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Cau Truc Cau Tieng Anh (Hay)

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Useful English Grammar structures

AGrammar structures - Be about to do sth - Be able to do sth = To be capable of + V_ing Meanings/ examples - s lm g , sp sa lm g . - C th lm g eg: Im able to speak English = I am capable of speaking English. - Be abounding in sth - C nhiu, di do ci g . - Be absent from ( class, school, ) - Vng, ngh - Be absorbed in sth/ V-ing - Mit mi, say m - Be accessible to do sth. - C th cp nht lm g. - Be acceptable to sb - C th chp nhn c i vi ai.. - Be accompanied by sb - Cng i vi ai - Be accountable for an action - Chu trch nhim v mt hnh ng - Be accurate in sth - Chnh xc v ci g - Be accuse sb of doing sth - Buc ti ai lm g - Be accustomed to sth/ V-ing - Quen vi iu g/ lm g - Be acquainted with sth/ doing sth - Quen vi iu g/ lm g - Be addicted to sth - Nghin ci g - To adjust to sth - Thch nghi vi ci g - Be afraid of sth - S ci g/ ai - Agree with sb about sth - ng vi ai v - Be aimed at sb/ sth - Nhm vo ai/ ci g - Although + a clause - Mc d - Apologize to sb for sth/ doing sth - Xin li ai v - Apologize for doing sth Eg. I want to apologize for being rude to you. - apply for a job - Xin vic - Apart from sb/ sth - Bn cnh - Argue with sb about sth - Tranh (bn) ci vi ai - Arange for sb to do sth - Sp xp ai lm vic g 1. At no time + Modal V + S + V - Cha lc no Eg. He never suspected that his money At no time did he suspect that his money was stolen was stolen. 2.At no time did + s + s uspect (that) Eg. He never suspected that the S2 + had + V(pII) money had been stolen. = S1 + never + suspected that + - At no time did he suspect S2 + had + V(P2) + . (that) the money had been stolen - advise sb to do sth / not to do sth - Khuyn ai lm g/ khng lm g eg: Our teacher advises us to study hard. - As soon As + S + had + V(pp) , - Ngay khi S + V (qu kh n). - As long as + S + V.., S+ will + Eg. As long as you work hard, you will

Useful English Grammar structuresV - So long as + - Beg sb for sth - beg sb to do sth - Believe in sb/ sth - be between jobs = jobless - Blame for sb/ sth - be bored with sth pass your exam.

B- Xin / ni ai ci g - Xin ni ai lm g - Tin vo ai/ ci g - Tht nghip - li cho... - Chn lm ci g Eg.We are bored with doing the same things everyday - Mn ci g ca ai - Bn rn lm g

- Borrow sth from sb - be busy doing sth eg: We are busy preparing for our exam. - But for doing sth/ sth , S + cant + do Eg. The only thing we can do is learning. ( Nu khng, ..khng th) But for learning, we cant do any thing

C- Catch up with sb in sth - Compare sth with sth - Compete with sb for sth - Congratulate sb on sth - Charge sb money for sth - Theo kp ai trong vic g - So snh ci g vi ci g - Tranh ginh vi ai v ... - Chc mng ai iu g .. - i ai bao nhiu tin cho ci g

D- In spite of + V-ing/ N - Despite of + V-ing / N - Dream about / of + N/ V-ing - S + V + Due to + N phrase. - Bt chp Eg.In spite of his age, the old man runs 5 kilometers a day - m v Eg. The office was closed due to the doctors illness.

E- S1 + expect + that + S2+ will + V Eg.- I expect that he will get there by

Useful English Grammar structures= S1 + expect + somebody + to v - Escape from + a place - To fail to do sth lunch time. - I expect him to get there by lunch time. - trn thot khi

F- Khng lm c ci g / Tht bi trong vic lm ci g eg: We failed to do this exercise. Eg : We find it difficult to learn English. - chn vi vic g Eg. He is fed up with doing exercises - quen thuc vi - ni ting v - lm y Eg. What a susprise to see you here ! - Fancy seeing you here.

- To find it + adj + to do sth - Be fed up with + V-ing/ N - Be familiar + to Sth/sb - Be famous for + Sth. - Be filled with - Fancy + V-ing ..

G- be good at ( V_ing ) sth - Get out of + N/v-ing - Gii ( lm ) ci g eg: Im good at ( playing ) tennis - ra khi/ thot khi

H- To have no idea of sth = dont know about sth - Had (d ) better do sth not do sth 1.To have sth + PII 2. To have sb do sth - Khng bit v ci g eg: I have no idea of this word = I dont know this word. - Nn lm g / Khng nn lm g eg: 1. Youd better learn hard. 2. Youd better not go out. 1. C ci g c lm eg: Im going to have my house repainted. 2. Nh/ Thu ai lm g eg: Im going to have Mr. Jonh repair my car. = Im going to have my car repaired. Eg.- What a lovely picture ! - How a lovely picture is !

- How + (a/ an) + adj + N + be !

Useful English Grammar structuresWhat + (a/ an ) + adj + N ! Hardly do sth = cant do sth. Hardly Seldom + Modal V + S + V.. Never Rarely - Hu nh khng lm - Him khi Eg. The performance had hardly begun when the light went off. = Hardly had the performance begun when the light went off.

