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Fine Homes is a polished, high-end quarterly luxury real estate publication; a companion piece to Real Estate Weekly aimed at luxury real estate buyers and sellers searching for the finest in properties, products and services in Asheville and the mountains of Western North Carolina.

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    OONN TTHHEE CCOOVVEERR:: Pinnacle | Sothebys International Realty

    1100 Are you ready to sell your luxury home?

    2266 Spring at the Biltmore Estate

    6 Fine Homes of WNC | Spring 2014

  • 2244 Get to know Blackbird Frame & Art

    4444 What is Mountain Air?4466 Come home to The Cliffs

    at Walnut Cove

    4422 Relax in Yancey County

    4488 Wolf Laurel Resort...A mountain treasure with dramatic vaultedpoplar wood ceilings and

    custom details throughout,open floor plan and outdoor living.

    5277 sf

    3 bedrooms

    4 full baths

    4th bedroom/flex spaceover garage with full bath.Located in a private cul-de-sac that backs up tonature trails, .68 acres.

    MLS# 555443 $1,595,000

    Mountainelegant home

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  • Cummings Cove Golf & Country Club Discover this affordable, established and

    secure gated community with:

    Blue Ridge Mountain views, Award-winning golf course, Clubhouse with restaurant and lounge, Social Center, Sports complex with pool, tennis and tness center.

    Homesites from $60s New homes including homesite from $300s

    Resale homes from $200s to $900s

    Expand Your Horizons.

    Cummings Cove Realty 20 Cummings Cove Parkway

    Hendersonville, North Carolina nxnxUnnnxn{n

    Take a virtual tour at Visiting Golfers Welcome.

    Just 8 miles west of Downtown Hendersonville on Rt. 64 and 15 minutes south of Asheville Airport.

    No federal agency has judged the merits or value, if any, of this property. This is not intended to be a real estate sales offer or solicitation in any jurisdiction where prohibited by law or where prior registration is required. All plans and prices are subject to change without notice.

    FREE Golf, Sports or Social Membership with purchase of Developer-owned homesite. Limited time offer. Non-refundable.

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    Placing a home on the market is simple; you find aRealtor, sign the listing papers, put up a sign and Voila,your property is on the market! Sounds easy, but willthose three simple steps actually sell your luxuryhome? Maybe, maybe not! There are many variablesinvolved which sellers are unaware of that play a bigpart in whether you are successful in your endeavor tosell a property or not.

    There of course are times when selling is much easier,especially when the U.S. and local economies arecooperating and your property is located in an areawhere there is a high demand for luxury propertiesand little inventory to choose from. Then there arethose other times when the economy is sluggish withmany homes on the market and a void of buyers.Tough economic times are especially tough on ownersof luxury properties.

    The luxury home market in Asheville and WesternNorth Carolina is today experiencing relief from the

    difficult times we have experienced over the last fiveyears, but it is not completely back to where it was, norwhere we hope it will be again. So if you own a luxuryhome and have decided to or need to sell, and want togive it the highest possibility of selling for the bestprice possible in 2014, here is my checklist for you:

    PREPARE YOURSELF MENTALLY TO SELL - Have you andyour partner or family truly come to terms with thefact that you are moving? As corny or new age as itsounds, I believe that buyers will feel your energy. Ifyou put your property on the market and you reallydont want to sell or feel sad about leaving, or if thereis a part of you or your family that is not ready tomove on, buyers will feel that when they walk throughyour home, even if you are not physically there whenthey visit it.

    How many times have you decided against somethingbecause it did not feel right? If you have not done ityet, you need to come to terms with the fact that you

    Are you ready to sell your luxury home?There are so many little things to

    remember, just ask yourself often,

    How would this look to me if I

    were a buyer? If you do these things,

    your home WILL stand out!

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    Make those repairs that you may have been putting off;

    dont give a buyer any chance for a negative impression.

    You are selling a luxury property and luxury buyers will be impressed

    with your attention to detail.

  • are moving, and get everyone else on boardwith it. Get excited about where you aregoing and all the good that will be coming toyou with this next step in your lives! Whenyou arrive to this place of acceptance, you aremaking room for someone else to call yourhouse their home.

    Buyers will feel the openness and possibilitiesas they walk though. If you are not mentallyready, buyers may love every aspect of yourhome, but it is highly likely that they will notFEEL right about it, and if it does not FEELright to them, they wont be buying it.

    PRICE IT TO SELL When you are ready to orneed to sell, make sure you price your homecarefully and correctly. If its not priced cor-rectly, you stand the chance of losing moneyby selling it too low, or not selling it at allbecause it is priced too high or even too low.

    Traditionally, home prices are established bysampling recent sales of properties similar toyours. In the current market what I believe iseven more relevant are the asking prices ofsimilar properties to yours that are active forsale on the market.

    You need to know who you are competingwith! One of the greatest mistakes of sellerstoday is believing that their property is worthmore than it actually is, then pricing it toohigh and suffering the frustration and some-times financial consequences of not selling itat all.

    If you are ready to sell your home, price yourproperty competitively, but not too low.Make your home financially appealing tobuyers and maybe even leave a littlemoney on the table for the next guy. In thelong run I believe you will come out ahead!

    GET YOUR HOUSE READY TO SELL - When weare living in a home and especially whenthere are children, it can be filled with thingsthat make us feel good such as photos ofgreat times, gifts from friends or family,books, etc.

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    We leave things on the counters and shelves thatmake life easier for us, particularly in the kitchen orbathrooms. But now you are selling your home andyou need to get it ready to present to its new owner.Let the words Simple, Neutral and Elegant guide you!Pack up all those photos and frames, and leave a cou-ple if you must!

    Pack up overcrowded bookshelves and tables, leavingjust enough so the home feels lived in, yet simple andelegant. Floors and rugs should be immaculate; wallsshould be beautiful and clean. All lights need to beworking, all windows and doors in good working orderand clean inside and out.

    Make those little repairs that you may have been pro-crastinating about; dont give a buyer any chance for anegative impression. You are selling a luxury propertyand luxury buyers will be impressed with your atten-tion to those details. Outdoors you will need to keepyour lawn and gardens especially well manicuredwhile you are selling.

    If you have a pool, it should be pristine and openwhen you are showing. There are so many little thingsto remember, just ask yourself often,How would thislook to me if I were a buyer? If you do these things, Iassure you that you will be doing much more thanmost people to get their luxury home ready to sell.And your home WILL stand out!

    STAGING If you will be moving before your house issold or have already moved and your house is empty,you need to consider having your home professionallystaged.

    Your Realtor should be able to recommend a couple oflocal companies that specialize in staging luxury orhigh-end homes. Dont put your house on the marketempty if at all possible. When buyers are looking athomes, they are comparing your house to every otherproperty they have seen and they will make their deci-sion on practical information as well a FEEL.

    A home that is simply and elegantly furnished orstaged will always FEEL better than an empty house.Studies overwhelmingly show that a nicely stagedhome will sell faster and for more money t