard Weinstock ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Francis C. Welch, Jr. ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Joseph A. West ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Robert G. White ’64Jay D. Smith ’64

Raina D. Williams ’98Kan T. Donohoe ’98

Jane B. WilsonLeroy Wilson, Jr. ’68

Alba WitkinDavid B. Flinn ’63

Rachel D. Young ’78Harold J. Evans ’78

Ken Zommick ’64Jay D. Smith ’64


Nancy L. Fineman ’86


John W. Kuo ’88

Past President

Lynn H. Pasahow ’72


Sujit Choudhry


Carly O’Halloran Alameda ’06

Karen I. Boyd ’96

David A. Carrillo ’95

Benson R. Cohen ’04

Evan R. Cox ’87

Andrew J. Davis ’99

Tyler C. Gerking ’02

Timothy S. Hughes ’10

Yury Kapgan ’01

Kevin P. Kennedy ’91

Jennifer Kobayashi ’01

Mark D. Lubin ’77

Michael L. Martinez ’78

James McManis ’67

Kim F. Natividad ’09

Jay Purcell ’11

Noah S. Rosenthal ’05

Sean M. SeLegue ’91

Jay A. Shafran ’63

Arthur J. Shartsis ’71

Mary Jo Christensen Shartsis ’72

Charles J. Stevens ’82

Steven T. Walther ’68

Lenard G. Weiss ’62

Sarah F. Weiss ’10

Jeffrey C. Wolfstone ’77

David A. Zapolsky ’88

Mitch Zuklie ’96

Student Representatives

Sarah B. Chai ’15

Zarah M. Rahman ’16

Faculty Representatives

Stephen Bundy ’78

Jesse H. Choper

Staff Representative

Robert G. Sproul III


We are grateful to these board members for guiding us forward during the past fiscal year.

The 2014-15 Giving Impact Report lists donors who made gifts to Berkeley Law between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015. Gifts made after June 30, 2015 will be listed in next year's report.

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, and we apologize for any errors or omissions. Please notify us of corrections at 510.642.9045 or [email protected].

To donate to Berkeley Law, please use the enclosed envelope or visit give.berkeley.edu/supportlaw

Thank you for your support!

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Class of 2010 members Sunil Bector, Gabe Podesta, Minh-Chau Nguyen, Danielle McMillian, M'Alyssa Mecenas, and Amanda Lopez

returned to the law school in September—with more than 600 other graduates—for Alumni Weekend.

POWERING US FORWARDBerkeley Law is a bustling hub of extraordinary students, phenomenal faculty, and dedicated staff. But it's our alumni and friends who fuel the dreams for what this amazing school can achieve.

Contributing to Berkeley Law reflects a commitment to its future, and a recognition that private giving—at any level—is pivotal to its success. We're enormously grateful for all of you who help make this school such an inspiring place.

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Alumni Center | 2850 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 500 | Berkeley, CA 94705-7220

Second-year students Emilio Corea, Natalia Tchoukleva, Roopika Subramanian, and Matt Stanford