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EVANESCENT #1. (ADJ.) Context: The evanescent mist ... · PDF file happened to you or that you would like to have happen to you. PERSEVERANCE #7. (N.) Context: His perseverance was

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Text of EVANESCENT #1. (ADJ.) Context: The evanescent mist ... · PDF file happened to you or that you...

  • EVANESCENT #1. (ADJ.) Context: The evanescent mist disappears each day after the sun rises above the city. Defined: short-lived, fleeting, momentary, vanishing, ephemeral, fading 2 Synonyms: BR__ __ __ TEMP__ __ __ __ __ Write a sentence using the word evanescent. NEGLIGIBLE #2. (ADJ.) Context: Such a negligible flaw in the diamond would never be noticed except by a professional. Defined: of little importance, hardly noticeable, tiny, insignificant, small, trivial 2 Synonyms: PA__T__Y or ME__S__Y 1 Antonym: S__ __ N__ __IC__NT CAPITULATE #3. (V.) Context: After enduring a brutal siege, the rebels were forced to capitulate.

  • Defined: to give up, to surrender, submit, yield, concede defeat, throw in the towel, lay down one’s arms 2 Antonyms: R_ S_ _ T HO_ _ OU_ ENIGMA #4 (N.) Context: Baffled by the enigma of the missing socks, Angel decided to call in the experts. Defined: a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand; mystery, puzzle, riddle, conundrum, paradox Write a sentence about something that is enigmatic to you. ZENITH #5. (N.) Context: At the zenith of her career, she had over five lucrative endorsement deals and was considered a lock for MVP. Defined: peak, highest point, pinnacle, top, acme, crest

    2 Synonyms: SUM_ _ _

    A_ _ X


  • Context: On his way to the gym, Andrew made a fortuitous discovery: a hundred dollar bill lying on the sidewalk.

    Defined: accidental, by chance, lucky, serendipitous, opportune, timely

    Write 2-3 sentences about something fortuitous that has happened to you or that you would like to have happen to you. PERSEVERANCE #7. (N.) Context: His perseverance was rewarded: after many rejections, he finally found a job. Definition: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success, persistence, tenacity, determination, staying power, indefatigability, stick-to-it- iveness; diligence, dedication, doggedness 2 Synonyms: E _ _ UR_ N_ E ST_ _IN_ SPORADIC #8. (ADJ.) Context: Beth’s sporadic attendance infuriated Coach Maver, who accused her of not truly caring about hockey or her team.

  • Defined: inconsistent, infrequent, occasional, irregular, periodic, scattered, patchy, isolated, erratic 2 Antonyms: FR_ _ _ENT _RE_ _C_ AB_ _ POMPOUS #9. (ADJ.) Context: Ernesto, the most pompous senior in school, struts around like he’s royalty. Defined: self-important, pretentious, puffed up, arrogant, haughty, proud, conceited, supercilious, condescending, snooty, uppity 2 Synonyms: V_ _ N E_O_ _ ST_ C 1 Antonym: M_D_ _ T CLANDESTINE #10. (ADJ.) Context: The government agent trained for years before he began his clandestine activities overseas. Defined: secret, covert, furtive, surreptitious, stealthy, cloak-and-dagger, hush-hush Write a sentence about someone who needs to be clandestine in order to not be discovered.

  • EFFACE #11. (V.) Context: The chalk drawings were effaced by the rain. Defined: erase, eradicate, expunge, erode, rub out, remove, eliminate, cancel 2 Synonyms: O_LI_ _ R_ T_ D_ L_ _E SPURIOUS #12. (ADJ.) Context: Abe tried to defend himself against spurious accusations that he had rigged the election. Defined: bogus, fake, false, counterfeit, forged, fraudulent, sham, deceptive, misleading, phony 1 Antonym: G_N_ _N_ ACQUIESCE #13. (V.) Context: After enduring hours of nagging and whining, Mrs. Nixon acquiesced to her son’s pleas and gave him a later curfew. Defined: accept, consent to, agree to, allow, concede, concur with, comply with, cooperate with, give in to, yield to

  • Origin: Latin acquiescere ‘to rest’ CONCATENATION #14. (N.) Context: Author Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote, “We’re nothing but a fortuitous concatenation of atoms.” Defined: a series of interconnected things or events; the action of linking things together in a series; sequence, succession, chain Origin: Latin concatenatio “chaining together” TACITURN #15. (ADJ.) Context: Our taciturn daughter has suddenly become a little chatty. Defined: silent, introverted, quiet, uncommunicative 1 Synonym: R_S_ _V_ _ 1 Antonym: T_ _ K_T_V_ RHETORIC #16. (N.) Context: Claudia is a master of rhetoric. After listening to her for a few minutes, you’ll believe whatever she is telling you. Defined: the art of effective or persuasive speaking or

  • writing; oratory, eloquence, command of language, way with words, propaganda *Empty rhetoric—bombast, grandiloquence, pomposity, extravagant language, wordiness, verbosity, hot air IRREFUTABLE #17. (ADJ.) Context: The evidence was irrefutable, and the jury convicted her after only an hour of deliberation. Defined: impossible to deny or disprove, having no argument against [Refute (v.) = prove to be false or wrong] List 3 irrefutable facts. DISSEMINATE #18. (V.) Context: The dissemination of information always happened right after school, when groups of friends got together about the day’s news. Defined: spread, circulate, distribute, disperse, publicize, communicate, pass on, make known Origin: Latin disseminat- ‘scattered’ ALOOF #19. (ADJ.)

