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    Autumn 2015 / includes complete title list

  • 4Cover image from An Embarrassment of Riches; facing page image from Ten Years in Pictures

    Welcome to Glitteratis Autumn 2015 catalog!

    At Glitterati we try to be as creative about the way we produce and

    publish our books as our authors and artists are innovative about

    inventing them in the first place. We work with illustrious artists and

    celebrated photographers to create exciting, one-of-a-kind books,

    from historically significant testaments such as Jean-Pierre Laffonts

    Photographers Paradise (making Glitterati a Lucie-award winner)

    to gorgeous explorations of the world around us, as in fashion

    photographer Anne Menkes See the World Beautiful, to the opulent

    joy of painter Hunt Slonems Bunnies. This season we are particularly

    thrilled about Bill Haywards photography memoir, Chasing

    Dragons, and Adrian Buckmasters first published monograph,

    Embarrassment of Riches, each of which we think is breakthrough

    photography publishing in terms of content and presentation.

    Crafted on the finest papers, with an attention to design detail usually

    reserved for art books alone, and manufactured at the highest

    standards that printing allows, Glitterati books are designed to be

    as glamorous, distinctive, and innovative as the words and pictures

    they contain. We hope you will find them enlightening, informative,

    inspiring, and delightful.

    Marta Hallett


    Contact us General inquiries: info@glitteratiincorporated.com press: media@glitteratiincorporated.com sales: sales@glitteratiincorporated.com

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    New Titles

    Sren Kierkegaard...feared that the advent of the camera would create one single portrait of us all, obliterating the treasure of our differences. Hayward, being a worldly flneur, would seem to take issue with the eminent Dane.

    Richard Merkin, Vanity Fair


    Chasing Dragons An Uncommon Memoir in PhotographsBill HaywardIntroduction by Sam Barzilay

    A visual autobiography from highly esteemed photographer and artist Bill Hayward, this singular work chronicles more than five decades of artistic vision. With its distinctive presentation, Chasing Dragons traces the evolution of Haywards unique artistrycombining his stunning visual imagery with his own words as well as literary passages that have inspired him, to create a memoir like no other.

    Introduction by Sam Barzilay, founder of United Photo Industries.

    $60.00 978-0-9891704-9-9240 pages, 8 1/2 x 10 3/8, hardcover346 4/c and b/w images

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    New Titles


    An Embarrassment of Riches PhotographsAdrian BuckmasterForeword by Susanne Bartsch

    Neo-Victorian photographer Adrian Buckmaster presents a staggeringly beautiful collection of elegant yet seductive portraits. Focusing on the brilliantly eccentric, these meticulously art-directed images both reveal and conceal, celebrating the unconventional beauty of artists, performers, and burlesque players. This is the British-born and New York-based photographers first book.

    With a foreword from New York nightlife impresario Susanne Bartsch.

    $85.00 978-0-9862500-5-7272 pages, 10 x 14, hardcover295 4/c photographs

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    New Titles

    Mamouna is looking at a religious and a cultural phenomenon in a visually arresting manner.

    James Estrin, The New York Times LENS Blog


    Inner Constellations Photographsmamouna GuerresiForeword by Andi Potamkin; with texts from Michket Krifa and Rosa Maria Falvo

    The startlingly unique photographs of Italian-born, Senegalese author Mamouna Guerresi represent a collision of fashion and spirituality. Meticulously composed, they feature sculptural figures cloaked in clothing designed and created by the author, in images that explore the relationships between men, women and society, with particular reference to places where women are most marginalized. Mamounas work has been extensively exhibited around the world, including at the Venice Biennale. She divides her time between homes in Verona, Milan, and Dakar.

    $75.00978-0-9903808-8-7240 pages, 9 1/4 x 13 3/25 jacketed hardcover142 4/c photographs

    Also AvAilABle in frencH

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    New Titles

    Solbergs work is mystical, hopeful, and timeless; a world in which Solberg lives, and wishes we could all live.

    Jason Sheftell, New York Daily News

    Pauls images evoke bygone eras, while remaining fresh and immediate.

    Sir Elton John


    Ten Years in Picturespaul solberg Foreword by Jos Guirao Cabrera

    Photographer Paul Solbergs newest collection of topically and geographically varied images is a visual journal, covering his travels around the globe from 2004-2014.

    This splendid volume captures the stunning aesthetic sensibility and technical mastery of one of the foremost on-the-scene photographers of our day.

