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Fine Homes is a polished, high-end quarterly luxury real estate publication; a companion piece to Real Estate Weekly aimed at luxury real estate buyers and sellers searching for the finest in properties, products and services in Asheville and the mountains of Western North Carolina.

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    Luxury HomesLuxury Homes

    261 Asheland Avenue # 103Asheville, NC 28801

    41 Forest Glen Trailt 4BR / 4BA - LEED Certifi ed - GreenBuilt Cottaget Nestled in the Blue Ridge Parkway Overlay Districtt 1.3 Acres of gorgeous natural landscapingt Additional 2.7 Acre building lot available

    Call or Visit Us Today!(828) 232-2879

    Call or Visit Us Today!(828) 232-2879

    We are an independent locally owned and operated business. We strive to turn your real estate goals into reality. We o er a broad range of representation and pride ourselves on focusing on your needs, and diligently working towards exceeding your every expectation. We are your LOCAL real estate company and we would love to help guide you in buying or selling your next WNC luxury home!

    21 Chiles Avenuet 5BR / 4BA - Historic James Madison Chiles Spanish Revival Villat 14 Rooms and 4,825 square feet of fl oor spacet 3 Expansive balconies overlooking 3 private walled courtyardst Custom kitchen, 3 fi replaces, library & carriage houset Estate off ers an abundance of interior & exterior living spacest Only minutes to Downtown Asheville & Biltmore Village

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    CCOONNTTEENNTTSSOONN TTHHEE CCOOVVEERR:: Pinnacle | Sothebys International Realty

    ... architectural masterpiece on Lake Lure

    3344 Beauty and connection at Highland Lake Cove

    1177 This market builds local ties

    5500 Building community through the arts

    1100 Expect morewhen you build green

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    mosaiccommunity lifestyle realty

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    Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realtys owner MichaelFigura interviews Jim Samsel of Samsel Architectsand Jody Guokas of JAG and AssociatesConstruction on why they design and build greenhomes.

    If you are thinking about a new home, there areaspects beyond location, style and finishes to con-sider. Comfort, health and ease of maintenance areall important factors that have a big impact on howmuch you enjoy your house. Green building helpsto ensure that youll have those attributes in yourhome.

    Green building is more than energy efficiency. Agreen home is really just a better built home, saysJim Samsel of Samsel Architects. According toSamsel, smart building is synonymous with greenbuilding. That is why a large majority of our clientsincorporate green building into their homes.

    Jody Guokas, owner of JAG Construction, has builtmore than 70 green homes in Asheville since 2005.According to Guokas,green building starts withgood site selection, proper house placement andthoughtful design. Both Samsel and Guokas agreeon this, emphasizing that well-sited homes takeadvantage of views and also are situated to haveproper solar access and excellent cross ventilation.

    Before air conditioning, prevailing breezes,thoughtful shading and careful porch placementwere paramount considerations in designing ahome, said Samsel. Jody Guokas notes that,thereis something elegant to building with nature inmind. The timeless buildings that we cherish in our

    culture have the quality of being in harmony withnature. They take advantage of the prevailing windsto get good air flow and they maximize how thesun passes through the sky to get as much naturallight as possible. Looking at Samsels and Guokasbuildings, youll see that their homes have carefullyplaced and ample windows for more natural lightand have operable windows in key locations forgood cross ventilation.

    A cornerstone of green building is having an effi-cient thermal envelope, a term that means not hav-ing holes where air and moisture move throughgaps in the walls. One of the things that shockedme when I first started construction was to learnthat the average home has enough small gaps inthe building envelope to equal having a door wideopen all the time, said Guokas.

    Having unwanted air flow in the building createshot and cold spots, elevated moisture levels in thesummer, and can lead to mold growth in the wallsover time. Jim Samsel agrees,Creating an efficientthermal envelope is easy to do. Air sealing thehome, installing the insulation properly and framingthe home to minimize areas that cannot be insulat-ed are the key components to building an efficientthermal envelope.

    Another benefit of an efficient thermal envelope islower energy consumption and cheaper utility bills.Lastly, an efficient thermal envelope is quieter.Thicker walls, air sealing, quality windows and prop-er insulation all reduce noise coming into thehouse.

    Green building Expect more from your luxury home.

    Before air conditioning, prevailing breezes,

    thoughtful shading and careful porch placement were

    paramount considerations in designing a home

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    Having efficient appliances, lighting andmechanical systems also make a quieter andmore comfortable home, notes Samsel. Forexample, halogen lights get hot and createuneven temperatures throughout the house.New LED lights have the same light qualitybut do not emit heat. Likewise, efficient heat-ing and cooling systems are quieter, as areductwork systems installed according thegreen building specifications.

    Jim Samsel is quick to not let us forget thatdesign matters. Building with timelessdesign means that you and others will enjoythe home now and in the future. Trendy

    designs look dated quickly, and people willend up gutting and redoing a home if it lookstoo dated. Samsel also says that some oftheir clients consider building legacy homesfor future generations of their family to enjoy.Building timeless homes helps conserveresources and keep construction waste out oflandfills.

    Selecting finishes that do not off-gas (atermthat means to emit carcinogenic chemicals) iscritical to good design and healthy indoor airquality. Both Samsel and Guokas like to usereclaimed materials because they are usuallynot toxic and they also add to the character

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    of a new home, giving it a patina that many new homeslack. Locally and regionally produced materials also helpgive a home local character, says Guokas,and usinglocal artisans to craft finishes for your home helps to sup-port our local arts industry. Guokas also notes thatmany sites have hardwood trees that need to comedown during construction. Guokas works with his clientsto help them mill those trees into wood that can be usedfor floors, trim and accent pieces inside the house.

    Towards the end of our conversations, Guokas andSamsel discussed renewable energy. Tax credits, com-bined with rapidly declining prices and increasing effi-ciency are making solar panels attractive investments,

    said Guokas. He noted that in North Carolina, there is a35% state tax credit on top of a 30% federal tax credit forsolar electric and solar hot water. Where solar is not fea-sible, geothermal heating and cooling is an option, espe-cially for larger homes in shady areas, says Samsel. BothSamsel and Guokas have noticed that their clients whoare entrepreneurs and are business savvy tend to focuson renewable energy because it pays for itself over time,it increases the appraised value of the home and pro-tects the homeowner against rising energy costs.

    Looking for more information on green homes? ContactSamsel Architects, JAG Construction, or MosaicCommunity Lifestyle Realty.

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    Grove Park Grand historical Grove Park homesits on 1.17 beautifully landscaped acres. Cast irongated entrance opens todriveway and a detachedthree bay garage with a

    remodeled 2 bedroom guest house. The exterior has Tenn-essee Stone, Terra Cotta roof with copper gutters. The interiorhas been fully renovated. The flowing floor plan incorporatescasual with elegance and the chefs dream kitchen with one ofa kind butlers pantry makes entertaining a delight! $3,750,

    Biltmore Forest EnchantedEstate built in 1927 on 4+ acres with a streamand footpaths windingthrough beautiful estab-lished gardens. ArchitectWilliam Dodge who was

    also a silversmith adds extra touches like silver door knobs andhand carved gargoyles. Restoration has brought back the exqui-site details while creating moder