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CI and Tourism in the Andes Steve Edwards Andes CBC Tourism Specialist

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Text of CI and Tourism in the Andes Steve Edwards Andes CBC Tourism Specialist

  • CI and Tourism in the AndesSteve EdwardsAndes CBC Tourism Specialist

  • Strategic DirectionsEstablishing policies and strategiesBest practices for tourism operatorsSupporting protected areas in public use and tourism managementSharing information / capacity buildingPilot projects

  • Current activitiesVenezuela: Support to Programa Andes Tropicales in North Andean Corridor with community ecotourism projects; Developing tourism/public use plan for eastern sector of Canaima National ParkColombia:Support to San Andres Archipelago in ecotourism planning and marketing, product development, etc.Support to site project in Laguna Verde, North Andean CorridorReview of potential additional projects (Cieega de Bao, Andes, Suroeste de Antioquia)Support to Parks Unit, particularly in deve-loping concessions regulations

  • Current ActivitiesEcuador: (Hiring Ecotourism Specialist!)Galapagos: USAID GMR project leadership of component, Best Practices, etc. (multiple partners)Tourism Management Plan (PNG)Choc-Manab: Support for developing strategy; review of existing projects; support for Machalilla NP (best practices) (ASEC)National: National Ecotourism Strategy (MITUR and ASEC)Condor Kutuk: potential alliance with Canodros and Achuar Federation regarding Kapawi Lodge transfer (Canodros, Pachamama, Caiman)

  • Current ActivitiesPeru: Certification and best practices (The Contracting Society, USIL)Partnership with Rainforest Expeditions

  • Current ActivitiesBolivia Marcelo.

  • Current/Recent ActivitiesRegional ScaleFinalizing Intercambio Manaus and interaction with Brazil CBCGran Ruta Inka (IUCN, TMI)Regional Ecotourism Strategy with Comunidad Andina de Naciones (CAN)Virtual document center

  • Future needsSupport and links to private sector operators to enhance conservation contributionNeed to expand protected areas management capacity for managing tourismSupport for the establishment of partner organizations, particularly ecotourism associationsNeed for tools and methodologies, prepared by CI and/or partnersWe need to document the work were doing!

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