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  1. 1. DIS Dealer Communities Community Powered Support
  2. 2. DIS Dealer Community Getting started is simple and user-friendly! Sign on to the DIS Website and check out our new DIS Dealer Community, Sign on with your existing user ID and Password. If you are not yet registered we can provide a temporary password for youto get started. If you are already registered however cannot rememberyour password DIS employees will be on hand to help!
  3. 3. Simply Click on the new Community tab from the main landing page afterlogging in to gain access to the new DIS Community.
  4. 4. You will receive a prompt indicating that a community profile will beestablished for you based on your registered user ID and Email used to accessthe DIS website, simply click Continue.
  5. 5. Once Click on the DIS link in the authentication email notice you receive inorder to log into the DIS Community.
  6. 6. Upon Connecting to the DIS Dealer Community, you will be directed to theDIS Community Home Page. Click on the Product, QuipWare for example inorder to access the Dealer Community appropriate to your business system. Note, you will only have to access your Dealer Community via this page from initialauthentication or if you access the forum directly via initiated from the DIS Website will always default to your associated businesssystem.
  7. 7. Once you have authenticated your subscribership, you will be automaticallydirected to the Dealer Community appropriate to your business system uponlogin to the DIS website.
  8. 8. From the Welcome Menu there is a menu of which allows access fordefining profile information where you can define a Nickname, Tagline,Location, Twitter, Flickr and/or Website Blog accounts. Add a photo as wellfor that personal touch!
  9. 9. Within your profile, you can access the Email & Notifications Settings inorder to add additional email addresses and/or set your preferences for alertson Community postings.
  10. 10. From your Profile, accessing Activity, you can view just those postings thatyou have responded to, selected to follow or selected +1" (voted on) to getall the updates on those topics of which are of greatest interest to you in onelocation.You can also opt to Unfollow any topics from this location as well.
  11. 11. The Primary method of communication on the DIS Dealer Community is viathe Ask a question tab. This enables the Topic Intercept Search.Options include, Ask a Question, Sharing an Idea, Reporting a Problem orGiving praise.
  12. 12. In the text box, you can type in a question, or partial phrase for what youare looking for in the Community, then click continue. This will engage thedatabase to locate any possible related subject matter and display in reversechronological order for your review. Any matches will display below the Ask a question box, in which you can click onthe link to view the full post.
  13. 13. The full post is opened and you can see all related postings to the topicselected. Here you can reply to the topic, Vote on a topic and/or follow thispost to receive email notifications when there are any new updates. If the post/s recovered do not answer your question, click back to Topics and then select Nope. Finish posting my question in order to continue with posting a message in the community or click the button Create a new topic on this screen.
  14. 14. Select a Topic Type, Topic Title, add Details these will help in other users locatingyour questions and any responses received for future.Choose an Emoticon to express your current feelings and specify whether or not toinclude your email address for direct communication with DIS.Your Related Product should be selected by default according to your user profile.You can additionally input tag words in order to categorize your topic. Click Post to finalize.
  15. 15. Come join us in the new DIS Dealer Community, get information, share yourthoughts, get input from other dealers or just engage with fellow communitymembers all of which will help build our new Dealer Community!
  16. 16. Thank you for stopping by!