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Worked with show organizers and a graphic designer to produce exclusive program for a trade show – July 2014.

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  • C1 - Nace Cover 7/24/14 11:35 AM Page 97

  • Business Growth for the Owner, Executive, and MSO

    The MSO Symposium has been an extremely popular eventat NACE since it premiered in 2011, drawing attendancefrom the largest multi-shop operators in the collision repairindustry. The rebranded Collision Repair ExecutiveSymposium (CRES) now caters to a broader group ofcollision repair executives, allowing it to be more inclusive ofsome of the best operators in the collision repair industry. Italso includes some changes in content, including a focus onoperations and participation from insurance companyexecutives presenting information on the latest trends.

    CRES features a day of education and networkingopportunities for MSOs. Registration also includes an ExpoPass (valid July 31 and Aug. 1), a ticket to the OpeningGeneral Session and Welcome Party, and the option to alsopurchase a Super Pass.

    The 2014 CRES | MSO Symposium takes place Friday, Aug.1 from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Please note that you must be ashop owner or operator in order to attend CRES, andverification is required at the time of registration.

    We sincerely thank you for your support, and hope you enjoyeverything NACE | CARS has to offer this year.

    Collision Repair Executive Symposium

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  • 2 schedule

    marketing dynamics

    maximizing capacity utilization

    changing vehicle design and increasing repair

    anatomy of an acquisition

    session 1:

    session 2:

    session 3:

    session 4:







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  • NACE2

    Continental Breakfast

    Market Dynamics

    Changing in vehicle ownership and driving patterns,ride-sharing, collision avoidance technologies, usagebased insurance and vehicle telematics are just someof the latest factors influencing the currentmarketplace. Learn from insurance and collisionindustry executives about how these trends haveimpacted todays market and will influence the futuremarket for collision repairs.

    Moderator: Russell Thrall III, publisher and editor-in-chief, CollisionWeek Participants: Joseph Funk, vice president, AIG ComplexCasualty Claims; Susanna Gotsch, director, industryanalyst, CCC Information Services, Inc.; Randy Hanson,claim director, Allstate Insurance

    Maximizing Capacity Utilization

    Collision repair operating models are constantlyevolving in response to both the marketplace and thedesire to continuously improve the business.Increasingly, successful repair facility operators arefocusing their operations on maximizing their capacityutilization to assure top-level KPI performance andassure growth.

    Moderator: Erick Bickett, CEO, Fix Auto USAParticipants: Paul Krauss, president and CEO,Craftsman Auto Body; Don Mikrut, vice president ofCarCare Collision Centers; Joe Amodei, founder andCEO of The Collision Centers of New York; Rick Wood,co-CEO of Cooks Collision Centers; Mark Sanders,president and chief operating officer, Caliber CollisionCenters; David Braun, principal with Nexsyis Collision,Inc.


    8:00 8:30 a.m.:

    8:30 10:00 a.m.:

    10:00 11:30 a.m.:

    11:30 a.m. 12:30 p.m.:

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  • Collision Repair Executive Symposium 2014 3

    Changing Vehicle Design and Increasing Repair

    Everyone knows that the vehicles repaired today arevastly different from those of just five years ago.

    Learn how the industry is: Planning their investments in plant and equipment

    necessary to repair the ever-changing automobile Building cultures geared for technical excellence Assuring the right car gets the right repair, by the right

    technician, at the right repair facility

    Moderator: Roger Wright, industry executiveParticipants: Bill Brower, vice president & manager ofstrategic partnerships at Liberty Mutual Insurance;Marty Iverson, executive vice President of businessdevelopment for North America, Innovation Group;Patrick Burnett, associate vice president ofproperty and casualty claims material damage,Nationwide Insurance; Aaron Marshall, Marshall AutoBody; David Goldstein, senior vice president operations (California and Nevada), Caliber Collision

    Anatomy of an Acquisition

    Geared to small and mid-size MSOs, this mockacquisition will go through the various steps of atransaction, looking at critical issues from both thebuyers and the sellers viewpoint. Topics will includepresale preparation, understanding how businesses arevalued, confidentiality, due diligence, deal structure andnegotiation strategy.

