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Business Builder Guide Accomplish More with Less The Age of Paralax websites (#)Hash it or Pound It 100 Shades of Blue They're going to $ell Themselves

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  • BusinessBuilder GuideA c c o m p l i s h i n g

    M o r e W i t h L e s s

    Theyre Going to $ell


    March 2015

    The Power of Teamwork and Synergy

    (#) Hashtag


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    In Winter, I Plot and Plan.

    In Spring, I Move.

    Henry Rollins

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  • BusinessBuilder GuideOn The Cover

    Accomplishing More with Less

    By: C. Franklin NilsonThe fastest way to accomplish more with less is synergy, within a team that shares a one-team one-goal mentality, where trust is dominant, and competencies are complementary!

    Shot Box

    The origin of Shotbox is a lesson in patience,.

    The Age of Paralax Web Site

    Parallax website design is an effect of a website layout.

    Hash It or Pound It

    The Hashtag - Power in Social Media Marketing

    Page13 Page 35 Page 31

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    Sales Editor Dave Nilson

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    Theyre Going to Sell ThemselvesPage 7

    How Does Customer Service Fit into Business Networking?

    Page 19

    SEO: What Is It and What Do I Do With It?

    Page 21

    100 Shades of Blue Page 23

    Good to Great Read Page 26

    Lets Get Clear

    Page 27

    Why GenesisPURE Page 30

    Ask the Expert Page 33

    Your Turn to Talk

  • Organize Until It Hurts

    I know the bottom of my desk is hiding in my office somewhere but it doesnt matter how hard I look, I just cant seem to find it.

    Have you ever spent hours looking for something that you know you had, and you know you set it

    on your desk, but now it is completely gone?

    I like to blame the fairies that steal my work, or misplace my keys, or steal just 1 of my socks from the dryer. As our businesses grow, we seem to get

    a bit more cluttered and disorganized.Lets all take this spring opportunity to sit back and reflect on our success, and organize our minds and

    our desks. I promise to start with myself.

    Christy SmithPublisher


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  • hy the old mantra weve all heard, these items are so great, they practi-cally sell themselves?! Is there any truth to this saying? That depends on the interpreta-tion.Todays interpretation: while objects dont literally sell themselves, the actual phe-nomenon this statement refers to is when buyers come to the table having already made the decision to buy. Perhaps it was the TV advertisement, the musical jingle, or their observing the desired item in use enough times by the right peoplewhatev-er it was, something pushed them over the edge, they didnt need to be sold, and their mind was made up.Who wants to see more of this in your sales? (cmon, raise your hand high!) Me too! How can we create this phenomenon in our own sales interactions?

    The key to this phenomenon is the pronoun their their mind was made up. Their in-ternal conversation is what did the self-con-vincing & concluding & decision-making.Anyone who has ever sold anything knows that without one thing the sale will never occur the buyer. This is obvious - but on a deeper level, how much does the buyer re-ally play a role in the sales process? Is there more to it than their signature, their open wallet?Consider a contrast: Salesman 1 does all the talking, rather loudly & aggressively, always having a quick bold response to anything the buyer may say (if they can get a word in edgewise). If the buyer dares to disagree he is sure to be made to look a fool. Salesman 1 is the reason people attach such words as pushy to salesmen!Salesman 2 also has quick responses, and 7

    Theyre Going to $ell

    ThemselvesBy Dave


  • can do plenty of talking, but the approach is entirely different. More questions are asked. The buyer does at least half of the talking. Instead of being focused on dragging a buy-er along and beating them down by brute verbal contest, Salesman 2s focus is on the buyers remarks, taking notes, showing gen-uine listening, seeking first to understand, then to be understood (Habit 5 from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People). Pushy? More like, considerate.The outward difference? Salesman 1s voice is louder and stronger and forcefully leads the sales beating er, process. Salesman 2 PURPOSEFULLY allows the buyers responses to lead the sales process. More on this momentarily. But first, what is happening inwardly in these interactions? Buyer 1 will be telling himself, I dont want to be here, this guy is rude and makes me uncomfortable, the only way to get rid of him is to give inIll just cancel the deal lat-er over the phone or some way I dont have to see him againBuyer 2 will be telling himself, this guy really cares what I think, hes here to serve me, remembers & repeats what I say, and is even taking notes! Im enjoying this atten-tion and this great deal hes giving me! Im going to tell my friends about himThe best salespeople know what the im-pressive likes of Dale Carnegie, Margaret Wheatley, and Mary Kay Ash all poignantly stated in their various styles, paraphrased, People support what they help create.There are myriad ways to incorporate this principle in sales. As we seek to make our sales process so smooth & persuasive they sell themselves, this principle must be at play. Get the buyer involved. Speak to teach, rather than lecture. Ask the right questions where any answer the buyer gives is perfect for you to reference & rein-

    force, as they lead where you want a win-win deal.(Rather than force-feed you a list of good ques-tions and ways to get the buyer more involved in the process, Ill take my own advice and get YOU involved in creating your own successful process.)What service do you offer? How does it really bless the lives of your buyers? What questions can you ask that allow the buyer to create their own need/value for your service? (see Sales Tips in the previous issue of Business Builder Guide) In what way can you pose your ques-tions such that any & all answers the buyer gives are correct? (one power suggestion - to deepen their selling themselves, when correct answers are given, ask, Why do you say that?) Do you repeat their statements back to them, and use them to reinforce progress toward a win-win deal? (You told me ____ so Im getting you ____.)As you incorporate this key principle, and get the buyer as involved as possible in creating the win-win deal, you will notice happier buyers, more referrals, longer-lasting relationships, and less stress in your sales role.People support what they help create. Be careful! It works so well, you may become addicted, and may never get to be that pushy salesman again.{ }People support a world they help create.Dale Carnegie

  • While some articles in The Business Builders Guide may be continua-tions, our objective is to make all of them pertinent and valuable as stand-alone articles in so doing there is a minimal amount of repetition. In this article, to provide you the necessary foundation to understand, allow me to summarize a few points from our premier issue of several months ago.We discussed our whitewater world and the reality of being under pressure to accomplish more with less concerning resources of ev