  • Context: Unlike the eager and friendly dog, who barked with excitement whenever she saw her owner, the cat was aloof and disliked human company. Defined: cool and distant, detached, unfriendly, antisocial, withdrawn, reserved, standoffish 2 Antonyms: F_M_LI_ _

    F_ _EN_ L_

    UTOPIA #20. (N.) Context: After a harsh winter in North Dakota, Miami seemed like a utopia. Defined: paradise; an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect Origin: The word was first used in the book Utopia (1516) by Sir Thomas More Greek ‘topos’ = place INNATE #21. (ADJ.) Context: Owen’s sledding prowess is a combination of innate ability and dedicated training. Defined: inborn, inherent, natural, intrinsic, instinctive, intuitive, deep-rooted, hard-wire

  • 2 Antonyms: LEA_N_ _ REH_ _R _ _ _ PLACATE #22. (V.) Context: In an attempt to placate his furious students, Mr. Mallory agreed to rethink his grading policy. Defined: make less angry or hostile; pacify, calm, appease, soothe, win over, make peace with 1 Antonym: PR_ _ OK_ FALLACY #23. (N.) Context: A lot of people believe that going outside with wet hair will give you a cold, but that’s a total fallacy. Defined: false idea, misconception, misbelief, delusion, error, mistake 2 Synonyms: U_T_UT_ M_TH DULCET #24. (ADJ.) Context: The Blue Grosbeak, bejeweled with glistening blue feathers, has a silvery bill and sings a dulcet song in tall grasses.

  • Defined: sweet and soothing, mellow, honeyed, pleasant, melodic, lyrical, golden 2 Antonyms: H_R_ _ C_C_PH_N_ _ _ EXPEDITE #25. (V.) Context: In order to expedite the check-in process, please have your ID out. Defined: speed up, accelerate, hurry, hasten, step up, quicken, make easier, aid, boost, stimulate, spur on, catalyze 1 Antonym: D_ _ A_ AUGMENT #26. (V.) Context: Ali, determined to augment her Barbie collection, spent every free afternoon searching for new dolls. Defined: add to, build up, enlarge, expand, raise, multiply, grow, boost 2 Synonyms: IN_ _ _ A _ E SU_ _LE_ E_ _ WINSOME #27. (ADJ.) Context: Her winsome smile lit up her face and made her attractive to those who were around her.

  • Defined: charming, appealing, attractive in appearance or character Underline the synonyms of winsome: endearing revolting obnoxious engaging amiable charismatic compelling PALTRY #28. (ADJ.) Context: For three years, the castaway survived on paltry amounts of fish, bamboo, and coconut. Defined: meager, measly, of a small amount, scarce 2 Synonyms: N_G_ _ _ _BL_ IN_ _ GN_ _I_AN_ OMNIVOROUS #29. (ADJ.) Context: I used to be a vegetarian, but I started having intense turkey cravings, so now I’m omnivorous. Defined: having a diet of both plants and animals; eating anything List three omnivorous animals. PERFUNCTORY #30. (ADJ.) Context: After giving her relatives a perfunctory nod,

  • Alexis hurried out of the room to hang out with her friends. Defined: an action or gesture carried out with minimum effort or reflection; cursory, hasty, superficial, careless, halfhearted 2 Antonyms: C_R_ _ U_ TH_ _ OU_ _ QUIXOTIC #31. (ADJ.) Context: When she turned eighteen, Lily set out on a quixotic pursuit of rollerskating fame. Defined: dreamy, idealistic, romantic, Utopian, extravagant, starry-eyed, unrealistic, impractical, impossible Origin: late 18th cent.: from Don Quixote + -ic LATENT #32. (ADJ.) Context: After just a few sessions with the psychiatrist, Andy’s latent fears started to come to the surface. Defined: dormant, undiscovered, hidden, concealed, underlying, invisible, unseen, unrealized What are 3 things that can be latent? CHARLATAN #33. (N.)

  • Context: Late-night TV is full of charlatans selling weight loss products and kitchen gadgets. Defined: a fraud, an impostor, a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; quack, sham, fake, cheat, deceiver, double-dealer, flimflammer 2 Synonyms: C_ _ AR_ _ S_ S_IND_ _ R TANGIBLE #34. (ADJ.) Context: I'd prefer a reward more t