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  • 7/29/2019 Autumn Fantastic Faces Catalog 2013




    Fantastic FacesM u s t - h a v e p r o d u c t s f o r t h e f a c e , b o d y , a n ds o u l .

  • 7/29/2019 Autumn Fantastic Faces Catalog 2013


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    OUR LIFELINETo bring to you safe, 98% natural, and cheap options opposed to

    many drug store, or over-the-counter products which can bedangerous in the long term, versus many organic/natural companies

    that charge an arm and a leg for better quality items than their

    hazardous brothers.

    We promise to keep it clean, keep it natural (dyes are always

    OPTIONAL in our products) and keep it cute. J

    HOW DO I ORDER ONLINE?Friend us on Facebook at for

    orders in relative pick up or drop off distance to Philadelphia, PA


    Email for questions or to receive digital




    At the right price, Fantastic Faces will ship to Canada, Mexico, United

    Kingdom, and anywhere within the USA.

    In the Philadelphia area? For a $5.00-$10.00 fee, skip the shipping

    charges and well deliver right to your door! You choose the time!



    Bath Bombs


    Shower Shakers


    Sugar ScrubsSatin Sophies


    Lip Balms

    Foot Fizzers



    Oils for Skin, Hair and Nails


    Everything Facial


  • 7/29/2019 Autumn Fantastic Faces Catalog 2013


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    The Bath Bomb CollectionFor those unaware, a bath bomb is a 3.5 ball of chemistry! The ingredientshave a chemical reaction when the bomb hits the warm bath water, and itfizzes and spits out good smelling oils and fabulous colors! Some of them

    even have fun stuff inside to heighten the experience for you. All of themhave been heavily researched and self-tested, bringing you the best oils for

    your ailmentsor just for wanting a good bath!


    This boy can instantly

    brighten a mood for some, andforces others to relax. Forget

    what your boss said-- sit

    back and enjoy that new smile

    on your face. You won't have

    So, Ya Had a Bad Day?


    A bath bomb infused with agents

    that provoke sleep, and fight

    insomnia. Also relaxes skin,

    making it soft and supple. Youll

    be snorin before you know it.

    Sleep Tight Zzz..z


    A bomb that makes your skin so

    smooth that you'll be itching for

    anyone to have a feel- and with a

    warm vanilla and chocolatey scent,

    youll smell just as great!

    Have a Feel!

    The Look of Love

    A bomb that stirs up the sex drive-

    for men AND women- and soften

    the skin to make it easier to playaround with, with Cocoa Butter,

    real rose petals, and Sandalwood.



    Raw skin from the wind and cold of

    winter? No problem! Take a nice

    warm bath with this little guy, with

    whole milk and oatmeal inside, and

    your itchy, red skin will be soothed

    and smooth as silk! And with a light

    cocoa aroma, youll smell great too.

    Winters Itch


  • 7/29/2019 Autumn Fantastic Faces Catalog 2013


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    Ever party too hard on a Friday

    night? Wont matter, now! With

    scents to calm the stomach and

    soothe away headaches, as well as

    being chalk full of detoxifying

    agents, kiss those hangovers

    goodbye forever.

    The Morning After Bomb


    Bourbon St.

    Eves Mistake

    California Sunrise

    A Bit of Pumpkin Spice

    Theres no better time than Fall for the wonders of spice!! Cinnamon, nutmeg and

    Jamaican ground Allspice combine with fresh apple and pumpkin smells to entice

    your senses and deliver some warm comfort in the cold autumn night. Let the sea

    and Epsom salts soothe away the hustle and bustle. USD$6.00ea.

    So, she ate the fruit. Doesnt mean

    that WE have to suffer, ladies. This

    bombs good for cramps, nausea,headaches, and other ailments with

    geranium, peppermint, green tea,

    and other agents. Antibacterial to

    kill unwanted odors.

    Missing the sun? This tie-dye, salt-

    water bomb will restore your sense

    of peace and inner warmth with its

    tropical, fruity edges and blissful

    body relaxing abilities.



    All dressed up and nowhere to go?

    Try something truly decadent with

    the scents of the Garden District in

    New Orleans- Jasmine, Rosemary,

    Rose, and Spicy Cinnamon, with a

    surprise inside. Back in time in no

    time USD$6.00ea.


