Baia Mare Airport – a skygate to Maramures Mihai Patrascu St Gallen, August 24th, 2010

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  • Baia Mare Airport a skygate to MaramuresMihai Patrascumihai.patrascu@baiamareairport.roSt Gallen, August 24th, 2010

  • Where is Baia Mare Airport? Maramures county, Romania Baia Mare the city capital

  • I. Evolution of Baia Mare Airport In 2006, there were 5.038 passengers/year and in 2009 there were almost 29.000 In 2007 BAY became international

  • If in 2006 there were 2 flights/week, in 2009 we recorded even 26 movements only to/from Bucharest Increase of business flights every week we have business flights from Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland etcIn 31st July 2010 we had 18 movementsI. Evolution of Baia Mare Airport-Since summer 2010 we set up the first flying school at BAY

  • I. Evolution of Baia Mare AirportSince 2009, SMEs from Maramures have registered more patents and trademarks than in the previous 10 years as a conclusion, during crisis, people are much more innovative Mrs. Carmen Neacsu, Intellectual Property Centre Director

    In Maramures there is a Regional Centre for Intellectual Property

    In 2008, we have registered the trademark FLYBAY

  • I. Evolution of Baia Mare Airport example: BAY (Baia Mare Airport), other examples: CDG, VIE, ZRH, GVA, AMS, MUC,...

    until 2009 the patents and trademarks were defensive after 2009 they became offensive

    The lack of resources leads to innovative solutions

  • Mobility is part of our daily life

  • 3 important companies have set up near the airport (Weidmuller, Optibelt, Adiss)

    Other companies in the region that stay behind actual plants or production units: Mercedes Benz, IKEA, Airbus, Boeing, Renault, BMW, VW, Italsofa etc.

    Foreign companies combine experience and technology with local strong points (3I Innovation, intelligence, ideas)

    II. BAY a factor for regional development

  • BAY - a perfect location for a cluster - cargo area project - a starting point for the creation of business infrastructure

    ARE - a transfer of know how - a place from where mobility should start - its biggest value is NETWORKING

    A - ActR - ReactE - Empower

    II. BAY a factor for regional development

  • To develop general aviation

    To install an ILS and airfield lighting by spring 2011

    To develop business aviation

    III. Projects to develop the aviation sector

  • To stimulate needs for flying

    To develop the flying school

    To insure a better mobility

    III. Projects to develop the aviation sector

  • Why mobility is a challenge for Maramures?MM is in every season different, but people are the same

  • Why Maramures?For its springs

  • Why Maramures?For its summers

  • Why Maramures?For its falls

  • Why Maramures?For its winters

  • Why Maramures?For its springs

  • Why Maramures?For its falls

  • For its people

  • Maramures is always an opened gate


  • Where children are dreaming of aircrafts

  • Where people and companies can set up innovative dreams

  • And mobility becomes part of our daily life

  • And we invite you to

    either you are a child or with hair gray

    you will for sure leave as friend

    you will know us and you will bend

    from June and up to early May

    right soon after and up to the end!

  • And if you, at the end of the day

    I want you all to thank a lot

    and to remain with my

    will get back home tired or not,



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