Jena Campaign

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Jena Campaign. Prussian Army: Brunswick’s Main Army Kalkreuth’s Reserve Corps Hohenlohe’s Army Ruchel’s Corps Wurttemburg’s Reserve. Task Organization (General): Advance Guard Division (IN, CAV, FA mix) 3 X Combined Arms Division (IN, CAV, FA). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jena Campaign

Jena Campaign

French Grande Armee:Imperial Guard: LefebvreI Corps: BernadotteIII Corps: DavoutIV Corps: SoultV Corps: LannesVI Corps: NeyVII Corps: AugereauReserve Cavalry: MuratPrussian Army:Brunswicks Main ArmyKalkreuths Reserve CorpsHohenlohes ArmyRuchels CorpsWurttemburgs ReserveTask Organization (General):3 X Infantry Division1-2 X Cavalry Brigade1 X Artillery BrigadeTask Organization (General):Advance Guard Division (IN, CAV, FA mix)3 X Combined Arms Division (IN, CAV, FA)Problem: How to draw the Prussian Army into a decisive battle and defeat them, causing Prussia to capitulate to French terms?

Tactical Risk:-Grand Armee is divided on 3 different AoA to cross the Thuringer-Wald.Mitigation:-Napolon organizes forces into Battalion Carre (mutually supporting, all around defense) Opportunity:-The Grand Armee saves 3-4 days in transit and is able to surprise Prussian Army.

BBBAABambergOBJ LeipzigAssemblyPhaseApproach MarchPhaseDecisive BattlePhaseExploitation and PursuitPhaseOBJ Hof-SaalfieldPlannedActualVXXXIXXXIIIXXXIVXXXVIIXXXVIXXXDDDecisive Operation: V Corps crosses the River Saale and destroys main body of Prussian Army IVO Jena.Shaping Operations:VII Corps fixes enemy along Weimar-Jena Road IOT prevent envelopment of V Corps.IV Corps fixes enemy north of Jena IOT prevent envelopment of V Corps.III Corps destroys enemy north IVO Auerstadt IOT envelop Prussian Army.I Corps follows and supports III Corps IOT ensure destruction of Prussian Army IVO Auerstadt.VI Corps follows and supports V Corps IOT ensure destruction of Prussian Army IVO Jena.VIII Corps blocks approach to Rhine River IVO Mainz.Dutch Army blocks approach to Rhine River IVO Mainz.II Corps blocks southern approach to Bamberg.Sustaining Operations:1. Bavarian Division protects line of operations between Bamberg and Jena.Concept Sketch and Statement:Operational Framework: Decisive-Shaping-Sustaining Operations