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Art book of ten elemental avatars

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Rainbow Dancer

Just up and out, discarding the theory of choices,

the rainbow dancer will throw on his shoulder

bag and travel down the road. Held simply in a

circle of light he will, without a moments notice,

turn where chance will take him. The horizon is

a new way to be.

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Sacred Fire Avatar

Hot on the heels of high vibrations, spanning

the spectrum from red–shift to blue, the

messenger of ancient fire will be, here, now

emerging from a candle glow to follow an

ellipse of light around your body and mind.

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Sky God

Above the never–ending study, where your books

fall under the weight of gravity, Sky God will

pull away from the desk, and walk across the sky,

will take in the whole view with each hundred

yard step.

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Exploring the unknown you can become afraid of

the sound of your own heartbeat, of being in a

dark place alone and vulnerable. The avatar

familiar with the underworld where frozen death

is a friend, she will guard your home isolated.

She will allow you to be different.

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Water Avatar

Gentle ebb and flow of water, which softens your

hardened gaze, laps surf passed you an inch high

from left to right across your bare feet. His light

is reflected from the surface of endless rock pools

dappled in green and blue.

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The Green Man

If he took two psychedelic micro-dots standing in

a forest, you would not notice any difference in

his behaviour – maybe an extra glint of light in

his eyes that is all.

You would have to keep watch, otherwise he

would wander off alone and never be seen again.

He would become invisible within the forest as

he sat under a bohdi tree. Sheltered from the sun

he would become one with the tree bark and


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Mirror Man

Holding up a mirror, its clarity a revelation to the

inner self, mirror man will reveal the mental

darkness you saw so clearly in others to be a

perfect reflection of yourself.

With a simple twist of angle he will mirror

flash the cloudless sky and show that their

behaviour is work to be done in perfecting

your own roughness to the smoothness of a


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Within is the hermaphrodite, perfect and

complete, who allows you to give up the search

for the other, gives you the freedom of being two

in one. You are lovers, hand in hand like star

twins, a fusion that threads its way up from the

crown of your head into the stella light of the

cosmic night-sky.

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Body Electric

All particles are waves that vibrate like beach

pebbles in the surf. Like the biology of bodily

energy, which flows and disperses, and again

emerges, the electric avatar will observe from

nowhere a humming coherence in untidy nature.

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Fusion Avatar

At the heart of the universe where you stand a

fusion of light and dark will take you on a

trip, will guide you from a tangled web up

and out into smoothly curved space.

An effortless glide of liquid light arching

overhead, forever flows downwards towards

the earth to simply connect with your feet.

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