Manga Avatars

Manga Avatars

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A PPT about creating your own manga avatar. Project inspired from: http://artisandesarts.blogspot.com//2013/06/the-worlds-best-grade-6-grad-portraits.html

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Page 1: Manga Avatars

Manga Avatars

Page 2: Manga Avatars

What is an avatar?• In the Hindu religion an

avatar is the spiritual part of a person

• In video games and/or online world, an avatar is a digital representation of a person

Page 3: Manga Avatars

Manga vs. Anime

Manga is a style of Japanese comic. It is still.

Anime is when a Japanese comic is animated. It moves.

Page 4: Manga Avatars

Which image is Manga? Which is Anime?

Page 5: Manga Avatars

This week, we are making Manga avatars

Project inspiration and exemplars from: http://artisandesarts.blogspot.com//2013/06/the-worlds-best-grade-6-grad-portraits.html

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Page 7: Manga Avatars
Page 8: Manga Avatars
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Page 10: Manga Avatars

To-Do1. Create a manga avatar

digitally2. Print out manga avatar3. Re-draw avatar onto

cardboard4. Trace with sharpies5. Cut out avatar6. Paint with tempera and

acrylic paint7. Refine the avatar8. Prepare to hang on the