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2E VIDEO MARKETING - CREATION TRAINING · PDF file You can watch your videos during the work in progress phase ... Global configuration Define your video name The ID and Name appear

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Text of 2E VIDEO MARKETING - CREATION TRAINING · PDF file You can watch your videos during the work...

  • 2Emotion 2E Video Marketing Blue Edition


  • 2017 ©

    Access to 2Emotion Video Marketing

    Enter your email and password access

    If you forget your password
 click here

  • 2017 ©

    A project is a folder in which you can organize videos

    Working Space Your working space is organized by projects

    You can create a new project here

  • 2017 ©

    Project Page Place where you create, edit, and publish videos

    Preview a video

    Edit a video

    Submit, validate
 and publish a video

  • 2017 ©

    Preview and External Preview You can watch your videos during the work in progress phase

    Click on External Preview and get an url to share your

    working video with somebody who haven’t 2E Access

    You can preview your video on different forms:




  • 2017 ©

    Publish and Export a video 1. Submit 2. Validate 3.Publish

    1. Click on Submit

    2. Click on Validate if you have a validation


    3. When the video is validated, click on Publish

    An E-mail notification is send for the publication and validation steps. You can disable notifications in your profile page

    After video production done, you can access

    to the export page and download your video


    You can publish several videos by selecting them and click on 
 Actions > Publish Selection

  • 2017 ©

    Media Page Place where you can upload, edit and tag your media: images, musics and videos

    Click on a tag ’s name to see a media selection in

    connection with the tag

    Upload your own media

  • 2017 ©

    Edit an image You can edit an image and create a new cropped version

    Click Edit Medium a new version is added Select Crop and made

    your cropping

    Note that all versions of your media edition are associated to the original media

  • 2017 ©

    Edit a video You can crop and timeline a video

    Click Edit medium Click Crop
and select your zone Click Timeline ans select

    the time zone

    Note that you can crop and timeline in the same time

    For a more precise selection you can use and to move frame by frame and for selecting the start and the end of your selection

  • 2017 ©

    Create or duplicate a video? You can start a new video by creating an entire new one 
 or duplicate an existing one to adapt it or translate it.

    Click Add New Video 
 to create a new video

    or select a video and click on Duplicate Selection

    to duplicate it

    You also can transfer video(s) to an another project by clicking on Actions > Transfer Selection

  • 2017 ©

    Video edition page Place where you edit your video

    Edit your video content

    Preview your video changes in real time

    Access to your video sequences


  • 2017 ©

    Drag & Drop your sequence 
 to change the order Click - to delete a sequence

    Click + to duplicate a sequence

    Click to duplicate a sequence

    Video edition page Change order, delete or duplicate a sequence

  • 2017 ©

    Global configuration Define your video name

    The ID and Name appear into your project page, you can use it to your

    organized videos with a nomenclature, for example:


    You can add here some storyboarding notes to your video

    SEO value can be specified here for a future video publication

  • 2017 ©

    Audio configuration Place where you choose a music for your video

    You can choose a music volume between 0 to 100 (%) or leave it

    by default

    You can select a video music for your video among the 2E

    Common Media > #2EMusic list. You will find a list of royalty free

    music that you can use

    If you need an additional audio like a voice for example, you can

    add it here

  • 2017 ©

    Branding configuration Place where you can add a logo displayed on all your video

    The logo will appear on each 
 sequence of the video

    Select your logo, its animation , its position and size (with an height or width percentage of the total video

    Note that you can hide the logo on dedicated sequence with Hide branding on sequence configuration

  • 2017 ©

    Introduction configuration Place where you can use or simply create a video introduction

    Choose your logo, a color
 and the background

    select an animation

  • 2017 ©

    Sequence configuration Each sequence has the same configuration

    The global sequence configuration

    Elements you choose to compose your sequence: Message, Visual,

    Background and audio

  • 2017 ©

 The sequence composition define among the

    following elements :

    Sequence configuration The sequence configuration

    SIMPLE is a composition that

    contain a message or/and a visual or

    only a video or image background

    ANIMATED is a composition with

    message and visual that are animated

    SPLITSCREEN is a composition with a

    split screen Hide branding give you the ability to hide branding in this sequence and Adjust audio to change or add an audio

    You can choose the sequence transition

    The sequence duration is automatically set but you can precise a specific

    duration for the sequence

  • 2017 ©

    Splitscreen configuration Place where you can set the split screen configuration

    The Background move define how the background will move when the panel will


    You can choose your Panel position,
 the Panel size, Color and Opacity

    If you define a Static panel, the panel will be directly displayed (without animation). 

    In this case, the background size will not be on all the video but only the visible area

    The background will not move

    The background will be centered to the visible area

    The background will be pushed

  • 2017 ©

    Message configuration Place where you can bring to life your message

    Select your message animation

    Write your message, you can write it on 1 to 5 lines, change colors, bold and italic.

    Note that the longer your text lines are the smaller your message will appear (to be fully


    Some animation require an Element color

    You can choose your Font and Add a shadow to improve your message visibility

    By default your message is automatically placed at the defined animation place. If you

    want to change, you can specify a position and a size by specifying width or height %

  • 2017 ©

    Blur background will blur the background:

    Background configuration Place where you define the sequence background

    You can choose your background type: 
 video, image or color

    When you choose an image you can animate it by choosing an Animation

    Add a color cover allows you to cover your image with a color and a Color Opacity %

    Add footer text allows you to write some mention text:

    Footer text

  • 2017 ©

    Visual configuration Place image or pictogram

    You can select an animation for your visual

    Change color allows you to select a new color for your visual or pictogram

    By default, your visual is automatically put at the defined animation place but you can Specify a

    position and a size with a width or height pourcentage

  • 2017 ©

    Audio configuration Sequence audio configuration

    You can add a dedicated audio that start with the sequence (sound design, voice over, sequence


    You can change the music Volume and define the Change duration. For example, the music can be

    shut down to off and it will take 2 seconds.

    If you use a video extract into the sequence you are able to select a Fade in/out video volume and

    choose the Fade duration

  • 2017 ©

    An automatic-size adjustment Your video will be automatically adjust in 3 formats: landscape, square and portrait

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