I- be interested in + N / V_ing - Thch ci g / lm ci g Eg: We are interested in reading books on history. - Its the first time sb have ( has ) + PII - y l ln u tin ai lm ci g eg: Its the first time we have visited this place. - It is + Adj + ( for sb ) + to do sth eg: It is difficult for old people to learn English. - Its time + S + did sth - n lc ai phi lm g eg: Its time we went home. - Its not necessary for sb to do sth - Ai khng cn thit phi lm g = Sb dont need to do sth eg: It is not necessary for you to do this doesnt have to do sth exercise. - To invite sb to do sth - Mi ai lm g eg: They invited me to go to the cinema. Its over 6 months since + S V - hn 6 thng k t khi ( simple past) Eg.Its over 6 months since John had his hair cut. - Its (high) time + S + past Eg. Its high time you got back to subjunctive work. - It + be + + who + does + sth Eg. It was Alexander Graham Bell for S.O who invented the telegraph. S.O + owes sth + to + S.O People owe the invention of the telegraph to Alexander Graham Bell

K- It is ( very ) kind of sb to do sth eg: It is very kind of you to help me. - Ai tht tt bng / t t khi lm g

Useful English Grammar structures

L- To look forward to + V_ing - Be look forward to + V-ing. eg: We are looking forward to going on holiday - S+ last + did sth + time ago. - The last time + S + did sth was + time ago. - To make sb do sth - Be + made + to V - Mong ch, mong i lm g Eg.I look forward to seeing you soon. I am looking forward to seeing you soon - Ln cui cng lm g l . eg. I last met her 10 years ago. + The last time I met her was 10 years ago.

- Bt ai lm g eg: The teacher made us do a lot of homework. - b bt lm g. Eg. I was made to work hard . - To make sure of sth/ - Bo m iu g that + S + V eg: 1. I have to make sure of that information. 2. You have to make sure that youll pass the exam. -Do you mind if I + V ( hin ti Eg. Do you mind if I take a photo n) ? of you ? -Would you mind if I + V (qa kh Would you mind if I took a photo n) ? of you ? -Do/ would you mind + V ing ? Do/ Would you mind opening the door ? - S + May Eg. I think It may rain Perhaps It look as if it will rain. Look as if - There is a good chance that I will Its possible that get the job Ive applied for. Seem +S+ will + V There is a good chance In all probability Its quite likely that


1.To need to do sth 2.To need doing - Not only .. but also - Both and.


1.Cn lm g eg: You need to work harder. 2. Cn c lm eg: This car needs repairing. - Khng nhng . m cn - va va

Useful English Grammar structuresEg . She is not only short but also fat. She is both short and fat - No sooner + had + S + V(pp) + Eg. No sooner had they left than + S + V( qu kh n) home than it started to rain. - Nothing but + s + would + V Eg.- He insisted on a full apology. . Nothing but a full apology . would satisfy him - Not until did + S + V . Eg. I only recognised him when he came into the light. - Not until he came into the light did I recognise him. - No point on + V-ing Eg. It is quite pointless to complain. - There is no point on complaining. - Never have/ has + S + V(P2) + Eg. Never have I written such a . good essay. - No matter + how + adj/ adv + S + V - No matter + what/ where + S +V - S + be + superlative adj + N No other + N + Be + as + adj + as + S - To offer sb sth eg: He offered me a job in his company. Not Only by Never before Only when + ( o th ca ng t / V) Only later +S Only after At no time Only with - If only + S + V ( past simple) : - Once + S + have + PP, S + will + V .. Eg. No matter how busy you are, he always insists on coming with you. Eg.Iron is the most useful metal. No other metal is as useful as iron.

O- Mi / ngh ai ci g Eg. There was no precedent for the Kings resignation. - Never before had the King resigned. + I didnt realize who he was until later. Only later did I realize who he was. - Only by studying harder, can you pass the exam. - Gi nh Eg. If only I could live in Paris for a year! Eg. He will do what he has said. Once he has said something, he will do

Useful English Grammar structuresit.

P- Prefer + N + to + N + V-ing + to + Ving + Sb + to - v - To prevent sb from V_ing - To provide sb with sth - Provided that . - Provided + S + V . - Pride oneself on sth.. - thch hn eg: We prefer spending money to earning money. - Cn tr/ ngn cn ai lm g eg: The rain prevented us from going for a walk. - Cung cp cho ai ci g eg: Can you provide us with some books in history? Eg. You can use my car, but have to keep it carefully. - Provided that you keep my car carefully you can use it. Eg. Mrs. Lan is proud of her cooking. - Mrs.Lan prides herself on her cooking. - Chm dt ci g/ lm g. Eg. Its quite pointless to complain. - There is no point in complaining. - That problem is not worth discussing - Children neednt study too much Theres no need for children to study too much.

- Take pride in sth - Put an end to sth/ doing sth - It + be pointless to do sth S + be + no worth + V- ing - There is no point in doing sth. - S + be try + but not succeed.. - There s no need ( for sb) + to +V - To rely on smb eg: You can rely on him. 1.To remember doing 2. To remember to do

R- Tin cy, da dm vo ai 1.Nh lm g eg: I remember wat

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