Essential Excel Tools, Tips & Tricks Nicole Soer Loras College.

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<p>Presentation Title</p> <p>Essential Excel Tools, Tips &amp; TricksNicole SoerLoras College</p> <p>DupsConvert formulas to #sColumn headings on every page</p> <p>1Why</p> <p>For each tool, tip or trick, I would like to explore when we should use this and why we should use this. Please share your experiences with some of these tools as well.2Example 1 (demographic)</p> <p>3Example 2 (financial)</p> <p>Quick Bar</p> <p>Find a quick average, count or sum of selected cells. Also find maximum and minimum.Why?5Printing Column Headings on Each Page</p> <p>Page Layout tab &gt; Print Titles buttonWhy?6TablesTables provide a quick way to look at certain attributes like 90 or more credits</p> <p>Why?7TablesStudents registered as graduate students</p> <p>Why?8TablesStudents who are NOT graduate students but ARE registered for less than 12 credits</p> <p>Why?9Pivot Tables</p> <p>Tool with reporting functionality that helps summarize and analyze data10Pivot Tables</p> <p>Tool that helps dynamically summarize and analyze large amounts of data</p> <p>11Pivot Tables</p> <p>Pivot tables are a powerful tool that gives important information about our data like</p> <p>12Pivot Tables</p> <p>Cohort counts and outliers</p> <p>13Pivot Tables</p> <p>Breakdown cohort by state</p> <p>14Pivot Tables</p> <p>Detail in on 09/FA cohort who have SR status and are from MN</p> <p>15Pivot Tables</p> <p>Determine sum and total average of student loan amounts and count of students</p> <p>16Duplicate EntriesExcel can color code duplicate entries with Conditional Formatting.</p> <p>Why?17Custom SortsHome tab &gt; Sort &amp; Filter &gt; Custom SortSort by cell color</p> <p>Why?18Custom SortsSort by multiple fields</p> <p>Why?19Removing DuplicatesTake care with this!Data tab &gt; Remove Duplicates</p> <p>Why?20Function BasicsTo use functions, you must have = sign, the function (SUM in this case) and the arguments (F2:L2)</p> <p>Why?21Function BasicsTo enter a function, type it in the cell</p> <p>Why?22Function Basicsor click the fx button to use the wizard</p> <p>Why?23Filling in FunctionsClick and drag OR double click the box in the corner of the cell.</p> <p>Why?24Absolute vs. Relative Cell ReferencesAbsolute: the cell address stays same when fillingRelative: the cell address changes when filling</p> <p>Why?25VLOOKUPLooks up a set of data from another spreadsheetGrade book90 100 = A80-89 = BFinancial Aid CalculatorGPA 3.5 4.0 = 20,000GPA 3.3 3.49 = 15,000</p> <p>ID look upCombine information from demographic sheet to financial sheet</p> <p>The first two use a range, the second requires an exact match26VLOOKUP</p> <p>The first two use a range, the second requires an exact match27VLOOKUP</p> <p>The first two use a range, the second requires an exact match28IFUsually compares 2 thingsIf something is true, do a calculation or show textIf its not, do this calculation or show text</p> <p>Why?29CONCATENATECombine cells, text or numbers</p> <p>Why?30</p>