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Excel Tricks and tips. Danny Puype Trainer danny@puype.com. Nav /Selection . Right click on sheet tabs + Ctrl PgUp / PgDn Use range name for big selection with F5 Make selections with Ctrl/End and arrows Ctrl + * Change Enter behavior Combine Tab & Enter in a list - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Outlook tricks and tips

Paste special special features like Calculations Transpose - Skip blanksQuickly copy sheets, cells etc with Ctrl + dragQuickly propagate a structure with group sheets Use visible cells only with subtotals / filtered dataMove columns or cells between other columns or cells Filling out data (numbers, dates) with fixed intervals & seriesFill Blanks with F5 - Goto blanks and Ctrl-Enter Ctrl-D to fill values from row just aboveDouble click format painter to copy format multiple times Create custom lists Ctrl+space: highlight col, then Ctrl + or Ctrl use ALT instead of //IR - /IC - Insert Row/Column /EDR - /EDC - Delete Row/Column /ORH - /OCH - Hide Row/Column /ORU - /OCU - Unhide Row/Column Copy/Cut - Paste Danny Puype Trainer / DeveloperIf you press the Ctrl key while dragging the fill handle, the dates and numbers wont be incremented.Or for dates, press the right mouse button when dragging, and then select a fill option from the shortcut menu.

4Use styles and customize stylesUse table stylesReset columns & row to autofit properly Custom formats with 4 arguments Alt + Enter to have text on multiple linesFind cells formatted with Find and then reformatUse of theme colorsTime format beyond 24h - [h]:mm:ssFormatting Danny Puype Trainer / DeveloperNest formulas the easy wayUse simple references to avoid repetitionStatistics in status barUnknown operators like & and ^Calculating timeSet up 3D formulaIntersection operator: a spaceF9 to see values behind formulaDouble click formula to debugWatch windowAuto-completed function names and use of tabCreating dynamic ranges with offset Range names and dynamic ranges with Tables Use of wildcard * in formulas: =vlookup(abc*;table;col nr; 0)Transform conditional outcomes with ++Formulas Danny Puype Trainer / DeveloperAutofilter by sample Sort on colourUse subtotals in filtered data & use of tablesInsert Currencies from 'Existing Connections' Get rid of spaces with text to columnsRepeat rows when printing Compare columns or rows with F5Dynamic data with tablesAlt + Down arrow for a drop down listRemove duplicatesFill blancs in pivot tablesSimple reference to cells in pivot tablesPut Show All records on toolbar (