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Earthquakes, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Volcanoes, Mountains Mountains Earth’s Crust Earth’s Crust

Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains

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Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains. Earth’s Crust. What did the earthquake say to the ground?. You crack me up!. Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains…. What do you know about Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Mountains?. Myths. Real? How did myths start?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains

Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, MountainsMountains

Earth’s CrustEarth’s Crust

Page 2: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains

What did the earthquake say to the What did the earthquake say to the ground?ground?

• You crack me up!

Page 3: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains

Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains…Mountains…

Page 4: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains

What do you know about What do you know about Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Earthquakes,


Page 5: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains


• Real?

• How did myths


Poseidon: Greek god of the sea, also known as the ‘earth shaker’ when he was ignored or offended.

•What does ‘earth shaker’ mean?

•How did ancient Greeks explain Poseidon ‘shaking’ the earth?

Page 6: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains

Explaining eventsExplaining events

• People use myths to explain the world around them.

• Earthquakes, volcanoes and mountains all have myths!

Page 7: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains

Glooscap (Mi’kmaq legend)Glooscap (Mi’kmaq legend)• http://www.lib.unb.ca/Texts/QWERTY/Qweb/qwerte/mic_mal/sugar.htm

sugarloaf mountain NB

Page 8: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains

Pele (Hawaiian Fire goddess)Pele (Hawaiian Fire goddess)• Kilauea, Hawaii •She was sent away from her home island

because she had a hot temper.

•She made many fire pits (in Hawaii) before her elder sister found her there.

•Her sister (goddess of the sea) kept putting out the volcano’s fire.

•They had a big fight and Pele was torn apart and her spirit was free to be Fire goddess in the Kilauea Volcano.

Page 9: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains

Anaxagoras (Greek Philosopher) Anaxagoras (Greek Philosopher) 500BC500BC

• World is flat

• Air supports the world (floats)

• Disturbances in the air cause…


Page 10: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains

Hindus of IndiaHindus of India• believed that 8 elephants held the world

on their backs and when they were tired, the earth shook, creating….


Page 11: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains

What do you think?What do you think?

• Are these explanations believable?

Page 12: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains

Your turn!Your turn!

• Time to create your own myth about an earthquake OR volcano OR mountain.

• Think of a story

• Add a picture to illustrate your story!

• We’ll use GLOGSTER and link it to your wikispace!

Page 13: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains

Signing in to Glogster – 1Signing in to Glogster – 1stst step: step:

• Open a Word Doc

• Type in a ‘nickname’ and ‘password’

EXAMPLE: msmacc itsrainy11

• Save your Word Doc in your ‘documents’ folder as GLOGSTER INFO

Page 14: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains

Step 2:Step 2:

• Connect to the internet

• Go to: www.glogster.com

• Click the REGISTER button (it’s pink)

• Fill in your information

Page 15: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains

Step 3:Step 3:• Add text,sound,video,pictures• You can not use the DRAW tool. You can use Paint and

save the picture and then upload it to your glog.

• Homework for tonight:~Think about a story or myth to explain one (1) cause

of earthquakes OR volcanoes OR mountains (pick 1, not all 3)

~Add an image or picture/sound/video to illustrate your myth using Glogster!

**We will put the above together in tomorrow’s class.