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  • 1. Gabriel Orozco

2. - He studied, between 1981 and 1984.He born April 27, 1962. He was born inJalapa, Veracruz, Mexico- Then continued his education, between 1986 and 1987.In 1998 was called "one of the most influential artists ofthe decade, and probably the next one too.He is marriedHe divide their time between Paris, New York and MexicoCity, but he live more in Paris and New York.He explores the use of video, drawings, and installationsin addition to his photographs and sculpturesHis work permits a rarely allowed interaction between theartwork and the audience. 3. He always said The style is an accident,you dont look for it.The style is to do the art with your usual life,but he use the poor suburbs in Mexico andNew York to capture his work.Orozco said that we are so surround bypolitics, so all work artist do, is in some waypolitic, but they need to choice to whobenefit. He said if in some way is not politicis so boring.He always wanted to be an artist and theheroic thing was to be and artist, but theheroic thing was to stoppedbeingartist andthat change and define his style he said I amtry to stop being artist and look whattechnique was for him and that is why all hiswork is different.What is most important is not so much whatpeople see in the gallery or the museum, butwhat people see after looking at thesethings, how they confront reality again 4. Artworks 5. YESS!!I startedin Mexico 6. His style is Mexican, but it show to auniversal people. Critiques in Paris saidthat artist who have the gift to show withhis culture to other countries is animportant artist. 7. Anecdote- Doing the documentary 8. Why Gabriel Orozco? 9. Conclusion By Kenia