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Presentation on Habari WordCamp 2009, Jena

Text of Habari / WordCamp Jena 09

  • 1.HabariSpread the News!http://www.habariproject.org/

2. What is Habari? http://kamusiproject.org/en/lookup/sw?Word=habari A modern blogging platform Built in an open, meritocratic process Started in October 20062009-02-14WordCamp 2009 2 3. A short history of Habari Version 0.1 released April 3, 2007 Current version 0.5.2 released October 18, 2008 Upcoming version 0.6 ... really soon now! 2009-02-14 WordCamp 2009 3 4. Habari Code Base Growth ~50,000 SLOC24,000 lines of PHP code12,000 lines of JavaScript (including libraries)http://www.ohloh.net/p/5534/analyses/latest 2009-02-14WordCamp 2009 4 5. There are many other blogging toolsWe try to learn from their mistakes ... and their successes! 2009-02-14WordCamp 2009 5 6. Community Habari is a meritocracy No dictator (benevolent or otherwise) No ivory tower Everyone has a voice Contributions speak louder than words (but sometimes words are contributions) 2009-02-14WordCamp 2009 6 7. The Community Decides What goes into the new release? What constitutes core functionality? what logo do we use for Habari? (This one has been going on for quite a while!)2009-02-148 8. Focus on your content 2009-02-14 WordCamp 2009 9 9. Focused Simple interface focus on your content Easy media integration Media silos - a virtual filesystem for media Local files, flickr, YouTube, ScratchPad, diigo, drop.io, last.fm, photozou, Twitter, Viddler, 2009-02-14WordCamp 200910 10. flickr media silo in action 2009-02-14WordCamp 200911 11. User-friendly Short and simple menus With hotkeys! Inline configuration of plugins and themes No admin subpage hell AJAX! (Well, duh.)2009-02-14 WordCamp 2009 12 12. Standards-conformant Full support for Atom Feeds (generated by DOM, not string concatenation and regexes) Atom Publishing Protocol Microformats (depending on the theme) Valid HTML 4.01 (instead of broken XHTML) 2009-02-14 WordCamp 2009 13 13. Extensible Many plugins Easy to develop Many themes Porting from other platforms is simple Or just port the theme engine 2009-02-14 WordCamp 2009 14 14. Charcoal (Default Theme) 2009-02-14WordCamp 2009 15 15. Extensible Microkernel architecture Lean & mean Lots of plugin hooks And most anything is an object Many core features implemented as plugins Dashboard, Pingbacks, metaWeblog support, media, undelete, automatic comment approval, 2009-02-14WordCamp 200916 16. Extensible Plugin-defined content types Can have own post composition screens etc. Does not come with kitchen sink (but allows you to install one) 2009-02-14WordCamp 200917 17. Plugins! 2009-02-14WordCamp 2009 18 18. For Developers Apache License 2.0 PHP 5.2+ Fully Object-Oriented Model/View/Controller pattern Fully documented source code (as a commit requirement!) Powerful URL routing (rewrite rules) 2009-02-14WordCamp 2009 19 19. For Technical Users Database independent (currently: MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL) Prepared statement to minimize risk of SQL injection UTF-8 ready Multiple theme engines (PHP-based, simple tag-based, ) Multisite ready run multiple instances from one install Simple, yet powerful, Access Control (ACL) 2009-02-14 WordCamp 200920 20. Admin Dashboard 2009-02-14WordCamp 2009 21 21. Why Habari? Habari is new, modern, and fresh Truly free license (do what you want as long as you dont sue us) We have a great community that actually has a say in development The underdogs are always cooler ;)2009-02-14WordCamp 200922 22. Contact Blog: http://moeffju.net/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/moeffjuhttp://www.habariproject.org/ http://groups.google.com/habari-dev http://groups.google.com/habari-users2009-02-14 WordCamp 200923 23. Thank You! Habari Spread the News!http://www.habariproject.org/