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An asset the future will grow with. PDF file An asset the future will grow with. Sonepat-Murthal Road, Sonepat, Haryana, India. t: 0130 2117000. m: 88140 89000 / 02. [email protected] |

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  • An asset the future

    will grow with.

    Sonepat-Murthal Road, Sonepat, Haryana, India.

    t: 0130 2117000. m: 88140 89000 / 02.

    [email protected] |

    Education. Imagination. Innovation.

    Education. Imagination. Innovation.

    An Initiative of

    Maa Ganga Bhakt Gopal Maya Educational Trust.

  • Education. Imagination. Innovation.

    Education. Imagination. Innovation.

    Transforming Golden City

    into Knowledge City.

    Sonipat-Murthal Road, Sonipat, Haryana, India.

    t: 0130 2117000. m: 88140 89000 / 02.

    [email protected] |

    An Initiative of

    Maa Ganga Bhakt Gopal Maya Educational Trust.

    Education. Imagination. Innovation.

    Education. Imagination. Innovation.

  • To impart world-class holistic

    education with a curriculum of

    excellence so as to bring out the

    best academic traits in children

    reinforcing their intellectual,

    analytical and physical development

    through qualitative learning.

    Vision: Welcome to Shreejee International School. An institution

    that’s geared to journey with your child. From dream to

    destination. From an innocent today into a smarter

    tomorrow. From skills to proficiency. From starting point

    to success line.

    Carrying forward the torch of learning for a brighter generation.

    Shreejee International School (SJIS) is the dream venture of

    Mr. Rakesh Kuchhal, a humble individual known for his contribution

    to the world through education, spiritual and noble services to the

    Golden City-Sonipat. This unique day-boarding school, spread over

    11 acres of land with world-class amenities, represents the

    transformation stage of education, globally.

    To endeavour to create a learning

    environment that induces learners

    to be highly successful by providing

    a caring, safe, child-centric

    ambience, fostering self-esteem and

    a sense of responsibility, nurturing

    their innate talents to attain the

    pinnacles of success.


  • 3D Aerial View of Shreejee International School

    Shreejee International School is nestled in the lap

    of nature and is spread over vast area of

    picturesque land. It’s located close to NH1 at a

    5-minute drive from Sonipat City. The campus has

    been designed to meet the highest educational

    expectations of the society.

    Global education arrives to shape the next generation.

    SJIS is a true symbol of digital-age schooling.

    This scientifically centrally air-conditioned campus

    offers an array of modern amenities to groom

    tomorrow’s global citizens. The well-designed campus

    is a synthesis of architectural marvel and

    technological advancements essential for the

    advancement of knowledge and learning in today’s

    era. It has been designed by a renowned architectural

    group in association with eminent academicians in

    the country. Right from the first year of operation, the

    campus will have every facility in place to suit

    academic pursuits, sports, creative and aesthetic

    endeavours of the students.

  • As a planned K-12 school, SJIS offers a unique learning experience for the student

    community, which is orientated towards the notion of leadership for a better world.

    Real-world experiences that make real-time understanding.

    Objectives of Shreejee International School:

    Future-Focused: Strive to be a leading and

    progressive school, firmly focused on future

    aspirations, while being strongly rooted in the rich

    heritage and culture of our past.

    Learning in the Environment: Provide a stress-free

    learning environment in the midst of nature, so that

    learning happens by absorption and observation.

    Focus on Learning: Encourage every student to

    achieve his or her maximum potential in academic,

    extra-curricular activities and sports.

    Practices: Employ teachers and staff with the best

    training and knowledge; who are passionate,

    committed and result-driven.

    Infrastructure and Facilities: Provide the latest

    infrastructure and educational practices appropriate to

    the intellectual needs of students.

    Collective Responsibility: Work closely with the

    parent community to endorse long-term vision

    of the institution to promote educational

    excellence for life.

    Creating Partnerships: Associating with

    academicians, reputed institutions and

    organisations from across the world to bring in

    the best in educational practices through

    exchange programmes.

    Social and Emotional Learning: Address

    effective social and emotional development in

    the students for enhanced physical and

    emotional well-being to lead positive

    relationships with their peers and family.

    Community Connections: Connect with our

    local community, striving to make a relevant

    contribution by establishing and

    maintaining meaningful partnerships.

  • SJIS Early Years Wing has colourfully designed theme-based classrooms

    with modern and scientifically devised teaching aids. To set the mood for

    learning in young minds, the school has a full-fledged activity room,

    toy library, playpen and pets corner.

    Learning through interaction and involvement

    SJIS imparts balanced Early Years Programme (ELP) and a comprehensive Primary

    programme for young minds in a safe and stimulating environment. The course is

    intended to widen the horizon of the child’s thinking to understand, question and

    apply knowledge. During these important years, teachers give a lot of freedom to

    students, to explore and investigate; consolidate and connect what they learn;

    ponder over and question it, and then demonstrate their learning in multiple ways.

    The endeavour is to fan the flame of inquisitiveness burning in the child,

    so that the light of knowledge burns bright and shines on.

  • The management of SJIS has invested enormous amount of time

    and energy in selecting highly qualified, experienced and disciplined

    teaching faculty to groom students of the next generation.

    If teaching is one page, teachers are an entire volume.

    To promote interactive and student-centric teaching, all classrooms are provided

    with latest version of digital boards. With only limited students per classroom,

    teachers work closely with the children community without curbing the innate

    curiosity. Teachers are also mentors and provide emotional support to students when

    needed. To promote experiential learning, well-devised educational tours are

    organized. During these trips, children along with teachers explore, investigate,

    consolidate, connect and interconnect the experiences with the classroom learning.

    Periodic parent-teacher meetings help parents understand the curriculum and

    teaching methodology adopted by the school.

  • The unique and well-defined educational system followed at Shreejee

    plays a crucial part of student’s academic life to develop various

    skills, retain information and strengthen understanding of concepts

    learnt for a lifetime. The curriculum imparted here inspires students

    to become self-confident, self-reliant and self-disciplined. Students on

    completing the primary schooling will be able to pursue strenuous

    course in middle and senior classes confidently.

    Preparing young minds to bridge skill with performance.

    • Student-centric programme complements a range of teaching methods that meet

    specific learning goals at every level of primary education

    • Builds a dynamic and exciting thematic curriculum framework to develop the

    knowledge and understanding of English, Mathematics and Science in young learners

    • Focus on academics, personality development and international-mindedness

    • The technology integrated education system enables detailed, structured and

    authentic reporting to teachers and parents

    • Continuous assessment system helps teachers to evaluate learner's strengths

    and weaknesses

    • Provide a smooth transition from childhood to adolescence learning

    Advantages of Shreejee Educational Programme:

  • Shreejee has a full-fledged library-media center with an Internet

    corner and separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences,

    Mathematics and EVS labs to test theory and connect concepts.

    From technology exploration to mining of knowledge.

    The imaginatively designed air-conditioned Library-Media centre at SJIS forms

    the core of every student's academic progress. Students are encouraged to make

    reading a habit by allocating sufficient time in the programme schedule.

    Science laboratories are being designed to kindle curiosity of students. The school

    also believes in exposing students from an early stage of schooling to a variety of

    computer hardware and software skills in modern ICT laboratory with high-speed

    Internet connectivity. To improve oral and written communication skills,

    the school has set up Modern English Language Laboratory.

  • The middle and seni

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