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Making the World a better place: One blanket at a time

By: Jena SeidemanMaking the World a better place: One blanket at a timeAdopted from Kunming, China (Yunnan Province- Southern)Born on March 27 and put on police doorstep Orphan for 2 yearsKunming Childrens Welfare institute


Was suppose to be adopted by someone else but it fell through Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. Marilyn MonroeAdopted by Sam and Lynn Seidemann, and I can say, I have been happy ever since!


Jenas baby photos Gold Award Teamed up with All Girls Allowed in their blanket ministry Goal is 100 blanketsEach blanket will be given to the organization Distributed to women who choose to keep their daughterShows the support we have for gender equality past our borders Proverbs 31:8-9

What is my Project?

September 25, 1980 enacted by the Chinese government under MaoGreat Leap forward led to a man-made 30 million death famineThe birth rate was once 4 children per womanConfucius principles that the son will take care of the parents in old ageGendercide: A deliberate and systematic destruction of a gender group, most commonly women Family planning police Quotas to have childrenCannot have children and be unmarried Those born outside of the quota system are called illegal or black children: no access to healthcare and education

What is the one child policy? Three biggest issues are abandonment, infanticide, and abortion1 million girls abandoned each yearSince ratio is 120 boys to 100 girls, trafficking occurs35,000 abortions performed each day500 women commit suicide each day in China: the only country where women kill themselves more than menIts has been reported that since the one child policy began336 million children have been aborted 196 million sterilizations403 million IUDs (Intrauterine devices- birth control) Continued Girls have been lost to Gendercide37 million more men than women Bare branches: usually falls to the poorInverted pyramid: social issues Chinas crime rates have DOUBLED in the last 20 yearsHigh sex ratios have had correlation to crimes such as rape, sex trafficking ect. In terms of abortions, if you are illegal, they do not care. Up to 9th month they will kill your babyContinued the link above, scroll until you see the article about the Late term forced abortion

For other resources, please visit You can also read A Mothers OrdealWatch Its a Girl Documentary

Testimonies Thank you to My loving parents and brother, Lynn, Sam, and NickMy volunteers Everyone who donated materials specifically the Diebold family, my math Teacher Mrs. Levell, The Womens Morning Ministry at St. Ann Parish, Girl Scout Brownie Troops 1657 and 4623, and Theresa OmarMy Aunt Phyllis and Cousin Elizabeth for the 10 hour workday they put in with me Everyone who attended the sessions All those who prayed for this project and my sanity If I forgot anyone, I thank you to! Your support will give over 100 babies blankets, and with these blankets, we support women who face oppression around the world.Quick Thank Yous"Gendercide | All Girls Allowed." Gendercide | All Girls Allowed. All Girls Allowed, 2013. Web. 10 Mar. 2014. .Stone, Mark. "China Couple Speak Of 'Forced Abortion'" Sky News. Sky News, 3 Oct. 2013. Web. 10 Mar. 2014. .Works Cited


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