    Moderator: Marcy Tieger, managing director, SymphonyAdvisors, LLCParticipants: John Walcher, president of VeritasAdvisors, Inc.; and Will Johnston, vice president ofacquisitions, Service King

    12:30 2:00 p.m.:

    2:00 3:30 p.m.:

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  • NACE4


    Russell Thrall III, publisher and editor-in-chief, CollisionWeek


    Joseph Funk, vice president, AIG Complex Casualty ClaimsSusanna Gotsch, director, industry analyst, CCC Information Services, Inc.Randy Hanson, claim director, Allstate Insurance

    4 - 5 - Session 1 and S1 Moderator 7/24/14 11:29 AM Page 4

  • Collision Repair Executive Symposium 2014 5

    Russell D. Thrall III, a second-generation collisionrepairer, has been involved in the collision repairindustry his entire life. Starting as a clean-up person inbody shops owned and managed by his father, Thrallhas experienced the industry from the bottom up.

    At the age of 14, Thrall began working part-time as atechnician in a shop close to home. By the time he was17, he was promoted to assistant manager.

    Thrall joined the staff of Chilton's Automotive BodyRepair News (ABRN) in 1991 as technical editor. In1992, he was promoted to senior editor, responsible formaintaining the content of ABRN editorial andrepresenting at industry events nationwide.

    From 1993 through 2000, Thrall served as editor ofCollision Repair Industry INSIGHT, a subscription-basedpublication with English-language circulationthroughout the world.

    In 2000, Thrall founded CollisionWeek, a businessnewsletter for all segments of the global collision repairindustry. CollisionWeek provides daily business newsand trend research on the Internet and in weekly email,fax and print editions to subscribers around the world.Thrall continues to serve as publisher of CollisionWeek.

    Also in 2000, Thrall returned to the staff of ABRN andserved as editor-in-chief of the worlds largest monthlytrade magazine until July 2004.

    Thrall is a frequent speaker at industry events includingthe Collision Industry Conference (CIC), NACE, theInsurance Services Office APD Panel and numerousother U.S. and international events. He served aschairman of the Collision Industry Conference from2009-2010 and is a past-president of the National AutoBody Council Board of Directors. In December 2002,Thrall was inducted into the Collision Repair IndustryHall of Eagles.

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  • NACE6

    Joseph Funk is vice president, global personal linesauto claims for AIG Property and Casualty. Joe has 15years of experience in the auto claims insuranceindustry. His current responsibilities include globalmaterial damage oversight, estimating and repairnetwork oversight, process handling oversight forcomp/collision and physical damage inside adjustingfunctionality. He has experience in the automotiveindustry as general manager of a collision repair andservice center.

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  • Collision Repair Executive Symposium 2014 7

    Susanna Gotsch is director, industry analyst at CCCInformation Services Inc. She has been with CCC sinceJuly of 1992. Susanna brings 20-plus years ofexperience within the automotive claims industry asdirector, industry analyst. She has authored The CrashCourse, CCCs annual publication on trends impactingcollision repair and total loss costs, since 1995. Thispublication has become a key resource for the industryin understanding how broader trends within theeconomy, new and used vehicle market places, andcollision industry are impacting auto claim frequencyand costs.

    Ms. Gotsch received a B.A. from St. Olaf College in1989. She also has an M.A. from Indiana University.

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  • NACE8

    Randy is a 36-year veteran with Allstate in the claimarea. He has a B.S./B.A. degree in accounting and anMBA degree. Randy also holds professionaldesignations as a Chartered Property CasualtyUnderwriter (CPCU), Associate in Risk Management(ARM) and Society of Claim Law Associates (SLA). Healso hold four business process patents from theUnited States Patent Office that were granted in 2012,2013 and 2014.

    Randy has held several recent roles within the Allstateorganization. In 2004, he served as director ofprocurement, training & field process support forSterling Autobody (an Allstate subsidiary). In 2005,Randy was appointed auto application delivery lead forthe development, design, build, test and implementationof a new claim delivery platform for Allstate. This wasthe largest technology project ever undertaken byAllstate up to that time.

    In 2007, Randy was appointed senior manager ofproperty, casualty claim service organization (P-CCSO)providing field support for auto processdevelopment/mastery for Allstates 17,000-strong fieldclaim employee group. In 2008 Randy was namedclaim service manager for PRO to provide seniorleadership and direction for Allstates Priority RepairOption (PRO) program in the management of theAllstate network