Voki Avatars: What are they? Laurie E. Jarvis Instructional Designer 659-4685 Learning Technologies [email protected]

Voki avatars

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Laurie Jarvis led a session on how to create avatars and their possible uses in Higher Education.

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Voki Avatars: What are they?

Laurie E. JarvisInstructional Designer

659-4685Learning Technologies

[email protected]

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Avatars1. What is an avatar?2. Have any of you thought about using one for

teaching? How might an avatar be useful for teaching?

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1. To create an avatar using the Voki online application

2. To learn some different ways to use an avatar for teaching and learning

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Step 1• Go to the website http://www.voki.com/.• Use an email address and register yourself

(top right).

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Step 2

• Click on the “CREATE” button (top left).

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Step 3 • A window opens with buttons to create your


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Step 4 • “Start Customizing Your Character”

(Click on the first “head” button on the left).

• Note: Do not choose the characters with the grad cap as they are for the pay classroom version.

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Step 5

• Choose “Male, Female or All” by clicking on the circle button.

• Slide the arrow button by clicking it to see different types of characters—Randoms, VIP, Politics, etc.

• Then click directly on the “photo” of the character you want.

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Step 6

• Change how your character looks by sliding the “Tweak” buttons under the avatar for mouth, nose, body, height and width.

• There are also “Color” palette options for mouth, skin, eyes and hair to add diversity .

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Step 7

• Follow similar steps for “Clothing” or to add “Bling”.

• Click the x button on the top right of the “Customize Your Character” menu (NOT your window).

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Step 8 • “Give It A Voice” by clicking one of the

buttons to add voice by phone, microphone, text to speech or audio file upload.

• Note: Try the second button for text.

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Step 8

• Type your text in the box.

• Choose the “Accent/Language”.

• Choose the type of “Voice”.

• Click the x button on the top right of the “Give It A Voice” menu (NOT your window).

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Step 9

• Choose from “Backgrounds”.

• Note: Your own background image can be uploaded .

• Click the green DONE button on the bottom of the menu.

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Step 10

• Note: There is an option to choose “Players” (skins), but you don’t have to.

• Click the “Publish” button to save your avatar.

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Step 11 • “Name Your Scene” by typing

a Title in the pop-up box.• Click “SAVE”.

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Step 12 • Select the player

size.• Use the embed code

if you know how to put it into a web page or site, or copy and paste the link where you want .

• You can paste into PowerPoint!

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Email Avatar

• Email the avatar to yourself or someone else.

• Log off, and you can log in again to see your saved avatar or create more avatars.

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QuestionsI hope you enjoyed making your avatar and considered how an avatar might be useful for:• introducing a lesson • a problem• role playing• simulation