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PM P-SLIDE PANEL DV, MP4, MP3, GAME PLAYER USER'MANUAL Before connecting,operating or adjusting this product please read these instructions completely. Please save this manual properly.

3gen mp4 player manual

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3gen mp4 player manual

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    Before connecting,operating or adjusting this product please read these instructions completely. Please save this manual properly.

  • Cooteos I.

    1.1 Definition of Buttons 1 2. Function Description... .. 1

    Main Menu , 1 2.1 Music Player.... .. 2 2.1.1 Music Player... .. 2 2.1.2 Music Player Menu 3 2.2 Video ...... ............................................................................... .. . .4 2.21 Movie Player .4 2.3 Photos ............................................. 6 2.4 2.5 2.6 Tool . 2.7 Settings 2.8 Text...... .. .. ..10 2.9 2.10 FM Radio 11 2.11 Date........ . 12 2.12 Clock 12

  • I. Introduction Definition of Buttons

    POWER: Press this key 3 seconds to turn on or turn off the players; in other situation, lightly press it to return or ex i1.

    PLAY: PAUSEISTOPIPHOTO while playing files POWER: OFF/ON 2. Function Description

    Main Menu Press Power key to enter Main Menu. Main Menu includes 16 main functions such as Music, Radio,

    Camera, Record, Video, DV, Photos, Text, Games, Tool, Files, Senings, PC-Carnera, Dale, and Clock, Flash which are as follow. Banery Level, Time and volume level would also show on Main Menu.

    Main Menu - 1

  • 2.1 Music Player

    Music means that play many kinds of audio files such as :MP3, MIDI, WMA, WA V aud AAC. The player supports lyric showing at the same time.

    2.1.1 Music Player

    Rerum Button -----, MENU

    Title Volume Controller


    Tout Time

    Music Player

    - 2

  • Click the song that is highlighted would play this song. ClickD to return. Clic. would open Volume Controller, and Volume control bank _ would be

    showed. Then click - or + to decrease or increase volume. Re-c1ick'" would show WI we, " at this time c1ickB:I to move to previous song,

    click c:::lII \0 move to next song. Or Long press left direction of schedule item Long press right direction of schedule item. Click III to pause, clickl:l to play.

    2.1.2 Music Player Menu

    When playing the song selected, press MENU or click iii would enter Music Player Menu where you can customize your favorites such as Repeat Model, Sound Effecl.

    Repeat Mode: Choose media playing mode. Normal, Single and Random play Sound Effect: Provide 5 EQ mode: Normal, Classic Rock, POP and Jazz Pre-listen: Support Pre-listen and can choose pre-listen time at 5 10 15 20

    seconds. Set Play Speed: can set play speed from 0.5-1.5. Save to PowerOn Music: cboose song as PowerOn Music.

    Music Player Menu Save to Power Off Music: choose song as PowerOffMusic.


  • 2.2 Video Video means thai play VIDEO film function, it is a special fealUre to play many kinds of video formals: Directly play: AVlJ3GPIMP4/AKV Play after transferred: ASF, WMV, MTV, MOV, MPG, DAT and VOS etc.

    Note: (MP4 transference tools will be provided for free) 2.2.1 Movie Player

    Bauery Level

    Volume Cootroller

    PlaycdTimc Next Video

    Previous Video

    Moyie Player

    - 4

  • Click on the title that is highlighted to play the video. The Video would be played on full screen in five seconds. Click anywbere of the screen to go

    back to the movie player. Click III to pause and c1ic~ to play. Click. to open Volume Controller, and Volume control bank .I!!I!'!III.

    would be showed. Then click - or + to decrease or increase volume. Re.click. would show II W'"P'. at this time clicJ::l to move to previous

    video, click c:a to move to next video. Or long press RIGHT button to faster forward move, long press LEFT burton to faster backward return. Click III to pause, c1ickl:l to play.

    - 5

  • 2.3 Photos

    You can download phOIOS and save in the player for your view; This player supports phOIOS in BMP, JPG, GIF and PNG formal; Support pictures information showing including name, fonnat, date and time

    Click on the title of the photo, which is highlighted to view the photo. When view photos, click anywhere of the photo, photo view

    bar- eM would be showed. Click a to return to Image List. Click a to move to previous photo, click E2 to move to next photo. Click lIl9 or press OK button to tum photo at90' .

    Click.o open Image Browser Menu where you can save photo to PowerOnlPowerOffphoto,You can alsoset photo slide time at I 2345 10 20 seconds.

    Image List

    - 6

  • 2.4Record

    .. The player support AMR Mode and WAV Mode recording. ..

    t\ On Main Menu click Record to enter Audio Recorder Menu, where you can start recording, sel recording file as AMR or AVI format and manage the recorded audio files. Click start to open Audio Recorder, which is showed lefl. Click II to start recording. The timepiece would be running to show recorded time. Click 1:1 to slop recording. Click "Manager" 10 open Recorded Audio List where you can choose the ~ recorded audio files. At this lime, press Menu button to open Record

    Manager Menu where you can add audio to lisl or delete files. Audio Recorder

    - 7

  • 2.5Game,

    There arc several eleganl and interesting games in the player. Click Games 10 enter Games List and then click Ihe one, which is higitlighled 10 start ihe game.


  • 2.6Tool

    Click Tools and Choose PC Camera, and then connect the player with computer through USB connecting line. System would remind you to install PC Camera driver. Installed the PC Camera Driver, Then you can use the player as a PC camera. User can also click PC-Camera on the screen to open PC-Camera function.


    Users can through senings menu adjust all parameters to satisfY personal requirements. System sening includes:

    Language Select: More than ten kinds languages can be selected. - .~

    Memory Information: Check Memory information. Version: Learn Version information. Hardware Info: Learn Hardware information. Factory Setup: Restore the player to Factory sening. V.1ioD Personal Setup: Customize your personal setup. System Update: Update the player's software. Touch Screen Correction: Adjust touch screen.


  • 2.8T.x.

    The ploy SUl'flOl1S E-Book function. It means you can read TXT file through the player.

    Click Te,t to enter E-Book function to read '.at files. Clic~age up, click 11 to page down. Click 10:1 to .xit. Click iii 10 open E-Book Menu where you can set background color, set

    fore color, set focus background color, sel focus fore color. Click Auto Browse in E-Book Menu to Customize scroll interval and scroll



    2.9 Cam.ra

    This player SUppOI1S 200M pixels Camera.

    - 10

  • This player is built-in high-quality FM radio tbat can receive broadcast from 76MHz to I08MHz. Functions include. Earphone is needed when listen to tbe radio.


    Currelll Frequency

    Previous Frcquency (+O.IMfu)

    Banery Level

    Menu Bulton

    Volume Controller

    Play or Pause

    Next Frequency (+O.IMHz)

    FM Radio


  • 2.lm.,..

    It's casy h' "heck date information here.


    Use"r CIJfI 'ilct ~yS'tcm lime ond Ala_rrn time here. Cliek~slem Time 10 enler System Time setting. And the Number of the Year would coruscate On the screen. Clickf,3 or 11 to increase or decrease the yea':l,2ress OK bulton to confirm. Click the number of month until the number coruscates on the screen. Click f.1 or a to increase or decrease the month. The date can be adjusled through the same operation, In Alarm Setup, User can set day alarm and week alarm. User can also select the alarm sound.