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  • 8/2/2019 Anoka Squadron - May 2008


    Newsletter No. 6May 2008

    Blaine Aviation Weekend

    Saturday May 17, 2008 was a most unusual day at Blaine Airport. 28 WWII airplanes arrived and weremarshaled to there parking locations by the Civil Air Patrol. CAP Squadrons from throughout the Statecame to help Anoka Composite Squadron for the big event.

    Anoka Composite Squadron Color Guard presented the Colors at the start of the weekend event.

    Thousands of people from all over came to get close to and take pictures of the great planes. The P38,P40, B25s, T6s, Stearman and hundreds more airplanes arrived. Cars were backed up onto Hi way 10and some decided the wait was to long. The pancake breakfast line came out of the building and

    extended several hundred feet.

    Anoka Composite Squadron Color Guard

    Class Room Flight Line Training

    Anoka Composite Squadron Trained for six week to be prepared for the big event. The training included

    class room, flight line, and live airplanes on the flight line. The training like all CAP training prepared

    all members for the big event.

  • 8/2/2019 Anoka Squadron - May 2008


    Flight line training

    Dont Bite, said, Cadet Bjorkman in front of a P40 & 1Lt Supan in front of a P38 Above Photos by 2nd

    Lt GSupan

    CAP members from Minnesota Wing, Red Wing, St. Paul, No. Hennepin, St. Croix, Wesota, and St.Cloud Squadrons worked together with the host Anoka Squadron to provide marshaling, crowd control,games for the kids, and CAP recruiting during the EAA Chapter 237 Blaine Aviation Weekend. Theyoung people enjoyed the bottle rockets more then the airplanes. A Big Thank You to all that helped.

    Capt Bosshart marshalling a P38. Maj Dalton, Col Chuck Datko and T-6Two Photos By Tim Hennagir, ABC Newspapers, Coon Rapids

    Pictures of CAP members were in the article by Tim Hennagir, ABC Newspapers, Coon Rapids as wellas the CAP press release in ABC News on line media.

    A little bit of the Blaine Aviation Weekend was on KARE 11 news Saturday night May 17 at 6:00 PM.

    The following link is part of the video that I provided to KARE 11.

    It's like we always say, "It takes a lot of people to put anything together and only a small bit might hit

    the news". If YOU ALL didn't help to put it together none of it would of hit the news. A big thank

    you to everyone that was involved over the past several months in preparing for the event. It was a great
  • 8/2/2019 Anoka Squadron - May 2008


    success. CAP members have already received a number of complements. EAA Chapter 237 RegionalDirector and also the event Chairperson both said "they could not of done it without CAP". A Special

    thank you from KARE 11 for the video that saved there news day as there team did not get to the event

    in time. Tim Hennagir ABC Newspapers said we did a great job. Wings Aviation Services of St. Paulhas invited the Anoka Composite Squadron to line marshal and crowd control for there fly-in event on

    June 7 as a result of the good job that everyone did.

    CAP members today and in the future

    The Tigers are young, eager to learn, and say, I can do it

    May 5th the Anoka Composite Squadron Color Guard did the Color presentation at the Tiger Boy Scouts

    meeting. The young Tigers were very impressed. On May 13 the Tigers joined the Anoka CompositeSquadron members and had there own flight. C/Amn Hanna Olsen arranged the group of Tigers next to

    a flight of CAP cadets. Olsen instructed them on the formation movements and how to march. With allof the parents watching it was quite an experience. One of the mothers said, How can she get them to

    do that when they dont listen to me when I ask them to do something. All of the Tigers enjoyed the

    evening and so did the parents.

    To the Rear Future CAP Pilots

    Fund RaiserBagging Day at Cubs Northtown May 24 was a great success. Thank you to all that took the

    time to raise money for the Squadron. Everyone had a good time. Pizza was provided by 1LtShelly Supan so a big thanks for thinking of us.


  • 8/2/2019 Anoka Squadron - May 2008


    Advanced Observer and Field TrainingAdvanced observer training and air operation was conducted at Anoka Composite Squadron in

    conjunction with the St. Paul SAREX on May 31 and June 1. Updating there skill for existing observers

    and getting signed off on SQTRs for new observers was the goal for the weekend. Pilots would

    complete check rides and help train the observers. Field members spent two nights and days at the St.Paul Arsenal honing their skills. The weather provided some natural challenges while they camped out.


    C/SSgt Mark Farrand to C/MSgtC/AB Steven Zingsheim to C/AmnC/AB David Peterson to C/AmnC/AB Alyssa Oldenburg to C/AMN

    C/MSgt Mayhew to C/SMSgtC/TSgt Bjorkman to C/MSgtC/TSgt Frame to C/MSgtC/SSgt Tholen to C/TSgtC/SA Lysholm to C/SSgtC/AB Thoe Peter to C/Amn

    Sorry, I missed that night and did not get pictures

  • 8/2/2019 Anoka Squadron - May 2008



    TheSentinel is the official safety newsletter of CAP. Items were reviewed by our Safety Officer 1Lt JodyVeek. He suggested everyone access, find and read The Sentinel for the month ofMay. Access the web site, click on Newsletters (Archived), 2008, then May to pull up the May issue.Accessing and reading The Sentinel should be a regular monthly activity for everyone. 1Lt Veek alsoreviewed flight line safety and the required items. Sun screen, sun glassed and cover tether. Heshowed everyone how to make a tether and where to purchase the parts.

    New Members

    Cadet Stephen RraschaykoCadet Harison KleverCadet Brittany KvaleCadet Jesse MacklinSenor Member Denise Kvale

    Welcome to all.

    If you have any comments please contact me.

    Have a great day,

    2Lt George SupanPublic Affairs OfficerAnoka Composite SquadronNCR-MN-021Civil Air Patrol "Citizens Serving Communities: Above and Beyond"[email protected]/anoka/[email protected]:[email protected]://[email protected]://