  • 7/29/2019 Autumn Fantastic Faces Catalog 2013


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    Be a flower child again with a lovely

    little friend. Melt into a floral bath

    and relax with some Grateful Dead,

    or The Beach Boys. Every little

    thing is gonna be all right.

    Hippy Dippy


    Roll with the punches, and spice up

    your life! Cinnamon essential oils

    and fresh spicy herbs rejuvenate

    and stimulate groggy skin cells. Also

    helps grow healthy, thicker hair!

    Cinnamon Skin


    This salty bomb lurks at the bottom

    of the sea, where barnacles haveattached and begun to grow!

    Savory sea smells of Frankincense

    and wood, with Tropical airy scents

    pair to peak your sense of




    Youll fall asleep under the clouds

    after just a few moments basking in

    this warm vanilla, and honey smell.

    Have yourself a good old fashioned


    Day Dreamin


    So SpoiledIts true. Fantastic Faces supporters are constantly spoiled by us! But sinceWHEN is that a bad thing?! For the months in Autumn, purchase a mason jarfull of bath saltsEpsom and Sea Salt Blendswith the Bath Bomb or

    Shower Shaker scents of your choosing, all at the same easy price! Yep. Getshoppin!


    FantasticFaces 09-11/2013

  • 7/29/2019 Autumn Fantastic Faces Catalog 2013


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    Shower Shakers: Standing Room Only!Not a big bather? Dont fret just yet!!!It has come to my attention that many of us just dont have the time for a lazysplash in the tub so lets kick it up a notch! These monsters are thick1.5 times

    the size of an ordinary bath bomb, and will knock you on your butt as far asstrength of aroma goes. NOT to be used in the tub, these puppies have 3 x the

    amount of essential oils to help weave their way up to your nose holes in the steam

    of the shower.

    * TIP: While showering, pick the shaker up and use it softly as a body exfoliant while

    you shower to nourish and soften the skin to complacency.

    Weve all been there. When our vs

    sound like bs, and the nose

    becomes a cherry of sorts; theres

    no better cure than a healthy mixture

    of Eucalyptus, and Peppermint, to

    promote better breathing in the


    All Cleared Out!


    Start your day with a blast of

    energy! Citrus melts into the air as

    Lemon, Orange, and Epsom Salts--

    for the bottom of those sleepy

    feetcombine to create a greatbeginning for your day!

    *TIP: Also a great pick me up for the

    after-office-slump, so you can

    choose your attitude before dashing

    out to meet friends!

    Everyday When I Wake UP


    Your muscles will gladly climb into bed

    after you spend 15 minutes inhaling thisheavenly fragrance. Lavender,

    Chamomile, Apple Blossom, and Ylang

    Ylang Oils help stimulate visions of a

    warm field on a Spring Day. Your

    eyelids are getting heavy so heavy.



    Stressed at work? No problem. Pull this

    boy into the shower for about fifteen

    minutes and enjoy Ylang Ylang, Rose,

    Frankincense, Sandalwood, and others

    as you feel yourself climbing into your

    bedroom eyes. Slipping into something

    more comfortable? Oh, yes.

    Bedroom Eyes

    USD$7.00ea. 409-11/2013FantasticFaces

  • 7/29/2019 Autumn Fantastic Faces Catalog 2013


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    A mix of lavender

    and chamomile herbs

    with a dash of


    A. Relaxi Taxi


    Satin Sophies

    My natural body powders promise to leave your skin feeling soft, silky,

    freshly washed, and free of any body odors! All scents come in 6oz metaltins for your preferred usage. J



    A powder spiced with

    real ground

    peppermint leaves to

    cool down.

    B. Minty Fresh


    Cinnamon and Sage

    combine to warm the

    skin naturallydoes

    not color skin.

    C. Spicy Wifey


    Sugar ScrubsNatural, gentle sugar scrubs combine organic sugars (brown,white, and raw) with fresh herbs, famous oils, and wonderful

    scents. All scrubs come in 16oz Mason Jars.J

    *TIP: Prone to oily skin? Pair this guy with a baking soda scrub you

    can make in your kitchen! The baking soda will exfoliate, and the

    Sugar Scrub will keep skin healthy, nourished, and smelling great!

    Lavender and

    Peppermint scented,

    Olive-Oil Blend on

    Organic Sugar

    Laid Back