    $75.00 978-0-9905320-3-3226 pages, 9 x 12, hardcover128 4/c and 43 b/w photos

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    New Limited Editions

    limited edition Boxed set

    coming in spring

    MAlkovICh, MAlkovICh

    ElIzAbETh TAYloR

    PERsonAl vIsIon: PhoTogRAPhs

    TED ERon

    FAnnY FlIEs To FRAnCE

    A 21sT CEnTURY PAlACE: wAshIngTon, DC

    MIsTER FInCh: lIvIng In A FAIRYTAlE woRlD


    botero boxed set fernando BoteroTexts by Curtis Bill Pepper and Juan Manuel Santos

    see the world beautiful Anne menkeTexts by Tommy Hilfiger, Julia Chaplin, and Andrew Niccol

    Images from noted fashion photographer Anne Menkes world travels are compiled in this highly praised collection in which local populations are the subjects of her investigation of fashion. Offered for the first time in a limited edition of 110, and presented in a deluxe box along with a signed and numbered print.

    $350.00; 978-0-9891704-2-0; 253 pages, 11 x 14, hardcover; 129 4/c and b/w photos Cloth box w/ signed/numbered print

    nelson Bloncourt

    Adger cowans

    sAndro miller

    Joseph eron and elizabeth eron roth

    firooz Zahedi

    Geoffrey Bradfield

    noW in frencH

    Also AvAilABle in frencH

    This gorgeous, limited edition boxed set contains Fernando Boteros Circus and Bullfight. Devoted to the Maestros favorite subjects, these two books lovingly showcase Boteros famously voluminous figures, filling the pages with color, movement, and commentary. Presented in a clear Lucite slipcase with the Maestros screened signature.

    $350.00; 978-0-9862500-7-1; Each volume 256 pages, 12 x 9 cloth hardcover with acetate jacket in a Lucite slipcase with a signature screened on the outside of the clear case150 paintings and 50 works on paper in each volume

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    UnIChEF: ToP ChEFs UnITE In sUPPoRT oF ThE woRlDs ChIlDREn

    A lIFE In PICTUREs: ThE DoUglAs kIRklAnD MonogRAPh

    whITE TRAsh UnCUT


    wAnDERlUsT: onE hUnDRED CoUnTRIEs, A PERsonAl JoURnEY

    bUllFIghT: PAInTIngs AnD woRks on PAPER

    PlAYgRoUnD: gRowIng UP In ThE nEw YoRk UnDERgRoUnD


    Backlist Bestsellers

    sEE ThE woRlD bEAUTIFUl

    PhoTogRAPhERs PARADIsE: TURbUlEnT AMERICA 19601990


    MIsTER FInCh: lIvIng In A FAIRYTAlE woRlD

    CoCo ChAnEl: ThREE wEEks/1962bUnnIEs


    douglas Kirkland fernando Botero

    douglas Kirkland

    Anne menke

    Hunt slonem

    Jean-pierre laffont

    paul Zone

    Jake Gorst

    Hilary Gumbel

    christopher makos

    don Bachardy

    michael clinton

    mister finch

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    Architecture BACKLIST

    Written by Gellers grandson, Emmy Awardwinning documentary filmmaker Jake Gorst, Andrew Geller: Deconstructed explores an outstanding if undersung residential oeuvre that The New York Times called eccentrically free-form and eye-grabbing.

    Architectural Digest


    Andrew geller: DeconstructedJake GorstForeword by Alan Hess

    $40.00; 978-0-9903808-9-4 192 pages; 8 5/8 x 10 7/16; 3-piece case hardcover 292 4/c and b/w photographs


    the Levinson house

    The Levinson House, Ocean Park, Long Beach Island, New Jersey, 1958

    Hess Corporation president Albert Levinson enjoyed this modest and comfortable living space.

    Andrew and son Gregg visit the site, 1958

    high-Fit home: Designing Your home for health and FitnessJoan vos macdonald

    $40.00; 978-0-0607516-1-6 160 pages; 10 x 10, hardcover 125 4/c photos

    light x Design: 20 Years of lightingBentley meeker

    $75.00; 978-0-9823799-0-5 160 pages; 11 x 14; hardcover; 225 4/c photos

    Prefab Modern: Distinctive Residential housingJill Herbers

    $40.00; 978-0-0605892-3-3 160 pages; 10 x 10, hardcover 125 4/c photos

    kit homes Modern: Innovations in Prefab housingima ebong

    $40.00; 978-0-0608261-3-0 144 pages; 10 x 10, hardcover 110 4/c photos

    Prefab Elements: Adding Custom Features to Your homesandy mclendon

    $40.00; 978-0-0607516-2-3 144 pages; 10 x 10, hardcover 110 4/c photos

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    glitteratiincorporated 2120

    Edwina sandys ARTedwina sandysText by Caroline SeebohmForeword by Anthony Haden-Guest Introduction by Sir Roland Penrose

    $75.00; 978-0-9823799-9-8 224 pages; 9 x 11"; hardcover w/ spot varnish, ribbon marker and tinted page edges 150 4/c and b/w artworks

    bunniesHunt slonem Foreword by John Berendt, essay by Bruce Helander

    $95.00; 978-0-9891704-5-1; 256 pages 11 x 14; hardcover with acetate jacket; pr